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The Institution for Better Life

Laoag City
September 19, 2016
Prof. Lucris Carina Agnir- Paraan, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Three:Prof. Norma L. Fernando, Ed,D.

Acting Dean of Arts, Sciences, Education, and Social Work
Dear Maam,
I teach Home Economics and Livelihood Education at the College of Arts, Science,
Education and Social Work. We are using Room 206 Founders Hall where there are no
laboratory tables. My students are about to apply, perform hands-on activities in table skirting,
table setting, sewing, and handicraft making.
In line with this, I earnestly request favor from your office to please allow me to transfer
my class from Rm 206 Founders Hall to the Technology and Livelihood Education room
Adamson Hall effective September 22,2016. TLE room has laboratory tables for the hands-on
activities of my students.
Thank you very much for your favorable response.

Respectfully yours,