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tuesday, november 1, 2016

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India has Sardar Patel

to thank for its unity,
says Narendra Modi

PM should have spent

Deepavali with families
of martyrs: Mayawati

Opposition MPs file

complaint against
Ranil Wickremesinghe

Court bars Imran Khan

from forcing lockdown
of Islamabad

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All districts in Kerala
declared drought-hit
districts of Kerala have been
declared drought-affected
following a deficit in rainfall
during the Southwest monsoon
and in anticipation of a deficit
Northeast monsoon. Revenue
Minister E. Chandrasekharan
said in the Assembly on Monday
that there was a rainfall deficit
of 34 per cent during the
Southwest monsoon while
replying to a notice for an
adjournment motion moved by
V.S. Sivakumar of the Congress.

Soldier, woman die in
Pak. cross-border firing
SRINAGAR: As casualties in the

cross-border firing mounts in

Jammu, with one more soldier
and a woman dead on Monday,
the Border Security Force said it
had foiled three attempts made
by the Pakistani Army to push
heavily armed militants under
the cover of shelling and firing.

Court wants all schools

reopened in Kashmir
SRINAGAR: The Jammu and

Kashmir High Court on Monday

came down heavily on the
authorities for failing to
safeguard school infrastructure
in Kashmir and called for reopening of all schools, even as
the shutdown called by the
separatists affected life for the
115th day. Taking a suo motto
cognizance of burning of 27
schools mysteriously, Justice
Mohammad Yaqoob Mir and
Justice Ali Muhammad Magrey
observed, Its responsibility of
the State to keep the
educational institutions open.

Indian-origin drivers
killer was mentally ill
MELBOURNE: A 48-year-old man

accused of murdering Indianorigin bus driver Manmeet

Alisher in Brisbane by dousing
him with a flammable liquid has
been confirmed as a former
mental health patient. State
Health Minister Cameron Dick
said Anthony Mark Edward
ODonohue had undergone
treatment at Queensland
Healths mental health services.

PF claims to be settled
in 7 days in death cases
NEW DELHI: The Employees

Provident Fund Organisation

(EPFO) has decided to settle PF
claims after the death of an
employee within seven days, as
against 20 days now, after
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
voiced concern over delays in
the settlement of claims.

8 SIMI men flee jail, killed

in encounter near Bhopal
Video from site
shows policeman
firing from near
point-blank range

NEW DELHI: Andhra Pradesh

and Telangana have jointly

topped the 2016 all-India
State/Union Territory-wise
ease of doing business rankings, while last years topper
Gujarat slipped to the third
spot. The rankings, announced on Monday, have
been arrived at on the basis
of a 340-point business reform action plan and their
implementation by the
States. This covers the
period from July 1, 2015 to
June 30, 2016.


HIGH DRAMA: Police personnel at the site of encounter, in which eight SIMI members were
killed after they escaped from the Bhopal Central Jail on Monday. PHOTO: A. M. FARUQUI
hammad Aqeel Khilji, Mohammad Saliq, Amjad Khan,
Mujeeb Sheikh, Mohammad
Khalid Ahmad and Abdul
By Monday evening, ETV,
a regional news channel,
aired a video of the encounter captured on a mobile phone, where a policeman is seen shooting at an
injured man from near pointblank range. While one person is heard on the video saying not to shoot, another is

Judges phones being

tapped, claims Kejriwal

heard saying fire one more.

The bodies of the jeansclad men, wearing newish
sports shoes and watches,
are seen huddled together at
Manikheda Pathar, close to
Eintkhedi village on the outskirts of Bhopal.
Asked about the encounter video, Mr. Thakur
said, The facts of the encounter will be clear when
the final police report is in.
The prisoners location
was reportedly revealed by a

security guard and some

residents of Acharpura village, a few kilometres from
the jail. Police claimed to
have then raided the area and
shot them dead after alleged
firing from the other side.
Chief Minister Shivraj
Chauhan, meanwhile, has
handed over the jailbreak
probe to the National Investigation Agency.



NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief
Minister Arvind Kejriwal on
Monday stirred a hornets
nest at the 50th anniversary
function of the Delhi High
Court, claiming to have
heard judges expressing
concern about their phones
being tapped.
Mr. Kejriwal dropped the
bombshell during his address at Vigyan Bhavan,
where Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Justice of
India T.S. Thakur, Union
Law Minister Ravi Shankar
Prasad and Delhi High Court
Chief Justice G. Rohini were
The audience comprised
High Court judges, judicial
oicers, bureaucrats and dignitaries.

Charge denied
Mr. Prasad refuted Mr.
Kejriwals allegation that
judges phones were under
government surveillance.
Mr. Kejriwal had said that

including Agra,
Ahmedabad, Patna, Delhi
and Varanasi, were choked
by particulate matter
pollution on Sunday, when
the northern parts of the
country celebrated
Fireworks and stagnant
air led to a precipitous dip
in air quality in a third of
the 29 cities monitored by
the Central Pollution
Control Board (CPCB).
Concentrations of fine
particulate matter rose to
levels that harm respiratory
health in normal people
and severely debilitate
those with illnesses. The
Air Quality Index (AQI)
reading for Agra was 384,
Ahmedabad 385, and
Faridabad and Delhi the
worst, at 428 and 445.
An AQI of 100 is the limit

for good air quality.

Bengaluru, Chennai and
Mumbai were in the
moderate to satisfactory
category, similar to last
years Deepavali.
Hyderabad improved from
poor to satisfactory.
Poor air quality was
forecast by agencies in the
run-up to Deepavali. The
AQI has deteriorated from
October 27 in northern
cities, primarily due to an
anticyclone efect a shift
in wind-patterns that
prevents dust and
particulate matter from
being flushed out.
Deepavali and dipping
temperature raised
concentrations of PM2.5
(particulate matter 2.5
micrometres and smaller)
and PM10 unlike in 2015,
when winds swept
pollutants away, the System
of Air Quality Weather
Forecasting and Research, a

and 11th), Uttar Pradesh

(84.52 per cent and 14th), and
Bihar (75.82 per cent and 16th
rank). The Bank, along with
the Centres Department of
Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) was involved in
the process of reviewing the
evidence submitted by
States/UTs regarding implementation of reforms for the
The World Bank said it

was looking into Indias

suggestion that the World
Bank Groups global Doing
Business rankings need to
consider reforms undertaken across the country, and
not just in Mumbai and Delhi
as is being done currently.




Democratic candidate
still ahead, but slips in
opinion polls
WASHINGTON: The U.S. Federal

Arvind Kejriwal at the Golden

Jubilee function of Delhi High
it would be an assault on democracy and independence
of the judiciary if judges
phones were tapped.
I deny with all the authority under my command that
there has not been any tapping of the phones of judges,
Mr. Prasad categorically
Let me as Law Minister
make it clear that our fight
for the independence of the
judiciary is fundamental and
irrefutable, Mr. Prasad said.


Bureau of Investigation
(FBI) has obtained a warrant
to examine thousands of
newly discovered emails that
it said were pertinent to an
earlier investigation against
candidate Hillary Clinton.
The contents of the emails
remain unclear but Ms. Clintons momentum appears to
have been broken in the last
week of campaigning by the
relentless news coverage of
the controversy and the announcement of an average
increase of 22 per cent in
premiums for Obamacare
health insurance last week.
Nationally, the presidential race has tightened
further over the weekend
with Ms. Clinton now lead-

research unit run by the

Indian Institute of Tropical
Meteorology, Pune, said.
Without rain or other
wind systems, poor
regional air would linger,
an oicial said. We dont
yet see any weather system
that will take away the
accumulated pollutants,
though the efect of
crackers will dissipate
soon, K.J. Ramesh,
Director General, India
Department, told The
Hindu. A CPCB oicial said
the Deepavali pollution
could not strictly be
compared year-on-year
because it varied over the
months and was influenced
by changing weather. It was
too early to assess relative
impact of firecracker
smoke on Delhis air.


Agent has been

investigated by
the CBI and ED
in various arms
deals in the past

NEW DELHI: Stunning details of

CLOSE RACE: A woman wearing a Hillary Clinton mask carries a

Donald Trump doll in California on Sunday. PHOTO: AFP
ing by 2.9 percentage points
in an average of opinion polls
by RealClear Politics; in the
CNN average of the five
latest national polls, she is
ahead by five points.
The latest electoral college votes estimation by RC
Politics has 263 in Ms. Clintons kitty compared to 252

Delhis Air Quality Index score among the worst, no quick relief in sight as wind system plays truant
NEW DELHI: Several cities,

Low-income States shine

The World Bank said what
was interesting this year was
that four of the seven States
with the lowest income
levels in India had found a
place in the top 10, while all
the seven such States had an
implementation rate of over
75 per cent.
These low-income States
included Chhattisgarh (97.32
per cent implementation
rate regarding the 340 reform
measures, and fourth rank),
Madhya Pradesh (97.01 per
cent and fifth), Jharkhand
(96.57 per cent and seventh),
Rajasthan (96.43 per cent
and eighth), Odisha (92.73

Huge bribes paid to

FBI, Obamacare premium
hike hit Hillarys momentum Indian arms dealers

Pollution cloud hangs over northern cities after Deepavali


Last years topper,

Gujarat, slips to third
spot in rankings


leged members of the

banned Students Islamic
Movement of India (SIMI)
were shot dead by the police
on Monday under suspicious
circumstances near Bhopal,
hours after they escaped
from the citys central jail by
killing a security guard.
They had allegedly scaled
the prison walls with the
help of a staircase made
from bed-sheets and wooden
logs, Madhya Pradesh Home
Minister Bhoopendra Singh
Thakur told The Hindu.
According to him, the escape took place between 12
midnight and 3 a.m. and all
prisoners were killed by 11
a.m. on Monday. Police said
the escapees used sharpened
pieces of steel plates to slit
the throat of Rama Shankar,
head constable, on guard at
the jail.
The eight shot dead have
been identified as Zakir Hussain, Mehboob Guddu, Mo-

A.P., Telangana top in

ease of doing business

three days ago and 164 for

Mr. Trump, compared to 126
three days ago. In an ABCWashington Post poll, Ms.
Clinton has a national lead of
one point, which is statistically, a tie.



millions of dollars of payments by several foreign defence companies to alleged

Indian arms dealers have
emerged in secret documents accessed by the BBC
and The Guardian, and
shared with The Hindu.
Among the key details are
remittances of almost 100
million (approx Rs. 730
crore) in just 12 months by
Russian arms firms into accounts of companies controlled by alleged arms
dealer Sudhir Choudhrie and
his family and close associates, and about 10 million
paid by British company
Rolls-Royce to firms linked
to Mr. Choudhrie.
Mr. Choudhries lawyers
told the BBC that the former
Delhi resident, who now
lives in London, has never
paid bribes to government
oicials or acted as an illegal
middleman in defence

The Hindu was given access to confidential details,

including a key banking document of October 2, 2008,
showing the massive payments into various accounts
controlled by companies run
by the Choudhrie family.
Mr. Choudhrie has been
investigated by the CBI and
Enforcement Directorate in
various arms deals in the
past. Ever since his name
emerged in the Tehelka
tapes, Mr. Choudhrie and his
family have been living in
London. He figures in the
CBIs confidential list of Undesirable Contact Men, who
are suspected of manipulating government contracts.



Foul air chokes Capitals residents

NEW DELHI: Delhiites breathed in more polluted
air this Diwali compared to last year, with
government data showing harmful pollutants
at 14 to 16 times the amount considered safe
for humans.
The Capital woke up to heavy smog on
Monday morning, making breathing diicult
and afecting visibility on the roads as well.
As forecast earlier, pollution remained at the
highest warning level of 'severe' all through
Sunday and Monday.
According to the Central Pollution Control
Board, the comparatively slow wind speed
and lower mixing height meant that pollutants did not disperse as easily as last Diwali.
The levels of pollutants have increased
significantly at all places irrespective of the
parameters attributed to unfavourable meteorological conditions during the entire
period, the CBCB said in a statement.
According to the Delhi Pollution Control
Committee, the hourly concentration of
PM10, or coarse particles, peaked at a whopping 1,680 micrograms per cubic metre at
Anand Vihar at 3-30 a.m. This was over 16
times the standard of 100 micrograms per cubic metre.
The level of finer and more harmful PM2.5
too peaked at Anand Vihar, at 883 micrograms per cubic metre at 2-30 a.m. This was
over 14 times the standard of 60 micrograms

SMOGGED OUT: A pall of smog hangs over the

city post-Diwali on Monday. PHOTO: V. V. KRISHNAN
per cubic metre.
While Delhi struggled with severe pollution on Monday, activists said the government had not done enough to combat winter
pollution. Pollution levels are at a recordbreaking high. But they tell us what we already know and what we are ignoring...we
need to take action. The government forgets
till it is winter and then it is too late to do anything, said Sunita Narain, director of the
Centre for Science and Environment.
Ms. Narain said the National Green
Tribunal and court orders on burning of crop
residue in neighbouring States and movement of highly-polluting commercial vehicles through the Capital have not been fully
enforced by the Delhi government.











Nov 01, Tue

Nov 02, Wed

Nov 03, Thu

RISE 06 33 SET 17 37

RISE 06 34 SET 17 36

RISE 06 35 SET 17 35

RISE 07 41 SET 18 55

RISE 08 32 SET 19 36

RISE 09 23 SET 20 20


One killed, two hurt in fire accident

Fire dept. receives 243 distress calls on Diwali; policemen rescue 27 women from burning house

Flood of burns
cases in hospitals

NEW DELHI: A woman was killed

while two members of her

family sufered burns in a
cracker-related accident in
west Delhis Ranhola on
According to the police,
Chandni (18) had gone to buy
sweets with her sister-in-law
and a minor nephew at a
weekly market in Vikrant
Chowk. There was a fire there
due to a short-circuit, and a
spark landed on an open firecracker stall next to the transformer. It ignited the crackers,
and the trio sufered burns.
In south-east Delhis Amar
Colony, two policemen rescued 23 girls along with four
aged women from a house
where a fire had broken out.
All escaped unscathed, said
Romil Baniya, Deputy Commissioner
Naraina, a major fire broke out
at a firecracker shop late on
Sunday. Ten fire tenders were
rushed to the spot, and the
flames were brought under
control within three hours.
In all, firemen responded to
243 calls related to fires of dif-

We started receiving
calls at 7 a.m. on
Diwali, but the
maximum number of
calls were received
between 7 p.m. and
12 a.m., when most
people burst crackers

NEW DELHI: Several
cases of burns and
respiratory ailments
were reported at city
hospitals on Diwali.
We had about 80
cases of burns, of
which 78 were minor.
Two persons had
sufered burns on
their faces, said J. C.
Passey, medical
superintendent, Lok
Nayak Jaya Prakash
Hopital. The other
hospitals to report
burns cases were Ram
Manohar Lohia
Hospital (57), Sir
Ganga Ram Hospital
(26) and Safdarjung
Hospital (145).

TAKING STOCK: Over 1,800 fire personnel were deployed to deal

with cases of eventuality. PHOTO: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
ferent intensities on Diwali.
We started receiving calls
at 7 a.m. on Diwali, but the
maximum number of calls
were received between 7 p.m.
and 12 a.m., when most people
burst crackers. A total of 150
calls were received in this time
span, none of which were major, said another fire oicer.
Last year, the number of
calls had stood at 290. In 2014,
the figure was 211.
Fire oicials said a few panic
calls were also made. We deployed over 1,800 personnel

and most of our firefighting

resources for any eventuality, said G. C. Mishra,
director, Delhi Fire Services.
Student electrocuted
Meanwhile, a 20-year-old
engineering student died
after he was electrocuted at
his residence in south-west
Delhi's Bindapur on Saturday.
The victim, Raju Thakur,
was putting fairy lights on
windows when he was

Minor injuries
Most patients had
minor injuries, so
they just needed
first-aid. The
government and our
hospital authorities
had created a lot of
awareness through
campaigns. This may
have led to fewer
cases, said a senior
oicial at Ram
Manohar Lohia
Out of the total
number of burns
cases on Diwali, one
was serious. The

person had to be
admitted, said an
oicial at Sir Ganga
Ram Hospital.
The city also saw
cases of allergy and
Doctors, however,
said the number of
cases did not show a
marked rise.
People at risk
People who sufer
from bronchial
asthma, allergic
rhinitis and other
such ailments are
more likely to
develop such
complications during
Diwali due to smoke
and pollution. But, it
is only in first twothree days of Diwali
that we see such
cases, after which
they decline, he
Vallabhbhai Patel
Chest Institute, a
premier pulmonary
institute here, said the
rush at its emergency
ward was as usual.
One can say there
was a slight increase,
but the real picture
will emerge only after
two-three days, said
S. N. Gaur Director
(Acting), Vallabhbhai
Patel Chest Institute.

Artist among two held for Rs. 1-crore burglary Cop kills self
NEW DELHI: A portrait artist,

who claims to have won national

among two persons arrested by Central district police for allegedly committing a burglary of Rs. 1 crore
at a garment merchants office in Jama Masjid area
earlier this month.
The other accused is the
neighbour of the victim
who knew about the presence of huge amount of
money at the latter's oice,
said the police.
Deputy Commissioner
of Police (Central) M.S.
Randhawa said the incid-

The other accused is

the neighbour of the
victim who knew
about the money kept
in the latter's office
ent was reported on October 20.
The oice is at Chandi
Wala Phatak. Complainant
Kunal Bansal told us that
on the day of incident, his
servants had kept Rs. 1,
50,00,000 in the oice and
had left the premises after
locking the door. When
Bansal returned a few
hours later, he found that
the money was missing,

Life term to father

for raping daughter
NEW DELHI: Observing that

the convict has not only

ruined the body and soul of
the victim but has also ruined her remaining life, a
Delhi court has awarded
life imprisonment to a 37year-old man for raping his
14-year-old daughter and
making her pregnant.
Prakash, had started assaulting her when she was 11
years old. He would also
threaten to kill her if she
disclosed her ordeal to anyone.
In 2012, nearly four years
later, she finally confided in
her mother.
She then lodged an FIR
with the Gukulpur police in
north-east Delhi.
Another accused acquitted
There was another accused in the case charged
with molesting the victim at
the behest of her father, but
the court acquitted him as
the victim made improvements in her statements regarding the charges against
him. The victims statement
and its corroboration by her
mother and the DNA test
report clinched the charges
against the accused.
The sacrosanct relationship of the father and
daughter has been demolished by the convict by his
acts. If a father who pro-

The convict, Om
Prakash, had started
sexually assaulting
her nearly four years
ago, when she was 11
tects and nurtures his children turns into their tormentor, there is no place on
earth for those children to
seek shelter, Additional
Sessions Judge Sanjay
Sharma said while dismissing a plea for leniency by
Irreparable damage
The convict has not only
ruined the body and soul of
the victim but has also ruined her remaining life. No
amount of compensation
and words of solace can
calm her down.. The height
of the acts of the convict can
be well understood from
the fact that he made the
victim pregnant and even
during the pregnancy, he
had committed rape upon
her. For these dastardly
acts, he deserves no sympathy or leniency, the judge
further said.
As the court found the
incapable to pay compensation to the victim, it directed the Delhi Legal Services
Authority, North-East, to
pay a suitable compensation to the victim under the
Victim Compensation Act.

said Mr. Randhawa.

The first clue came from
CCTV cameras installed at
the market where the oice
is located.
A person with a helmet
on was seen walking near
the oice on the day of the
incident. The previous day,
a man with a similar built
was seen in the same area.
Sources were deployed,
and the man was zeroed in
as Abdul Hasnain, said Mr.
Randhawa. A raid was conducted in Chippiwara, and
Hasnain was nabbed from
his house. The police also
seized Rs. 92.80 lakh from a

suitcase kept in his

Hasnain has confessed
to his involvement in the
crime. He has further disclosed that his friend,
Madan Lal, was also involved in the case, said Mr.
Randhawa. Lal has purportedly told the police
that he makes portraits and
has won several awards.
While the police are verifying his claims, he is learnt
to have produced a certificate issued by the All India
Fine Arts and Crafts Society for his entry titled Old
Delhi Gate at the New
Delhi Art Exhibition in

NEW DELHI: A 38-year-old Delhi

Police Head Constable allegedly shot himself dead

with his service revolver at
his residence in east Delhis
Brahmapuri on Saturday.
Gyandendra Rathi was
posted with the Special Cell.
The police are yet to verify
what triggered the suicide.

Somnath Bharti accuses cops of

harassing molestation victims
NEW DELHI: Malviya Nagar
MLA Somnath Bharti on
Monday accused the South
district police of harassing
two molestation victims
and alleged that the
Deputy Commissioner of
the district remained
unreachable when his
intervention was sought in
the matter.
Mr. Bharti complained
on his Twitter handle that
DCP (South), Ishwar
Singh, did not take his calls
after the victims, who
were assaulted and
molested, approached
him alleging harassment
by the police.
On Diwali day 2 young
women were assaulted n
molested in Arjun Nagar
but DCP (south) doesn't
have time to respond to
MLA's calls/SMSes...
DCP(South) doesn't
respond 2 MLA's SMS
"Please call back, its
urgent" n DP falls directly
under LG with 0
accountability to AAP
Govt.y?, read a couple of
tweets posted by Mr.
Bharti. He also uploaded a
video on his Twitter

Malviya Nagar MLA

Somnath Bharti
handle in which one of the
alleged victims is seen
claiming that she was
molested and the other
one is complaining that the
police asked her to write
the complaint with the
hand, which was injured in
the assault. In the process
of uploading the video
without blurring the faces
of the victims, Mr. Bharti
also made their identities
public, which is in
violation of the law.
The Hindu tried to
contact Mr. Bharti to
inquire about the
allegations and the video,
but he was unavailable for
a comment. An SMS sent
to him also remained
The police, meanwhile,
said a fight between two
families in south Delhi's

Maid jumps to death

A teenage
domestic help allegedly
jumped to her death from
the fourth floor of a building
in Anand Vihar on Monday.
Prima facie, it appears to
be a case of suicide, said the
police. No suicide note,
however, was found at the
The deceased, Nidhi (16),
was scheduled to go to her
village in Bihars Samastipur
on Monday.
mother, Sushila, came to
pick her up at house no. 279
in AGCR Encalve where she
worked, the girl was not
found there.
The house belongs to one
Rajesh, a businessman who
deals in marble.
Rajesh along with his
family members and the
girls mother initiated a

search. They found Nidhis

bloodied body in a service
lane next to the house. She
was taken to a hospital,
where she was declared
brought dead, said a police
oicer. The house owners
family has told the police
that Nidhis mother wanted
to take her to Bihar for celebrating the upcoming festival of Chhat, but the girl was
reluctant to go. They even
had an argument over it.
The family has claimed
that this provoked the girl to
take the extreme step, but
we are verifying these
claims, said the oicer.
Nidhi stayed in a rented
accommodation at Karkardooma here, and had been
working at Rajeshs house
for the past three months.
The body has been sent
for a post-mortem, and inquest proceedings have

Green Park area resulted

in cross FIRs in which one
of the parties also alleged
molestation. Mr. Singh
acknowledged that he had
missed Mr. Bharti's call as
he was busy and said he
had read the subsequent
text message asking him to
call back. He said that the
MLA did not specify the
matter in the message, but
admitted that he himself
did not make any efort to
enquire about it.
Going by rules
He said it was a practice
to ask for written
complaint so that
allegations of tutoring or
not registering verbatim
statements can be avoided.
On the molestation
allegations by the two
victims, the DCP said the
two families were
involved in a fight over
bursting crackers. The
argument started over
whether to burst crackers
near a car. They started
fighting with each other
and later a crosscomplaint was lodged at SJ
Enclave police station and
two FIRs were registered,
said Mr. Singh.

6 car pile-up on
DND, none hurt
NOIDA: At least half-a-dozen

vehicles were involved in an

accident on the DelhiNoida-Direct (DND) flyway
in the early hours of Monday
because of poor visibility.
No one was hurt in the incident, said police.
According to the police,
six cars piled up on the DND
around 6 a.m. as a thick layer
of smog enveloped Delhi
and the National Capital Region post Diwali night
Amarnath Yadav, Station
House Oicer, Sector 20,
Noida, said: We received information that around six
cars were damaged in the accident due to zero visibility.
The collision might have occurred when one of the
drivers applied brakes.

Talk: Caste / Hegemony /
Counter Hegemony - Colonial
Orissa, c.1800-1940 by Dr.
Biswamoy Pati, Senior Fellow,
NMML, at Seminar Room, first
floor, Library Building, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library
(NMML), Teen Murti House, 3
Talk: Book reading: Writerjournalist Avijit Ghosh will read
extracts from his new book, Up
Campus, Down Campus; chair:
Nalini Ranjan Mohanty, at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre
(IHC), 7 p.m.
Music & Dance: Sabrang 2016,
a festival of music and dance;
Kathak Duet by Saurav Gaurav
Mishra, tabla accompaniment:
Shubh Maharaj; Hindustani vocal
by Mehboob Khan, tabla accompaniment : Shahbaaz Shakeel
Kahn; Kathak by Vishal Krishna,
tabla accompaniment: Kushal
Krishna, at Meghdoot Theatre,
Rabindra Bhavan, Copernicus
Marg, Mandi House, 6:30 p.m.
Music: Nazrana: A tribute to
Hazrat Amir Khusro; vocal-sitar
duet by Fareed Hasan and Adnan
Khan, followed by Flute-sarangi
duet by Ajay Prasanna and Murad
Ali Khan, at The Stein Auditorium,
India Habitat Centre (IHC), 7 p.m.
Paintings: Show by Chinmoy
Sarkar, Uttam Sarkar and Mainuddin Mullick, at Convention
Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre (IHC), 11 a.m. 7 p.m.
Art: Tales from the Dunes, a
group art show, at Arts of the
Earth, 1, Hauz Khas Village, 11 a.m.
7 p.m.
Art: The gift, a group art show,
at Anyahh Art 372/374, M.G.
Road, Sultanpur, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Exhibition: A solo show of paintings and drawings by Assamese
artist Nandan Purkayastha, at
E-557, Greater Kailash II, 11 a.m - 7
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Govt analyses air quality data; pollution levels worse than last year; task force set up to tackle air pollution will implement its plans from this week

After big celebration, the toxic hangover

FALLOUT: A thick blanket of smog engulfs Delhi on Monday. Peak PM10 level on Diwali was around 1,600 ug/m3 16 times the safe limit. PM 2.5 level reached nearly 900 ug/mg 15 times the safe limit.PHOTO: R. V. MOORTHY

Spike bales sensors

NEW DELHI: The Delhi govern-

ment on Monday analysed

ambient air quality data that
was recorded before and during the Diwali weekend.
Even as it maintained that
fewer fire crackers were burst
this year, the government said
that the dedicated task force
set up to combat air pollution
has decided to implement its
road map to improve air quality from this week.
A senior government oicial said that analysis of the
situation showed that air
quality in the Capital had
dipped after 7 p.m. on Sunday
due to the combined efect of
bursting fire crackers and
what were dubbed as adverse meteorological conditions (lack of wind).
The Delhi government
conducted a review of air pollution levels prevailing on October 29, 30 and 31. Environment Minister Imran Hussain
reviewed the situation in a
meeting with senior department oicials and scientists of
the Delhi Pollution Control
Committee (DPCC), said a
senior government oicial.
An oicial said that the assessment of ambient air quality, as per Central Pollution
Control Board Protocol, was
undertaken at six locations: R.
K. Puram, Mandir Marg, Punjabi Bagh, Civil Lines, Anand
Vihar and IGI airport. Noise
levels were also monitored at
these locations with the exception of the IGI airport.
Since Delhi was reeling under adverse weather conditions and the impact of
trans-State movement of

triggered by agricultural
burning, the Delhi government had appealed to Delhiites not to burst crackers.

NEW DELHI: There was so much

pollution from crackers on

Diwali that the ambient air
quality monitoring system of
the Delhi Pollution Control
Committee (DPCC) experienced a mechanical error
the first time in six years.
At the R.K. Puram monitoring station, the concentration of PM10 was recorded at
4,273 micrograms per cubic
metre (ug/m3) at 10.55 p.m.
on Sunday 42 times the
safe level of 100 ug/m3.
While this was displayed on
the DPCCs real-time air
quality sharing portal for a
brief period, scientists said
on Monday that the value
was a mechanical error.
There must have been a
sudden spike in the vicinity
of the analyser. As a result, it
recorded the maximum value

R. K. Puram, Mandir
Marg, Punjabi Bagh,
Civil Lines, Anand
Vihar and IGI airport
were monitored
An oicial said that the citizens had largely responded
to the appeal.
Air pollution is severe
across north India and levels
are high in many cities. We
definitely need to look into
the matter... but the government would like to thank the
people for bursting fewer fire
crackers this year. The air pollution situation will improve
in a day or two with the help
of strong winds, said Health
and Public Works Depart-

ment Minister Satyendar Jain,

who also heads the inter-ministerial task force to combat
air pollution.
A government oicial said
constituted 12 teams to check
the sale of imported and illegal crackers .
Last week, Mr. Jain had announced the governments
decision to establish a threetier air treatment system consisting of wind purification
units, mist fountains and virtual chimneys, at five major
traic intersections. The government claimed the system
has the potential to reduce
carbon monoxide and particulate emission by 40 to 60 per
cent in a 20 to 30 metre radius
during peak traic hours.

it can record as the real-time

figure. However, the data was
re-calibrated and junked,
said DPCC scientist Dr. M.P.
George. He added that the
peak PM10 level on Diwali
was around 1,600 ug/m3, and
that the maximum concentrations ever observed in
North India was 2,000 ug/m3
to 2,200 ug/m3. In fact, even
in the middle of a sand storm
in the Arabian desert, the level of the coarse PM10 would
not reach 4,200 ug/m3.
That being said, the
amount of PM10, PM2.5 and
toxic gases in the air were
more this Diwali than the
last. The 24-hour averages
for the DPCCs six monitoring stations recorded PM10
levels of 448 ug/m3 to 939 ug/
m3, up from last years range
of 296 ug/m3 to 778 ug/m3.
Levels of carbon monoxide,
oxides of nitrogen and sul-

phur dioxide were also more

this year than in Diwali 2015.
This year, Diwali pollution is not only worse but
also more toxic as maximum
levels of several gases and
particles have gone up from
last year, read a statement by
the Centre for Science and
Sunita Narain, director of
the CSE, told The Hindu:
The government shouldnt
just blame Punjab and Haryana for burning of crops.
What is the Transport Department doing to curb polluting trucks? Air pollution
disappears from the governments agenda after March,
said Ms. Narain.
Meanwhile, the Union Environment Ministry said that
the Central Pollution Control
Board will direct municipal
bodies in and around Delhi to
curb burning of solid waste.

Stay indoors, avoid strenuous outdoor activity, warn doctors

NEW DELHI: Stay indoors, wear a
mask and avoid engaging in
strenuous outdoor activities
doctors have advised Delhiites, who are choking on
record levels of air pollution
this season.
People with lifestyle diseases, children and the elderly are at risk. This group
should not stay in densely
polluted areas for a long
period of time, should wear
masks and should avoid engaging in strenuous outdoor activities, said Dr. K.K. Aggarwal of the Indian Medical
Association (IMA).

People with lifestyle

diseases, children and
elderly are especially
vulnerbale to high
levels of pollution
Research has linked air pollution to increased rates of
morbidity and mortality, in
particular from cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.
Exposure to particulate matter (PM) 2.5 has also been
linked with an increased risk
of diabetes.
Doctors said that research
indicates that a dip in the concentration of fine particulate

matter (PM 2.5) by 10 micrograms per cubic metre is associated with an increased
life expectancy of 0.77 years
and a 15 per cent rise in overall life expectancy.
Dangerous for kids
Air pollution is also associated with adverse efects on
lung development and decreased lung function in children. For kids, better air quality (decreased levels of
nitrogen dioxide and PM) is
associated with improvements in both forced expiratory volume in 1 second and
forced vital capacity between
ages 11 and 15.

There is a known correlation between levels of air pollution and lung disease, but
the association between air
pollution and asthma is less
Air pollution around Diwali is the maximum due to
temperature inversion, increase in vehicular traic and
bursting of crackers. Due to
slow wind speed, low temperature and reduced sunlight, the polluted air does not
disperse or rise up, and instead, remains suspended
just above the ground, said
Dr. Mrinal Sircar, director
and Head of Pulmonology,
Fortis Hospital.

Jain to visit landfill sites AAP moves to light up dark stretches across Capital
NEW DELHI: Public Works Department (PWD) and Health
Minister Satyendar Jain willsoon lead a delegation of his
Cabinet colleagues to each
landfill site in Delhi seeking
personalised solutions for
issues related to the management of solid waste as identified by experts.
Mr. Jain, who heads the
inter-ministerial task force to
combat air pollution and solid
waste management in Delhi,
will be accompanied by Environment Minister Imran Hussain, Delhi Jal Board Chair-


person Kapil Mishra and a

team of experts to Bhalswa
and Ghazipur, a senior government oicial said.
The task force has been
directed to visit landfill sites
to identify issues with solid
waste management. The
panel has been directed to
submit its recommendations
to Chief Minister Arvind
Kejriwal, said an oicial.
Last week, Mr. Jain had announced several measures in
a move to make Delhi self-reliant in processing and re-using garbage, instead of adding
it to towering mounds at landfill sites.

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi
Party (AAP) governments
Public Works Department
(PWD) has announced plans
to illuminate over 7,000 dark
spots across the Capital before the beginning of the next
Aimed at increasing the
safety of female citizens and
in pursuance of one of AAPs
most significant electoral
promises, PWD Minister
Satyendar Jain inaugurated
the installation of lights to illuminate 7,483 dark spots
identified by NGO SafetiPin,

which is intended to be completed by March 31, 2017.

A senior Delhi government oicial said that while
the initial phase of the project would largely benefit
areas under the jurisdiction
of the north and east civic
bodies, more spots would be
covered after an audit by the
NGO concluded that the first
phase had been successful.
Womens safety
The dark spots were identified by the NGO. It shared
the data with the Delhi Police. Work on the dark spots
has been initiated after the

PWD obtained no-objection

certificate from the north
and east civic bodies, said a
Delhi government oicial.
The NGOs report, which
was based on the perception
of safety in relation to nine
diferent parameters including lighting, the state of walk
paths and presence of people
specifically women on
the streets, found prominent
stretches in central and south
Delhi to be unsafe.
The unsafe stretches included: Man Singh Road,
Pandara Road, Bhishma Pitamah Marg, Moolchand Flyover and the Vasant Kunj-

Mehrauli Road.
While north Delhi also
scored higher in some parameters, west Delhi scored the
lowest in all parameters except gender usage, which
south Delhi scored low in.
We hope that the South
MCD will also expedite the
process of granting NOC to
the PWD so that lighting of
dark spots across Delhi can
be completed at the earliest,
Mr. Jain said.
He added that the government had, and would
continue to seek, suggestions
from stakeholders on how to
make Delhi safe for women.





Najeebs family knocks at CMs door


Kejriwal promises action, says he will leave no stone unturned in helping find the missing JNU student
DELHI: Chief Minister
Arvind Kejriwal on Monday
assured the family of Najeeb
Ahmed, the missing Jawaharlal Nehru University student, that he would leave no
stone unturned in helping
them find the 27-year-old.
Najeeb has been missing for
17 days now. His family called
on the Chief Minister to inform him of the incident and
the follow-up that is being
done in the case by the authorities.
I am with you and will do
whatever is required to help
trace him. It is a very serious
matter. The government will
not let you down and use all
available resources to help
you out, Mr. Kejriwal assured
Najeeb's mother Fatima was
accompanied by friends,
relatives and MLAs of
Mehrauli and Okhla at the
meeting on Flagstaf Road, the
CM's oicial residence.


VOICE OF CONCERN: JNU students raise slogans during a protest over the issue outside the
Administration Block on the campus on Monday. PHOTO: SHIV KUMAR PUSHPAKAR
JNUSU steps in
The JNU Students' Union
also submitted a memorandum to the CM, requesting
his intervention for ensuring
the safe return and justice for

Najeeb. Our fellow student is

subjected to violence and
threats inside a university
space and is found missing.
The institutionsl authorities
responded by doing nothing
to bring the perpetrators od

violence against him to book

and feel no need whatsoever
to reach out to Najeeb with
sensitivity and assurance, the
memo said. They even alleged
abdication of institutional responsibilities and partisan in-

dulgence by the JNU administration. Najeeb's mother had

earlier said that she had lost all
faith in the JNU administration that had not shown
any humanity.
They also requested him to
ensure that no dilly-dallying
tactics is used by the Delhi Police and that an open channel
of communication be set up to
inform students and the
family about the day-to-day
progress of the investigation.
JNUSU on Monday afternoon organised a sit-in at
the Administration Block
against the Proctorial delay
and tactics to shield those who
had attacked Najeeb before his
Earlier, Diwali celebrations
were muted on campus on
Sunday night with students
and teachers joining Najeeb's
family in Light of Hope for
Najeeb campaign at Freedon
Square. The stairs leading up
to the Administration Block
were lit up with candles that
spelt out Find Najeeb.


dead as car hits bike

DU, Jamia to share teachers, 2A senior
govt official has been held in the incident
resources; invites JNU to join

Resources to be shared will include laboratories, database and libraries

NEW DELHI: Calling for a central

system to help students come

together for special events
allowing for greater exchange
of ideas and learning Jamia
Millia Islamia (JMI) and Delhi
University (DU) have agreed
in principle for broad resource sharing. Both universities have said that they
hope Jawaharlal Nehru University will join their
Speaking at the closing ceremony of JMIs 96th Foundation Day celebration, the vicechancellors of both universities said they will be
opening up avenues through
which sharing of resources
such as teachers, laboratory


DUs Vice-Chancellor
Yogesh Tyagi said the
two universities will
sign a formal MoU
in this regard soon

wards fulfilling them, said

Mr. Tyagi.
JMI vice-chancellor Mr.
Ahmad said that the two universities are moving forward
to share resources to make
their optimal use.

facilities, libraries and databases will be made possible.

Yogesh Tyagi, who was the
chief guest at the event, said
that the two central universities will sign a formal
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) shortly.
A healthy atmosphere,
transparency, fairness, freedom from prejudices and corruption are expected from an
educational institution, and
the institutions must work to-

JMI also announced that it
will be holding its annual convocation on November 11 at
the Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi
Sports Complex. Mahendra
Nath Pandey, Union Minister
of State for HRD (Higher Education), will be the chief guest
at the function.
Qualifying candidates have
been asked to register themselves by November 9 to be

NEW DELHI: Two cousins on a

scooty, including a woman,
were knocked down allegedly
by a speeding car while on
their way to a market in north
Delhi's Timarpur on Monday.
A senior government oicial,
who was allegedly driving the
car, has been arrested.
The victims, identified as
Preeti (22) and Rahul (19),
were coming from Jagatpur.
According to the police, the
accident happened at around
10 a.m. when the duo were on
their way to Sant Nirankari
Road from Gandhi Vihar.
Family members told the police that they had left home to
fill petrol in their bike and buy
some food from a nearby
As they approached Sant
Nirankari Road, a speeding
car hit them from behind, The

impact was such that Preeti

lost control of the twowheeler and both of them
were thrown of it. The scooty
slid and hit the footpath, said
a police oicer.
The car continued on and
ran over the duo. They were
then rushed to a nearby hospital where they were declared brought dead.
The car was allegedy being
driven by Rajiv Nayan, an Assistant Commissioner in Public Provident Fund.
50-year-old killed
Meanwhile, another accident took place in Lal Bagh area of Adarsh Nagar where a
50-year -old died after being
hit by a garbage truck, while
his two-year-old grandson
sustained injuries. The victim,
identified as Firoz Khan, was
outside his house when the incident took place.






Real estate rules tightened

Five Union Territories notified, rules for Delhi likely next year


NEW DELHI: Real estate developers will now have to

provide additional information
to buyers about ongoing projects and deposit 70 per cent of
the unused funds in a separate
bank account to ensure project
completion. These have been
stipulated in the Real Estate
(Regulation and Development)
(General) Rules, 2016 that was
notified by the Ministry of
Housing and Urban Population
on Monday.
The rules will be applicable
to five Union Territories
without Legislature Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Dadra
and Nagar Haveli, Daman &
Diu, Lakshadweep and Chandigarh. These rules were required to be notified on October 31, as stipulated in the Real
Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 that was
partly brought into efect on
May 1 this year.
For Delhi, similar rules have


to be notified by the Ministry of

Urban Development, which
will take a couple of more
months, said a Ministry oicial.
The Ministry can also consider
using rules of the Ministry of
HUPA as a template.
Buyers, however, will be able
to get some relief under the
rules only after the proposed
Real Estate Regulatory Authority is formed, the deadline for
which is April 30, 2017. A
Ministry spokesperson said
that some changes have been
made in the Draft Rules placed
in the public domain three
months ago, incorporating
some suggestions from consumer associations and real estate bodies.
As per the rules notified on
Monday, regarding ongoing
projects that have not received
completion certificate in specified time, developers will
have to make public the original
sanctioned plans and changes
made, total amount collected
from allottees, money used,

original timeline for completion and the period within

which the developer undertakes to complete the project.
Security funds
Within three months of applying for registration of a project, the developer will have to
deposit in a separate bank account, 70 per cent of the
amount collected and unused
for ensuring completion of ongoing projects.
For registration of projects
with authorities, developers
will have to submit copy of PAN
card, annual report comprising
audited profit and loss account,
balance sheet, cash flow statement and auditors report of the
developer for the three preceding years, among other documents..
The rules also state that developers will have to refund or
pay compensation to the allottees with an Interest Rate of
SBIs highest Marginal Cost of
Lending Rate plus 2 per cent.

It is notified that my original
qualifying examination certificate
& marks statement of main senior
secondary examination of year 1993
& roll no 6650874 issued by CBSE
have been actually lost. Atul Mathur 2/37 Sector5 Rajendra Nagar
Sahibabad U.P. Ph.9810979957











Free bus rides for

women on Bhai Dooj
NEW DELHI: Transport

Minister Satyendar
Jain on Monday announced that all
Corporation (DTC)
AC, non-AC and
would provide free
travel for women
and girls on the occasion of Bhai Dooj
on Tuesday.
has been taken to allow women and
girls travel without
any hassle through-

out the day to meet

their family members and celebrate
Bhai Dooj. All formalities have been
completed in this
regard and relevant
orders issued to officials concerned
implementation, said Mr. Jain.
DTC oicials said
they were expecting a heavy rush of
passengers on Bhai
To cater to the
rush, we will put the
maximum buses on
road , a senior DTC
oicial said.

10,851 chikungunya
cases in Delhi
NEW DELHI: With 640 new cases
of chikungunya being reported this past week, the total
number of cases have
crossed 10,851 this season, as
per a municipal report released on Monday. The maximum number of cases -- 720
-- have been reported from
north Delhi.
At least 15 fatalities have
been reported at various hospitals due to complications
triggered by chikungunya.
As many as 10,851 suspected cases have been recorded
this season till October 29,
out of which 8,720 have been
confirmed, the report by the
SDMC said.





Gehlot's Punjab assignment

brings cheer to his camp

Former Rajasthan
Gehlot's appointment as
chief of screening committee for the Congress ticket
distribution in the 2017
Punjab Assembly election
has brought cheers to the
camp loyal to him in the
Pradesh Congress Committee here.
Mr. Gehlot's appointment has been made close
on the heels of two
prominent Jat leaders,
Subhash Maharia and Hari
Singh, coming back to the
fold of the Congress last
president Sachin Pilot


played an important role in

bringing the two leaders to
the party, Mr. Gehlot's consent was crucial for the final
Political observers here
believe that since the Congress
wanted to have a bigger say
in the ticket distribution in
Punjab, it had selected the
two-time Chief Minister of
Rajasthan, considered very
close to the Nehru-Gandhi
family, for the task of
screening of candidates.
This, in turn, has
strengthened his position
within the party in the State
and made an addition to his
stature. A PCC member
said here on Monday that

Mr. Gehlot would not only

select candidates with the
winning potential, but also
help the party in formulating its strategy for the highstakes polls. Mr. Gehlot also
enjoys good proximity with
AICC secretary in charge of
Punjab and former MP
Harish Choudhary, who
hails from Rajasthan.
Besides Mr. Gehlot, the
screening committee comprises AICC secretary Asha
Kumari, Punjab Congress
chief Amarinder Singh,
Congress Legislature Party
leader Charanjit Singh
Channi, former Indian
Youth Congress chief Rajiv
Satav and former MP
Meenakshi Natarajan.



Himachal CM in hospital, stable

Abhishek Banerjee
discharged from hospital

Himachal Chief
Minister Virbhadra Singh
was admitted to the Indira
Gandhi Medical College
and Hospital in the wee
hours of Monday due to


KOLKATA: Twelve days after

he met with an accident at

Singur, Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee was discharged from a
private hospital here on
Monday. He underwent an
orbit reconstruction surgery below the left eye a
few days ago.
Belle Vue Clinic said in a
release that his condition
had substantially im-

proved over the past two

It said his eye movements and vision are
better, and the swelling
reduced significantly.
A huge crowd of TMC
workers gathered outside
the hospital on hearing
that the MP, a cousin of
Minister Mamata Banerjee, would be discharged.
He came out of the hospital
at 5 p.m.

chest infection and fever.

The octogenarian leader
was taken to the hospital
around 2 a.m. and given
medical aid, said medical
Various tests were con-

ducted and the results

were reported to be normal.
He said Mr. Singh has
been kept in the hospital
for observation and would
be discharged soon.







10 |


Kerala declares Statewide drought

There was a rainfall deficit of 34 per cent during the Southwest monsoon, says Revenue Minister



Dont burden teachers with

non-academic work: CBSE




districts in Kerala have been

declared drought-afected
following a deficit in rainfall
during the Southwest monsoon and anticipation of a
deficit Northeast monsoon.
Kerala Revenue Minister
E. Chandrasekharan announced this in the Assembly on Monday while replying to a notice for an
adjournment motion moved
by V.S. Sivakumar of the
Moratorium on loans
There is a rainfall deficit
of 34 per cent in the State
during the Southwest monsoon. During the Northeast
monsoon, it is projected that
we will have a deficit of 69
per cent even if 90 to 100 per
cent rainfall is received in
November and December,
he said.


deficit in

likely for
northeast monsoon

Secretary to
review relief
works every

took a call on
Oct. 28

Moratorium on loan payment for

farmers likely
Centre to be moved for more
financial aid
26-point drought relief
guidelines for Collectors

In view of the drought

situation prevailing in the
districts, the Kerala State
Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA), at its
meeting presided over by
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on October 28,
decided to declare the entire
State drought-hit, he said.

The Minister informed the

House that a moratorium
was under consideration on
all loans taken by farmers.
The State Relief Commissioner had been asked to take
steps in consultation with
the Revenue and Finance
Ministers and the State-level
Bankers Committee.

The government would

seek Central aid to overcome
the peculiar situation faced
by the State.
The Relief Commissioner
would prepare a memorandum to be submitted to the
Centre to get additional financial aid.
The District Collectors
had been given a 26-point
guideline to be followed for
More pipelines
The KSDMA meeting decided to entrust responsibility for drought relief in each
district with a Minister. The
Chief Minister would hold a
videoconference with the
District Collectors soon.
The Minister said the
Chief Secretary would review the works on a weekly
Steps would be taken to
make drinking water available in areas facing shortage.

Intervening, Minister for

Water Resources Mathew T.
Thomas said drinking water
lines would be extended to
adjacent areas to make potable water accessible, based
on availability.
Minister for Public Works
G. Sudhakaran said there
was no restriction on digging
of roads in case of pipeline
bursts or for laying new
drinking water pipes as per
PWD guidelines.
Earlier, Mr. Sivakumar
sought the governments intervention to overcome the
drought situation.
The State lacked a water
management strategy and no
efort was being taken to
conserve rainwater, he said.
Leader of the Opposition
Ramesh Chennithala said
the Chief Minister and the
Revenue Minister should
meet Union Ministers to secure additional aid for
drought relief.

BENGALURU: The Central Board

of Secondary Education
(CBSE) has said that all
schools ailiated to it should
ensure that teachers are not
engaged in any activity other
than those related to teaching, professional enhancement, examinations and
A CBSE circular said tasks
related to transport, canteen
and activities of ministerial
nature should be done by
separate trained staf deployed by the schools.

Other activities
The decision came after
several teachers across the
country shared their sentiments about their non-academic duties. The issue was
raised by various State governments at the Central Advisory Board on Education

Teachers spend 17
out of 224 days
for non-teaching
activities in
urban areas
According to a report prepared by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration for
2014-2015, teachers, on an average in urban areas, spent 17
out of 224 days for nonteaching activities. The
number was far lower in
rural areas where teachers,
on an average, spent nine
days out of 224 for nonteaching work.
A teacher working in one
of the Kendriya Vidyalayas in
Bengaluru said that over the
past year, several teachers
have been involved in digitisation of student data,
which eats into class hours.
Many a time we get called
for meetings by the Block

Karnataka industrialist
A Bengaluru hairstylist popularises Kannada literature
S.L. Khoday passes away Customers can ask for the Kuvempu mushroom cut, Girish Karnads thick eyebrow or Kambaras face bleach


BENGALURU: Industrialist Sri-

BENGALURU: He belongs to the

hari L. Khoday (77) breathed

his last at a private hospital in
Bengaluru on Monday night.
He was also known for his
long association with films
and politics. He was hospitalised for over a month and
breathed his last at 8.30 p.m.
on Monday.
Mr. Khoday was the vicechairman and Managing Director of Khoday India
Limited, the public listed
company of the Khoday
Group, an over 100-year-old
group with diverse interests,
including alcoholic beverages like Indian Made
Foreign Liquor (IMFL), construction and engineering.
Khoday India and United
Bengaluru, accounted for
most of the States famed liquor industry.

Bhajantri community and

comes from a lineage of
nadaswara players. A
hairstylist by profession, he
has been honoured for his
social service at the Akhila
Bharatha Kannada Sahitya
Sammelana. What is the
connection between
sahitya (literature) and
hairdressing, you wonder?
Walk in to V. Harishs New
Modern Bombay Mens
Parlour on Southend Road
at Basavanagudi and you
would be amazed at the
modest shop lined with
photos of most Kannada
literary personalities, along
with rows of books stacked
for distribution.
The writers and their
works are popularised here
by taking their identities


Srihari L. Khoday
Khoday India had recently
been on an expansion drive
exporting their brands to Europe and Canada.
Srihari Khoday was a multifaceted personality, who
produced films, wrote poetry and also dabbled in
He was known to be a patron of arts and produced four
Kannada films, three of them
award winners, all directed
by noted film-maker T.S.

beyond their pens. Its their

hairstyle, beard, eyebrow
and facial looks that have
been observed keenly by
Harishs family since his
fathers time, when they
were hairdressers to wellknown personalities,
including literary stalwarts
such as Nittur Srinivasa
Rao, G.S. Shivarudrappa
and Champa.
A master at work
Mr. Harish, 59, has been a
barber for the past 40 years.
He never went to school
nor enrolled in any formal
diploma in hair styling,
instead imbibing the
nuances of the art from his
father Basavanagudi
Venkateshappa, turning
them into his signature cuts
and styles.
At his salon, customers
can choose between a

A CUT ABOVE: Harish imbibed the nuances of hairstyling from

Kuvempu mushroom cut, a
Shivaram Karanth scissor
cut, Girish Karnads threadlike thick eyebrow,
Chandrashekara Kambaras
face bleach, Mastis
machine cut, Gokaks oil
massage, or Da Ra Bendres
silken shave. Rajkumars
make-up is also done. I
wish I had done Rajkumar

and Vishnuvardans
hairstyling, Mr. Harish
Creating awareness
Our Jnanpith awardees,
Rahtrakavis and many
other poets and writers
such as Kuvempu, Shivram
Karanth, Masti Venkatesha
Iyengar, Nissar Ahmed,

Master Hirannaiah, U.R.

Ananthamurthy, Girish
Karnad have distinct styles.
In my passion to create
awareness for their work, I
have been projecting these
styles, which writers wore
to publicise them as
heritage Karnataka styles.
Also, during the entire
month of Rajyothsava, I
distribute Kannada Sahitya
books to nearly 60 plus
people a day, says Mr.
Harish. This Rajyothsava
month will also see Harish
and his sons H. Girish and
H. Venkatesh, and his
brother T. Sudarshan
distributing nearly 2,000
books in Kannada for their
customers. The family also
takes up free hairdressing
for people at orphanages
and old age homes on
actors Rajkumar and
Vishnuvardhans birthdays.

Education Oicer for various

matters, and inevitably these
are scheduled during school
hours, the teacher said.
RTE norms
The CBSE circular also
points out that Section 27 of
the Right of Children to Free
and Compulsory Education
Act 2009 stipulates that no
teacher shall be deployed for
any non-educational purposes other than decennial
population census, disaster
relief duties, or duties relating to elections...
The CBSE has also modified one of its earlier circulars which had mandated
that at least one teacher
should be present in the
school bus in the interests of
safety and security of the students.
guidelines now states that at
least one woman attendant
or a woman security person
should be in the school bus
for the safety of students.

A.P. businessman
shot dead
in Bengaluru
BENGALURU: A businessman
and financial consultant was
shot dead by two men outside his house in Sanjay
Nagar, Bengaluru, here on
Sunday night.
The hitmen, suspected to
be using country-made
weapons, fired multiple
rounds at Surendra Kumar
Parchuri (51) while he was
coming out of his car around
10 p.m.
Though the Sanjay Nagar
police station is barely 100 ft
away from the victims
house, the sound of gunfire
was muled by the bursts of
Deepavali firecrackers in the
Investigators said business
rivalry could be the motive.
Though Surendra was based
in Bengaluru, he hailed from
Andhra Pradesh.



Brazil, Russia
keen to learn
from India

PF claims in cases
of death set to be
settled in a week

Winged visitors

NEW DELHI: The World Banks

new Country Director for

India, Junaid Ahmad, said on
Monday that other large nations such as Brazil and Russia had also moved from a focus at the Central level to a
sub-national level, as India
Mr. Ahmad was speaking
on the occasion of the announcement of the State and
Union Territory-wise ease
of doing business rankings
for India.
Brazil and Russia have requested more exchanges
with India to learn about the
best practices, he added.
Commenting on the subnational rankings, Commerce and Industry Minister
Nirmala Sitharaman said:
While last year only seven
States implemented over 50
per cent of the total reform
points and no State had an
implementation percentage
of over 75 per cent, this year
saw 17 States crossing the 50
per cent implementation
mark and 16 States having an
implementation percentage
of over 75 per cent.
The national implementation average stands at 48.93
per cent, significantly higher
than last years national average of 32 per cent, according to a DIPP statement.
This demonstrates the
great progress made by
States this year, said the
Ms. Sitharaman said,
There is a healthy competition among States on ease of
doing business. This exercise is an important aspect in
the governments agenda to
transform India. We are now
looking at broad-basing the
reform drive.


DATE WITH SANGAM: Young boys feed migratory birds in Allahabad on Monday. - PHOTO: PTI

Two teenagers attempt suicide after

rape in West Bengal, one dies
KOLKATA: In yet another incid-

ent of violence against

women in West Bengal, two
teenagers attempted suicide
after allegedly being raped in
the Mathabhanga subdivision of the States Cooch Behar district. While one of the
girls (both students of Class
9) consumed pesticides and
is fighting for life at the
Cooch Behar district hospital, the other, who hung

herself to the ceiling in her

house, has died.
The incident occurred at
the Belerdanga village under
the Hazarhaat panchayat area of the district. The girls
went out to visit Kali Puja
pandals with two youths who
were known to them. After
they returned home on Saturday night, they told their
parents and family members
that they had been sexually
assaulted by the youths.
Before the family mem-

bers could do anything, one

of them consumed pesticides on Saturday night. The
second girl allegedly hung
herself when the family
members went to lodge a
complaint on Sunday afternoon. Both the girls are
relatives and their houses are
in the same locality.
On Monday, the accused
were arrested by the police.
Both the accused have
been arrested. Two separate
rape cases have registered. In

one case, we have charged

the accused with abetment
of suicide, Cooch Behar Superintendent of Police Anup
Jaiswal told The Hindu.
While the number of cases
of rape has come down in
West Bengal, as per the latest
data released by the National
Crime Records Bureau (
NCRB), the State has
recorded the second-highest
number of cases of crimes
against women in the

Comprehensive training for Vice-Chancellors, Registrars soon

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of
Development is set to put in
place comprehensive training modules for administrative oicers of Central
Universities in India in order
to help the institutions excel
in the years to come.
Months after faculty mem-


| 11



bers from the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)

held five sessions with the
Vice-Chancellors (V-C) and
Registrars of various Central
Universities, the ministry is
looking to expand the training programmes by adding
additional components to
the training modules prepared by the IIMs.
The IIMs are good at

providing a vision for the future. But we also notice that

many academics do not have
working experience of running the nuts and bolts of administrative work once they
become Registrars, etc. We
need to incorporate such
every day administrative
training, which oicials at
the ministry and the UGC
(University Grants Commis-

sion) can help develop as

part of the training package
for university administrators, an oicial told The
Futuristic vision and
training in nuts and bolts
apart, we will also introduce
a module aimed at helping
institutions understand how
they can climb up the National Institutional Ranking

Framework rankings.
The idea of having structured training for V-Cs and
Registrars was first put in
place earlier this year, when
IIM faculty members held
sessions with all Central
University V-Cs to sensitise
them towards leadership and
developing a vision for excellence in higher education
in India.

NEW DELHI: The Employees

Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has decided to
settle PF money claimed
after death of an employee
within seven days from 20
days at present, in the wake
of concerns raised by Prime
Minister Narendra Modi last
week about delays in settlement of EPF claims, especially in death cases.
All death case claims submitted by spouse or nominee
or legal heirs of EPF members be invariably settled
within a period of seven days
from date of submission of
claim form in concerned
field oice where the deceased members accounts
are being maintained,
Central PF Commissioner
VP Joy said in a circular
dated October 28.
Additionally, one oicer
will be trained in facilitation
centre and deputed to specifically look after death case
claims with proper display
in this regard made on the

seat or counter Please contact for death cases in

Hindi, regional language and
Top priority
The circular said that all
the death case claims will be
given top priority and
oicers-in-charge at all EPF
oices will personally monitor the death cases on dayto-day basis.
At present, it takes 20 days
to settle all transfers and
withdrawals by employees
from Employees Provident
Fund, Employees Pension
Scheme and Employees Deposit Linked Insurance
(EDLI) schemes governed
by EPFO.
However, it is often found
that documents attached
with the claim form is incomplete due to which the
case is referred back to the
claimant and it leads to
delays, Mr. Joy told The
Hindu. But we will try to
settle the claims in case of
death cases even in twothree days, he said.

Centre to notify
real estate rules
NEW DELHI: The government
on Monday evening said it
would soon notify the real
estate rules which would
see property registration
fees being halved and developers being required to
compensate allottees in
case of delays in handing
over the property.
Real estate developers
will have to furnish additional information regarding the ongoing projects for
the benefit of the buyers, besides depositing 70 per cent
of the unused funds in a separate bank account to ensure their completion, the
government said in a
To incentivise registration of projects and real
estate agents with regulatory authorities, fee for
the same has been reduced
by half based on suggestions from promoters for
reduction of fee.
The fee has been reduced
to Rs. 5 per square metre for
up to 1,000 square metres
and Rs. 10 per square metres
beyond this limit subject to
a maximum of Rs. 5 lakh per

More diferently abled attend

schools than before: Census

NEW DELHI: Nearly two-thirds

of the disabled population in

the age-group of 5-19 in 2011
were attending educational
institutions, according to
new census data released on
Monday. As many as 40.2
lakh (61.2 per cent) out of the
total of 65.7 lakh disabled
population in the specified
age group were attending
educational institutions in
2011. This is an improvement

of 11 percentage points from

2001 when 33 lakh (50 per
cent) of the 65.3 lakh differntly abled persons had attended educational institutions. The enrolment figure
is 10 percentage points lower
than that of the total population 71 per cent attending
educational institutions.
Data show those who reported to have any other disability has the highest percentage (71.2 per cent) of the
people attending any educa-

tional institution. This was

followed by those having
visual disability (68 per cent)
and hearing diiculty (67 per
cent). Twenty-seven per
cent of the disabled people in
the age group of 5-19, however, have never attended any
educational institute, as per
the 2011 census data. Around
half of the people with multiple disability (54.4 per
cent) and mental illness
(50.3 per cent) did not attend
any educational institute.










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14 |




The pivot through Kabul

Indias growing arms footprint in Afghanistan points to an important future aspect of its regional
power projection
power to support Afghan ofensives, not just
repel insurgent attacks, and for U.S. troops to
embed with regular Afghan infantry, not just
special forces. From January to October,
there were 700 air strikes 200 more than
in the whole of last year dropping about
1,000 bombs. While we should not ignore the
important progress made in shrinking the Islamic States presence considerably, the
Afghan National Security Forces have been
rolled back by the Taliban in no less than
three major provincial capitals: Lashkar Gah
in Helmand, Tarin Kot in Uruzgan, and Kunduz in the north. Two other capitals, Baghlan
and Farah, are also under serious pressure.

T U E S D AY , N O V E M B E R 1 , 2 0 1 6


Caught in
the crossfire

xchange of fire between Indian and

Pakistani forces on the Line of Control and
the International Boundary has rendered
the 2003 ceasefire ever more fragile. On
October 29, the Army said it had destroyed four
Pakistani posts in Keran sector along the LoC and
inflicted heavy casualties. This came a day after Sepoy Mandeep Singh was killed in the Machhal sector and his body mutilated by a terrorist who fled
across the LoC thereafter. In a social media post,
the Armys Northern Command had warned that
the atrocity would invite an appropriate response,
and the reprisal followed. This represents a major
escalation in the ongoing exchange of fire. Ceasefire violations have become a daily occurrence
since the terrorist attack on the Army camp in Uri
in September and the subsequent surgical strikes
by the Army. The use of 82 and 120 mm mortars in
addition to small arms and light machine guns has
become routine, a significant scale-up during
peacetime. The firing has also spread to the IB, especially a 192-km stretch in Jammu that Pakistan
refers to as the working boundary. In 2014, about
430 incidents of ceasefire violation were reported
along the IB; in 2015 this dropped to 253. In contrast,
till mid-October only four incidents had been reported along the IB but that calm has been
broken since the Uri attack. After the surgical
strikes, there have been 60 ceasefire violations.
The brunt of these exchanges is borne by the civilian population in the border villages. Hundreds
have been shifted to shelters and bunkers for safety.
The density of civilian settlement is much higher
on the Indian side in comparison to Pakistans. As a
result, the increased firing across the border
creates more pressure on India. In fact, after the
two countries agreed to a ceasefire in 2003, the resultant calm had won the confidence of local
residents. Villagers began farming right up to the
fence, tourism picked up, and even informal border
trade increased. The current spiral of violence
threatens this peace dividend. After the surgical
strikes, the security forces retain a free hand in responding to infiltrations and instances of firing. No
senior government functionary has publicly addressed the issue. Pakistan too is playing the incidents in large part on domestic considerations. However, the latest incident underscores the need for an
urgent political initiative to prevent the cycle of
brutality and reprisal from acquiring its own momentum, as happened in the early 2010s. It is time
the government gathered the reins to address the
issue politically and have peace restored on the

We have a wish list that we have put before

the government of India, declared the then
Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, on a visit to
New Delhi in May 2013. It is up to the government now to provide us according to
their means. Over the next year, the United
Progressive Alliance (UPA) government decided its means were to be modest. It
dithered, wary of provoking Pakistan further, concerned by where its weapons might
end up, and pleading a shortage of stocks. In
April 2014, it agreed to the curious expedient
of paying Russia to supply small arms to
Afghanistan. This was, perhaps, not so
strange in light of a North Atlantic Treaty
Organisation (NATO)-Russia agreement
that same month to maintain Afghanistans
crumbling helicopter fleet, building on
earlier American purchases from Moscow.
But it highlighted Indias cautious approach
to over-militarising its engagement in Afghanistan. The arrival of President Ashraf Ghani later that year, and his outreach to
Pakistan, rendered the question moot.
Bolstering Afghan forces
But with that outreach now in tatters, the
Taliban rejecting peace talks, and Mr. Ghani
turning back to New Delhi, the question of
arms has come back on the agenda. Three Indian-built transport helicopters were
donated in April 2015. Over the winter of
2015-16, several attack helicopters followed.
General John Nicholson, commander of U.S.
and NATO forces in Afghanistan, spoke in
August of an immediate need for more,
perhaps the most enthusiastic imprimatur
ever given by a U.S. oicial. And now, Indian
press reports suggest that New Delhi is
firming up plans to send artillery, trucks,
and if you believe the headlines T-72
tanks. There may be some arms inflation at
work here. In fact, the Afghans seem to have
asked not for Main Battle Tanks (MBT),
which would be overkill for fighting the

Arms generate revenue but can

also transform the balance of
power, and as India has
discovered to its cost, provide
leverage during crises and wars
Taliban, but Russian-designed BMPs, which
are quick, versatile, and lightly armoured vehicles for infantry. India has been phasing
out its older variants and they would be understandably useful to an army haemorrhaging over a dozen soldiers a day.
Will this change anything? Since Afghan
forces took the lead in fighting, the Taliban
have gained more territory than at any other
point in the last 15 years. This is despite the
high level of foreign support that remains in
place 9,000 U.S. troops remain in the
country. In June, U.S. President Barack
Obama expanded authorisation for air

The political signalling

At the strategic level, arms cannot compensate for more fundamental problems.
Last week, General Nicholson highlighted
the failure of leadership in the police and
army, leaving young police oicers and soldiers dying on isolated checkpoints without
adequate food, water, or ammunition. These
failures extend to the political level. This
month, the Vice President himself, the controversial warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, attacked President Ghani for favouritism towards Pashtuns over the formers own
Uzbek constituency and threatened to
gather my people. Mr. Ghanis oice retaliated with a threat to investigate Mr.
Dostums personal militias operating in the
northern Faryab province. In the context of
these profound military and political failings, no injection of arms whether from
India, NATO, Russia, or China will turn
the situation around. They are band-aid on a
flesh wound. Arms can make a diference at
the margin, afording protection to some
units where previously there might have
been none. For an isolated patrol outnumbered by insurgents, the prospect of air
support by an Indian-supplied helicopter
should not be overlooked. But their real purpose is to serve as political signals of support, lubricating Mr. Ghanis pivot back to
New Delhi and ensuring that India left out
of the four-nation Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) on peace talks comprising Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and the


in Spain

ajoy is the only creature that advances without moving, noted a

former socialist premier caustically,
just ahead of the return on Saturday
of the conservative leader as Prime Minister after
an unprecedented 10-month political impasse in
Spain. Mariano Rajoy not only endured the uncertainties and frustrations of his inability to put together a coalition after his conservative Peoples
Party polled the largest number of seats in the two
inconclusive elections since December 2015, but
patiently watched his opponents prospects fade
away. But despite his instinct for political survival,
he heads a government that nobody really wants.
As Prime Minister, Mr. Rajoy enjoyed an absolute
majority during his first term (2011-15). The clear
mandate enabled him to push through a round of
painful economic reforms after the countrys housing and credit bubble went bust by the end of the
last decade. He now leads a minority government
in alliance with the centrist Ciudadanos, facing a
diicult but definite prospect of continued gridlock
over every legislative initiative. His biggest test will
be to win parliamentary backing to meet the fiscal
deficit targets that Madrid has agreed with Brussels. A threat to call fresh elections is the only real
trump card in his pocket. Mr. Rajoys rivals are too
weak to be able to fully capitalise on his woes. Recently the principal opposition party, the Socialist
Workers Party (PSOE), was forced to eat humble
pie when it decided, not without internal diferences, to abstain in a parliamentary vote on Mr. Rajoys candidacy, only to breathe life into the minority government of its ideological opponent.
Had the PSOE adopted such a course after the
elections in June, it might have salvaged its image
somewhat by being seen as acting in the national
interest. The option the party pursued instead, that
of a coalition with the extreme left Podemos party,
only prolonged the gridlock. Podemos once rode
the wave of popular anger against economic austerity. For now, it must rest content with the accomplishment of breaking Spains two-party dominance. The partys hopes lie in a consolidation of
its base as the platform of the genuine left, as distinct from the centrist PSOE. The scenario is reminiscent of another imbroglio, that of Belgium going
without a government for more than 18 months a
few years ago on the question of regional autonomy
between Flanders and Wallonia. Political fragmentation is an inescapable fact in the evolution of democratic governance. Peaceful reconciliation of competing interests is the art and imperative of political
practice, as Mr. Rajoy is now finding out.

Growing Indian clout

India is a small fish in this pond. But its
clout is growing. Indian arms exports
doubled by value from 2012-13 to 2014-15 to
over $200 million. The recipients included
Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam,
South Korea, and even major exporters like
Russia, Israel, and Britain. Most of these have
been spares and minor equipment. Last
month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a $500 million line of defence credit
to Vietnam during his trip to Hanoi, building
on an earlier line of credit two years ago for
Indian patrol boats. Over the past decade,
other Indian transfers to neighbours have included patrol boats, maritime patrol aircraft,
radar, armoured vehicles, anti-tank
weapons, and helicopters. India directly operates some of these assets, notably part of
the coastal surveillance radar chain unfolding across the Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Beneficiaries have included every single member of the South
Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
(SAARC) except, of course, Pakistan.
How far will this grow? India has a long
history of modest arms provision and training in South Asia and Africa, but by and large
it has held back from game-changing sales
that would have strategic ripples. Indian
tanks went to South Africa and Singapore in
the 1970s, but theres little evidence they
have been sent to anyone since despite reports of a transfer to Myanmar. There have
been murmurs that BrahMos might be exported to nearly a dozen diferent countries,
including Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.
This would be extremely consequential, not
least if the missiles range can be doubled as
easily as suggested. India has also discussed
potential sales of its Light Combat Helicopter and has ambitions to export the
much-maligned Tejas combat aircraft. All of
these platforms would afect the military
balance more than a handful of patrol ships.
Indias growing arms footprint in Afghanistan points to an important future aspect
of its regional power projection.
Shashank Joshi is a Senior Research Fellow of the Royal
United Services Institute in London.


Letters emailed to letters@thehindu.co.in must carry the full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.

Initiating peace

Trivial pleas

The article, An invitation to peacemongering (Oct.31), reminded me

of the story of Khwaja Ahmad
Abbas, one of the greatest secular
Indians. He narrates in his
autobiography, I Am Not an Island:
An Experiment in Autobiography,
the absurdity of fearing and killing
each other to get rid of the fear of the
other. In this case, two brothers,
each of them suspecting a marauder,
had killed each other. I dont know
why this story comes to my mind
when I read about conflict between
India and Pakistan. The point is: fear
leads to hatred; hatred leads to
violence of language and of temper;
and violence leads to a loss of lives.
Sukumaran C.V.,

Hardly anyone grudges the filing of

public interest litigation but one
wishes that they should be
meaningful, sustainable and tenable
(Armed forces are answerable to
govt.: SC, Oct.29). Courts need to
dismiss flimsy and trivial litigation
at the stage of admittance itself
besides levying a hefty fine on those
who waste its precious time. This
may even act as a deterrent. Courts
have an avalanche of cases to deal
with and trivial PILs will only add to
the clutter.
H.P. Murali,


The problem in India today is that

we have a bountiful crop of critics
who churn out volumes of armchair
patriotism and also criticise the
government of the day. Apart from
trying to use a dictionary to
comprehend some of the words the
writer used, I was also wracking my
brain trying to understand what he
was ofering as the solution to the
problem. It reminded me of an
incident where Lala Amarnath once
went on to bitterly criticise the
Indian cricket captain for lacking
winning skills, which provoked
Kapil Dev to invite him to come and
play in his place. It is a laughable
idea if the writer wants India to keep
holding out an olive branch to
Pakistan, almost indefinitely. He
seems to suggest that everything is
right with Pakistan the rogue nation,
and that it is India alone which lacks
Sivamani Vasudevan,


U.S. retains influence over the direction of

the conflict.
However, the three-year journey from Mr.
Karzais wish list to Indias incremental gift
giving also points to a broader trend. We are
well positioned, noted Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh three years ago, to become a net provider of security in our immediate region and beyond. Net security provider is a slippery term. Indian oicials have
emphasised soft security missions, like
disaster relief and evacuation, rather than
full-blown military intervention. Arms sales
and donations are a halfway house, an armslength instrument of national power. During
2011-15, the five permanent members of the
United Nations Security Council collectively supplied almost 70 per cent of all international arms exports. Arms generate revenue, of course, but they can also transform
the balance of power, cement alliances, and
as India has discovered to its cost through
its history provide leverage during crises
and wars. They are not without risks. Arms
can be waylaid or even turned on their provider, especially where regimes change suddenly, and can render the providers awkwardly complicit in their use. Arms can also
fuel conflicts, reducing the incentive on one
side or another to negotiate with


ignominy on the part of the Centre

that it should be advised by the
Supreme Court to ensure that the
anthem is respected? Is it not the
duty of the Centre to widen the
scope and possibility of Jana gana
mana being sung by all Indians
often, and in situations wherever
feasible and practical?
One should first understand what a
patriotic song is all about. It is one
which evokes strong nationalistic
emotions and fervour. When a group
sings the national anthem aloud,
with heads held high and shoulders
steady, there should be no place for
confusion or misinterpretation. The
feeling of oneness should prevail.
R. Sivakumar,

Deepavali at the U.N.


It appears as though the festival of

lights has caught even the eye of the
United Nations (In a first, U.N.
celebrates Deepavali, Oct.31). It has
accepted the power of light over
darkness, of hope over despair, of
good over evil, and of knowledge
over ignorance. However, the
pertinent question is: how serious is
the U.N., a toothless body, in
helping to usher in peace across the
world? The multi-billion-dollar
worth of trade in arms and
ammunition can destroy the earth in
minutes. Given such a scenario, will
there be anyone left to watch the
festival of lights?
Victor Frank A.,

The Net and knowledge


Respecting the anthem

Controversies around the singing of
the national anthem have often been
hitting the headlines; they are
unwarranted (National anthem:
Supreme Court issues notice to
govt., Oct.29). First, is it not an

led to a situation where objectivity

has been undermined.
S. Indhumathi,


Gold for culling

The report that an alumni
association of a prominent college in
Kerala is to give gold coins to civic
authorities who kill the most
number of stray dogs till December
10 in the State is not in good taste
and cannot be justified on any count
(Oct.31). No doubt stray dogs have
become a threat to people but what
we need are humane alternatives.
Such moves go against the principle
of live and let live.
Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,

The article, Ignorance that isnt

bliss (Oct.31) reflects the current
cyber milieu. While the spread of
one-sided information is a blind
spot, it is equally true that the
receivers of such information
(Internet users) seldom research
and read about the topic on hand.
They just forward or share the
information without a second
thought. The writer mentions that it
is easier to avoid opinions and
information that do not necessarily
fit ones world view in the Internet
than books. It is equally easier to
read only partisan books. Further, he
says that the one who reads books
doesnt spread misinformation
(relatively). Be it books or online
content, it is the attitude of the
person that matters. Even if a person
wary of one-sided information
wants to publish a well-researched
document, such a lengthy article
doesnt sell on social media. The
quest for short and crisp content has

industrial activities (Chennai

editions, Air pollution peaks during
Deepavali, Oct.31).
N. Ramanathan,

Killing stray dogs is not a logical

solution. While some dogs behave in
an aggressive manner, there are
many others which continue to
remain mans best friend. People
have been destroying nature at an
alarming rate and are heading
towards impending disaster. Let us
learn not to dominate but to respect
and live in harmony with other
living beings. The world is as much
theirs as it is ours.
Debi Chatterjee,

Air pollution peaks

Does it require great scientific
knowledge to know that pollution
levels go up on Deepavali day? It is
an age-old practice to celebrate
Deepavali by setting of fireworks
and there is bound to be pollution.
Instead, the authorities should be
focussing on how there is grave air
pollution every day caused by
growing vehicular density and

Football coverage
As an avid fan and follower of global
football clubs such as Manchester
United, Real Madrid and players
such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel
Maria, it is disheartening that this
daily does not pay much attention to
publish news related to these clubs
and players. The non-selection of
brief reports on other league
matches is also a matter of concern
and gives the reader a feeling that
football is inferior when compared
to cricket and tennis.
Bhavadas K.C.,

Debate on personal law

A letter writer in this column
(Letters to the Editor, Oct.29),
alleged that while citing data from
the 2011 Census on married women I
may have overlooked the fact that
even widows call themselves
married when posed the question
whether they are married or not.
There was no mix-up of information.
Chart C-3 of the 2011 Census, which
has details on marital status by
religious community and sex inter
alia lists five distinct categories
Never married, Married,
Widowed, Separated and
Divorced. The data I have used in
my article were from the Married
category. The Widowed category
lists the number of widowed Hindu
males and females as 1,03,74,794 and
3,56,77,567 respectively.
A. Faizur Rahman,




Securing the skies

Strategist George Friedman considers power as being
complex: The more of it you gain, the more ambiguous you become you have not yet done anything that
requires ruthlessness or brutality, but you have shown
strength. This is so true for an aspiring power like India, trying to balance the opposing requirements of
meeting peoples aspirations and those of realpolitik
in the real world.
After having absorbed many deleterious attacks, India finally executed
surgical strikes, a demonstration of restrained reaction of a responsible nation, after the Uri attack. We can be nastier, but are avoiding doing so, was
the message. The government just wanted to break free from a situation
that had developed in the past decade akin to 19th century Europe in turmoil which got German Chancellor Bismarck to remark, We live in a wondrous time in which the strong is weak because of his scruples and the weak
grows strong because of his audacity. Uri had propelled a stronger India to
confront an audacious Pakistan. From all accounts it was a pure Army operation, but the Indian Air Force (IAF) would have been on stand-2 for sure.
Pilots in cockpits? Well, maybe the helicopter guys.
Where the IAF fits in
In months leading up to the IAFs 84th anniversary on October 8, there
was a flurry of articles disparaging its potency. One piece, released at an international function, said that Indian Air Power had been brought to its
knees due to government inaction on its force requirements. Talking of retaliation ability, another analyst has written that the IAF has put in no efort
towards precision strike capability. The truth is that force assets certainly
need beefing up, capability shortfalls
plugged and domestic R&D and manThe government has to
ufacturing capability created in quick
be aware that
time to ensure sustenance of combat
technological asymmetry
potential; however, it is also the truth
that the IAF has the narrative under
can be a crucial difference
control to discharge its duty of proin the coming years
tecting the nations skies.
Before we take stock of what it is that India is attempting in the current
geopolitical situation and where the IAF fits in, it would be wise to revisit
the diference between power, weight and influence. The combination of
Indias democratic credentials, its track record of adhering to international
norms, and its economic trajectory give it weight to influence activities in
the region. But it is still some distance away from having power, which
Shivshankar Menon, the former National Security Adviser, has qualified as
the ability to create and sustain outcomes, and which is a combined function of all attributes of statecraft. Under these circumstances, when
domestic transformation is first priority, the purse strings need to be adjusted just enough to enable the armed forces safeguard the nations sovereignty for unhindered economic development. To ensure this development, the armed forces must be able to deter war and if diplomats fail
to avert war, then they (the armed forces) should have the power to create
the desired outcome.
IAFs combat readiness
After a nervous two-year period following the permanent grounding of
the HPT-32 basic trainer in 2010, the IAFs training schedule is now rollicking based on the Pilatus trainer. That we do not have an intermediate jet
trainer (IJT) is thanks to the unkept promise of Hindustan Aeronautics
Limited to produce the Sitara IJT. The Hawk is doing fine in preparing
rookie pilots transit to advanced machines like the Sukhoi but a lead-in
fighter would help the cause no small extent in shortening the leap distance
to high-end fighters.
The strength of fighter squadrons is an issue requiring urgent government intervention. The full strength of 272 Su-30s, incoming 120 Tejas and
36 Rafales would help absorb the phase out of MiG-21/27s but the decision
to induct almost 100-plus more single-engine fighters (F16 or Gripen?) to
meet a two-front threat should not be delayed. The force-multiplier fleets
of AWACS (airborne warning and control systems) and flight refuellers
need augmentation and the decision to cancel the Airbus 330 flight refueller deal is a retrograde step needing amelioration through the government-to-government route to shorten acquisition time. The transport fleet
is going fine with its C-17, C-130, IL-76 and An-32 while the rotary wing element has become perhaps the most potent helicopter fleet that any air force
of the region possesses. The air defence system needs careful nurturing but
with the indigenous Akash surface-to-air (SAM) missiles proving successful and the Israeli-assisted long- and medium-range SAM systems reaching
fruition, the IAF would be comfortable in the coming years; this is all the
more so with India deciding to buy the very potent S-400 air defence system from Russia. Space is an integral part of any armed force and it is vital
that the civil-oriented Indian Space Research Organisation pivots to meet
the increasing needs of the Services for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and
reconnaissance) and net-centricity.
Conflict in the modern era has made air power the weapon of first choice
for the politician due its attributes, among others, of low reaction time and
lethality with precision. The government has to be aware that
technological asymmetry can be a crucial diference in the coming years,
especially vis--vis China, in military aviation. We still have a time window
where the superiority of IAFs human resource, its practical experience and
better war-making assets would prevail against adversaries on both frontiers. The IAF is a prime instrument of national power projection, both soft
and hard, and as Indias stature rises, so would its responsibilities. A potent
IAF would be a mandatory arrow in Indias quiver. May the landings equal
the take-ofs for our guys in blue!
Manmohan Bahadur is a retired Air Vice Marshal, now a Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for Air
Power Studies.


(dated November 1, 1966)

India wants halt to

nuclear arms
India to-day [Oct. 31, New York]
reiterated the view that any
nuclear non-proliferation treaty
should impose mutual
obligations and responsibilities
both on nuclear and non-nuclear
countries. The treaty should not
only prevent non-nuclear
countries from producing nuclear

weapons, but it should also ensure

that the present five nuclear
powers did not produce any more
weapons. Neither the U.S. nor the
Soviet draft treaties, which are the
only two documents before the
Geneva Disarmament Conference,
contain any provisions requiring
the nuclear powers to cease
further production of nuclear
weapons. They, however, call upon
all non-nuclear countries to
renounce all intentions of making
them ever.


>>In the From the archives column (Oct. 31, 2016), there was a reference to an
ofer of elephants made by Thai King to Abraham Lincoln in 1891 for the American Civil War. The year should have been 1861.
>>The report, On the right track: driven teen builds his own car (Oct. 31,
2016), and the photo caption in it, referred to the use of a second-hand Honda
Accent car engine. It should have been Hyundai Accent.
>>A sentence in Ayyappa devotees embark on green yatra (Oct. 31, 2016,
some editions) read: The devotees plan to reach the abode of Veera Manikanda on November 16 coinciding with Makaravilakku festival. It should have
been Mandala pooja festival.
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Skipper in a hurry
Imran Khan is counting on a perfect storm in his efort to shut down Islamabad and force
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the back foot
which would ensure smooth early elections had already been on the political
horizon when the Panama Papers story
broke. Maybe Mr. Khan just could not let
go the opportunity of putting that most
famous of the political slogans in
Pakistan to test: Girti hooee dewaroon
ko aik dhakka aur do (give another
push to the falling walls).
If he chooses to take the democratic
road, the panic on the part of the government to use force and mobilise the administration to lock down the capital
would be tantamount to contempt of
court. But if he believes that he can bully
the national institutions into giving a
verdict in his favour as his storm troopers descend on the capital from Sindh,
Punjab and KPK, the outcome could be
as embarrassing as his dharna in 2014.
He would be seen as being no better
than those he accuses from the heights
of his now famous containers whose
use his party has now perfected as being
the perfect pulpit from which to spit fire
on opponents and state institutions


The former cricket icon and now

president of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, is all padded up
and back on the political pitch,
threatening to lock down Islamabad.
He intends to descend on the capital city
on November 2 with a million-strong
crowd that will spare no efort to overthrow the government of Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif if it resorts to
putting hurdles in his way. Both Mr.
Khan and the government have chosen
to ignore the orders by the Islamabad
High Court over their plans to cripple
life in Islamabad once again.
Supporting cast
This is not the first time that Mr. Khan
is appealing to the masses to help him
bring change to ensure a better life and
system of governance in the country.
Unsure whether he will be able to pull
this of without the help of a massive
turnout to compel Mr. Sharif to accede
to his demands to either resign or
present himself for accountability in the
wake of the Panama Papers revelations,
he has rallied the usual suspects
Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri and his
Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), and the
Awami Muslim League (AML) led by
the Pindi Boy who has been at the forefront of protests against the ruling
clique since the days of General Ayub
Khan, Sheikh Rashid.
Just two days before November 2, addressing people who had managed to
make it to his residence in Islamabad at
Bani Gala despite all eforts by the government to stop them, Mr. Khan
thundered: We are ready for the worst
possible scenario. I am ready to go to jail
but are they, the government, ready to
face the consequences of such a move?
All Pakistanis must join hands with PTI.
It is now or never. He has also come
down hard on former President Asif Ali
Zardari and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F)
chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, as well as
the parliament and other state institutions, accusing them of dodging the issue of corruption and Panamagate.
Nobody in Pakistan would deny the
fact that the country is in dire need of
good governance and leadership. Many
in the street openly criticise the old po-

ROAD TO NOWHERE: Instead of going out into the street screaming for blood, the PTI
would need to go back to the political drawing board, and maybe eventually to the
parliament. Imran Khan during a media briefing in Islamabad. PHOTO: AFP
litical parties, including the Pakistan
Muslim League (Nawaz) and the
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) now led by
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, of having failed
to bring about the kind of improvements
promised in their election sloganeering.
The rise of the PTI draws from this dissatisfaction and Mr. Khans charisma
a saviour and role model for the middle
classes and the youth of Pakistan.
But it seems the good Captain is in too
much of a hurry to wait for the next elections in 2018, and has chosen to start his
campaigning much before that date. If
this ensures an early election, all the
better. Since 1996, the party has come a
long way, emerging as the second largest
political party in the country, and with a
provincial government, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).
No doubt the PTI sees, and points to,
many reasons for Mr. Sharif to step
down, Panamagate et al, and is determined to capitalise on all of these to a
point where an early election becomes
inevitable. The question is: Will he be

Rather than bulldozing his way

into government, Mr. Khan
would need to counter the
popular development narratives
of the Sharif government
able to push when it comes to shove? Of
course, the government is determined to
push back. Already before D-Day, it has
cracked down on PTI activists and leadership, blocking all access to the capital
for those converging on the city from
Sindh, Punjab and KPK. Incidentally, the
government tactics stand in complete
contravention of the orders of the High
Court, as it insists that Mr. Khan must
wait for the 2018 elections for his turn, if
at all.
Not that Mr. Khan needs to do much,
with the Sharif government already under pressure on many fronts, including
ofshore accounts and national security.
Many analysts in Pakistan are of the
opinion that a transitional government

Weak on development issues

While there is no harm in adopting an
anti-Nawaz strategy, the rub lies in its
application. Rather than bulldozing his
way into government, Mr. Khan would
need to counter the popular development narratives and activities of
the Sharif government, on the basis of
which the PML(N) is confident that it
would have an easy ride through the
elections in 2018 for a second term. Mr.
Khan simply cannot convince the people that he would rid them of all the social and political malaises that alict the
country with a political strategy based
on unconvincing evidence and an antidevelopment narrative. Indeed, nothing
will be achieved by self-flagellation and
show of brute street power. If his
dharna in 2014 proved anything, it
showed that the parliament has now
emerged as one of the most appropriate
forums for the PTI to take up its case for
change. It might even find willing partners for this among some of the mainstream parties, including the PPP.
Rather than going out into the street
screaming for blood on November 2, the
PTI would need to go back to the political drawing board, and maybe
eventually to the parliament.
Najam Rafique is with the Institute of Strategic
Studies, Islamabad.

Case against a uniform asylum law

Denying the government the ability to make sovereign decisions about who can receive Indias
asylum would be counterproductive

Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugtis request for asylum in India has prompted
calls for a uniform and apolitical
asylum law. That would be a mistake.
Asylum has always been a diverse institution, resistant to homogeneity and
friendly to political dissidents. Last
winter, three asylum bills were introduced in Parliament, including one by
Shashi Tharoor, but they miss the mark
because they perpetuate a rigid European view of asylum.
None of the three bills would protect
Mr. Bugti because he does not fulfil the
conventional idea of a refugee. Let us be
clear. Protecting refugees in line with
international law is a duty which India
must meet. But denying the government the ability to make sovereign decisions about who can receive Indias
asylum is counterproductive. We need
a nuanced law which recognises that
asylum and refuge need not overlap.
Asylees and refugees
Asylum and refugee status are diferent concepts although the terms are often used interchangeably. Asylum is an
expansive institution of protection,
refugees are a narrow category of people. An asylee need not be a refugee. Indeed, asylum predates the refugee regime by several centuries. In Europe,
asylum was an ecclesiastical concept
that provided safe haven in a place of
worship. Asylum has no defining criteria other than the willingness of a
state to grant it.
Refugee status is narrowly defined.
The UNs Refugee Convention of 1951
links refuge to persecution on racial, religious, national, social, or political
grounds. Many countries including India disagreed with the UNs definition.
It set the bar for protection too high for
ordinary people for whom proving targeted persecution is diicult. India did
not sign the convention.
Africa broke ranks too. In 1969, it
adopted its own convention which recognised that refugees are people who
flee serious public disorder, external
aggression, occupation, and foreign
domination. In other words, Africa recognised that during war, people do not
wait to be individually persecuted, they
flee en masse, and they are all refugees.
Europe understood the shortcomings of the refugee regime during the

HELPING HAND: India hosts refugees from Tibet and elsewhere who fled persecution and conflict. Tibetan Buddhist monks wait
to welcome the Dalai Lama at the Tibetan Children's Village School in Dharamsala. FILE PHOTO: AP
Balkan conflicts of the 1990s. Many of
those displaced were not technically
refugees, forcing the European Union
to create a new form of asylum distinct
from refugee status. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
(UNHCR) followed suit. The distinction between asylum and refugee status
has been recognised by the EU Court of
Justice and several countries.
Politics versus humanitarianism
The duty to protect refugees is a
widely accepted, binding norm of international law. But the refugee convention refuses protection to people accused of serious non-political crimes
such as terrorism. So governments
routinely slap trumped-up terror accusations against their dissidents. For
such people, asylum is a beacon. Because it is undefined, asylum has been
widely interpreted by states to result in
multiple forms of protection.
Latin America has a rich and longstanding tradition of protecting political dissidents who are excluded from
refugee status. Even coup leaders and
guerrillas have been protected. In 1954,
Latin American states recognised each
others sovereignty to grant asylum to
dissidents. This conception of asylum
travelled to Africa to aid the struggle
against colonisation. Black liberationist
leaders who were accused of terrorism
by colonial authorities were protected
as asylees abroad. Anti-apartheid fight-

What India needs is a

discretionary political asylum
regime for people like
Mr. Bugti as well as a
mandatory refugee regime
ers benefited too.
Asylum need not be tied to national
territory. It can be granted by diplomatic missions abroad as it has been to
Julian Assange by Ecuadors embassy in
London. The political versus humanitarian conflict that some believe alicts
the heart of asylum is really no conflict
at all. Asylum can be granted for political reasons and refuge for humanitarian reasons and the twain need not
meet, even if contained in the same
Asylum and extradition are related
concepts. Extradition law exempts a
country from handing over a criminal if
the ofence for which she is wanted is of
a political character. This is known as
the political ofence exception. It enables political asylum. It is recognised
in the Extradition Act, 1962 and earlier
laws too perhaps an indicator of the
legislatures intent to allow people like
Mr. Bugti to shelter in India at the governments discretion.
If Mr. Bugti is accepted, it would not
be the first time that Indian asylum has
been politicised. The political reper-

cussions of welcoming the Dalai Lama

in 1959 continue to be felt. The Dalai
Lama has never been oicially recognised as a refugee; he remains an honoured guest diplomatese for political asylee. On the other hand, India
hosts refugees from Tibet and elsewhere who fled persecution and conflict. For refugees, a law will regularise
their stay in India and guarantee essential freedoms. But the law need not be
uniform. Indeed it should vary so that
victims of targeted persecution are individually protected, large groups fleeing war are protected as a group, and
people displaced by natural disasters
are given transient protection. The
same law can allow the government to
grant asylum to anyone it pleases, irrespective of what that person has done
or where in the world he or she is
The principle that governments have
wide discretionary powers regarding
foreigners is as old as the concept of
sovereignty. It has been reiterated by
the Supreme Court several times. It can
be expressed in an asylum law without
contradicting the duty to protect
refugees. What India needs is a discretionary political asylum regime for
people like Mr. Bugti as well as a mandatory refugee regime to ensure humanitarian protection.
Bhairav Acharya is a lawyer and policy specialist
currently in Washington D.C.

16 |



Judges phones being

tapped, says Kejriwal
Mr. Kejriwal said he
came to know that the
names recommended by
the Supreme Court Collegium for judicial appointments to High Courts had
been pending with the Centre for the past nine
months. He said the Centre
should not interfere with
the work of the Collegium.
The Chief Minister, who
was congratulated by Chief
Justice Thakur at the event
for extending infrastructural support to the judiciary, said such yawning vacancies in the judiciary was
a matter of concern.
Mr. Kejriwal said the
delay in judicial appointments would give rise to
more rumours about estrangement between the
Mr. Prasad assured that
the government and the judiciary were making every
efort to expedite judicial
appointments. This is two
days after Chief Justice
Thakur expressed acute
disappointment at the
Centres attitude towards
clearing the names recommended for judicial appointments,
nothing is happening,
your oicials are sitting on
the names.

Brisbane culprit
was treated for
mental illness
MELBOURNE: The 48-year-old

man accused of murdering

Indian-origin bus driver
Manmeet Alisher in Brisbane by dousing him with a
flammable liquid has been
confirmed as a former mental health patient.
According to State Health
Minister Cameron Dick, the
accused Anthony Mark Edward ODonohue had undergone treatment at Queensland Healths mental health
services. The Minister also
said an independent investigation regarding ODonohues treatment will be conducted
psychiatrist Paul Mullen and
would be completed within
eight weeks. To the extent
possible, any findings of this
investigation will be released
publicly, Mr. Dick said
Alisher, who was also popular as a Punjabi singer, died
when an incendiary device
was thrown inside his bus.
His brother Amit Alisher has
arrived in Brisbane to take
the body home. PTI

In his address, Prime

Minister Modi termed the
government the biggest litigant, and said there was a
need to lessen the load on
the judiciary which spent a
large share of its time tackling cases in which the government was a party.
Modi moots AIJS
Recalling the nationbuilding role of iron man
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on
his birth anniversary, Mr.
Modi said a debate should
be initiated among lawyers
and judges for the initiation
of the All India Judicial Service (AIJS) in tune with the
Indian Administrative Service. The AIJS was an attempt to ensure that
younger judges were promoted to the Supreme
Court and High Courts.
Mr. Modi said there had
been great encouragement
from both lawyers and
judges on the advent of alternative
resolution mechanisms like
arbitration, mediation and
conciliation, which could
The Prime Minister
sought steps to increase judicial awareness among the
public to help them safeguard their rights.

State should reopen all educational institutions and submit compliance report by November 7, says High Court

Centre releases
Rs. 1,093 crore

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and

Kashmir High Court on

Monday came down heavily
on the authorities for failing
to safeguard school infrastructure in Kashmir and
called for reopening of all
schools even as the separatists shutdown call of the last
115 days continued to afect
all aspects of life.
Taking suo motu cognisance of the mysterious burning of 27 schools, Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir and
Justice Ali Muhammad
Magrey observed: It is the
responsibility of the State to
keep educational institutions open. Whether children come to schools or not,
the authorities cannot say
they have diiculty in protecting school buildings.
The Court lambasted the
authorities for not taking a
call by sitting together for
devising measures for protecting these school buildings from being burnt.
Mysterious enemies
All the necessary preventive and protective measures
shall be taken to stop the
mysterious enemies of education. The mysterious enemy shall be unmasked and
dealt with an iron hand,
held the Court. It directed


TARGETING THE FUTURE: The school at Kabamarg in Anantnag district of south Kashmir that was set on fire on Sunday evening.
As many as 27 schools in the Valley have been set on fire by unidentified persons. PHOTO: NISSAR AHMAD
the government to submit a
November 7 on the matter.
It is a collective responsibility of all to save the school
buildings. A mysterious person may enjoy its flames and
smoke, but that sadistic enjoyment can be only for an
hour or so, least realising he
is darkening the educational
atmosphere, the Court said.

State Education Minister

Nayeem Akhtar told The
Hindu: It is not physically
possible to provide security
to all 14,000 schools. Around
13 lakh students have to sit
for the exams. It is sad that a
society needs to secure
schools through the police.
Mr. Akhtar said, Separatists with their shutdown
calls are trying to destroy

academic careers. In reality,

it is examination time for
leaders like [JKLF chief] Mohammad Yasin Malik, who is
now facing questions from
the people over the way they
are pushing Kashmiris into
perpetual economic and academic dis-empowerment.
With separatist leaders,
including Syed Ali Geelani,
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and

Yasin Malik, condemning the

burning of schools, United
Jihad Council supremo Syed
Salahuddin followed suit.
The government should
talk to the students. Instead,
it is intimidating them into
complying with its plan to
hold exams, despite the loss
of almost four months of
classes, said former Chief
Minister Omar Abdullah.

NEW DELHI: The Centre on

Monday released Rs.
1,093.34 crore as Special
Assistance for Jammu and
Kashmir for repair and
permanent restoration of
damaged public buildings,
including schools, colleges,
hospitals, bus stations and
other critical public
The disbursement was
made under the Rs. 80,068crore Prime Minister
Reconstruction Plan first
announced on November 7,
2015 for providing postflood relief and restoration
and long-term rehabilitation
and development of the
State, according to an oicial
This is the first instalment
from the total sum of Rs.
2,000 crore earmarked for
Permanent Restoration of
Damaged Infrastructure
under the Plan for the State
announced by Prime
Minister Narendra Modi.
The Union government
also released Rs. 500 crore
for restoration of damaged
horticulture areas in the

Soldier, woman killed in Pak. firing World Bank to soon rank

cities on ease of living
soldier in the Rajouri sector.
In Poonchs Mendhar Sector, a 54-year-old woman
died and her daughter sustained serious injuries when
a shell landed near their
According to Army oicials in New Delhi, the daylong ceasefire violation in
the Rajouri sector on
Monday was in response to
the Indian Armys attack on
Pakistani posts in Kashmirs
Keran Sector last week.


SRINAGAR: As casualties in
cross-border firing mounted
in Jammu, with one more soldier and a civilian woman
dead on Monday, the Border
Security Force (BSF) has said
it had foiled three attempts
by the Pakistan Army to
push heavily armed militants
under the cover of shelling
and firing.
In the past 36 hours, under the cover of heavy crossborder firing and shelling,
Pakistan has relentlessly
tried to push heavily armed
militant groups into Indian
territory with the nefarious
intention to disturb peace
and cause casualties for security forces, said a Jammubased BSF spokesman.
He said three infiltration
attempts were made in Jammus Hiranagar Sector,
Kathua, since October 29.
Two groups, comprising
three terrorists, tried to
sneak into Jammu on October 30, the spokesman said.
The infiltrators took shelter in the thick, wild growth
on the International Border

MUTE VICTIMS: A villager who stays near the border, moves

to a relief camp at a government school in Akhnoor near
Jammu, following shelling. PHOTO: AP
(IB). While the country was
celebrating Diwali, alert BSF
troops spotted the group
near the IB. BSF troops
opened fire to neutralise
them. The militants targeted
BSF troops but were forced
to retreat by efective fire.
Pakistan Rangers then
came to their rescue and
provided covering fire for

NEW DELHI: BBCs Panorama,



Court asks J&K govt. to protect schools

their safe withdrawal towards Pakistani villages, the

spokesman added. The terrorists were seen bending,
crawling and running towards the Pakistan village of
Abhiyal Dogra to save their
lives, said the spokesman.
Meanwhile, the Armys
Northern Command spokesman confirmed the death of a

Rolls-Royce paid money to firms

linked to Indian arms dealer: Report
the current afairs investigative programme, has claimed
that Rolls-Royce made secret
payments of around 10 million to an unregistered Indian agent. Rolls-Royce says it
has zero tolerance of bribery
and corruption. Panorama
has learned Rolls-Royce paid
the money to companies
linked to arms dealer Sudhir
Choudhrie, the report says.
In 2014 Mr. Choudhrie and
his son Bhanu were arrested
as part of U.K.s Serious
Fraud Investigation Oice
inquiry into Rolls-Royce.
Both were released without
Mr. Choudhries lawyers
told the BBC that he has
never paid bribes to government oicials or acted as an
illegal middleman in defence
deals. They said he also has
no knowledge of the contents of the Undesirable
Contact Men list.
The Rolls-Royce is a key
player in the Indian defence
market. Its engines power
among other systems, the
Hawk advanced trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force.
The report raises questions
about the Hawk deal.
According to BBC, Mr.
Choudhries son Bhanu accompanied an arms executive called Peter Ginger on a
trip to Switzerland in 2007.
During the trip, Mr. Ginger
made a payment amounting
to hundreds of thousands of
pounds into a secret bank account in cash. The account
was opened in the name of


UNDER A CLOUD: The BBC report raises questions about the

Portsmouth and bank documents show a balance of
more than a million Swiss
francs, the report said.
As the BAE Systems
President (India), Mr. Ginger
was a key negotiator on the
sale of Hawk aircraft to the
Indian government. All of
the planes had Rolls-Royce
engines and the deal was
worth around 400 million
to the company.
Mr. Bhanu Choudhries
lawyers told the BBC hes
never been paid to secure
deals for Rolls-Royce in India, including the sale of
Hawk jets. Mr. Choudhrie
has never paid any bribe to
Mr. Ginger or anyone else,
his lawyers said. Mr.
knowledge of what bank accounts have been set up or
operated by Mr. Ginger or
what sums (if any) he has deposited in them in cash.
Mr. Ginger told the BBC he
has never acted for RollsRoyce or had any financial
dealings with them. He says

hes never taken nor paid

any bribes.
Russian payments
In what could raise serious
questions about Indias
massive defence deals with
Russia, documents accessed
shared with The Hindu,
show that Russian arms companies made massive payments to Mr. Choudhrie and
BBC said leaked documents from the Choudhries
Swiss bank account show
that the familys companies
were paid almost 100 million by Russian arms firms in
one 12-month period alone.
One company owned by
the Choudhrie family, Belinea Services Ltd, received
39.2 million between October 2007 and October 2008.
Another company, Cottage
Consultants Ltd, was paid
32.8 million in the same
period, while a third company Carter Consultants
Inc was paid 23 million.

The leaked documents say

one of the Russian arms
firms paying the Choudhries
makes cruise missiles, the
report said.
Some of the payments
were viewed as suspicious at
the time by the Swiss bank,
Clariden Leu. Its compliance
oice in Singapore raised
alerts and the Choudhrie
family accounts were reviewed by the banks risk
management team.
Its not clear what action
if any the bank eventually
took. But the leaked report
describes the payments from
the arms companies as incoming funds from clients
ofset business.
Ofset payments are part
of big Indian defence deals.
Choudhrie nor any of the
firms linked to him are approved arms agents or ofset
agencies in India. Nor has
there been any defence deal
that India has signed in
which ofset payments were
routed through tax havens.
Ofsets are the share of a contract that is to be sourced/invested in India.
Not violated rules
Lawyers acting for Mr.
Bhanu Choudhrie told the
BBC that he had no
knowledge of the Clariden
Leu documents. The report
to which you refer appears to
be a confidential bank document. Mr. Choudhrie has not
broken any money-laundering rules in any of his business dealings at any stage,
they said.

Over 60 violations
On October 28, an Army
patrol team was attacked in
the Macchil Sector and in the
encounter that followed, one
soldier, Sepoy Mandeep
Singh, was killed and his
body was mutilated by a
In more than 60 ceasefire
violations since September
30, when the Indian Army
carried out surgical attacks
inside Pakistan occupied
Kashmir (PoK), nine security personnel have been
(With Dinakar Peri
in New Delhi)

NEW DELHI: The World Bank

Group will soon bring out an

ease of living index that
will rank cities globally, even
as it is looking at tweaking
the methodology used in its
country-wise ease of doing
business rankings to better
capture reforms being carried out in large and diverse
nations such as India.
The decision comes at a
time when India has
launched a mission to develop over 100 smart cities.
On the World Bank
Groups Doing Business index, India had suggested that
reforms undertaken across
the country and not just in
Mumbai and Delhi be considered.
On the proposed ease of
living index to rank cities
world-wide, Junaid Ahmad,
World Bank Country Director, India, said, One of the
moot questions is that as you
move more into high income

Indias rating will

improve vastly
once GST and
insolvency reforms
are considered
[category], urban centres become extremely important,
[including for] accommodation and so on. For cities to
actually generate growth, the
ease of living there has got to
be very important.
We [the World Bank]
have been working on it
[ease of living index for cities] for several years now,
Mr. Ahmad said.
He said the methodology
for the city-based index
could be better than the
Banks ease of doing business rankings.
The index could include
categories on social inclusion, cost of living, public
transport, housing, education, health, environmentfriendliness, crime/safety,

governance and corruption.

On the criticism regarding
the World Bank Doing Business Report this year ranking
India a lowly 130th despite
several reforms being carried out by the government,
Mr. Ahmad said the rankings
did not capture important reforms including the laws on
the Goods and Services Tax
(GST) and insolvency and
bankruptcy as they did not
come before the cut-of date.
Agreeing that the existing
methodology could be
tweaked to better capture reforms in big countries such
as India, he said, Everything
is dynamic, you learn, you
change, you shift. There is no
one fixed approach. It is always a challenge for any bureaucracy including ours to
learn and to adjust.
Mr. Ahmad said when reforms such as the GST and
those on bankruptcy and insolvency were included in
next years rankings, Indias
rank would improve vastly.

PM asks Indians to unite

against divisive forces

PM should have
spent Deepavali
with martyrs kin



NEW DELHI: Prime Minister

Narendra Modi paid rich
tributes to the first Home
Minister, Sardar Vallabbhai
Patel, on his birth anniversary on Monday and
urged the people to build a
strong nation and be cautious against divisive forces.
Flagging of the Run for
Unity marathon from the
Major Dhyanchand Stadium,
he said the government was
Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (the
Day for National Unity) because of Sardar Patels signal
contribution to uniting the
country. As Independent Indias first Home Minister, Patel had the unenviable task of
persuading the erstwhile
princely states who had enjoyed a degree of autonomy
under British rule to join the
Indian Union.

LUCKNOW: A day after Prime

Patel and political will

When we travel by train
from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we do not need any visa
or permit; we do not pay any
tax when we pass through all
the States on the route. It is
because of one man, Sardar
Patel, who united all the
States of this country. Patel
united this country with his
political will, the Prime
Minister said.
Dont you think that India
should be more powerful
and strong? The first condition for it to happen is unity.
There should be no discrimination on the basis of caste
or creed, village and city, he
said. He asked the people to

Minster Narendra Modi

celebrated Deepavali with
Army jawans, Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Monday said the
PM should have celebrated
the festival with family members of martyred soldiers.
The former Uttar Pradesh
chief minister said it would
have been better if the PM
had invited family members
of martyred jawans to the national capital and celebrated
Diwali with them collectively. Ms. Mayawati said Mr.
Modi could have extended
ex gratia and other facilities
to the relatives of the martyred jawans and tried to
wipe their tears.

APPEAL TO NATION: Prime Minister Narendra Modi administering

an oath to participants at the Run for National Unity in
be vigilant against elements
trying to divide society.
Digital museum
The Prime Minister inaugurated a digital museum established in memory of
Sardar Patel.
It should have been built
40-50 years ago. History will
ask the question why it was

not built before, he said.

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting
M. Venkaiah Naidu said Indias fate would have been
diferent had Patel been the
first Prime Minister. Today,
we need more leaders like
Sardar Patel, and I see all his
traits in our Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, he said.

Be more sensitive
But he did not do this act
of humanity, even though the
soldiers with whom he
celebrated Diwali would
have also been pleased, Ms.
Mayawati said. She has been
highly critical of the Bharatiya Janata Partys (BJP)
stance towards the Army, accusing it of politicising the
surgical strikes along the
Line of Control by making
references to it in election
rallies in U.P.
Using mild language this
time, Ms. Mayawati said the
daily lives of the soldiers
need to be improved as well,
with concrete and long-term
policies for their welfare. She
also pitched for better treatment of the family members
of jawans.

| 17




Death wish on a Bhopal night: Daring escape to nowhere

The eight gunned down in Bhopal are accused in terror cases: two had engineered the Chennai train blast, one the Ahmedabad bombing

They tried to do
a Khandwa
Midnight to 3 a.m.: When jail official Rama Shankar
goes to check the barracks, the eight SIMI members
overpower him and slit his throat with a steel plate.

They take the keys from his pocket and open the cell.
They carry along bed-sheets, which they tie together
to slide down the prison walls.

They run towards the periphery wall where they find

another jail official. They tie his hands and legs and
make good their escape.

Near the periphery wall, they find some wooden

logs, put together a ladder with the logs and the
bed-sheets. Scale the wall and escape.

NEW DELHI: The Madhya Pra-

KOCHI: Two of the eight sus-

pected Students Islamic

Movement of India (SIMI)
cadres killed in an encounter
by the Madhya Pradesh Police on Monday were wanted
by the Tamil Nadu police for
their involvement in the twin
blasts on the BangaloreGuhawati Express that killed
one woman passenger and
injured a dozen others in
Chennai on May 1, 2014.
Sources in the Crime
Branch CID of the Tamil
Nadu Police said Zakir Hussain, alias Sadiq, alias Vicky
(32), Sheikh Mehboob (30)
and Ejazuddin (32) were
wanted in the case. Ejazuddin was killed by the Telangana police in an encounter
near Nalgonda in April last
With this, all the three accused persons wanted in the
twin blasts case are dead and
the charges against them will
be abated, a CBCID oicial
Going by the statements of
the accused while in custody,
it appeared that Chennai was
not the target of the explosions, the oicial who requested anonymity said.

Karimnagar police sources

said Zakir Hussain and Sheik
Mehboob alias Guddu were
also involved in robbing a
State Bank of India (SBI)
branch on February 1, 2014 in
Choppadandi of Karimnagar
district. They had escaped
with Rs. 46 lakh.

One of the dead had

participated in a
terror training camp
of SIMI organised at
Wagamon in Kerala
They had done a recce of
the bank three days before
they struck. As the bank manager entered the bank at 9.30
a.m., two persons followed
him and at gunpoint forced
him to open the currency
chest. Then, along with their
accomplices waiting outside
on two bikes, they escaped.
Later, it was found that
they were fugitives of
Khandwa jail break in Madhya Pradesh. Some Rs. 7.44
lakh was subsequently recovered from a hideout in
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Zakir
Hussain had participated in a
series of bank robberies in
M.P. between 2008 and 2011.
A tailor by profession
Mehboob Guddu, according to senior oicials, was
also an accused in the 2008

Ahmedabad serial bomb

blast case. A tailor by profession, he was a resident of
Ganesh Talai in Khandwa
district and was accused of
killing a State anti-terrorism
squad constable, Sita Ram
Yadav, in 2009 and another
ATS constable in Ratlam district in 2011. According to police sources in Kochi, Mehboob had participated in a
training camp organised by
the outlawed outfit at
Thangalpara in Wagamon.
He had escaped from
Khandwa jail in October
2013. The next year, while
making an IED at a house in
Bijnore, he sustained severe
burns. He had been arrested
along with his mother Najma
Bi and three others in
Rourkela district of Odisha
in February this year.
Living by the sword
The others killed in the encounter are:
Mohammad Aqeel Khilji:
A former State SIMI chief, he
was arrested in March 2012
from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, for planning to kill
RSS and BJP leaders. He was
a resident of Ganesh Talai in
Madhya Pradeshs Khandwa.
In 2011, 10 SIMI operatives
were held from Khiljis house
in Khandwa.
Mohammad Saliq: Also a
resident of Kahndwa, his

brother is a retired police

constable. Saliq had been on
the run since 2011 when a police team raided a house in
Khandwa. He joined the
SIMI men who had escaped
from Khandwa prison in October 2013 and moved
around with them for over
two years. Was also arrested
from Rourkela in February
Amjad Khan: Again, a native of Khandwa, he also escaped from Kahndwa prison
in 2013. He was accused of
conspiring to kill a local BJP
Mujeeb Sheikh: An Indian
Mujahideen operative and
accused in the 2008 serial
bomb blasts in Ahmedabad
and Surat, Sheikh was arrested from Jabalpur in June
Ahmad: A resident of
Sholapur district of Maharashtra, Ahmad was arrested
in December 2013 along with
groups head Abu Faisal alias
Doctor from Barwani district in Madhya Pradesh. He
was part of a plan to kill
Minister Sushil Kumar
Shinde and his daughter.
Abdul Majid: Was an electrician in Mahidpur in Ujjain,
and was arrested in February
2014 for stocking explosives.

Cong., CPI(M) demand probe

time-bound manner, Ms.
Karat told The Hindu. She
also disagreed with their
being labelled even before
being convicted. They
were not convicts but undertrial prisoners. So labelling them is not correct, she said.

NEW DELHI: The Congress and
the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Monday
demanded a judicial investigation into the killing of
eight SIMI activists in
At this, the BJP questioned the Congresss
motives, accusing it of supporting SIMI terrorists and
seeking to politicise the incident.
Minister Arvind Kejriwal
and AIMIM President
Asaduddin Owaisi demanded a Supreme Court-monitored investigation.
I am demanding a judicial probe because even the
government must know
under what circumstances
they escaped, senior Congress leader Kamal Nath, a
Lok Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh, said.
People of the State and
the country must know
how terrorists with such a
record were able to escape
from such a high-security
jail and within hours were
caught and shot dead.
His party colleague
Manish Tewari, however,
said he would hold his

Brinda Karat
comments on the issue till
more details are received:
It is an evolving situation.
Let the police come out
with further details as to
what happened, he said.
Highly dubious
CPI(M) leader Brinda
Karat described the oicial
version of the incident as
highly dubious and suspicious, as the versions
provided by the State government and the police
were contradictory.
The oicial version
raises more questions than
answers. For the truth to
come out, there should be
an independent enquiry by
a High Court judge in a

Deserves praise
The BJP defended the
police action, with spokesperson G.V.L. Narasimha
Rao lauding the police action, and accusing the Congress of batting for terrorists belonging to the SIMI
the way it had done for the
LeT in the past. In any
country, a highly successful
operation by the police
would have been praised,
Mr. Rao said.
The people who had escaped and have been killed
had been incarcerated for a
reason at a high security
prison. They were involved
in bomb blasts and terror
activities. Why should any
political party raise questions on this? But you have
the usual political suspects
in Indias political firmament who want to somehow attack the morale of
the armed forces.

desh government is not inclined to order an inquiry to

determine whether the encounter killing of eight SIMI
undertrial prisoners on the
outskirts of Bhopal is
genuine or not, State Home
Minister Bhoopendra Singh
Thakur said on Monday.
Mr. Thakur told The
Hindu that all the eight SIMI
operatives, three of them
who had escaped in 2013
from Khandwa jail as well,
had shared the same cell. He
said their escape from jail
was similar to the escape
they had staged in Khandwa.
Madhya Pradesh DirectorGeneral of Police Rishi Kumar Shukla told The Hindu
that after the jailbreak, the
eight walked to Manikheda
Pathar close to Eintkhedi village, where they were spotted and killed in an encounter.
The place where the encounter took place is 11-12 km
from the prison. The
prisoners reached there on
foot, said Mr. Shukla.
Several Opposition parties
raised questions on the veracity of the encounter after
two mobile phone videos
started doing the rounds
where a policeman is seen
shooting an injured prisoner
at point-blank range and in
the other, five men are seen
standing on a hillock and
waving at the police party.

The great escape that was not to be

PATNA: As recently as October

14, SIMI and Indian Mujahideen activists attempted

to break out of the Beur
central jail here but this was
An FIR was also lodged in
the local Beur police station
against those terrorists and
security was beefed up in the
Police sources told The
Hindu that 12 undertrials, including some SIMI and IM
activists, are currently
lodged in Patnas Beur
central jail in connection
with the serial bomb blast
cases of Patna and Bodh
They are bunched in
groups of five and lodged in
two separate wards of Suraj
block of the jail and they are
not allowed to go outside
their high-security cell.
Some of them like Omer Siddiqui, Azharuddin Qureshi,
Imtiyaz Ansari, Noman Ansari, Ahmad Hussain and Ziaullah were named in serial
blasts at Bodh Gaya and
On October 14 they had
attacked a Special Auxiliary
Personnel (SAP) jawan on
duty and tried to snatch his
weapon but were not successfultheir plan was to escape from the jail, said a
senior police oicial of
Patna. Meanwhile, after the
Bhopal incident, the Bihar

THROWING A LASSO: A policeman pasting a lookout notice at a railway station before the eight
escapees were tracked down and killed near Bhopal. PHOTO: PTI

As recently as
October 14, SIMI and
IM activists tried to
break out of the Beur
central jail in Patna
Jail IG (Inspector General),
Anand Kishore on Monday
instructed all district magistrates, superintendents of
police and jail superintendents to tighten security in

The Patna SSP Manu Maharaj said the security

around Beur central jail has
been tightened with the
number of security forces
doubled and patrolling intensified, especially at night.
Security along the border
areas connecting Bihar to
Nepal and Bangladesh has
also been increased.
Bangladeshi nationals were
arrested from Sampark
Kranti Express at Barauni

railway station in Begusarai

district for their suspicious
activities. Later, both were
identified as Mohd Mustafa
Kamal (23) and Mohd Salim
(24). Police sources told The
Hindu that both had crossed
the international border to
reach Agartala recently and
boarded a train to Jammu
and Kashmir on someones
direction. The Anti-Terrorist
Squad (ATS) from Patna, later, left for Barauni to question them.

Chouhan lauds police for their alertness

Madhya Pradesh
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh
Chouhan on Monday lauded
the State police for their
alertness and suspended
five jail oicials, including a
Deputy Inspector-General of
Police, for the jailbreak by
SIMI men.
The Additional DirectorGeneral of jail administration was also removed
from his post.
However, conflicting versions from two senior MP
police oicials about the encounter created confusion.
While MP ATS chief Sanjeev Shami told reporters
that no weapons were re-


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at a

press meet on the encounter in Bhopal on Monday. PHOTO: PTI
covered from the slain SIMI
men, Bhopal Inspector General of Police Yogesh Choudhari told a press conference
that four firearms and three

sharp-edged weapons had

been recovered from the
The ATS chief said three
core teams had followed the

SIMI men in the direction

they were seen to be running
whereas the Bhopal IG
claimed that the first inputs
about them were received at
10 a.m. A Bhopal-based lawyer Parvej Alam, who was
representing the alleged
SIMI extremists in court,
raised questions about the
encounter and demanded a
judicial inquiry into the
When questioned about
the ATS chiefs version of no
firing from the alleged SIMI
men, Mr. Choudhari said the
SIMI men fired from two 315
bore guns and two 12 bore
guns. The police fired
around 46 rounds, he said.

18 |


FBI seeks to review mails before Nov. 8

No evidence so far that changes Justice Departments conclusion not to charge Hillary: Officials


Execution of mentally ill

person stayed in Pakistan
Pakistans Supreme Court on Monday issued a last minute reprieve to
a mentally ill man set to face
the gallows this week, after
his lawyers challenged the
ruling using the last legal manoeuvre available to them.
Lawyers and rights groups
say convicted murderer Imdad Ali, who was diagnosed
with schizophrenia while in
prison in 2012, cannot be executed as he cannot understand his crime and punishment. He was previously
set to be executed on
November 2 following a ruling by the supreme court that
said schizophrenia was a recoverable disease that could
be treated by drugs, and not a
mental disorder.


WASHINGTON: Federal investigators have obtained a warrant to begin searching a

large cache of e-mails belonging to a top aide to Hillary Clinton, law enforcement oicials said on
Sunday, as prosecutors and
FBI agents scrambled under
intense public pressure to assess their significance before
Election Day.
whether they can finish their
work by then. The process
has begun, a federal law enforcement oicial said.

Comey under criticism

The FBI director, James
Comey, has faced extraordinary criticism since
he sent an ambiguous letter
to congressional leaders
telling them that agents had
discovered new emails.
Agents in an unrelated investigation of Anthony
former congressman, found
the e-mails, belonging to his
Abedin, the aide to Ms. Clinton, this month. A federal
law enforcement oicial said
agents had discovered hundreds of thousands of emails on Mr. Weiners computer, but investigators expected to examine only part
of the total. Agents will have
probable cause to search only the messages related to the
Clinton investigation. Some
of Ms. Abedins e-mails
passed through Clintons private server, oicials said,
which means there is a high
likelihood that the FBI has already read them.
Oicials cautioned that
there was no evidence to
date that changed the Justice
that neither Ms. Clinton nor
her aides should be charged.
They said it was possible that
the review would turn up
nothing, but said investigators felt obligated to check.
Mr. Comey has faced


WALKING TALL: Hillary Clinton taking part in a Community in Unity rally in Wilton Manors, Florida, on Sunday. PHOTO: AFP
widespread criticism since
his announcement Friday,
and senior Justice Department and FBI oicials have
been under tremendous
pressure to review the emails quickly and assess
their importance.
The Clinton campaign
kept up the pressure on Mr.
Comey on Sunday by releasing a letter signed by nearly
100 former senior Justice Department oicials who
sharply criticised the FBI
director. Among the oicials
who signed the letter was
former Attorney General
Eric Holder Jr., with whom
Mr. Comey often clashed before Mr. Holder left oice in
2015. On Sunday, oicials
said they would spare no resources in the investigation
and try to determine
whether the new e-mails
changed the Justice Departments conclusion not to
charge Ms. Clinton or her
aides. New York Times
News Service

Donald Trump camp sees

a chink in Clintons armour
WASHINGTON: Sensing a new

possibility in Democratic
presidential candidate Hillary
Clintons e-mail woes, her
Republican rival Donald Trump
was scheduled to campaign in
Michigan on Monday, a State in
which she is leading by 6.2
We are expanding the map to
new areas, and we have a couple
of different paths to 270 [the
number of electoral college votes
required to win]. I predict that we
are going to win, said Kellyanne
Conway, Mr. Trumps campaign
manager on Monday morning.
We are behind, she had
admitted last week. She said Mr.
Trump does not plan to make the
email controversy the centrepiece of messaging in the last
week of campaigning.

Ms. Clinton was leading by 12

points in one poll after the third
presidential debate and in the
aftermath of sexual assault
allegations against Mr. Trump. In
the crucial State of Florida with
29 electoral college votes, it is a
tie if the average of several polls
last week is taken, but in a New
York Times poll released on
Sunday, Mr. Trump has a fourpoint lead.
Battleground States

In Pennsylvania, Colorado and

North Carolina some other
crucial battleground States
Ms. Clinton maintains a clear
For Mr. Trump to win, he has to
win all States that are leaning
Republican today and get more
from Ms. Clintons side; for Ms.
Clinton, even if she loses some
that are leaning towards her now,

she still will have a path to

victory, if one goes by opinion
Early voting

The latest twists in the

campaign tale can negatively
impact Ms. Clinton, but they
come after a large number of
people have already cast their
votes, under the American
system of early voting. At least 21
million people have already
voted, and in the key States of
Florida, Colorado and Nevada,
nearly a quarter of the electorate
has already voted.
Historically, the Democraticleaning voters go for early voting
more than Republican-leaning
ones, and the level of enthusiasm
among minority voters boosts
the confidence of Clinton
supporters, the latest setbacks

Fresh legal challenge

The fresh legal challenge
will now be heard in the
second week of November,
the Justice Project Pakistan
(JPP), which is providing
counsel for Ali, said in a
statement. The government

Safia Bano with the picture

of her husband Imdad Ali,
the death row prisoner.
of the Punjab Province,
where Ali was convicted, is
also seeking to overturn the
conviction, the group added.
Sentenced to death in 2001
over a shooting, Ali has spent
14 years on death row, with
three years in solitary confinement in the jails hospital
A 2013 government medical report stated Ali was in-

Court bars Imran Khan from

forcing lockdown of capital
ISLAMABAD: A Pakistan High
Court on Monday barred
Imran Khans planned lockdown of the capital this week
and ordered it to hold a sit-in
at a designated place instead,
as authorities arrested at
least 1,500 party activists in a
The Islamabad High Court
(IHC) heard a petition regarding threat by Imran
Khan-led Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI) that it would
lockdown Islamabad on
November 2 to force Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif step
down for alleged corruption.
Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddique ordered that the party
can hold protest at De-

mocracy Park and Speech

Corner located near Islamabads Parade Ground.
Protest is the fundamental right of every citizens
under the law of Pakistan.
However, nobody can be
compelled, pressurised and
restrained to do what is not
permissible under the law,
he said.
Arrest of protesters
The judge also ordered the
administration to act as per
law to stop any forced blockade of the capital. If any attempt to block or lockdown
the capital is made, the district administration shall act
in accordance with law,
Justice Siddiqui said.

Rebel assault on Aleppo slows; Opposition calls for Ranils resignation

Complaint filed
UN condemns civilian deaths
against him and

COLOMBO: A group of Opposition MPs in Sri Lanka has demanded that Prime Minister
Accusing Mr. Wickremesinghe of corruption the MPs,
who are part of the Joint Opposition a political faction
supporting former President
Mahinda Rajapaksa said
that if the PM fails to resign
immediately, they would feel
compelled to go for a no confidence motion in Parlia-

BEIRUT: A rebel assault to

break the siege of Syrias

Aleppo slowed on Monday
amid fierce resistance from
regime forces, as the UN said
it was appalled by opposition fire on civilians.
Rebels launched a major
assault on Friday, backed by
car bombs and salvos of
rockets, to break through
government lines and reach
the 250,000 people besieged
in the city's east.
Aleppo has been hit by
some of the worst violence in
Syrias five-year conflict,
turning the once-bustling
economic hub into a divided
and bombed-out symbol of
the brutal war.
Since Friday, opposition
factions allied with jihadists
have amassed on Aleppos
western outskirts in a bid to
end the regimes threemonth encirclement of the
city's eastern districts.
While they scored an initial advance, the ofensive
has since slowed, according
to the Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights, a Britainbased monitor.
Since Sunday, the regime
has been taking the initiative
and the clashes are less intense, Observatory head
Rami Abdel Rahman said on

RELENTLESS ASSAULT: Rebel fighters from Jaish al-Fatah prepare

mortar shells for firing towards government-controlled
districts of Aleppo on Sunday. PHOTO: AFP
Regime and Russian air
strikes were hitting the battlefronts on the citys edges,
but with less intensity than
in previous days.
In a new toll on Monday,
the Observatory said a total
of 61 regime fighters and allied militiamen were killed
in the assault, as well as 72
Syrian rebels.
Heavy rebel rocket fire
since Friday has killed 48
civilians, including 17 children, the monitor said.
According to Syrian state
news agency SANA, three
civilians were killed in rebel
fire on Aleppo Monday.

Nigerian officials sexually abused victims

LAGOS: Human Rights Watch

on Monday accused Nigerian

officials of sexually exploiting

women and girls living in

camps for victims of Boko
Haram in the war-torn
northeast. HRW said in July it
documented 43 cases of
women and girls in seven
internally displaced persons
(IDP) camps in Maiduguri,
the epicentre of the Islamist
insurgency. AFP

Sweden declares Holocaust hero dead

STOCKHOLM: World War-II hero

Raoul Wallenberg, who is

credited with helping at least
20,000 Hungarian Jews
escape the Holocaust, has
been pronounced dead by
Swedish authorities, 71 years
after he disappeared under
mysterious circumstances.
The Swedish diplomat is
believed to have died in

Soviet captivity, but when

and how remains unclear. Mr.
Wallenberg was officially
considered a missing person
in Sweden. But the Swedish
Tax Agency, which registers
births and deaths in Sweden,
confirmed a report Monday in
newspaper Expressen that
Wallenberg had been
pronounced dead. AP

UN peace envoy Stafan de

Mistura said the high civilian
toll raised deep concern.
In a statement on Sunday,
his oice said he was appalled and shocked by the
high number of rockets
fired by rebels.
Aleppos front line runs
through the heart of the city,
dividing rebels in the east
from government forces in
the west. Rebel groups have
pledged to push east from
Dahiyet al-Assad to Hamdaniyeh, a regime-controlled
neighbourhood directly adjacent to the besieged eastern districts. AFP

Temples in
DHAKA: At least 15 Hindu

temples were vandalised in

central Bangladesh as a Facebook post deemed ofensive
to Islam sparked massive
outrage, prompting authorities to take legal action on
Monday. Temples in Brahmanbarhia districts Nasirnagar were vandalised and
over 100 houses of Hindus in
the area looted on Sunday,
sparking panic in the minority community.
After the mayhem lasting
for hours, two temples in adjacent Habiganjs Madhabpur also came under attack, police and witnesses
said. Police said priests from
the temples sufered minor
injuries. PTI

ment. Parliamentarian and

Leader of Democratic Left
Nanayakkara on Monday
filed a complaint at the
Bribery Commission against
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and former
Central Bank chief Arjuna
Mahendran, seeking investigation into an allegedly corrupt deal of the bank.
The bank sold 10 billion
rupees ($76 million) of 30year treasury bonds, at a
coupon rate of 12.5 per cent,
after earlier indicating to the

Residents of former enclaves

vote in local body elections
DHAKA: Residents of some 100

former Indian enclaves voted for the first time as citizens of Bangladesh on
Monday, They cast their ballot in local body polls.
Elections to 380 local
bodies across the country
were held. About 14,000 new
voters signed up to vote in
the 100 former enclaves,
which are situated in the
northern districts of Panchagarh, Lalmonirhat and
Kurigram, said the Election
Commission Secretariat.
Under an agreement

signed in 1974, India gave up

111 enclaves measuring
17,160 acres to Bangladesh
and received 51 enclaves
spread over 7,110 acres, thus
ending decades of sufering
and isolation of people living
in these areas.
Landmark pact
The enclaves were merged
with mainland Bangladesh
on July 31, 2015, following the
landmark ratification of the
land boundary agreement by
the Indian Parliament. Some
35,535 people were granted
Bangladeshi citizenship as
part of the deal.

sane, while reports from

September and October this
year said he was psychotic
and a psychiatrist deemed
him a treatment-resistant
The stay of execution also
comes days after European
Union politicians warned
that Pakistans preferential
trade status with the bloc
could be under threat from
its executions drive.
Since lifting its moratorium on executions in December 2014, Pakistan has
hanged some 418 prisoners,
overtaking Saudi Arabia to
become the worlds third
largest executing nation
after China and Iran.
But according to a report
by British charity Reprieve,
94 per cent of the executions
have been for non-terrorism
ofences, despite the governments claim that capital
punishment was reinstated
to combat Islamist militancy.
Oicials from the EU were
to visit the country from
Monday. AFP

former Central Bank

chief Mahendran over
bribery allegations
market that one billion
would be sold at 9.5 per cent,
news agency AFP reported
in April 2015.
Last week, a parliamentary
committee the Committee
(COPE) held Mr. Mahendran directly respons-

ible for the questionable

transaction. Speaking to The
Hindu, Mr. Nanayakkara
said: The Prime Minister
has also been involved. We
have submitted evidence to
prove that. As many as eleven MPs endorsed the complaint, he said. There was no
oicial response from the
Prime Ministers oice.
This is the biggest scam
in Sri Lankas history, said
MP Udaya Gammanpila. The
Joint Opposition has around
50 members in in Sri Lankas
225-seat Parliament.

Turkey detains Editor

critical of Erdogan
ISTANBUL: Turkish police on
Monday detained the Editorin-Chief of the newspaper
Cumhuriyet a thorn in the
side of President Recep
Tayyip Erdogan as Ankara
widens a crackdown on opposition media.
The newspaper, which had
published revelations embarrassing for the government, said at least a dozen
journalists and executives
were detained in early morning raids. The detentions
come after Turkish authorities fired more than 10,000
civil servants at the weekend

and closed 15 pro-Kurdish

and other media outlets, the
latest purge since July's
failed military coup.
Investigation launched
Murat Sabuncu was detained
and police were hunting for
executive board chairman
Akin Atalay, the oicial news
agency Anadolu said.
The Istanbul prosecutor
said an investigation had
been launched into allegations the secular dailys output was legitimising the attempted putsch. AFP

The court also ordered Mr.

Khan to appear in person
and asked police to make arrangement for his security.
Meanwhile, the political
charged as PTI had blamed
the government for arresting
its workers to stop them
from attending the protest.
Media reports citing security
oicials said the number of
those arrested overnight
ranges between 1,500 and
Mr. Khan has been protesting to force Mr. Sharif to
resign after names of his children were listed in the Panama Papers as owning ofshore companies to take care
of their properties. PTI

Actor claims
Alfred Hitchcock
assaulted her

Tippi Hedren
NEW YORK: Actor Tippi
Hedren, in her new memoir,
has claimed that director Alfred Hitchcock stalked and
sexually assaulted her when
she worked with him in the
1960s. The actor has detailed
her relationship with Hitchcock in Tippi, her memoir,
according to excerpts obtained by New York Post.
She claimed that Hitchcock, during the making of
The Birds (1963), would stalk
her, telling his driver to pass
by her home, and detailed an
incident in which he tried to
kiss her. It was an awful, awful moment, she writes. The
alleged abuse, she claims,
continued on the set of their
next movie together, Marnie.
She says she did not tell
anyone about it as sexual
harassment and stalking
were terms that didnt exist
at the time. PTI

Palestinian lawyer fights for women, one divorce at a time

RAMALLAH: Dressed in the

jor posts are men, Ms.

Shamashneh says. They
were raised in a certain culture that says men are better
than women, and this is reflected in the laws.
Ms. Shamasnehs views
grew out of her upbringing in
the farming village of
Qatana, on the edge of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

headscarf and long robe of a

devout Muslim, Reema
Shamasneh fights for Arab
women in the most intimate
arena of their lives: Marriage
and divorce.
One case and one client at
a time, from a West Bank
courtroom, she challenges
the gender roles at the
foundation of Arab families.
Inequality entrenched
Women across the Arab
world have gained ground in
education and health, but inequality remains entrenched
in most family courts where
Islamic law, or Sharia, is applied. Men can divorce on a
whim, while women must
prove cause. And polygamy
is legal only for men.
Such notions enjoy strong

PROUDLY INDEPENDENT: Palestinian divorce lawyer Reema

Shamasneh argues a case in the Islamic family court in
Ramallah, West Bank. PHOTO: AP
women. In a 2013 poll by the
Pew Research Center, large
majorities in seven Arab
countries said a woman
should obey her husband,
from 74 per cent in Lebanon

to 87 per cent in the

Palestinian territories and 93
per cent in Tunisia. Ms.
Shamasneh believes the laws
are the way they are because
they were passed by men.
The ones who fill the ma-

Entry into legal profession

As a girl, Ms. Shamasneh
says, she would see women
get the leftovers of the traditional meat-and-rice dishes
served at wedding feasts,
after the men were done.
And while her four brothers
could come and go, she and
her five sisters had to account for their limited movements.
Four of Ms. Shamasnehs

sisters married in their 20s. A

fifth was forced to accept an
arranged match at age 16 and
endured a prolonged divorce
two years later.
Ms. Shamasneh was a
child at the time. She says the
bitter experience, including
the lack of empathy displayed by her sisters male divorce lawyer, helped get her
interested in law.
Ms. Shamasneh, a single
woman, is fiercely protective
of her relative independence.
She is leery of arranged marriage, which is still common
She believes such a union
would unravel more easily
than a love match. I can take
care of myself,she says. I
am a strong woman. I hate
traditional marriage. AP

| 19




Harley takes the ride to smaller cities

GSTN to borrow Rs.800 cr. to meet costs

Gig economy on the rise in India: Report

American iconic bike-maker Harley Davidson is

experiencing a faster rate of growth in smaller
towns compared with the metros. PTI

GSTN will borrow Rs. 800 crore from banks to

fund infrastructure costs to support GST rollout
from April 1 next year. PTI

Gig or shared economy is rising in India and it

has potential to become the top freelancing hub
in Asia, says a Freelancer.com report. PTI

Moves afoot to ease out Mistry from Tata companies

Tata Sons wants him
to step down from
positions voluntarily

the removal, if at all.

It is a long process, said
J.N. Gupta, Managing Director, Stakeholders Empowerment Services (SES), a
proxy advisory firm.
In the current case, Mr.
Mistry is not ex-oicio chairman in Tata companies (his
chairmanship has nothing to
do with chairma1nship at
Tata Sons - at least legally),
therefore removal as chairman has to be individually
done for each company, he

MUMBAI: The board of Tata

Sons board is learnt to be initiating steps to evict Cyrus

Mistry from the chairmanship of the groups operating
companies through due
Ideally, he (Mr. Mistry)
should step down on his own
and exit honourably. That is
our wish, a senior Tata Sons
executive said asking not to
be named. Otherwise, the
due procedure to remove
him from the boards of group
companies will kick in. Now
that he has lost the confidence of the Tata Sons board,
he should step down from
operating companies, the
executive added.
Mr. Mistry was last week
removed as chairman of the
board of Tata Sons. Both he
and Ratan Tata are said to
have separately met the
Prime Minister on the issue.
As Mr. Mistry evaluates his
options following his removal, which he termed as sudden and illegal in his
missive to the Tata Sons
board, the companyhas be-

COUNTDOWN BEGINS: Removal of a director, appointed by shareholders, must be taken either by

a superior body or by shareholders themselves, say legal consultants. FILE PHOTO: AFP
gun consultations to move
proposals to remove him
from executive positions of
group companies in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act.
Shareholders decision
Mr. Mistry is still the
Chairman of operating companies, namely, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Power,
IHCL, Tata Teleservices,

Tata Global Beverages, and

Tata Chemicals.
The removal of a director
(who, in this case, happens to
be the Chairman) is governed by Section 169 of the
Companies Act 2013.
A director is appointed by
the shareholders pursuant to
a resolution moved in a general body meeting. Therefore any decision of shareholders which is to be
reversed, must be taken ei-

ther by a superior body

(such as the courts) or by
shareholders themselves.
As per procedure, a Board
meeting must be called by
each company. The board
must resolve to remove a director, decide the date of the
general body meeting or extraordinary general meeting
and authorise issue of special notice (for removal).
When the notice is put to
vote, shareholders decide on

Tough going
Legal consultants said that
it would not be easy for Mr.
Mistry to hold his ground as
he had been isolated.
Its a single man against
the rest of the Tata group,
Rajesh Narain Gupta, managing partner, SNG & Partners, a law firm. It will not
be easy for Mr. Mistry to impose himself as the Chairman
in a group company, if the
Tata Group as a whole does
not want him.
According to him, There
is hardly any voice, coming
from the Tata camp, opposed
to the decision to oust Mr.
Mistry. By no stretch of imagination can Mr. Mistry impose himself as the Chairman
of group companies, he said.

Investigation under way into

irregularities: AirAsia India
NEW DELHI: Facing a charge of

worth Rs.22 crore levelled by
recently-ousted Tata group
chairman Cyrus Mistry, Air
Asia India said on Monday
that a probe was under way
into irregular claims of personal expenses against
former personnel of the Tata
groups aviation venture
with Malaysia-based carrier
AirAsia Berhad.
These irregularities had
already been reported to the
AirAsia Board and discussed
in its last meeting, a company statement said.
AirAsia India is a 51:49
joint venture between Tata
Sons and AirAsia Berhad.
AirAsia (India) Limited,
AirAsia Berhad and Tata
Sons Limited... would like to
reiterate that they strictly adhere to internal procedures
and policies, it said.
Mistrys claims
After his abrupt exit from
the helm of the Tata group

Mr. Mistry had alleged a

Rs.22-crore fraud.
last Monday, Mr. Mistry had
informed Tata Sons board
members that a recent forensic investigation had revealed fraudulent transactions of Rs.22 crore
parties in India and Singapore related to Air Asia India.
He had also said that a
First Information Report
was filed by the Tata Sons
board only at the insistence
of the independent directors,
one of whom had immediately
Without linking its statement to Mr. Mistrys specific
allegation, the airline said

Amendments to Tata Sons Articles of Association inconsistent with Companies Act

CHENNAI: With the the Tata

imbroglio escalating by the

day, top legal circles do not
rule out the possibility of
the 2012 amendment to the
Articles of Association of
Tata Sons being challenged
by minority shareholders.
The change in Article 118
of the Articles of
Association of Tata Sons
gave directors nominated

by Tata Trusts greater

powers in the selection
committee that deals with
the appointment and
removal of Chairman. The
change also saw the
definition of quorum of
the selection committee
tweaked to benefit Tata
According to top
corporate lawyers, the
Companies Act of 1956
(Section 9 read in tandem
with Section 287) merely

prescribed the threshold

limit for a quorum but not
the methodology of
arriving at a quorum.
Section 6 read in tandem
with Section 174 of the
Companies Act 2013, too,
reiterates this position,
they said.
The 2012 amendment to
the Articles of Association
of Tata Sons seems to have
clearly gone beyond the
process of Section 9 of the
Companies Act of 1956,

Lipsticks sold on Amazon.in could

deck up more than 25 mn. brides

the worlds largest online retailer, said it has experienced

its biggest-ever festive
season since starting operations in India three years
With the three waves of
the Great Indian Festival
spanning the month of October, Amazon India said it had
become the most visited
shopping destination this
festive season, with customers from 97 per cent of Indias serviceable pin codes
placing at least one order using personal computers or
mobile phones.
Inflection point
This festive season marks
the inflection point for ecommerce in India, said
Amazon India chief Amit
We are excited that in just
over three years, customers
in India trust us to find, discover and buy anything on-

Exchange Rates
Indicative direct rates in rupees a unit
except yen at 4 p.m on October 31

U.S. Dollar
Pound Sterling
Jap Yen (100 Units)
Chinese Yuan
Swiss Franc
Singapore Dollar
Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Swedish Kroner
Danish Kroner
New Zealand Dollar
Hongkong Dollar
Malaysian Ringgit
Kuwaiti Dinar
UAE Dirham
Bahraini Dinar
Qatari Riyal
Saudi Riyal
Omani Riyal

Buying Selling
66.54 66.86
63.35 63.66
47.78 48.03
50.58 50.82
49.68 49.92
218.16 220.66
176.55 177.49
172.76 173.75

Source:Indian Bank

Bullion Rates
October 31 rates in rupees with
previous rates in brackets

Bar Silver (1 kg)
Retail (1 g)
24 ct gold (10 g)
22 ct gold (1 g)

42,875 (42,270)
45.90 (45.20)
30,650 (30,480)
2,866 (2,850)


Amazon India says it has

become the most visited
shopping destination.
line and are proud to lead the
path for the future of what ecommerce should be in a diverse country like India.
The firm said the sarees
sold on Amazon.in, when
spread out, could encapsulate more than 150 cricket
stadia. The company said lipsticks sold on Amazon could
deck up more than 25 million
brides. The season also
brought cheer to the retailers sellers, vendors and
partners, with as many as 236
new sellers joining the
crorepati club in October

this year. These sellers on

Amazon received orders for
the first time from more than
1,300 new pin codes in the
country. Last week, Snapdeal
said more than 6.25 lakh
users ordered more than five
products each and nearly 1.1
lakh users ordered more
than 10 products each during
its Unbox Diwali Sale.
saw customers paying at the
time of purchase instead of
opting for cash on delivery,
which till now had been a
popular mode of payment.
Thiruvananthapuram had
the highest share of prepaid
orders, constituting 85 per
cent of the total orders from
the city.
Smaller cities
Amazon said it continued
to see momentum from
smaller cities and towns
with over 65 per cent orders
and more than 75 per cent of
new customers from tier-II
and below geographies.

another corporate lawyer

said. Legal sources pointed
out that the Companies Act
is clear in stating that any
provision of Articles of
Association of a public
limited company cannot
be inconsistent with the
Companies Act.
Sources in legal circles
argued that the
amendment to the Article
118 of the Articles of
Association (AoA) of Tata
Sons in December 2012 is

restrictive. According to
these sources, any clause
that restricts or mandates
a particular group of
persons to control the
appointment is
inconsistent with the
Companies Act - of 1956 as
well as of 2013. Quoting
precedents to the case,
these sources argued that
restrictions in regard to
rights of parties not
provided in the Act cannot
be provided in the Articles

of Association of any
Mistry, a beneficiary
Since he was himself a
beneficiary of this change
in the AoA, Mr. Cyrus
Mistry may find himself on
a sticky wicket while
challenging this. Yet,
according to these sources,
any group of shareholders
holding 10 per cent in
equity shares of the
company or 100

shareholders or 10 per cent

of the shareholders can
step in to challenge this.
Using the argument, they
can even question the very
legality of the selection
committee and its
selection of Chairman,
they point out.
However, according to
sources, anyone who had
participated in the
amendment to the AoA in
2012 would have no easy
right to challenge it.

that there is an ongoing investigation against certain

former personnel of AirAsia
(India) Limited involving irregular personal expense
claims and certain company
charges. It did not divulge
any more details.
In February 2014, the Federation of Indian Airlines
representing IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and GoAir,
had moved the Delhi High
Court against approval to
AirAsia alleging foreign direct investment (FDI) norms
violation, a charge AirAsia
India had strongly denied.
Further, the airlines chief
Mittu Chandilya resigned in
February this year, less than
two years after Mr. Chandilya joined AirAsia India in
June 2013, soon after the joint
venture was announced.
The airlines former CFO
Vijay Gopalan had also
moved on in August 2015,
while director of flight operations Capt. Sumant Misra
and Chief Pilot Operations
Capt. Jamshed Menon too
put in their papers recently.

Brickwork Ratings
Tata Steel
MUMBAI: Rating agency Brick-

work Ratings has downgraded Tata Steels credit rating with a negative outlook
citing heightened management risk and lack of clarity at group-level management which may impact its
strategic decision-making
process after the exit of
Cyrus Mistry as Chairman of
Tata Sons.

Finance Q2 net
profit declines
CHENNAI: Sundaram Finance

Ltd. net profit declined by

17.08 per cent to Rs.127.68
crore for the second quarter
ended September 30, 2016
against Rs.153.99 crore for
the comparable year-ago
The income from operations increased to Rs.591.85
crore from Rs.584.06 crore.
The profit for the quarter
is not comparable with that
of corresponding period of
the last year which includes
one time profit of Rs.40.65
crore, arising from the sale of
equity shares of BNP Paribas
Sundaram Global Securities
Operations Pvt. Ltd., the
company said in a regulatory
filing on Monday.
The company has also followed the norm of three
months overdue for classification of NPA compared to
the 120-day norm followed
for the quarter ended
September 30, 2015.

Core sector growth at 5% in Sept.

ilarly, the electricity sector
grew by 2.2 per cent in
September compared with
0.1 per cent in August.
The fertiliser sector grew
only 2 per cent in September,
drastically slower than the
5.7 per cent seen in August.

NEW DELHI: Indias core sector
grew by 5 per cent overall in
September, compared with
the same month last year,
driven mainly by strong
growth in steel and petroleum products sectors, data
released by the government
on Monday showed. Growth
in the Index of Eight Core Industries in September was
much stronger than the 3.2
per cent growth seen in August, 2016.
The steel and cement
sectors are the two major
ones linked with infrastructure, Madan Sabnavis, Chief
Economist, Care Ratings
told The Hindu. So, the
growth seen in these two
sectors can be linked to the
governments push in roads
and railways. With steel,
earlier there was dumping by
China that was afecting the
sector. But the minimum import price (MIP) has helped
and so steel has been able to
have double digits growth.

Steel sector grew by 16.3

per cent in September.
Steel sector grew by 16.3
per cent in September, down
from the 17 per cent seen in
August which was the
highest growth rate it saw in
more than three years.
Refinery products
The refinery products sector also contributed strongly
to the overall growth of the
index, growing at a robust 9.3
per cent in September compared with 3.5 per cent in August. The cement sector
grew by 5.5 per cent in
September, faster than the 3.1
per cent seen in August. Sim-

Energy sector
The overall energy component of the Index of Eight
Core Industries contracted
in September. The coal sector contracted 6 per cent in
September compared with a
contraction of 9.2 per cent in
August. Coal production
contracted, partially reflecting the oversupply in the
markets and is likely to remain lacklustre in the coming months, said Rishi Shah,
Economist, Deloitte India.
Similarly, the crude oil
sector contracted 4.1 per
cent in September compared
to 3.9 per cent in August. The
natural gas sector grew by 5.5
per cent in September compared to 5.7 per cent in

20 |




Build wealth, and systematically

Some ground-to-earth tips from a money-wise veteran in the game as he mulls hanging up his boots in peace, still remaining prosperous

t was one of the New Year-eve

parties that I attended with one
of my close friends who grew up
with me in Coimbatore, studying in the same school as I did but
two years senior to me. A banker
with experience, he was empathising
with me on what I had discussed.
I said I was not able to sustain my
recurring deposit (RD) in the bank
for more than a few months as I had
to lay my hands on the sum towards
the month-ends, without allowing
the investment to gather for the full
term of the deposit. For which he
said, you start with an amount which
you can aford so it doesnt pinch
your pocket, and allow it to grow.
Make it a habit that you can
continue. Let the savings be the first
expense on your salary credit. So, instead of an ambitious Rs. 2,000-amonth RD, I started with a Rs. 200
RD, and it ran its course for the 15month period. That was around 20
years back.
Well, at the end of the 15-month
period I could realise an amount in
excess of Rs. 3,000 for the first
time. What a way to experience the
power of compounding. I felt great
and started increasing the amounts
as I had the caught the knack.
A casual browsing through the
bookshelves of the Ernakulam Public Library during my long stint in
Kochi, landed a worn-out book, Rich


Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

It was a finance book well-written
and easily digestible. One of the
quotes: Let money work for you and
you do not work for money. It was a
powerful one. I picked up a new copy
of the book and soon ended up being
an evangelist for the book, giving out

Let there be lights


here used to be a certain festive air that one could simply

feel in that little colony of
houses with happy windows. Yes,
some of us even spent hours
swinging laughter from one window
to another, with our plans for that afternoons cricket match, our accidents, our shows of chivalry with
Band-Aids, and things like that.
But the wind blew diferently,
promising more fun than just that,
probably only for the young ones like
us, during the time of Deepavali. The
place was a colony-like community,
with buildings rimming a small field
in K.M. Dash Lane in Dhaka. It was
the early-1990s, before the Y2K
hoopla began with its inrushing
Deepavali was always a treat for
the eyes as the night came alive, and
with it, softly glowing
smiles. It was for us the
time to light the
candles and those
beautiful little
lamps; time
to run to our
where the
rituals were
All we cared
for were the
aroma at the altar, the homemade sweets made
of coconut and pufedrice, and the fireworks.

From house to house

We packed our pockets with dry
home-made sweets as we ran from
one house to another, and after many
hours a sudden discovery of one of
those inside one of the pockets
would make our eyes glisten, make
our smiles bigger, our shouts jolly.
And then there were those crackers that made us still wilder and had
us on our restless toes until, to our
utter dissatisfaction, we were called
back home. It was something more
than fun and something so closer to
inner joy when we could simply im-

merse into the incense, into the completely unknown rituals, and finally,
in the shimmering flame of the
lamps in those winter nights. The air
smelled so good.
Goddess Kaali remained no longer
a frightening figure (thats how our
insensitive parents presented her to
us) but became, for us at least, an excuse to treat our young spirits full of
wonder with something dazzling
and magical. For me the darkness
and the chill of those nights dissolved into those little flames of fire
that for hours made us live in a wonderland, in a magnificent fair of fireflies, and made us believe theres
nothing that can blow those divine
lights of. In my mind I can still hear
the jingling sounds of those tiny bells
that thakuma (grandma) used to ring
during the puja. I can still smell the
sweets and of the agarbati.
When I close my eyes I can still see
those flames, glimmering in
those ancient nights,
beckoning to return
to that small
colony where
people lived in
even with all
their diferences. All I
dont find is
where windows used to
have voices. All
I dont hear are
the laughter that
echoed through the
walls. Is it too much to ask
to be happy for no reason and find
joy in small things?
Is it too hard to calm down, forget
all the serious business at hand for a
moment and hush all those loud
thoughts, and just feel, with all our
heart, and not think about all the
meanings people assign to things, to
divide? Is it an outrageous thing to
wish to be a child again, by simply
shedding the heavy robe of depressing sophistication? Let the search for
a lost night end with the lighting of
candles and oil lamps. Let there be
laughter and love. Let there be lights!

the gyan of what I had learnt, recommending it to anybody who was

looking at building wealth, including
my colleagues in oice.
Back in 1985, in the second year of
my graduation, my finance professor
had mentioned a new asset class,
something called mutual funds,

which would pool the money collected for a specific purpose.

Todays youth have myriad investment choices: mutual funds, equity
and debt, besides traditional bank offerings. Salaries too have increased
over the years, making savings and
investment a real possibility.

The earlier you start, the bigger

the corpus, provided you save consitently keep monitoring the investments on a regular basis. Based on
your risk appetite and the time horizon of your investment, one can
choose among the various asset
classes, equity (high- risk, high-returns but needs a thorough
knowledge of how the market functions), gold (something Indian
women have always trusted), real estate, mutual funds (large caps, midcaps, small caps, again based on the
risk appetite and the time horizon),
which allows one to dip into the
equity markets, with the fund manager managing it on our behalf.
According to one data source, the
percentage of household savings invested in the equity markets is about
12 per cent. The government and the
Securities and Exchange Board of India spend of lot of time and efort
educating customers on the nuances
of the finance market, including
equity and mutual funds. This can be
really useful for the uninitiated. Investor awareness camps are being
conducted as a part of this exercise
in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
With close to a decade of service
more, I am now planning to build a
corpus for my retired life after fufilling my ongoing responsibilities,
so I can perhaps hang up my boots in
peace and prosperity. Tell me, any
specific plan available?

Pedestrian, play thy part to

ensure safety on the roads

here are certain life skills people expect you to possess as

an adult. One of them is the
ability to drive a car. I considered
this as one of the few acceptable expectations from society, and so
signed up for a self-paced driving
course. The course was surprisingly
comprehensive four hours of inclass theory, followed by five hours
of computer simulation and 10 hours
of on-road driving lessons with an
At first I felt safe and comfortable,
and understood how rigorous the
course was. However, at the end of
the first theory session all those feelings were being overpowered by
boredom. I couldnt wait to get my
hands on the steering wheel. But owing to the sequential nature of the
course, I had to go through the theory and the simulation first.

Struggle behind the wheel

After a wait of three weeks and
upon receiving my learners licence,
I finally made it to the drivers seat. It
felt great, at least for the initial three
to four sessions. The lessons were
progressing by an hour each day but
my skill of controlling the vehicle remained unchanged. I struggled with
the process of steering and gearchanging, invariably forgot to follow
basic safety rules and found juggling
my feet among the accelerator, brake
and clutch to be confusing.
With a major chunk of my practical lessons completed, I still wasnt
confident enough to drive at a speed
of more than 20 km an hour. All of
this was frustrating for my instructor: he repeatedly told me how
I had been a unique case of slow
learning, and that I might need extra
classes if I expected to get a licence.
I am on a hiatus for now as far as
learning to drive a car goes, but the
experience has definitely left me
with a reasonable amount of respect
for people who carry out this
activity on a daily basis. For the first

A blast from the

past, and a little
mischief in the air

he woke up in the morning as usual and jumped

out, promptly looking at the clock. She then
turned around, only to find the adjacent bed
empty. Oh yes, husband had left on a two-day trip to
his home town the previous night. A faint smile
crossed her face as she thought, Oh, I dont have to
run to the kitchen to make coffee. She slumped back
without a care but was too excited to sleep anymore!
She could not remember when it was the last time
she was all alone and free from having to attend to
others needs in the household. Husband had retired
from service and the daughters had left home to pursue their dreams.
It felt a little funny and uneasy not having to do anything unless she wanted to. She tried to come to grips
with this feeling, which she had not come across for
decades, with no one around demanding her attention and assistance.
She made coffee for herself slowly and went to the
balcony with the newspaper, which usually would be
the husbands preserve (while she worked in the kitchen). She mechanically looked at the clock and
smiled again thinking, To hell with the clock today.
She decided to go
a morning walk
A fresh discovery, for
and found that the
a change in the neighbours were
giving her surroutine, a new
realisation. Good prised
Back at home,
till it lasts
she made herself a
simple breakfast
and found enough food in the refrigerator for lunch.
After finishing the routine household tidying-up she
sat again at the balcony, putting on some music and a
book in hand.
But every now and then she thought she heard her
husband call before realising that he was away. It
was a mind so attuned to the daily rigmarole and
seemingly unable to take in the freedom never before experienced.
She did not really know what to do with the rest of
the day and had to tell herself, I can choose to live
today the way I want.
On impulse she called an old friend from college
and planned to attend a matinee show with her. Her
friend could not understand why she was giggling like
a schoolgirl who had bunked class for a film show.
Was there a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, last seen
decades ago?
After the movie they decided to dine at what was
their favourite place during their college days. The
place was full of youngsters, bristling with energy.
Oh yes, I was once like them, she thought.
After coming home late, as she prepared to go to
bed she suddenly felt that the day had been a blast
from the past and she thought she had rediscovered
her real self after a long time. She was shocked to realise how over the years she had let herself become
rather robotic.
She mentally made a note that she would reserve a
day every month to be on her own, doing what she
wanted to do (as opposed to what she had to do) and
being herself.
The telephone rang. It was her husband calling to
tell her he would have to stay one more day to complete his work. When she put down the phone she
caught herself smiling yet again!

time in my life, I feel empathy towards the bus driver who is behind
the wheel for almost eight hours a
day and whose occasional sudden
braking of the vehicle makes me
curse his entire generation of family
members. I now also know that
whenever I brazenly cross a street,
style and expecting approaching vehicles to slow down, I am putting my
life at a strangers feet.
Agreed, it works most of the time
and most of the people do it, but
could there be a case for the drivers
here? We talk about driving responsibly, which is fair and necessary.
There are advertisements that denounce rash driving and fines that
can be imposed to curb such behaviour, but we hardly ever talk about
being a responsible pedestrian.
Of jaywalking
Many countries including India
have anti-jaywalking regulations,
but the degree of implementation
varies. For instance, in Poland, Portugal and Canada it is an ofence,
punishable with a fine. In he United
Kingdom and Mexico, any rule related to jaywalking is not legally enforceable. In India too, jaywalking is

not taken seriously.

Considering that according to
some public reports more than 20
per cent of accident victims in India
are pedestrians, better vigilance
might help reduce this share. A case
in point is Sydney, Australia, where
(I learn) last year more than 8,000
pedestrians were fined for illegally
crossing city streets, and almost
16,000 were issued formal cautions.
Singapore has fines for pedestrian
ofences. Leave addressing accident
cases and take issues as basic as
traic jams: could they be improved
if the people crossing streets are
more disciplined?
Like a tripod
Road Safety is like a tripod: there
are the regulators, the drivers and
the pedestrians. You might be inclined to put the blame on infrastructure and oicials which is
understandable. I also agree that the
burden of road safety does lie primarily with the regulators and the
drivers. But pedestrians still need to
play their part because a tripod will
fall even if one of its legs breaks, no
matter how insignificant that leg
might be compared to the other two.

The tale of a cow: Why sacredness doesnt always seem to protect and sustain

he small animals scattered, tails

tucked in, ears stif, feet on the
double, fear flitting in their eyes.
The birds took of instantly, cooing,
cawing, trilling and hooting. The trees
woke up from their slumber, disturbed
by the dithery of the animals, and the
cacophony of birds aflutter. And then,
all of a sudden, a blanket of silence enveloped the forest, which was witnessing an unthinkable event. Punyakoti the
cow walked purposefully towards its
predator, Arbhuta, the tiger.
Everyone said I was a fool to let you
go, said the incredulous Arbhuta, with
relief and disbelief.
Thank you for letting me visit my
children, replied Punyakoti. I returned as promised, although I havent
been able to find guardians for them.
Why? Isnt the village full of cows
that hold you in high esteem?

Thats the problem. I always had

enough to feed my children. I was the
first choice at temple festivals, and grihapravesams. I lived my life in relative
comfort. I never acknowledged it, but I
always occupied a special place within
our community; my lineage mattered.
But arent all cows equal?
I thought so too, until they said: We
would love to take care of your calves,
but what would we feed them? Our master doesnt allow us to feed our own
calves, he weans them away within
hours of their birth. Sometimes we
dont even see them after they are taken
away. We wake up to their moaning, and
keep calling out to them through the
night. We cry our hearts out, till our
faces are stained by streams of dried
Why wouldnt he allow the little
calves their share of milk?
His greed is unbounded. My friends
produce more milk than normal. They

The master doesnt allow them

to feed their own calves, but
weans them away within
hours of their birth, and
theyre often never seen again
feel heavy, drugged, and drowsy; they
are perennially made pregnant and lactate continuously; they are scared, confused, and helpless. To be forced into
motherhood so you can satisfy others
thirst for milk is a curse, not a blessing.
Their lives are so wretched they ofered
to swap places with me.
Thats incredible. Arent they afraid
of death?
They are dead from the inside. They
died a little when their calves were
snatched. They died some more when
their bodies were manipulated. And
they continued to die a little every time
they heard how their bull-calves and the

older cows were slaughtered.

Isnt that illegal?
In our country there is a way to bypass every rule. Law can be softened by
violence. Violence finds justification in
religion. Religion finds refuge in
politics. The engine of politics runs on
money. Even the scriptures specify how
to wash away sins with money. Within
this nexus, man has found ways to play
god; running on his farm a vicious cycle
of life and death, in which he feeds,
breeds, milks animals, and turns them
into food and leather.
But arent those cows sacred?
What is sacred for some is profane
for others. Sacredness doesnt protect.
It merely defines the boundary that separates people who exploit, from those
who arent allowed to exploit. From the
days of Kamadhenu we have been considered sacred, and milked. In the ancient times, the gods and the holy men
fought over us. Now their descendents

have made us a symbol, a political

So why did you return when you had
a chance to send one of your friends?
They think I am learned, and are
willing to make sacrifices for me. I have
always been secretly proud of the fact
that my knowledge is from the scriptures. I enjoyed the sense of entitlement
it gave me.
For me death was a visitor, for whom
I should be prepared when he arrives at
the appointed time. For them death is a
constant companion. I dreamt of living
beyond death. Their dream is to survive
alongside death. I lived my life in search
of salvation. They live theirs in search of
emancipation. I made a mistake by
straying into your territory. They never
made a mistake in their lives. I got a
second chance, thanks to you. Man
gives them no second chances.
To tell you the truth, despite being
close to the gods, and the holy men who

After preparing her calves for a life

without her in the big bad world
ruled by humans, it was time for
Punyakoti, the virtuous cow, to
return to the tiger in the forest, as
she had promised the predator
(see Open Page, August 16, 2016).
serve them, I never raised my voice in
defence of the weak and downtrodden,
even within my own community. About
my regard for the unconsecrated animals, the less said the better. Somewhere
along the line, I became so preoccupied
with myself and my family, and our wellbeing, that I lost the empathy for the less
fortunate. I never tried to understand
their words, let alone feel their pain. Yet
they were willing to help me. They deserve more. I merely studied the scriptures, they are beyond scriptures.

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Telecast schedule

Pakistan vs West Indies : Third Test,

TEN 3 & TEN 1 HD, 11.30 a.m.;

Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka : First Test, TEN
2, 1.30 p.m.; NBA: Sony Six & Sony Six
HD, 5 a.m. (Wednesday)

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All credit to Bangladesh

Closing in on No. 1

Coutts calls it a day

Its very easy sitting back and saying its just

Bangladesh. On spinning tracks, their bowlers are

really good.
Alastair Cook, England skipper, after the defeat in

Andy Murray continued his march towards the

World No. 1 slot and ramped up the pressure on

Novak Djokovic by winning the Vienna Open on

Sunday. The 29-year-old Scot swept past Frenchman
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-3, 7-6(6) in the final.

Australias five-time Olympic medal winner

Alicia Coutts has retired from swimming
after competing at her third Olympic
Games in Rio, Swimming Australia said
on Monday.

the second Test

Kiwi coach blames it on poor decision-making

CRICKET / Every team struggles in India and they are incredibly difficult to beat at home, says Mike Hesson

Saurashtra to
felicitate its
Test cricketers

New Zealand
coach Mike Hesson has criticised his players decisionmaking in India after the oneday side was thrashed in the final match of the tour.
New Zealand was swept 3-0
in the Test series and lost the
following one-day tournament 3-2 in demoralising fashion, belted by 190 runs in the
decider in Visakhapatnam on
Saturday after its batsmen
were skittled for 79.

OPENING BLUES: New Zealand never really recovered from Martin Guptills first-over dismissal
and was handed a sound thrashing by India in the series decider in Visakhapatnam.

Big home summer

Hessons side now turns its
attention to a big home summer, which starts with two
Tests against Pakistan, followed by Test series against
an improving Bangladesh and
South Africa.
The Black Caps will also
play one-day series against
Bangladesh, Australia and
South Africa.
We have spent time dwelling on it, making sure that sort
of thing doesn't happen again,
Hesson told New Zealands
Radio Sport Breakfast.
When things went bad we
made some very, very poor decisions. We expect more of the
new players as well as the experienced players in those
situations. But the reality is,
every team struggles in India
whether from the subcontinent or not. They are incredibly

Cricket Association (SCA)
will felicitate Dhiraj Parsana,
Karsan Ghavri, Yajurvindra
Singh, Dilip Doshi, Salim Durani, Cheteshwar Pujara and
Ravindra Jadeja before the
start of the inaugural Test at
Rajkot against England from
November 9 to 13. The Test
will be played at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium at Khanderi.
These are the players who
have played for Saurashtra in
the Ranji Trophy. The Chief
Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay
Rupani will felicitate them.
We are also trying to make
commemorate the first Test at
Rajkot, said SCA secretary
Niranjan Shah.
The Indian team will reach
Rajkot on November 5 and begin its training and practice
sessions on November 6.

diicult to beat at home.

New Zealand reached the final of the one-day World Cup
in Australia last year under
former captain Brendon McCullum but is in the throes of
transition under new skipper
Kane Williamson.
Hesson said opener Tom
Mitchell Santner had shown

they were good enough in

Indian conditions but he expected to make a number of
changes during the home summers one-day tournaments.
We lost over 1,000 matches
(in experience) from our
World Cup squad, he said.
We have got 36 ODIs coming
up and we will try some diferent players. It will be similar to

the last World Cup (cycle) and

we will look at a lot of diferent
players, then pull them all together towards the end.
We need to replace five or
six key players and have been
able to blood some new ones.
New Zealand plays the first
Test against Pakistan in
Christchurch from November
17. Reuters

Cremer helps Zimbabwe avoid follow-on Brathwaite foils Pakistan

HARARE: Captain Graeme Cremer scored his maiden Test
hundred to help Zimbabwe
avoid the follow-on in the first
Test here on Monday. The
host scored 373 in reply to Sri
Lankas 537.
The visitors closed the third
day at five for no loss in the
second innings, a 169-run lead
Cremers century received
an ecstatic reception from the
small crowd as Zimbabwe
showed gutsy determination
that had been missing through
six successive Test defeats going into the two-match series
against the in-form but injury-

hit Sri Lankans.

Zimbabwes lower-order
rally was inspired by its captain, whose previous high Test
Bangladesh three years ago.
Century partnership
Cremer shared a 132-run
partnership for the seventh
wicket with wicketkeeper
Peter Moor, who playing in
only his second Test, and 92
for the eighth wicket with
Donald Tiripano.
The 30-year-old Cremer
was unbeaten on 102 of 207
balls at the end of the Zimbabwe innings. Reuters

Sri Lanka 1st innings: 536.
Zimbabwe 1st innings: T. Ma-

woyo c Gunaratne b Lakmal 45, B.

Chari lbw b Herath 5, H. Masakadza c
Karunaratne b Lakmal 33, C. Ervine
lbw b D. Perera 12, S. Williams c
Gunaratne b Herath 10, M. Waller
lbw b D. Perera 22, P. Moor c D.
Perera b Kumara 79, G. Cremer (not
out) 102, D. Tiripano lbw b Mendis
46, C. Mumba b Herath 1, C. Mpofu b
Lakmal 2; Extras (b-4, lb-4, w-7,
nb-1): 16; Total (in 107.4 overs): 373.

Fall of wickets: 1-21, 2-92, 3-92,

4-111, 5-134, 6-139, 7-271, 8-363, 9366.

Sri Lanka bowling: Lakmal 21.43-69-2, Kumara 22-3-90-1, Herath
37-5-97-3, D. Perera 18-1-66-2, Gunaratne 3-0-23-0, de Silva 2-0-10-0,
Mendis 4-0-10-1.
Sri Lanka 2nd innings: D.
Karunaratne (batting) 1, K. Silva (batting) 3; Extras (nb-1): 1; Total (for no
loss in three overs): 5.
Zimbabwe bowling: Mpofu 2-20-0, Cremer 1-0-5-0.


whose previous highest was 43, hammered a century.

Judge England in India, not Bangladesh: Botham

LONDON: Ian Botham believes
Englands end-of-year tour
programme will be judged on
its upcoming five-Test tour of
India, rather than a stunning
loss to Bangladesh.

The wickets are tailored,

they are designed to spin.
When you see spinners opening in Tests with the new ball,
you get an idea of whats coming.

It (a rapid collapse) can

happen in that part of the
world, England great Botham
said in an interview on

Good for them

Its good for them
theyve got to do is to start
winning outside of their own

Incredible act by
amputee on the
cricket field
MELBOURNE: It often happens

in the game of cricket that

when a cricketer is sent to
the deep, he/she complains
about lack of interaction
with play and the long
chases around the
boundary as the reason.
But for disabled England
cricketer Liam Thomas, it
is hardly a thing to worry
Thomas, while fielding
for the England Physical
Disabilities (PD) team at
deep backwards square leg
during a Twenty20 game
last week against Pakistan,
made sure nothing was
going to stop him from
performing his fielding
The England Physical
Disabilities cricket
representative stunned the
viewers when he chased


after a ball running to the

boundary, dived, and had
his prosthetic leg pop out
of place and fall onto the
turf, reports news.com.au.
The England cricketer
would have been excused
for turning back to pick up
his artificial limb, but such
was his commitment that
he simply hopped over to
the ball and threw it back
to the keeper without a
hint of distress and

Collingwoods praise
Impressed by his efort and
commitment, former
England cricketer Paul
Collingwood heaped
praise on him on Twitter
saying, This is what sport
is all about, to inspire
people, entertain and try
your best. ANI

country. Thats the acid test

and thats what England have
got to do now.
At the end of the day,
theyll be judged not so much
Bangladesh, but they will be
judged more on what happens
in India.
While questions remain
about Englands spinners, and

their ability to play spin,

Botham said all was far from
lost for Alastair Cooks side as
they headed to India.
England have got the bowlers who can take the pitch out
of the equation with reverse
swing, the former pace bowling all-rounder added.
If they go out there and
they perform they can win. he
said. AFP

SHARJAH: Opener Kraigg Brathwaite needed five runs for a

fighting hundred as he foiled
Pakistan on the second day of
the third and final Test here on
Brathwaite anchored the
West Indian innings with a
206-ball unbeaten 95 after his
team was struggling at 38 for
three, putting two solid stands
of 83 each with Roston Chase
(50) for the fifth wicket and
Shane Dowrich (47) for the
At close skipper Jason
Holder was unbeaten on six as
West Indies was 244 for six,
just 37 runs away from
Pakistans first innings total of
281. This gives West Indies a
good position for the first time
in the series against Pakistan,
which is targeting a 3-0 sweep
after winning the first Test by
56 runs in Dubai and the
second by 133 runs in Abu
Brathwaite batted solidly as
he negotiated Pakistans spincum-pace attack with full confidence, having so far hit 10
There will be no butterflies, said the 23-year-old
from Barbados. For me helping the West Indies to a good
lead will be more important
and I will do my best to
achieve that.
West Indies lost Jermaine
Blackwood for 23 soon after
lunch and it looked like they
would once again concede a
lead but Brathwaite held the
innings well with Chase and
Chase hit leg-spinner Yasir
Shah for a straight six to bring
up his fifty but was caught in
the slip of Mohammad Amir
in the next over. His 89-ball

TURNING IT AROUND: Kraigg Brathwaite put West Indies back in

the picture when things were looking bleak. PHOTO: AFP
stay was spiced with six fours
and a six.
Dowrich then complemented Brathwaite as they took
West Indies to 234, with
Dowrich benefitting from a
catch of Wahab Riazs no-ball
on 15 and a let-of by Younis

Shane Warne believes that

Test cricket, the games traditional format, is becoming
boring for the fans.
Adding his weight to the debate about Test cricket, which
is considered as the toughest
of the three formats, Warne
took to Twitter to express his
concern, saying, Should we

Pakistan 1st innings: Sami

Aslam c Holder b Bishoo 74, Azhar Ali
c Brathwaite b Gabriel 0, Asad Shafiq
lbw b Gabriel 0, Younis Khan c Johnson b Chase 51, Misbah-ul-Haq c
Dowrich b Bishoo 53, Sarfraz Ahmed
b Gabriel 51, Mohammad Nawaz st
Dowrich b Bishoo 6, Wahab Riaz lbw
b Bishoo 4, Yasir Shah b Joseph 12,
Mohammad Amir b Joseph 20,
Zulfiqar Babar (not out) 1; Extras
(lb-4, nb-4, w-1): 9; Total (in 90.5
overs): 281.
Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-1, 3-107,
4-150, 5-230, 6-242, 7-248, 8-248,
West Indies bowling: Gabriel 211-67-3, Joseph 16.5-5-57-2, Holder

12-4-29-0, Chase 20-5-47-1, Bishoo

West Indies 1st innings: K.
Brathwaite (batting) 95, L. Johnson
lbw b Riaz 1, D. Bravo c Amir b Babar
11, M. Samuels lbw b Yasir 0, J.
Blackwood c Shafiq b Amir 23, R.
Chase c Younis b Amir 50, S. Dowrich
b Riaz 47, J. Holder (batting) 6; Extras
(lb-6, nb-5): 11; Total (for six wickets
in 78 overs): 244.
Fall of wickets: 1-6, 2-32, 3-38,
4-68, 5-151, 6-234.
Pakistan bowling: Amir 17-444-2, Riaz 16-0-65-2, Yasir 18-2-56-1,
Babar 17-3-45-1, Nawaz 4-0-12-0,
Azhar 6-0-16-0.

PARIS: Italys Paolo Lorenzi

shocked Frenchman Benoit
Paire 6-4, 7-6(4) in the opening
round of the Paris Masters on
In other encounters, Pablo
Carreno Busta of Spain sailed
past Italys Fabio Fognini 6-3,
6-1 while American Steve
Johnson got past Argentine
Guido Pella 6-4, 7-5.
Meanwhile, Andy Murray
insisted he felt no additional
pressure ahead of his quest to
wrest away the worlds top
ranking from long-time incumbent Novak Djokovic.
Murray can supplant the Serb
by claiming his first title in the
French capital if Djokovic fails
to reach the final of an event he
has dominated in recent times.
The 29-year-old Briton said
his approach will remain the
same and vowed to block out
the hysteria surrounding his
potential ascent to the top.
Its not in my control. I can
obviously try and win my
matches, but even if I win all of
them this week, I still might
not get there," said Murray.
The results (first round): Pablo
Carreno Busta bt Fabio Fognini 6-3,
6-1; Steve Johnson bt Guido Pella
6-4, 7-5; Fernando Verdasco bt Robin
Haase 6-2, 3-2, retd.; Joao Sousa bt
Andreas Seppi 6-4, 6-4; Marcos
Baghdatis bt Paul-Henri Mathieu 6-2,
6-4; Jan-Lennard Struff bt Illya
Marchenko 6-1, 6-1; Paolo Lorenzi bt
Benoit Paire 6-4, 7-6(4). AFP


Quagliarella piles it on
for de Boers men

17-21), Mohali (Nov. 26-30),

Mumbai (Dec. 8-12) and Chennai (Dec. 16-20).

MILAN: Inter Milan coach Frank

de Boers position remains

perilous as his side fell to a
fourth defeat in five league
matches in Serie A on Sunday.
Quagliarella scored the only
goal of an entertaining match
on the stroke of halftime,
shooting into the bottom right
corner after Karol Linetty
rolled the ball across the area.
Both sides hit the woodwork and had several chances,
with Rodrigo Palacio going
closest for Inter in the final
minute. His efort crashed of
the underside of the crossbar
and landed just the wrong side
of the goalline for the
Sampdoria moved level
with 11th-placed Inter.

Festival break
The team will return home
for Christmas and New Year
before the three ODI matches
to be played at Pune (Jan. 15),
Cuttack (Jan. 19) and Kolkata
(Jan. 22). The three Twenty20
matches will take place at Kanpur (Jan. 26), Nagpur (Jan. 29)
and Bengaluru (Feb. 1). Special Correspondent

just leave Test cricket as it is &

hope people start watching
again ?
Its very sad, but Test
cricket is becoming boring for
the fans. Test cricket needs
Promotion, more attacking
cricket from the captains,
pitches need to spin or seam,
not flat & players need to entertain, he added. ANI

Khan on 21.
Dowrich was finally bowled
by Riaz from an inside edge.
Pakistan added 26 to its
overnight score before losing
Amir for 20 and Shah for 12,
both to Joseph. The pair added
32 for the ninth wicket. AFP


Make Tests fun,

says Shane Warne
NEW DELHI: Legendary spinner

VIJAYAWADA: The Mulapadu

cricket playfield near here,
spruced up by the Andhra
Cricket Association (ACA),
will host three One-Day Internationals and three Twenty20
matches between India and
West Indiess womens teams.
The ODIs will be held on
Nov. 10, 13, and 16 and the T20
fixtures will be played on Nov.
18, 20, and 22.

packs of

England to train at CCI

ahead of first Test
MUMBAI: The Alastair Cook-led
England team will enter the
first Test against India
without having played a
warm-up game.
The side, which was in
Bangladesh recently, will
practise for three hours at the
Brabourne Stadium, Cricket
Club of India, here on Saturday, November 5, before flying to Rajkot the next day.
After Rajkots inaugural
Test (Nov. 9-13), England will
play at Visakhapatnam (Nov.

Mulapadu to host
womens fixtures

AIRBORNE: Fabio Quagliarella, who scored Sampdorias matchwinner, vies for the ball with Inter Milan defender
Davide Santon. PHOTO: AFP

Sule scores for Hofenheim

Rising Germany star Niklas
Sule sealed Hofenheims 1-0
win over Hertha Berlin which
put them third in the Bundesliga and set up a mouth-watering clash against leaders Bay-

ern Munich next week.

Suele's 31st-minute header
on Sunday gave unbeaten Hoffenheim its fifth win in nine
games. It was a cool feeling to
score, more so as it was an important goal, which meant we
could celebrate with the fans,"
said Sule. We have got an exceptional squad with a great
atmosphere and if we keep
playing like this, itll be a super
The win left Hofenheim
four points behind Carlo Ancelottis Bayern, which it plays
in Munich next Saturday.
Having battled relegation
last season, this is the highest
Hofenheim has been in the
German league table for two
years. The turnaround is
mainly down to the hard work
of the 29-year-old Julian Nagelsmann, the youngest coach
in Bundesliga history.
The results: Serie A : Sampdoria
1 (Quagliarella 43) bt Inter Milan 0.
Bundesliga : Hoffenheim 1 (Sule
31) bt Hertha Berlin 0.
Cologne 3 (Modeste 61, 82, 86) bt
Hamburg 0. Agencies

22 |


Shahrukh leads
from the front

Hamilton keeps title bid alive

CHENNAI: Skipper M. Shahrukh

Khan led from front with a
half-century as Tamil Nadu
ended day one at 189 for six in
its Col. C.K. Nayudu Elite
against Bengal here on
Chakraborty and Ananta Saha
picked up two wickets each for
State players B. Aparajith,
who was inducted in the side
to find some form, managed
only six while J. Kousik was
unbeaten on 14.

FORMULA ONE / Cuts Rosbergs advantage to 19 points with two races remaining
MEXICO CITY: Defending champion Lewis Hamilton kept
alive his title defence with a
controlled victory ahead of
championship leader and Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg
in a stormy Mexican Grand
The win helped the Briton
trim the deficit to 19 points
with two races remaining.
This saw four-time champion Sebastian Vettel lose his
temper during a tempestuous
exchange following a clash
with Dutch teenager Max Verstappen of Red Bull.
The conflict was settled by
the stewards who swiftly
handed the Dutchman a fivesecond penalty for gaining an
advantage when he went of
the track at Turn One.
Verstappen, who had finished third, had already taken
his place in the pre-podium
room with the two Mercedes
drivers before the stewards'
decision was taken while
Vettel fumed and gave vent to
a stream of profanities but
made a hasty retreat when the
German came to the room.
However, almost three
hours after the race had ended,
Vettel was penalised 10
seconds and demoted from
third to fifth after oicials
deemed he had made a dangerous blocking move on Red
Bull's Daniel Ricciardo.
That moved Ricciardo up to
third and Verstappen to
But the final fury could not
overshadow a near-flawless
drive by Hamilton to his
second win in succession, his
eighth of the season and the
51st of his career.
It's my first win in Mexico
and for that I am very happy,
said Hamilton.
Hamilton also went of-circuit at Turn One on the opening lap, but without being penalised in much the same

Hyderabad restricts Kerala

At Hyderabad, the host
restricted Kerala to 235 on the
first day of its Group-C match
at the Gymkhana on Monday.
Left-arm spinners Mohit
Soni (four for 29) and Tanay
Thyagarajan (four for 96)
bowled well for Hyderabad.
Heavy rain curtailed play in
the final session.
The scores:
Group A: At Chennai: Tamil

Nadu 189 for six in 90 overs (U.

Vishal 40, M. Shahrukh Khan 73) vs.
Group C: At Hyderabad: Kerala
235 in 65.4 overs (Mohammed
Azharuddeen 45, Vishnu Vinod 62,
Vinshu N. Babu 32, Salman Nizar 65,
Tanay Thyagarajan four for 96, Mohit
Soni four for 29) vs. Hyderabad.

India bags four


Praggnanandhaa. FILE PHOTO

BATUMI (GEORGIA): India bagged

FLYING HIGH: Lewis Hamilton conquered a stormy Mexican GP. PHOTO: AFP
way that Verstappen was to in
the closing laps before he
settled and drove with his customary elan.
Vettel was still fuming on
the podium although his
mood would have got a lot
darker later when he was
He (Verstappen) left the
track and didnt move and so
you can understand why I was
Sixth was Kimi Raikkonen
in the second Ferrari while
Nico Hulkenberg was seventh
for Force India. Valtteri Bottas
finished eighth for Williams
ahead of his team-mate Felipe
Massa and local hero Sergio
Perez who claimed the final
point in the second Force India. AFP

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1h
40min 31.402sec; 2. Nico Rosberg
(Mercedes) +8.354; 3. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) +20.858; 4. Max
Verstappen (Red Bull) +21.323; 5. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) +27.313; 6.
Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) +49.376; 7.
Nico Hulkenberg (Force India)
+58.891; 8. Valtteri Bottas (Williams)
+1:05.612; 9. Felipe Massa (Williams)
+1:16.206; 10. Sergio Perez (Force
India) +1:16.798.
1 Lap: 11. Marcus Ericsson
(Sauber); 12. Jenson Button
(McLaren); 13. Fernando Alonso
(McLaren); 14. Jolyon Palmer
(Renault); 15. Felipe Nasr (Sauber);
16. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Toro Rosso); 17.
Kevin Magnussen (Renault); 18.
Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso); 19.



Djokovic rejuvenated
by top-spot battle
PARIS: Novak Djokovic admits
that Andy Murray's dramatic
last-gasp assault on his World
No. 1 ranking has rejuvenated a
season which was limping into
mediocrity for the 12-time Major winner. Djokovic has
sufered a worrying dip in form
since winning his first French
Open and completing the career Grand Slam in June.
He had a shock early loss at
Wimbledon followed by a firstround exit at the Olympics and
a runner-up spot at the US
But as the 29-year-old prepares to defend the Paris Masters title he has won for the past
three years, he insists Murray's
charge for the top has provided
the fresh impetus he needs.
It makes me want to go on
court and fight for every point
because there is something to
win at the end, Djokovic said,
adding he felt rejuvenated and
If Djokovic reaches next
Sunday's final in Paris he will
retain the World No. 1 ranking
that he has held for 122 weeks
straight, no matter what Murray does in the French capital.
But if he fails to make the

championship match, then

Murray will become the No. 1
as long as the British star wins
the title. The 29-year-old Briton took a step closer to the top
spot on Sunday by winning the
Vienna ATP title. Andy is
playing maybe the best tennis
hes ever played. He definitely
deserves to be in the position to
finish up the year as No. 1.
Whether or not that's going to
happen, it doesn't depend only
on him. It depends on me as
well, said Djokovic. I just try
to work on my game these days
and I know if I'm on the level I
desire, I can challenge anybody
or beat anybody.
Djokovic, who has admitted
private issues contributed to
his summer slump he has not
said what those were believes Paris is the perfect place
to revive his fortunes.
Winning Roland Garros
this year gave me a lot of joy but
it required a lot of energy. I felt
a little exhausted after and I
was a little less motivated,
said the Serb, who hasnt
played since a semi-final defeat
to Roberto Bautista Agut in the
Shanghai Masters in mid-October. AFP

SPOILING FOR A SCRAP: Novak Djokovic says he has recovered

from a summer slump and is ready to go all
out for every point. PHOTO: AFP

Steyn warns Australia about Rabada City Of Harmony in good form

PERTH: Senior paceman Dale
Steyn said on Monday his fellow quick Kagiso Rabada
would bring a lot of heat to
the South African bowling attack in this week's Test seriesopener against Australia in
Steyn, the veteran of the
Proteas' new-ball attack with
416 wickets in 84 Tests, gave
the Australian batsmen a
sense of what they would be
facing in the first of three
Tests starting at the WACA
Ground on Thursday.
A lot of heat, the 33-yearold told reporters when asked
what to expect from Rabada,
who is 21.
He's really quick and he's
got a great head on his
shoulders. He's always looking to learn and his record (29
wickets at 24.44 from eight
Tests) is pretty amazing for
such a young guy, especially a
Because you only see bowlers tend to come into their
stripes at maybe 26 or 27, especially fast bowlers once
they've learned their trade.
Only current Test bowler
Vernon Philander (30.98) and
former all-rounder Mike
Procter (36.93) can claim a
better strike rate among South
African bowlers than Rabada's
current strike of a wicket
every 38.93 deliveries.
Steyn also had no hesitation

Indian carrom
team for World
NEW DELHI: The Indian carrom

team was felicitated by the

Union Sports Minister Vijay
Goel here, when it started its
preparation for the seventh
World championships to be
held at Birmingham from
November 7 to 11.
Former world champions
Rashmi Kumari and Yogesh
Pardeshi have been given wild
card entries.
Apart from India and host
Britain, there will be 15 other
countries in action including
US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy.
The team: Men: Sandeep Deorukhkar, Riyaz Akbar ali, Prashant
More, RM Shankara; Coach: Arun
Kedar; Manager: P.S. Bachher.
Women: Kajal Kumari, S.
Apoorwa, M. Parimal Devi, Tuba Sehar. Manager: Bharat Bhushan.
Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: City Of Harmony, who

is in good form, may complete a hattrick in the Sri Shamlal Gupta Memorial Cup (1,400m), the main event
of the opening day's races to be held
here on Tuesday (Nov. 1).
There will be no false rails.
1 WELCOME PLATE (1,400m),
3-y-o & over, rated 26 to 50 (Cat.
III), 12-45 p.m.: 1. George Cross (5)
P. Trevor 60, 2. Wine N Dine (3) B.
Dileep 57.5, 3. Agusta Bombshell
(6) Ajit Singh 56.5, 4. Rose D
Mumtaz (4) P. Gaddam 53.5, 5. Save
The Nation (2) G. Naresh 53.5, 6. Al
Sadr (7) B. R. Kumar 50.5 and 7.
Monkey Shoulder (1) Sai Kumar
1. George Cross, 2. Agusta
Bombshell, 3. Monkey Shoulder

MASTERCLASS: South Africa's Dale Steyn feels Kagiso Rabada

(right) has a great head on his shoulders and is always
looking to learn. FILE PHOTO
in declaring his likely new ball
partner was much faster than
he is.
It doesn't feel like he's been
in this team for a long time but
it's actually almost three years
now so he's learned a lot and
he's an incredible talent,
Steyn said.
I (attribute much of that) to
the culture and the environ-

ment in this team, I think he's

got about 10 years of experience in three years, which is
really great.
I'm excited to see what he
can do because in Adelaide the
other night he was bowling really quick and he was landing
the ball exactly where he
wanted to. The guy's got a lot
of pace. AFP

2 DAWN PLATE (1,600m), 3y-o & over, rated 46 to 70 (Cat. II),

1-15: 1. Breezeofthesouth (2) Suraj
Narredu 60, 2. Western Wind (4)
K. Mukesh Kumar 56.5, 3. Limitation (5) Aneel 56, 4. Cloud Dancer
(6) Akshay Kumar 55.5, 5. Ice Crystal (1) N. S. Rathore 54.5, 6. Sonic (7)
N. Rawal 54 and 7. Naazaan (3) T. S.
Jodha 53.
1. Naazaan,
2. Breezeofthesouth,
3. Western Wind
(1,000m), (Cat. II), maiden 2-y-o
only (Terms), 1-45: 1. Aerofoil (1) K.
Sai Kiran 55, 2. Delmonico (2) Sai
Kumar 55, 3. On The Fire (6) Kunal
Bunde 55, 4. Fashion High (5) Suraj
Narredu 53.5, 5. Gladiator Royale
(3) G. Naresh 53.5, 6. New State (4)
P. Trevor 53.5 and 7. Plain Jane (7)
Akshay Kumar 53.5.
1. New State, 2. Aerofoil, 3.
Fashion High
PLATE (Div. II), (1,100m), 3-y-o &
over, rated upto 30, (Cat. III), 2-15: 1.
Sher Afgan (6) B. R. Kumar 62, 2.
Queen Of Spades (2) A. A. Vikrant

Prajnesh leaps
to career-high
ATP ranking

Gunneswaran. FILE PHOTO

MUMBAI: Chennai left-hander
Prajnesh Gunneswaran has
benefited by playing some refreshing tennis in the weeklong $ 50,000 KPIT-MSLTA
Challenger at Pune. He lost in
three sets to Frances Sadiq
Doumbia in the final.
Gunneswaran started the
tournament with an ATP ranking of 346 and after gaining 48
ATP points for reaching the final, he has climbed to a careerhigh ranking of 287.
The 26-year-old Doumbia,
after winning his first ATP title, gained 80 ATP points and
moved to his best ATP ranking
of 253. Gunneswaran is Indias
third highest in the ATP list
with Saketh Myneni breaking
into the top 200. Myneni has
an ATP ranking of 193, far from
his previous best of 137.
Ramkumar Ramanathan is
ranked 227 and Sumit Nagal
358. Special Correspondent

Jindal Panther
wins cup



four medals in the World cadets chess championships,

which concluded here recently.
While Mrudul Dehankar
settled for silver and Divya
Deshmukh took third place in
the girls under-12 event, R.
medals in the open under-12
and under-10 sections respectively. Sports Bureau

Esteban Gutierrez (Haas); 20. Romain Grosjean (Haas); 2 laps: 21.

Esteban Ocon (Manor); Did not
finish: Pascal Wehrlein (Manor).
Overall standings: Drivers: 1.
Rosberg (349 points); 2. Hamilton
(330); 3. Ricciardo (242); 4. Vettel
(187); 5. Raikkonen (178); 6. Verstappen (177) 7. Perez (85); 8. Bottas
(85); 9. Hulkenberg (60); 10. Alonso
(52); 11. Massa (51); 12. Sainz Jr. (38);
13. Grosjean (29); 14. Kvyat (25); 15.
Button (21); 16. Magnussen (7); 17.
Palmer (1); 18. Wehrlein (1); 19. Vandoorne (1).
Constructors: 1. Mercedes (679
points); 2. Red Bull (427); 3. Ferrari
(365); 4. Force India (145); 5. Williams (136); 6. McLaren (74); 7. Toro
Rosso (55); 8. Haas (29); 9. Renault
(8); 10. Manor (1).


61.5, 3. Sefarina (7) G. Naresh 61.5,

4. Hammer (3) Deep Shanker 61, 5.
Cannon Grey (8) Md. Ismail 60.5,
6. Invasion (9) Akshay Kumar 60,
7. Pride And Joy (4) Md. Sameeruddin 60, 8. Nothing But Wind (1)
Sai Kumar 55.5 and 9. Rainbow
Blues (5) A. K. Pawar 51.5.
1. Sher Afgan,
2. Cannon Grey, 3. Invasion

hinoor Karishma (9) Kunal Bunde

58, 6. Malakeye Ziba (8) Akshay
Kumar 57.5, 7. Trustful (10) Aneel
56.5, 8. Dolce (6) B. R. Kumar 54, 9.
Exclusive Monarchy (3) Kiran
Naidu 53 and 10. Time Is Luck (2)
Laxmikanth 52.5.
1. Kohinoor Karishma,
2. Exclusive Monarchy,
3. Rocky Hill


I), (1,200m), 4-y-o & over, rated 26
to 50 (Cat. III), 2-45: 1. Bharat King
(9) Ajeeth Kumar 60, 2. Island
Bird (7) B. Dileep 60, 3. Wonder
Eye (6) Ajit Singh 59.5, 4. Manogamini (11) A.S.Pawar 59, 5. Astra
(5) Rafique Sk. 58, 6. Pamella (4)
Akshay Kumar 57, 7. Picture Perfect (1) Suraj Narredu 56.5, 8. Pegasus (2) A. A. Vikrant 55.5, 9. Star
Player (3) S. Sreekant 54.5, 10.
Racing Ikon (8) N. S. Rathore 53.5
and 11. Amazing Power (10) G.
Naresh 52.5.
1. Manogamini, 2. Picture Perfect, 3. Bharat King


over, rated 66 to 90 (Cat. II), 4-15:
1. Baashagar (8) K. Mukesh Kumar
60, 2. Movie Moghual (5) P. Gaddam 59.5, 3. Red Rambble (9) S. S.
Tanwar 59, 4. Kohinoor Thunder
(2) Kunal Bunde 56, 5. City Of Harmony (7) P. Trevor 55.5, 6. Net
Champ (3) Suraj Narredu 55.5, 7.
Rebellion (10) N. Rawal 55.5, 8.
Columbus (4) Aneel 54.5, 9.
Sketch Of Beauty (11) Ajeeth Kumar 54.5, 10. Baazigar (12) Rafique
Sk. 54, 11. Sensei (6) N. S. Rathore
53.5 and 12. Winds And Waves (1)
G. Naresh 53.
1. City Of Harmony,
2. Baashagar, 3. Red Rambble


(1,200m), 3-y-o & over, rated 46 to
70 (Cat. II), 3-15: 1. Ashwa Raftar
(2) K. Mukesh Kumar 60, 2. Magna
Carta (10) Kuldeep Singh 58, 3.
Charlie Brown (3) Sai Kumar 57.5,
4. Paprika (1) P. Trevor 56.5, 5.
Without Makeup (4) Ajit Singh 56,
6. Gangadhar (7) G. Naresh 55.5, 7.
Moon Walker (6) N. S. Rathore 55,
8. The Blue (8) N. Rawal 55, 9.
Aakash Vani (5) Ajeeth Kumar
54.5, 10. Rahuls Pet (9) Suraj
Narredu 54.5 and 11. Dublin (11)
Md. Sameeruddin 54.
1. Paprika, 2. Rahuls Pet,
3. Ashwa Raftar
II), (1,200m), 4-y-o & over, rated
26 to 50, 3-45: 1. Egyptian Wind (7)
Rafique Sk. 60, 2. Naamdhari (1) A.
A. Vikrant 60, 3. Rocky Hill (5)
Md. Sameeruddin 60, 4. Delta
Force (4) B. Dileep 58.5, 5. Ko-

PLATE (Div. I), (1,100m), 3-y-o &
over, rated upto 30 (Cat. III), 4-50:
1. Fortune Star (8) Rafique Sk. 62,
2. My Choice (6) A. A. Vikrant 61.5,
3. Rohini (9) P. Gaddam 61.5, 4. Yes
Baby (3) G. Naresh 61.5, 5. Ragas
Ajalias (4) K. Sai Kiran 61, 6.
Touch Of Gold (7) Sai Kumar 60,
7. Blaze Of Glory (5) B. R. Kumar
59.5, 8. Cannon King (10) S.
Sreekant 59.5, 9. Man Of The
Series (2) Md. Sameeruddin 53.5
and 10. Royal Gold (1) Md. Ismail
1. Yes Baby, 2. Fortune Star,
3. Man Of The Series
Day's best: Paprika
Double: Naazaan - City Of
Jkt: 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9; Tr (i): 1, 2 & 3; (ii):
4, 5 & 6; (iii):: 7, 8 & 9; Tla: All

NEW DELHI: Jindal Panther beat

Sona Polo 8-4 in the final of the
Cavalry Gold Cup 10-goal polo
tournament at the Jaipur Polo
The results (final): Jindal Panther 8 (Simran Shergill 3, Ricardo
Nunes 3, Raghav Rao 2) bt Sona
Polo 4 (Abhimanyu Pathak 2, Gaurav


Top stars for

PGTI event
KOLKATA: Some of the leading
professionals of the Indian
tour will feature in the PGTI
Players Championship, which
will be held at the Tollygunge
Club from November 2 to 4.
Among those expected to
participate are Shubhankar
Sharma, Khalin Joshi, Mukesh
Shamim Khan, Harendra
Gupta and Abhijit Singh
The local challenge will be
led by Shankar Das and Feroz
Ali Mollah.
The field will also feature
prominent foreign names
from neighbouring countries
like N. Thangaraja and Anura
Rohana from Sri Lanka, Mohammad Zamal Hossain Mollah of Bangladesh and Kunal
Bhasin of Australia.
The tournament carries a
purse of Rs. 30 lakh. Special

Germanys World Cupwinning coach Joachim
Low has extended his contract
until 2020, the German FA
(DFB) announced on Monday.
Low, who took charge in 2006,
has penned a two-year extension to lead Germanys defence of the 2018 World Cup in
Russia and to the European
Championships in 2020.
















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5 Nobel laureate name-dropping
frequently of course (6)
10 Rail late as entrance blocked on
edge (3,2,4)
11 Holy place in Middle East
hundreds swarm essentially (5)
12 Dictionary lacking initially single
word for former jailbird (2-3)
13 Crane perhaps,


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shade (5)
3 Sort of lanate underside to insect
before birth (9)
4 Progress through main road (7)
5 A large amount secured lease for
a place in New Jersey (7)
6 One contesting a setter breaking
good rule (5)

7 Easy chairs for recreation on

large ships (9)
8 Second-in-command isn't
perceived to be in charge (4-9)
9 Beau I'd let go, lil het at me,
begins to thaw in essence
15 Impressive cryptic grid's A-one

awfully bad writer (9)

14 Leader bowing out brilliantly in a
fitting way (7)
16 New elite group to curb
government indifference (7)
18 Young actress beginning to
captivate the French (7)
20 Mountain pass is so teeming
with monsters (7)
21 Explaining the logic of charming
siren initially


17 Duck out of a Bond film (9)

19 They are mostly cut to be
sartorial (7)
20 Learn to control passion to fool
around (5,2)
22 Permit or patent (5)
24 Outrage about shedding clothes

falling for director (9)

23 Energy and time spent for coffee
pick up (5)
25 Knows reportedly crossing over
a loop (5)
26 Running in front, he's potentially
in danger (2,3,4)
27 Bristling at her singular red suit
28 Sewer is must at both ends of
lane (6)

Worship of Devi
Adi Sankaras Saundarya Lahari hails the Supreme power
Sakti that is the cause of the entire creation and all the
aspects and features in it, from the great Brahma to the
smallest insect. The supremacy of Sakti is personified as
the Devi, the consort of Siva, and Siva and Sakti are
inseparable, asserts the acharya, pointed out Sri B.
Sundarkumar in a discourse. Worship of Sakti confers
many benefits to the aspirant, from those that are
necessary for worldly purposes as well as those for
spiritual attainment.
Under the influence of Maya, an individual forgets the
true nature of his self and believes in the reality of the
apparent world. He yields to anger, desire, greed and other
emotions and finds attainment of material prosperity as
the goal of his life. It is true that by meditation on the
divine mother one is sure to obtain whatever one desires in
the pursuit of worldly goals for She is the mind that
prompts one to believe in the reality of the external world.
But She is also the one who can remove the screen of the
mind to enable the crystal clear perception of ones true
nature in this world and of ones right to attain eternal
Devi is so gracious to Her devotees who serve Her and
surrender to Her in absolute devotion that She bestows on
them much more than what they seek. Her divine grace is
capable of bringing about the transcendental revelation of
the highest truth and the individual realises the ephemeral
quality of these and seeks to be relieved from the clutches
of materialism. She understands the inner longings in
those who meditate on her and confers on them the
spiritual bliss of moksha or liberation that is hard to attain
in a unique manner.








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Sudoku is a mind game and a

puzzle that you solve with
reasoning and logic. Fill in the grid
with digits in such a manner that
every row, every column and
every 3x3 box accommodates the
digits 1 to 9, without repeating

| 23




Aguero set to return for City

A reiteration of Indias gradual growth: Sreejesh

Concerns in Barca defence as Jordi Alba, Pique and Mathieu stay out


MANCHESTER: Theres no way

Pep Guardiola will be leaving

out Sergio Aguero this time.
Aguero was on the bench at
the start of Manchester Citys
4-0 loss at Barcelona in the last
round of Champions League
matches, leaving many to question the sense in Guardiola
omitting possibly his best
player for such a big match
against his old club.
Guardiola did it for tactical
reasons, using playmaker
Kevin de Bruyne in a withdrawn striker role to give City
an extra body in midfield. Even
if the tactic worked well at first
the game only really changed
after City had goalkeeper Claudio Bravo sent of after 53
minutes with the score at 1-0.
For the return match at City
on Tuesday, Aguero will be
back in Citys team.
But Im not going to tell you
in which position hes going to
play, Guardiola said,
gave a reminder of
his finishing
ability with
two excellently taken goals in a
4-0 win over West Bromwich
Albion in the Premier League
on Saturday.
The win over West Brom
also ended Citys six-game winless run and it was ideal timing,
given Barcelona is heading to
Etihad Stadium with nine
points from a possible nine in
Group C.
City is in second place, five
points behind Barcelona and
one ahead of Borussia
If we want to qualify, City
forward Nolito said, we have
to win this one.
Barcelonas most pressing
concerns are in defence, with
left back Jordi Alba and centre
backs Gerard Pique and Jeremy
Mathieu all out. Luis Enrique
will probably field a makeshift
defence of Lucas Digne, Samuel
Umtiti, Javier Mascherano and

IDEAL TIMING: Sergio Aguero ended a six-game goalless run with a brace in Citys 4-0 win over
West Brom on Saturday, just before it takes on Barcelona. PHOTO: AP
Sergi Roberto. Midfielder Andres Iniesta is also injured for
the match.
The scenarios

Group A
Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal are tied with seven points
and can both qualify with two
group games to spare if one
wins and the other does not lose
on Tuesday.
PSG travels to Basel and will
be counting on Edinson Cavani
adding to his haul of seven
goals in the last six games.
PSG was flattered by the 3-0
winning margin over Basel two
weeks ago, while Arsenal went
even better with a 6-0 home
victory at Ludogorets.
For the return match in Bulgaria, Arsenal should have inform winger Theo Walcott
back from a hamstring injury.
Group B
Its not going well for Napoli.
The Italian team has lost four

of its past six matches, including a 3-2 defeat at home against

Napoli still leads the group
with six points, one more than
Besiktas and two above Benfica, which hosts Dynamo Kiev.
Group C
Monchengladbach isnt just
looking for a home win over
Celtic on Tuesday.
The German side will also be
hoping that Barcelona takes
points of Man City so it can
climb to second place and have
a real chance of advancing at
the expense of City.
Group D
Bayern Munichs earlyseason wobble looks behind the
team before Tuesdays trip to
PSV Eindhoven.
A run of three winless games
was a concern before Bayern
beat PSV 4-1 in Munich, and it
has had three more wins since.
Bayern will qualify for the
last-16 with a win, provided

group leader Atletico Madrid
also avoids losing to winless FC
Rostov at home.
Atletico is one of only three
sides with a 100 percent record
in the competition so far along
with Barcelona and Leicester
grabbing the goals in 1-0 wins
over Bayern and Rostov. The
Belgium winger also struck
twice in Atleticos 4-2 win over
Malaga on Saturday. AP

Impressive show by Indian juniors

Xess Xess (Odisha) won the silver in light weight mixed fours.
In the Asian junior meet, D.
Sai Raju of Telangana and
Nikhil Goliyan of Haryana won
the silver in the mens junior
pairs category while in the
mens junior fours category
Akshai Patil (Maharastra),
Lokendra Singh (UP), Pramod
(Haryana) and Jaskaran Singh
The medallists: Asian indoor
championship: Light weight
womens doubles: Sanjukta Dung
Dung & Manjula Xess Xess silver.

Womens doubles: Navneet

Kaur (Punjab) & Mayurakshi (Bengal)
Junior womens doubles: Deepa
Maharaja and Jibolta Chanu
bronze. Individual: Navneet Kaur
(Punjab) bronze.
Mens doubles: Sawan Kalkal
(Haryana) & Parveen (Haryana)
bronze. Light weight mens
doubles: Tejaswara Reddy (Telangana) & Paras (Indian Navy) - bronze.
Light weight mixed fours: Yuvraj Singh (Haryana), Tejeswara
Reddy (AP), Sanjukta Dung Dung
(Odisha) and Manjula Xess Xess

NEW DELHI: For once, it was the

absence of acrimony that
marked an India-Pakistan
hockey game even as India reclaimed the Asian Champions
Trophy with a 3-2 win over the
two-time defending champion
in the final to level it 2-2 in
terms of number of titles held.
India won the inaugural edition five years ago and since
then a lot has changed. Goalkeeper and captain P.R.
Sreejesh missed out on the final with an ankle and hamstring injury and admitted to
being disappointed. The 2011
final, against the same opponent, was the one where he first
came into the spotlight by saving two penalties.
It definitely was a little disappointing but I was confident.
Iknew we had it in us. I was a bit
nervous because I have more
experience of being inside the
field at such times than on the
bench! We missed a few
chances but we had the hope
and belief, Sreejesh said from
Admitting that the tournament was special for him,
Sreejesh added that it was a reiteration of Indias gradual
growth, that from surprise
winner five years back, it was
considered favourite this time.
We also proved that the
Asian Games win was not a

STAY CLINICAL: Roelant Oltmans asked his players to prioritise

strategy over emotion. FILE PHOTO
fluke, he said. He is, however,
likely to miss out on the upcoming four-nation event and
the subsequent test series in
Australia, concentrating instead on rehabilitation and
strengthening over the next
couple of months.
If Sreejesh became Indian
hockeys new hero after 2011,
this edition did the same for the
likes of Afan Yousuf and
Nikkin Thimmaiah, both scoring goals in the final, and Akash
Chikte, who replaced Sreejesh
in three games including the title clash and impressed.
I was lucky to get the goal
but the victory was not all luck,

we had planned and prepared

for it and knew we could do it,
Thimmaiah said.
Coach Roelant Oltmans,
though, has set his sights
higher. Going into the tournament with three or four core
players missing and then losing two more for the title clash
was the perfect occasion for
him to test the bench and he
would have been pleased with
the outcome. That he did not
risk Sreejesh despite the high
stakes against Pakistan was
The pre-match meeting before the final was actually
much shorter than normal,

Sreejesh said. The coach

spoke little but only reminded
us repeatedly that it was time
to put strategies over emotions. When we play with with
emotions, we make mistakes.
The coach only said, pick
up any data, any video, any
statistics from the last few
years and you will see that we
are better in everything. We
are a better team, we are a more
skilled team, we are the higherranked team. All you have to do
is keep control of the game and
avoid your emotions. It
The result was one of the
cleanest India-Pakistan games
ever with few cautions and no
Five years ago was also
when Sardar Singh had inexplicably and abruptly walked
out of the preparatory camp
for the tournament, along with
Sandeep Singh, inviting censure and disciplinary action.
As the senior-most player in
the side now, he was the fulcrum of Indias attacks, proving his class and setting up
goals for the forwards from either flank.
Mellowed with age and enriched by experience, the midfielder was the architect of
some of the most crucial goals
for India, including the winner
against Pakistan and the equaliser against Korea in the

Great feeling to score winner against Pakistan


HYDERABAD: Indian rowers put

up an impressive show winning five silver and seven
bronze in the recent Asian indoor rowing championship
and the Asian junior rowing
championships in Thailand.
In the open mixed fours,
Sawan Kalkal (Haryana),
Pritpa (Indian Universities) ,
Navneet Kaur (Punjab) and
Mayurakshi (Bengal) won the
silver while the team of Yuvraj
Singh (Haryana), Tejeswara
Reddy (AP), Sanjukta Dung
Dung (Odisha) and Manjula

HOCKEY / Sardar was the architect of some of the most crucial goals

(Odisha) silver.

BENGALURU: Nikkin Thimmaiah

may have scored only two
goals in the Asian Champions
Trophy, but hes not exactly
downbeat because one of
them was the late winner over
Pakistan in the final.
Scoring the winning goal
against Pakistan is a totally different feeling, he said from
Malaysia on Monday.
It feels great. The coach
(Roelant Oltmans) and the
physio (Shrikant Iyengar) had
told me Id score. I told the
physio Id celebrate with him if
that came true. I kept my
The quality of some of the
opposition may have been debatable, but Nikkin insisted
that the Asian Champions
Trophy was still an important

tournament. We hadnt won

this after 2011. Pakistan,
Malaysia and South Korea are
all good sides.
So it was important for us
to perform well here. We dominated the league stages and
totally deserved to win this,
he said.
Could have played better
The 25-year-old from Virajpet admitted, though, that India could have played better in
the final. For a couple of
minutes, we failed to stick to
our game plan. In the third
quarter, we were of balance
for a bit.
There was a lot of pressure
from Pakistan. We had to hold
the ball better. But in the
fourth quarter, we bounced
back and controlled the
game, he said.

India was without the services of S.V. Sunil, also from

Karnataka, in attack. This
meant that the other forwards
had to shoulder extra responsibility up front. Hes a great
player. Unfortunately, he was
injured and we missed him
here, Nikkin said.
Ramandeep (Singh) was
there with me. Akashdeep
(Singh), Talwinder (Singh),
Afan (Yousuf) and Lalit (Upadhyay) all did well. Ramandeep and I had to take the responsibility and we did that.
We forwards spent a bit of
time together at the hotel, and
spoke about what we had to do
on the field. That helped.
demonstrated improvement
in his game at the ACT. Before the Olympics, I did not
match the standards I had set

Nikkin Thimmaiah. FILE PHOTO

for myself, he said.
But Ive been gradually improving since. In Rio de
Janeiro and here, I was much
My receiving was not good
enough, nor was my running
with the ball and my passing. I
worked on all of those issues
and got the results.

Junior mens doubles: Sunil &




Individual: Maheshwar (Haryana)

Open mixed fours: Sawan Kalkal
(Haryana). Pritpa (Indian Univ) ,
Navneet Kaur (Punjab) and Mayurakshi (Bengal) silver.
Asian Junior meet: Men: Pairs:

D.Sai Raju (Telangana) and Nikhil

Goliyan (Haryana) silver.
Fours: Akshai Patil (Maharastra),
Lokendra Singh (UP), Pramod (Haryana) and Jaskaran Singh ( Punjab)
silver. Sports Bureau

Sasi Kumar and

Kaza Vinayak duo
in last eight

Kumar Mukund and Kaza

Vinayak Sharma entered the
quarterfinals of the $10,000
ITF Futures tournament on
The results: $10,000 ITF men,
Thu Dau Mot City, Vietnam:
Doubles (pre-quarterfinals): JuHae Moon & Sang-Woo Noh (Kor) bt
Rishab Agarwal & Niki Poonacha 6-4,
6-4; Kaza Vinayak Sharma & Sasi Kumar Mukund bt Anthony Susanto &
David Agung Susanto (Ina) 6-3, 7-5.
$50,000 Challenger men,
Charlottesville, USA: Qualifying
singles (second round): Yuki
Bhambri bt Jonathan Ho (US) 6-4,
$10,000 ITF men, Sharm El
Sheikh, Egypt: Qualifying (second
round): Shahbaaz Khan bt Davide
Negrotti (Ita) 6-1, 6-2; Yurii
Dzhavakian (Ukr) bt Kunal Vazirani
7-5, 7-6(6); Dhruv Sunish bt Vadym
Prynkko (Ukr) 6-1, 6-1; Taha Kapadia
bt Cheong Hwi Kim (Kor) 6-4, 6-7(4),
6-3; Filip Duda (Cze) bt Armaan Bhatia 5-7, 6-1, 6-4. Sports Bureau

Dipika sufers
shock defeat
CAIRO: Indias top squash player
Dipika Pallikal went down to
qualifier Mariam Metwally of
Egypt in the first round of the
Wadi Dagla Open, a PSA
world tour event, here on
Dipika squandered a twogame advantage to lose 11-5,
11-9, 6-11, 7-11, 8-11 to the Egyptian in a dramatic contest.
The seventh-seeded Indian,
ranked 19th in the PSA list, was
surprised by the determined
approach of the Egyptian
player who is ranked 31.
Leading by two games,
Dipika seemed well on course.
However, she sufered a sudden slump and the Egyptian
made the most of the situation
to carve out a win in just under
an hour. PTI





We may now know why Van Gogh cut off his ear

Robot smoker to help understand lung diseases

Thunderstorms in the ionosphere are to blame for loss

of GPS signals on low-orbiting satellites, says a study
that used data from the European Space Agency.

Challenging a popular theory, a new study suggests that

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear on hearing
the news of his brother Theos marriage.

Scientists have developed a robot that smokes

cigarettes like a human and has a chip to help
understand how different people respond to smoke.

Tom Hardy to play Al Capone in Fonzo

ctor Tom Hardy is set to play Al Capone, the infamous and

feared American mobster, in Fonzo. Josh Trank is on board to
pen the script and direct the movie, reported Deadline.
Production and financing company BLOOM is handling the
international sales on the project and plans to introduce it to buyers
next week at the American Film Market.
The movie brings together the myth and lore
of notorious American Gangster Al
Capone, with the undeniable talent of
Tom Hardy and Josh Trank. We are
thrilled to bring this film to buyers at
the AFM, BLOOMs Alex Walton said
in a statement.
Russell Ackerman and John
Schoenfelder of Addictive
Pictures will serve as
producers. PTI

Asked Imran for gift, he divorced me instead

mran Khans ex-wife Reham has claimed that she had asked the
cricketer-turned-politician for a wedding anniversary gift last year
but he divorced her instead.
Reham, while speaking to Geo news, said she had jokingly mentioned
on October 31 last year that she wanted a present ahead of the
couples wedding anniversary. He divorced me instead, she said.
Taking a swipe at him, Reham said: Lets pray he doesnt do
something like this with
Pakistan. Imran on
Monday reiterated his
resolve to shut down
Islamabad on November
2 and instructed all
party workers
throughout the country
to reach his residence
ahead of the planned
lockdown of the capital
at any cost. PTI

Kim offered millions to talk about robbery

BC has reportedly offered Reality TV star Kim Kardashian
million of dollars in the hope she would appear in a special
to detail her Paris robbery.
Besides NBS, there are many other media
outlets willing to shell out lots of money to
have her interview, reported Aceshowbiz.
NBC wants to give her a special with a
journalist of her choice to conduct the
interview, but theyre panicking because
nothing is stopping her from taking
a better offer from someone like
ABC, an insider said.
Kardashian lost millions of
dollars worth of jewelry in the
heist that happened four
weeks ago.
No arrests have been made
yet. PTI



Why satellites sometimes lose GPS connection



300 million children breathe toxic air

The vast majority live in South Asia, where air pollution is at least six times the level considered safe, says UNICEF
MUMBAI: About 300 million

children in the world breathe

highly toxic air, UNICEF said
in a report to be released on
Monday that used satellite
imagery to illustrate the
magnitude of the problem.
The vast majority of these
children, about 220 million,
live in South Asia, in places
where air pollution is at least
six times the level that the
World Health Organization
considers safe, UNICEF said.
Children are uniquely

vulnerable because their

lungs are still developing,
said Nicholas Rees, the author of the report. Early exposure to toxic air has
lifelong consequences for
Dangerous particles
Among the most dangerous pollutants are air
particles known as PM2.5,
which are a small fraction of
the width of a human hair.
They can be released from

Cremate but dont

scatter ashes, Vatican
advises Catholics
KOLLAM: The Vaticans Con-

gregation for the Doctrine of

the Faith on October 25 released new guidelines regarding
Catholics. The practice has
been permitted by the
Church since 1963, but there
were many rules surrounding it.
It required a direct application to the bishop, who was
required to approve it.
Now, the Vatican has again
responded to an unstoppable increase in cremation,
and imposed new conditions.
As per the Churchs new
rules, there should be no
scattering of ashes, no parting ashes out to friends and
relatives, and no keeping it at
If cremation is chosen,
the ashes of the faithful
must be laid to rest in a
sacred place, that is, in a
cemetery or, in certain cases,
in a church or an area which
has been set aside for this
purpose, the guidelines say,
adding: Only the bishop can

authorise an exception to
this requirement in extraordinary circumstances.
They at the same time reiterate the Roman Catholic
Churchs preference for burial over cremation. But, in the
wake of an increase in Catholic cremations, local bishops conferences had requested doctrinal clarification
because there were no specific canonical norms for
preserving ashes.
The guidelines say that
the Church raises no doctrinal objections to cremation, since cremation of the
deceaseds body does not affect his or her soul, nor does
it prevent God, in his omnipotence, from raising up the
deceased body to new life.
Thus cremation, in and of itself, objectively negates neither the Christian doctrine
of the souls immortality nor
that of the resurrection of the
At the same time the
guidelines also stress that
cremation for reasons contrary to the faith must be
denied a Christian funeral.

fossil fuel combustion and

industry, and include natural
sources such as dust.
The ultrafine particles
worsening cardiac disease
and increasing the risk of
stroke and heart failure, in
addition to causing severe
respiratory problems, such
as asthma and pneumonia.
Early studies also suggest
a possible link between pollution and childrens cognit-

ive function, the UNICEF report noted.

It also cited numerous
studies connecting chronic
exposure to high pollution
with an increased risk of
miscarriage and early labor
in pregnant women, and low
birth weight.
Globally, about 7 million
deaths each year are linked
to air pollution, 600,000 of
them children younger than
5. The New York Times
News Service

Early studies also suggest a possible link between pollution

and childrens cognitive function, the report noted. FILE PHOTO

Nepal drains risky

glacial lake near
Mount Everest
KATHMANDU: Nepal has suc-

cessfully drained part of a giant glacial lake near Mount

Everest, averting risk of a disastrous flood that could
have threatened thousands
of lives, oicials said on
Scientists say climate
change is causing Himalayan
glaciers to melt at an alarming rate, creating huge glacial
lakes which could burst their
banks and devastate mountain communities.
Imja Tsho, located at an
altitude of 16,437 feet, just 10
km south of the world's
highest peak, is the fastestgrowing glacial lake in
The Himalayan nation was
devastated by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake last year,
raising alarm about about the
risks of flash flooding from
glacial lakes. Draining the
lake was on the priority of
the government because of
its high risk. We have successfully mitigated a disaster
right now, Top Bahadur
Khatri, the project manager
of the Community Based
Flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Risk Reduction Project
said. AFP