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Yale University

Congratulates these outstanding students from The Sound

School Regional Vocational Aquaculture Center, New Haven.
Chosen by their high school, these students exemplify what is
best and brightest in the young people of our community.

Alexandria Abbagnaro

Nijae Flowers

Keomelys Gloss

Daughter of Anthony and Michelle Abbagnaro

Daughter of Simone Flowers

Daughter of Jenisser Santos

Will attend Southern Connecticut

State University
G.P.A. 3.94
FFA Chapter, treasurer
Varsity Sailing Team
CT FFA Agro-Science Fair, first place
Saint Andrew Society, volunteer
and member
Fantasy of Lights, volunteer

Will attend the University

of Connecticut
100 Future Leaders of Color Awards
National Academy of Future Scientist
and Technologists Award
of Excellence
Honor Roll, four years
Math Team

Will attend Gateway

Community College
G.P.A. 3.8
Honor Roll
College Summit
36th Annual Milford Aquaculture
HACCP Certification
BIOS St. George, Bermuda
Senior Advisory

Major: Nursing
Career Goal: Nurse Practitioner

Major: Psychology
Career Goal: Forensic psychologist

and work with law enforcement

Major: Biology
Career Goal: OB/GYN

Alexander Mass

Cassandra Caile Moon

Todd J. Treichel

Son of Kenneth and Kathleen Mass

Daughter of Heidi and Francis X. Moon

Son of Robert and Maribel Treichel

Will attend the University

of Connecticut
G.P.A. 4.39
Sailing Team, co-captain
The Furniture Co-Op, volunteer
Ecology Research Project, on the
schooner Brilliant
Connecticut Revolver League
Wilbur Cross Lacrosse Team

Will attend Roger Williams University

G.P.A. 4.40
Conservation Scuba Diver for
The Crew 3000, volunteer
Senior Capstone Project, Children of
the Coral
FFA, recreational and commercial
Research Vessel Operation, crew and
charter service

Will attend the University

of Connecticut
G.P.A. 3.67
Marine Construction, after school
Boat Maintenance, after school
Boys and Girls Club of New Haven,
after school club
New Haven Reads, tutor
Special Olympics

Major: Biological Sciences

Career Goal: Medical Degree

Major: Marine Biology

Career Goal: Research and

Conservation Marine Biologist

Major: Undeclared
Career Goal: Undecided

photos by:

Photo credit: Chris Volpe

Supporting Youth Programs

Each year, new Pathways to Science students
join Yale faculty, students, and staff in Yale
Commons for our annual Pathways Orientation.
Students interact with scientists from across all
departments and are welcomed as the youngest
members of Yales community of scientists.
Yale Pathways to Science provides opportunities for middle and high school students to
explore science at Yale University and career options in this important field. For more
information, visit yale.edu/scienceoutreach.

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