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Data Collection Methodology Template

Research Question/Topic:
Data Collection Plan
Data Source Timeline/Plan for


Ongoing search
for and use of
literature to inform
my work
throughout the

Ongoing daily
journal that will
Researchers record the daily
participants and
interest levels.


Sometimes daily,
otherwise all
surveys will be
given at the end
of each themed
learning week.

made during Data
Collection Period

Through the literature, I

intend to learn about my
topic, and whats current
in the field. I also plan to
learn from other
researchers approaches
to data collection and to
see how their findings
may be similar to or
different than the
findings from my study.
Sub-topics for my
literature include:
nature-based learning
and brain development.
Through journaling, I
intend to look for
patterns or trends that
occur within the learning
process as well as
common levels of
interest or participation.

The Journaling has helped

me to recall the students
who participated, the
overall demeanor of the
group and the activities
that we did.

By asking the learners

for their personal input
and measuring their
participation in the
activities, I hope to
notice a trend or pattern
as the weeks go on and
we move from inside the
classroom to working
primarily outside in

Students were excited to

participate in the survey
for me! They felt like they
were working on a
college assignment!
However, excited as they
were, most did not want
to give me complete
sentences in writing but
would answer verbal

I was only able to collect

a few articles based on
brain development and
nature-based play. But
was able to find
numerous samples of the
benefits behind using
nature-based learning as
an effective learning tool.



Depending on the
activity, work
samples will be
collected from
each of the

I will be including work

samples throughout the
study and hope to gain
knowledge about the
student interest levels as
well as participation
during each of the

I did not have the

opportunity to implement
too many questionaires
at the end of my work
samples due to
limitations with time and
student schedules.

I. Data Source Descriptions [Narrative]

Description of Data Sources
Professional Literature:I plan on using professional literature as well as
online search engines to collect data throughout the research project. I hope
to find sub-topics during my research and plan to collect at least three
aricles for each sub-topic in order to gain more insight.
Observations:Student observations will be an important part of my
research. Work samples and brief surveys will be included with weekly
activities. A journal will be kept each day to record student participation,
attitudes and general overview of the lessons.
Samples of Childrens Work: Samples will be collected weekly and
sometimes daily throughout the lessons depending on the type of activity
being conducted. Samples will be used to determine the level of
participation, willingness to participate and the level of inerest from each of
the studens.