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Webibliography: Personal Learning

Silva Aviki
Liberty University


Personal Learning Environments - the future of eLearning?

This paper illustrates and defines the importance of the idea of creating the Personal
Learning Environment.Changing technology creates effective changes in teaching and learning
methods.This article also eliminates the importance of technology in education( Attwell, 2007).
Although there is always pressure and resistance when there is a change, this paper explains the
benefits of changes. It also eliminates the role of individuals to implement the changes.
Introducing the variety of softwares, it urges the learners to pick and choose the technology that
is required to accomplish the task. This research indicates that consumers of technology can also
become producers by creating and sharing blogs. Personal learning environment will not be
provided by single learning provider, and it will be the choice of learner to recognize the role of
individuals to organize their learning ( Attwell, 2007) The Research results show that "the
formal training only accounts for 20 percent of how People learn their jobs. Most workers learn
their jobs from observing others, asking questions, trial, and error, calling the help desk and other
unscheduled, mostly independent activities" (Attwell, 2007,p.2). Ultimately, Personal Learning
Environment is required to collect information from different services. Therefore individuals
must be responsible and independent to explore and learn as much as they can.


There is an unresolved issue of providing security of data which has not been considered
in this paper. The student has access to the unlimited resources and blogs, and also they are free
to publish whatever they want. The research shows that the UK is providing all students the
account for their personal use, while Many other institutions are experimenting the use of the
internet including all social software in a more controlled environment limited to the curriculum(
Attwell, 2007,p.6


What responsibilities schools and teachers or moderators have for

supporting such learning, outside course times.This article represents

Personal Learning

environments as a new approach to the use of new technologies for learning( Attwell, 2007,p6 ).
An environment that encourages all learners at all ages to explore and learn without time and
space limitation. Ultimately, this paper indicates that "the argument for the use of Personal
Learning environments are not technical but rather is philosophical, ethical and pedagogic
"( Attwell, 2007,p.7).

Personal Learning Networks:

New Ways to Interact and Broaden Our Horizons


Attending conferences like CUE and CETPA provides chances to meet colleagues around
the state and across the country. For those who were not able to attend the meetings were offered
to use technologies such as blogs, podcasts, social networking, and streaming video, to develop
their Personal Learning Network (PLN).Harry Bloom as Walden University professor says that
he has constant electronic access to his graduate students and, together, they have created a
nutrient broth to keep their minds active. Their conversations have focused on the course and
the standard and broader issues around education. According to Dr. Bloom; Although online
interactions are productive they have their downsides; sitting down with a class and having an
informal chat to explore big ideas will be missing if everything takes place online behind the
electronic devices(Bloom,2009,p 6). Joining a social network to create personal learning
environment opens the door to a broader communication that removes the distance limitation and
broadens the horizons on a daily basis.

Although online interaction eliminates the time and place limitation and it expands the
discussion to all of the conference sessions that the colleagues attended; according to the writer,
the face to face informal interaction creates a better environment to exchange big ideas
(Bloom,2009,p 6). Does this mean that big ideas are not being exchanged during online
collaboration? According to this article technology only opens the door to transfer information
but not to create an environment for critical thinking. It also eliminates the broad usage of
technology to communicate across the country to learn and expand knowledge.

Personal Meanings of Learning

in the Process of Formation of Students Subjectivity


Learning has been defined in different ways for the different type of students. Education
is a source of personal development of a student. Knowledge is external about their real life. "A
lot of specialists view education as a source of personal development of a student"(Kalatskaya,
Selivanova, & Ilesanmi, 2016, p.686) Meanwhile, they believe that pedagogical tools are
required to facilitate the finding for himself, a disclosure of his subjectivity. One of the
objectives of the study is the identification and testing of pedagogical tools to facilitate the
process of student personal learning development (Kalatskaya, Selivanova, & Ilesanmi, 2016, pp.
685). They also believe that personal knowledge is subjected to the strong leadership of teachers.
They believe that training is necessary and understanding of learning according to the awareness
level of learners will not take place randomly. Which means in addition to students internal
desire training and methods of application are required to be demonstrated by educators. Studies
prove that realizing the meaning of learning; students are more satisfied (Kalatskaya, Selivanova,
& Ilesanmi, 2016, pp.686). Thus, the research indicates that development of the definition of
education leads students to choose pedagogical technology to get interacted in their interesting
subject areas and get involved in collaborating works.
Reading this article make me think that the writer has never seen students using their critical
thinking and collaborating on inquiry activities. Therefore I found this research limited to the
author's personal thought. Research is not convincing me to accept the fact that


"the education technology I want to learn is designed for students with a potential level of
subjectivity, a small degree of learning motivation for those who are frustrated by school."
(Kalatskaya, Selivanova, & Ilesanmi, 2016, p688) Also, according to the results of the research
student is subject to the learning process and an object of professional influences of the teacher
which I believe technology provides a broad range of resources that leads students to an
independent self-studies beyond the interest areas of their teachers. Ultimately, the purpose of
this study is to identify the transition of educational institutions in Russia to the standards of the
new generation (Kalatskaya, Selivanova, & Ilesanmi, 2016, p.685 ).This study includes the
ways of achieving goals and reveals the criteria which make education meaningful for the

Make Learning Personal:

The What ,Who, Wow, Where and Why
"Personalized learning is a controversial term that means different things to different
people depending on where and how it is referenced"(Bray & McClaskey, 2014,p7). It is an
instruction that the learning objectives are being personalized for the particular learners including
active directions. Then differences between traditional individualization and current
personalization are based on the teacher's control. According to the traditional instruction how
students learn is considered rather than the responsibility of learning that is given to the learner.
Moreover, teachers should indicate and evaluate learners need.(Bray & McClaskey, 2014,p12)
"Digital literacy is an essential skill in a personalized learning"(Bray & McClaskey, 2014,p16).


Technology brings learners together and connects them by creating a learning environment
that they can collaborate, share, exchange ideas and learn from each other.


independent and self-directed learners. For example; adaptive learning is an educational method
that uses computers as interactive teaching devices to present educational material( Bray &
McClaskey, 2014,p25)Personalized learning means learners know how they learn best. they are
flexible to learn anytime and anywhere. they are able to self-direct their learning. and design
their learning path.(Bray & McClaskey, 2014, P34) The book provides the explanation to create
personalized learning environment at school; you need to make sure that there are teachers that
will take the risk and are ready to turn around from their traditional methods of teachings and
start creating, collaborative environment for their students. Administrators should have teachers
to share the learner's voice and their hopes for independent learning.
According to the author " Personalized Learning System is a culture shift and a change in
process that impacts the entire school community"(Bray & McClaskey, 2014,p211). It also adds
that personalized learning system involve the "Connecting the dots under the personalized
learning umbrella Creating a shared vision, belief system, and commitment to personalizing
learning Developing a strategic plan for the self-sustaining personalized learning system"( Bray
& McClaskey, 2014,p211).Writer indicates that "The language will change to learner NOT
student"(Bray & McClaskey, 2014,p218). Learning now can happen anywhere, anytime, and
anyway. The teacher guides the process. You will see more teachers will share more stories of
learners relevant to the curriculum. The writer states that it will amaze you when you see what
learners can do. Learners will have more voice to share their opinions about something they
believe in(Bray & McClaskey, 2014.p218).


I appreciate how the writer is Inviting teams of teachers to research personalized learning
and encourages them to share their findings. It is essential to have an overview of the readiness
of the school and the district I was also wondering what would be the change that the teachers
would like to make at their school to create personalized learning.To accomplish goals, the
author urges teachers to facilitate a shared vision session and collect a team of dedicated
educators and to develop a strategic plan for personalizing learning( Bray & McClaskey, 2014).
It takes the time to picture and evaluate learners in your class and where they are in their
learning. It is recommended "to stand back as a teacher and let the learning happen"(Bray &
McClaskey, 2014,p. 215) This book perfectly analysis the step by step guidelines of heading
personalized learning in a classroom environment. It encourages teachers to apply the steps and
have faith that it will work(Bray & McClaskey, 2014,p. 215).

Understanding Personal Learning Environment Perspectives of

Thai International Tourism and Hospitality Higher Education Students
The three stakeholders including the student, teacher, and the college have rule over the
self-learning phases of non-native English speaking International students to improve their
self-efficacy and also facilitate them to achieve their Academic goals ( Sharafuddin,2016, p.128).
The research has been done on students in Thailands Higher education qualification framework
to double the credit hours. Students were encouraged to use technology like social media and
smartphones to search and complete their studies by finding relevant information from the
internet and collaborate to complete the assignments to teach each other by giving feedbacks
within themselves while completing the tasks which leads them to create a personal learning
environment PLE.


Meanwhile, students are encouraged to use both offline and online resources During selfregulated learnings; students master their learning. According to the results revealed from
research students of the first and the second tear acknowledge that their college controls their
self-learning(Sharafuddin,2016,p.137 ). Also, the results indicate that" there is no statistically
significant difference among the students on learning and environment perspectives"
(Sharafuddin,2016, p 138).

I have the significant question about this research and the method that has been used to
estimate the outcomes of creating PLE. I believe that educators should make everything as clear
as possible and as accurate as possible to make it understandable for all learners. Creating charts
and tables to demonstrate the results of research requires the clear explanation of the
methodology that has been used and brief explanations of the terms and undefined letters
mentioned in tables and charts presenting the results. The study of the results of this research
according to the provided tables does not provide the explanatory of the outcome. Meanwhile, no
research has been done to double the time of credit hours which was recommended for selflearning in Thailand to improve the personal learning environment. The study has not been
conducted with teachers and students from various majors and levels of years( Sharafuddin,2016,
p 139). The overall results are showing satisfaction towards using PLE as an effective self
learning method.



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