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Najat Abdulkariem
Date: 16/10/2016
Primary EPC 2401 Lesson Planning Template Year 3, Sem 5
Grade Level: Two.
Subject: Science.
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
1. Recognize the life cycle of the butterfly.

Video (about the life cycle of the

puppets( represent the characters of
from the egg to a big butterfly.
Cards of the new vocabulary words.
Small book ( conclusion of the lesson).
Graph picture of the life cycle.

Preparation (what do you need to do/make

before class?)
Discuss with the teacher about the lesson,
check the resources, and review the lesson

Key vocabulary/ Target Language:

Time: 10 min Whole

Egg, caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group
Ask about the date, the day of today, and take the attendance).
Review the previous lesson focusing on the (life cycle). Ask the students to
act the changes happened during the (bear life and the chicken life).
Start introducing the lesson:
Through the puppets introduce the life cycle of the butterfly step by step. (Short story) then
show them the video that talks about the life cycle of the butterfly.

30 min Small

Guided Experience (a group working with the teacher):

Start the first activity.

Introduce the changes happened through the butterflys growing.
Purpose achieved through:
Through this activity the students will identify the concept of the life cycle.

Get each group using the puppets to act the levels through the life cycle of the
Ask the students to use the new vocabulary words (the cards will help them if needed).

How it will help both students and teacher?


Motivate them to learn because it combines fun and learning.

Activate to use the prior knowledge.


Assess the students

Check their ability.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

Purpose: ( activity one, two, and three).
Applying differentiation activities depending on the students level, to help and support
the students to improve their level. The function of the activities is different but, the all
activities designed for the same reasons, and they are:

Identify the levels of the life cycle of the butterfly.

Activity one: Small book / High level.

Purpose achieved through:

The students will try to reorder the levels without assistance. (write, order,
and draw the character).

How it will help both students and teacher?


Engaging the students to work.

Able to assess their knowledge.


Support the students.

Take them to a higher level.
Evaluate their understanding.

Independent Experience(small group activity 2)

Activity two: small book. / Middle level.

Purpose achieved through:

The students will try to reorder the levels with helping pictures . (write, and
order. )

Independent Experience(small group activity 3)

Activity three: worksheet / Low level.


5 min Whole

Purpose achieved through:

The students will try to reorder the levels. (reorder).


The graph of the life cycle.
Purpose achieved through

Through the ending activity ask the students depedening on their level.
Question for high level: can you explain to me what happened through the life cycle of the butterfly.
Question for middle level: reorder the events, writing the new vocabulary.
Question for low level: you got the pictures and the vocabulary words of the characters through the life cycle of the
butterfly, reodre which happened first, second, third, fourth, and last.

Reflection WWW/EBI

What went well.

1 Check the students understanding.
2 Apply my own reward system.
3 Give the students more chances to practice.
Even better if.
1 Focusing more on the new vocabulary words.
2 Finish the activities in the workbook.

Next Steps in learning and teaching


Get the students to work more on critical thinking.

Give the students time to work on the activities.