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une penr5 ona. 2-oe4 DEUTSCHE NORMEN q Buel Forgings + Machining Allowances and Permissible Yarietions z yor Opened Forged Ba 58 Souniegesvinns ay Sra; 4 Beasbeteunestentien ud suliseige Abweichinges [se AE EERE ME See 2 fo Digensiona in m= | en 7 This Stencasd epplics to opencdie fonged bars vbich heve bad their final shepe imparted co then jo |) Bitasteneeed seiss, nro fo somdy bape Iezaane ane cceconh bre, a¢ weap to ah Doe of Memage dtee(including tool steel anf nigh epeed steel vith a widtavo-teselness Tatio enaller than to B's oS aed'oles to flat Gere of ordinary lov cezbon steel and quality steel having @ -to-thickiess Patio eaalier thar oF equal to 5 = 1s to bers up tos marinus finished Sinension of 7000 an in thickness o> wi ‘The dimensions of open-die forged bers aze thickness, vids and ieneyh. Ip the case of round bars Rs GUaSeteS*Eouace?se one thickens, uilet in ehe Case of square, hevazeral ahd scvaroral sare ERS Ghitincee fs euen an the distance Detweca sae paraiie! side foces. io the case of fast bars Ihe lnichnese ig taken ag ihe azsiier distazee ead the wadth ac the iaryor distance setween che parallel aise feces. 2:22.920 aheves A B c D Houud bar = Square bar Hexagonal bax Octagonal bar 2A 82 Savfgrtgilg © finisned dimensions fg * forging dinensions 2 = machining sllowence Genehnigung des DIN Devices da Machining slowness se4 persigctble variations Jade Mgbining allowsnoee and pers eee are gives La Teble 1. Rucept for the thickness of flat vara, the exiteria for detersining anchinice alloyances sod Peumisaible veriations foe Lengths and Groes-sestionsl diseneics are the aouinsl Ginereiors cop Yackining alovaaces and perainaitie variations for tho thickness of flat bare aze to be TIES basis aca xeference dimension derived fron half the ous of "width plus. teickrocc™ Caricnmetie mean); ‘ye reference dinension calculate: ia tide way ie to be equated with fy orf ch with oy, cf ag in fable 1, depending on whether the sacbining alleyance end zersineibie ‘verte obs arelansieda foon the Hinished dinenaions om the forging Gizenctone. Nhu, anh aezepence, ne f+ oe 22485 28, or fg or 2, 07 ay in Sabie + Continues on pages 2 to & Eecianatiens Ga"pese 2 Nom oo der Nersiiaer due Bout Vero Ga0M, Earn 30 ond KOT a Se] Bl. © one. Proiagrs ® Copyright bythe DIN Deutsche Institut Pur Kormung BV Mon Oct 05 11-2242 2011, ‘The persinsitle Giseneion Variations on tke thickness of round, aguare, Rexagonal and octagonal Basevand on the thismees and widen of flat dare iaclude variations af" shapes sa-cthex vores Phe var cases sections may depart fnon the geoneteicel chaps this the Lisite of the poriesi— die Sisension variationa: 4s Finish Soptiston of bar ents ae the naaafactarer's choice, open-tie forged bers are supplied with saw, gaillotined, fans Sic "ae hasses-pareot sade, If the purchasel Tequites S specific wpe of ands, he Busy Sxpsecely specify sais in she oF 4 2st toe Surface defects Ce; g- scale marks, decarturication, Sorging taps, cracks) aay occur vitain the HISIETot"the tuchiatag allowances! they may be renoved by suitable wethode, provided that thi Goes aot inpeir the use of che bara. ‘Sa Materiel and nea tneatuens. se saterisl is to be clearly epesifiod by ness of tho material code ausber or she aeterial user in sccoMance sich eae felevan material evaniasde, aad the type of host treatment siai- Terly accoraiag to SUF 17014, Sa Hsthots of ondering os finioned aimenetone Zor te thickness or thickness aud width, the purchaser quotes the @inensions vbich the bar ts Fequisea to nave afver final sachintas. Fron Table 1, the manafgeturer decerpines the sachining allowances, calouletes the forging 4:— easions (soe, Section 7) and; observise. the peraissitle variations according. to Mable") Bisa aban unten ta enicker’ than she erdened size by the exvant of the machining allowances. ‘Pigg Dera are premcained prior o heat erentuent, the preaachining dimensions count as finimed S02, Orders baced on forging Ainensions Tue parehsser quotes the forging dinansions egloulated froa the finished Ainenetone and the me chiang ailowatees accordius tovdble t+ Me manufacturer, observing the pernienible variations according to Table +, mupplies « ber with the digeasione stated in the ontee. For distinguishing trom onders based on finished dimensions, omdere based on forging dimensions fare So have the uetiee ® (forging dineceion) appended so the letters cencting the crosseaection~ BP shape (ty By 0y Dior z)s df an order based ob forging dimensions oats, the letier gy a6 will be Seated ‘tn tne’ sane vay a2 an order bases on finished dimensions (eee Section 6:71.15, ene & Bepyilt-be supplied wall, “ompased with the dideastone stated iu she créer ie shickel, or Peloker ond wider, ty the seven’ of the machining allowance: 6:2: ener dere 6.2% Orders Baved on finiehed ginensions Me purchaser indicateo the length of the bar after fins) uachining, From Sable 1, tho ramufacturer determines tke agchining ellovances, calculates the forging 4: eneton (see Section 7) and, observing the perulsezbie varievions dceenling co Table 7, eupplies Sher taish ie donger chen the ordered dinekeione by the extent of the saciining allowances. EL, for the purpose of Joint ordering, the fixsaned lengtte of two oz wore bare plus allowances ob the necoasazy somber of partiug cite are combined to fom a total leagth, thie lessee se 6.22, Ordering im foxging simensions ‘The purchaser states the forging dineasions calculated fsox the finished dimeneions and the ze- chilng allowances ecoording te Table - ‘the manufacturer, observing the pamaisestle varlations acconding to Table 4, supplies @ ber of ihe length onterads ee - 6.25. Ordering in manufacturing lengthe Tastead of quoting « figure for the length, the purclaser writes in the vord “ammufacturing Etagther’(ulrstelfangeas oF the sbbrevistion “iatig.* Tae panufacturer, observing, the pemmiasibie variations acconting to Table 1 on thickness oF infekneas and with, supplies Gare to hue owe choice So lengthe conforming to norael practice and ranging up to # saxitun lenge of 6000 ma. 6.28, Ordering in @ length range [Be porchaser, states che lover and upper 2iuiting size of the required length range by quoting ‘Me aaaufecturer, observing the pommigsible verietions eccoréing te Table 1 on thicunesa ox Cory te OM Decent Fur Kormng EW Mon Oct 05 11.23.00 201 DIN 7527 Fart 6 Tage 3 ‘tuiekuess and width, supplies bars in lengths Iving within the range ststed. Ze Ss not permissible to stare length ranges exteding simultaneously both above aod below # Leogin of 5500 an, singe asconding co Table 1'differens machining aliowsnses aud permiseitle quristions cppig’fo"Bhiomens or falckaeas ana width in the caso of Loasthe up to. 3500 nm aad Tengeas over 35% jovand up t9 6000 ane 2:8 peraiariole variations op thicmnees fy = 165 a 18 400 2.9 an om teeth (f+ 2020 mm 22 ana 233 a forging dineneions sy + 165 = 18 (183 249 ) wa if 20a0 + 22 + (eoke £83) am 2327. » varied cn width + esas ot oat 269 on on length (PD as00 aa 26 and £32 oe Forging chacueione ap ~ 105 4 21 = (106 £63) aa U2 asco 1 a6 « (asze 2) oo 1 2 Celeulation of the reference dimension: 2192.5 ma Nechining allowances and peraiselble variations according to the reference dinension 112.5 ax on thickzess fy 2 60.an 17 and 25.8 ma Forging dimension #5 = 60447 = (72 248) am sles of orders ckRegs and leven based on unsshed ¢ineaet Ordering 40 opeardie forged sound bare (i) for e finish nachized thicness of 165 am aad x finien Seensned lengte of 2020 mm Sn Se 3-5 40 bese A165 x 2020 DIR 7527 = St 37-3 Bs = 3 a8 Lengtn, th Denes Ordering § opencdie forged equare pare (B) fore finiah cechined thickness of 260 = ip steel ascending to'aaterial Ho. 1:0727.08 im lengtha of 4000 te 3000 aa: Shere B 260 x 4000 to $000 DIN 7927 = 7.0727.02 22 QESSTiRE, ens reine. Ordering 12 open-die forged round bare (A) acoording to forging dimensions (3) of 160 am vhice noes and $20°mn Tengen snd 45, aoe annealed (6)! ro 42 bare 48 160 x 3200 DIM 7527 ~ 6 ws forged 29% ‘according to forsing ‘Recording to iaveriel No. 1.0196, in eanufeccurine Lenethe EM 9507 — 1.0176 Sn menucacturine Lenesh Baolanations Detveen ammufscturere ant weore of openndte forged dare gag to wither earenend by, users. the acope of the Stndard hae bem extended te dosiute « eaxione ‘atehed dieension of 1 eguere, aewagenel and Setagots2 tare, and for Por eranpis, bare are abe oF inover ar aschising cf Bh te terial "in teran of setarial uonge depends of the Gu Shoei bos soooated ith different suchas eEoetcar sot Soreieibie ventas jofinttion of machining allovanoen comsonsy accepted in practice se being allowances per anes, tbe Figuce shoving tae diffe lone meepee tniieates the di a How the rorter 3/2 to t and, correepoatingly az she Dable, fron ay a0 dereetiy, to 3 tional stepeo by Lattere A, 3) 6. D and 2 as caination of the eteel groupe ta the fable han been Drcught Sato cgrsugent with DIN “70071 the cor- Fesponciag rengee of material fomnere save been fuoved. re paar Copyright bythe DIN Deutsches Institut Pur Kormung BV M1 Mon Oct 05 iT 23:0 201 Hage 4 DIN 9527 Port 6 uoqaes Koy ATGuTpIO Jo 90u0 oUs ETL Gs pUE teTo24s poods WErE puD ayeess Toor SuspRroUy eto04s opess-useY Jo oese OH Wh oWya-oaetapra w uATA.Atuo eo 365 oper 3 servers sayrond 35 Athde svies. sui uy Santer say ‘ssooxoyan sted dagen ota. Jo mae sua Sten o4 Juypeodeat {SU dy sos sdoyseyuea s{qreetuied gue seouenotTe Zo UoTaMUTUISEeD PGS ats peyaye ous '<2 0s da puR OL xoL0 suorsuonED poysrorr ITA 8xeq TOE jes fer foes <]a | ous [vos [ieee te [foe vfee] ooe Jocn | 908] ee eelve sfrefose [axe ee " He la | oe