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Lesson Plan Form

Unit Title: Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

Lesson Title: Categorizing Organisms
Learning/Lesson Plan
Instructional indicators (based on Content Standards)
5-PS3-1 Use models to describe that energy in animals food (used for body repair, growth,
motion, and to maintain body warmth) was once energy from the sun. [Clarification
Statement: Examples of models could include diagrams, and flow charts.]
ELA/Literacy Standards
RI.5.7 Draw on information from multiple or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to
locate an answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.
SL.5.5 Include multimedia components and visual displays in the presentation when
appropriate to engage the development of main ideas or themes.
MP.2 Reason abstractly or quantitatively
MP.4 Model with mathematics.
The student will identify the main parts (Sunlight, Producer, Consumer,
Decomposer) of a food chain by using a series of pictures that represent
the organisms.
The student will represent the the order of a food chain by using a series of
pictures that represent the organisms and placing these organisms into a
sample food chain.
Materials Needed
SMARTNotebook File of animal sort File available as a link.
Padlet page
DropBox site
Time Allotment
1 Day (approx. 60 minute)
Show students a picture of a heron eating a fish.
Students are to identify what roles the organisms play in a

food chain. (Both are consumers and therefore must

eat other organisms for energy. The heron is a predator
and the fish is the prey.)

Students will be given an assortment of producers and consumer pictures.
Students will sort them into any groupings they wish. Students should
identify the groupings and then make different groupings.
Students will share their groupings through the Padlet page. Students must
comment on at least two peers groupings. Students will also define each
word included in the groupings.
Students should also watch the video available at
http://study.com/academy/lesson/food-chains-trophic-levels-and-energyflow-in-an-ecosystem.html in order to define the terms.
Producer: Make their own energy during photosynthesis (plants)
Consumer: Must eat in order to get energy
Decomposer: Break down dead plants and animals for energy
Herbivore: Consumer that eats only plants
Carnivore: Consumer that eats only other animals
Omnivore: Consumer that plants and animals

Using the students notebook file, the discussions from the Padlet, and the
defintitons, students will create a possible food chain involving at least 4
pictures. Students should label each picture with the appropriate word.
Students will turn in the food chain notebook file into the drop box.