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R A W Architecture

Aries Utama H4 | A
West Jakarta - North Meruya
Jakarta 11620 Indonesia

Surabaya, April 16th, 2016

To :
HRD Manager
PT. RAW Architecture

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to express my motivation to join and want to achieve
for working as an intern at RAW Architecture.
My name is Hera Monica, 21 years old. Im from Depok and now lives in
Surabaya to continue my studies. Currently, I am studying Architecture Department
in my third year at the Tenth Of November Institute Of Technology College
(Surabaya). I would like to apply for two or three months internship in your company
starting in June 2016. In my coll The focus of my studies in on theoretical concept is
to design buildings, therefore I am interested in Consultant work sphere. So, I have
to learn about the world of architects.
The reason I have chosen to do my internship in your company because RAW
Architecture is one of large architecture firms in Indonesia, so many experience
about learning how to be an architect in there.
I am interested in Workshop design and OMAH Architecture Library, where I
can learn and meet popular architects. Moreover, to share knowledge. Beside the
location is in Jakarta, I want to join in there because near to my house. So, I dont
need to think about transportation and place to stay.
I believe this is the best place where I can apply my knowledge and skills and
improve my self further about professional experience as an architect soon-to-be.

I am sure it would be great pleasure for me to be involved in your company.

However I realized those skills are not enough to comply competence of your
company so that I am ready to be trained because I am highly motivated and sure
will work and learn hard to achieve the best of my performance and it is certainly a
great honor for me if I can contribute all my knowledge and expertise in your
company. In addition, I hope an internship experience at your company will lead me
to an idea about my future studies and will be a crucial step for my future education
in a graduate degree or in professional career.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I am confident my qualifications will be of interest
to you, and I am looking forward to your reply

Yours sincerely,

Hera Monica

The purpose of my entry in the PKBH FH UGM was to gain additional experience in
the field of granting of legal assistance to the community. Beside that, with my
entry can be in the LBH I hope that knowledge I gained during lectures will be sitting
on the bench can be useful for myself as well as others.