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Pork is Unhealthy for the Human

Is it really dangerous to be eaten? Why do moslem not eat it and
also, there is religions law give a haram label on it. Based on Surah AlMaidah ayat 3 Forbidden to you (for food) are : Al-maitah (the dead
animals-cattle-beast not slaughtered). blood, the flesh of swine, and that
on which Allohs Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering (that
which has been slaughtered as a sacrifide for others than Alloh or has
been slaughtered for idols) and that which has been killed by strangling,
or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by goring of horns- and that
which has been (partly) eaten by a wild animal-unless you are able to
slaughtered it (before its dead) and that which is sacrificed (slaughtered)
on An-Nusub (stone altars).
Pork is a meat which is taken from pig. Western people eat it
because some nutritional content, but the reason why moslem cant eat it
is supported by some medical research. Fortunately, medical research
that pork has lots of parasites and dangerous diseases. They eat trash,
they breed by incest, they live in dirty place, and it is all creating bad
parasites in their body. And this parasites cant disappear easily by only
regular cooking.
A study of states that in British Journal of cancer by researchers in
Swedia the consumption of 14 ounces of pork can increase the risk of
pancreas cancer as much as 19%. Pork chops has a lot of fat, also though
it is tender and looks so delicious, but it is very difficult to be digest. As a
result, the nutrient cant be used by the body directly.
Medical science has proven that pork has lots of parasites and
dangerous diseases. It comes from the biochemist of pig which emits only
2% of the uric acid from their body. It has a contrast to metabolism system

in human body which emits 98% of uric acid by urine. There is some
researches which explain the risk of consuming too much pork.
Furthermore, Dr. Murad Hoffman director of clinical microbiology
laboratory in Boston, medical center, Massachusetts states that there are
more than 25 diseases that can be spreaded from pork such as anthrax,
influenza, leptospirosis, rabies, and salmonellosis.
Based on the facts, all explain the reason of the forbidden. Instead
of the law isnt a rumor, it has strong reason of forbidding eating it,
breaking humans health.