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Siobhan Fulker

Waywood, Norwood Lane

DA13 0YE
T 01474 815274


Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend

Studied English Literature & Language, Theatre Studies and 3D Technology at A Level.

Reading University

September 2015-June 2018

I am currently attending Reading University and studying English Literature with Theatre.



Art and Design - A

English Literature - A
English Language - A
History - A
Science (Double Award) - BB
Mathematics - B
Religious Studies - B
ICT - Merit
French - C

Sports Leadership Award

AS Levels:
English Literature & Language - A
Theatre Studies - B
3D Technology - C
Psychology - C


A2 Levels:

English Literature & Language - A

3D Technology - B

Theatre Studies - B

Amelia Appleby School of Performing Arts

From ages 3-18 I attended weekly classes for singing, drama and dance at a performing
arts school. This not only adapted skills that would be helpful in a creative industry
environment, but also helped me to develop socially and professionally. For example,

participating in these classes introduced me to individuals that were knowledgeable about

the performance industry and this enabled me to be prepared for future projects.

Theatre Studies A Level

The aim of undertaking this subject was not only to build acting skills but to expand on
many other skills that could prepare us for working within the creative industries. A key
skill that I learnt during these two years was devising. Working within a team of talented
people and being able to produce a piece of theatre or performance to be proud of was
the ultimate achievement that I took, and value still, from this experience. It not only
prepared me for carrying on my studies at University but has also enabled me to see what
is possible within the industry and appreciate the sense of achievement it can bring.

University Study

At University so far I have developed key skills such as teamwork that will benefit me in
any industry, but particularly the creative industries since I have learnt about the variety of
careers that exits within the industry itself and have explored these in the forms of lectures
and workshops.

Marketing Experience

Over the summer of 2016, I did some marketing work for a surveying business in London.
This involved designing websites, invitations, and other things in order to benefit the
company. This gave me a completely dierent insight into a creative industry that I did not
even know contributed to it. It has also enabled me to think more deeply about what I
would like to achieve in my future, as promoting companies in a creative manner is very
interesting to me.