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Series (3)

My journey from darkness to light

Dancing Around the Corpses in Fallouja

Origin of Violence in Islam


Feby Abdel Messih Saleb

Formerly: Nahed Mahmoud Metwalli

By the same author

- Ma rencontre avec Christ, F.-X.de Guibert, Paris,

France, 1994 (in French)

- Islam encounters Christ, Light & Life Publishing,

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 2002.

- My encounter with Christ, Germany, 2001. (in


- Message from her exile in Holland to all Muslims

worldwide where freedom of conscience is
respected, Canada, 2003. (in English and French).
- My trip to Kabaa, U.S.A., 2003. (in Arabic)

- The fairy tale of Al-Isra and Al-Miraa; the night

trip by Mohammad, Canada, 2003. (in Arabic)

- The Quran in pre-Islamic poetry, U.S.A., 2004. (in


- Dancing around the corpses in Fallouja, U.S.A.,

2004. (in Arabic)

- Les lambeaux de chair humaine Fallouja, ou

Lorigine de la violence en Islam, Paris, France,
2005, (in Franch).

All rights are reserved to the Author

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13) Do not burn the apostates, rather kill

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as well as that of their people: every time they are sent them by the sword 47
back to temptation, they succumb thereto: if they 14) Fatawi (legal opinions) of Ben Timiyah 48
withdraw not from you nor give you (guarantees) of 15) Killing of Ibn El-Mokafaa, author and
peace besides restraining their hands, seize them novelist 49
and slay them wherever ye get them: in their case we 16) Conclusion 49
have provided you with a clear argument against them.
(Surah 4:91) Chapter 5: Stealing in the Name of Allah 51
1) Confiscating the treasure of Kanana,
husband of Safia and his brother 51
2) Stealing the treasure of Babi Al-Nadir 51
3) Amr Ben El-Aas and stealing the treasure
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4) The Quran supports and encourages
stealing and looting 53
5) Mohammad encouraged Muslims to go to
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Chapter 6: Prisoners and Mass Graves 55

1) Mass grave for the men of the Jewish
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2) Killing of 70,000 at Al-Wagla battle in
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3) Allahs command in the Quran is kill 57

Chapter 7: The Absent Voice 59

Chapter 8: The Cry of Logic and of
Conscience 62
Annex: SelectedQuranic verses on violence
and war 65

80 5
Preface to the people (assembled) on the day of the Great
Pilgrimage - that Allah and His messenger dissolve
(treaty) obligations with the pagans. (Surah 9:3-4)
85. So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: for ye must gain
In the name of the Father, mastery if ye are true in Faith. (Surah 3:139)
the Son and the Holy Spirit 86. They are the ones who denied Revelation and hindered
you froth the Sacred Mosque and the sacrificial
To my children (the Muslims) whom I love and animals, detained from reaching their place of
sacrifice. If they had been apart, We should
continue to love.
certainly have punished the Unbelievers among
them with a grievous Punishment. (Surah 48:25)
To those who are crossing the road of darkness 87. O Prophet! Strive hard against the Unbelievers and
to light. the Hypocrites, and be firm against them. Their
abode is Hell an evil refuge (indeed). (Surah 66:9)
With prayers and tears, I am awaiting you. 88. Allah will cover with shame those who reject Him.
Allah and His messenger dissolve (treaty) obligations
with the pagans. But when the forbidden months are
And past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye
To every one who helped me and encouraged me find them, and seize their, beleaguer them, and lie
to complete this task. in wait for them in every stratagem (of war). But if
they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise
regular charity, then open the way for them. (Surah
Fiby (Nahed)
89. But if they violate their oaths after their covenant, and
taunt you for your Faith - fight ye the chiefs of
Unfaith: for their oaths axe nothing to them: that thus
they may be restrained. Do ye fear them? Nay, it is
Allah Whom ye should more justly fear(Surah 9:12-
90. Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your
hands, cover them with shame, help you (to victory)
over them, heal the breasts of Believers, And still
the indignation of their hearts. And take none for
friends and protectors except Allah, His Messenger,
and the (community of Believers? (Surah 9:14-16)
91. Others you will find that wish to gain your confidence
6 79
return (to the attack), so shall We. Not the least good About the Author
will your forces be to you even if they were multiplied:
(Surah 8:19)
79. If ye gain the mastery over them in war, disperse, Who am I?
with them, those who follow them, that they may
remember. If thou fearest treachery from any group, I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now
throw back (their Covenant) to their, (so as to be) on my eye sees You (Job 42:5)
equal terms: for Allah loveth not the treacherous.
(Surah 8:57-58) I am Nahed Mahmoud Metwalli, have three children; a son
80. Against them make ready your strength to the and two daughters. I was the Dean of Students of Helmiet
utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to El-Zaitoun High School for girls, the largest school of its
strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of kind in Cairo, Egypt.
Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom
ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. I was born a Moslem in a good family and led a traditional
Whatever ye shall spend in the Cause of Allah, shall Islamic life. I had always searched for God, but there was a
be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated barrier between Him and me. I did not know how to cross
unjustly. (Surah 8:60-61) that barrier. I prayed a lot and read the Quran often, yet
81. If a wound hath touched you, be sure a similar wound there was something missing.
hath touched the others. Such days (of varying
fortunes) we give to men and men by turns: that Allah I had a deep suspicion of Christianity and Christians whom I
may know those that believe, and that He may take to perceived as polytheists who believe in three gods: the
Himself from your ranks martyr-witnesses (to Father, the Mother (the Virgin Mary) and the Son (Jesus),
Truth). Surah 3:140-141) (Surah 5:73-75, 116).
82. Did ye think that ye would enter Heaven without Allah
testing those of you who fought hard (in His Cause) I hated Christians for no other reason than they did not love
and remained steadfast? (Surah 3:142) the God that I loved. They did not worship Him the way I
83. Truly, if the Hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a did, they were astray away from God and that was why I
disease, and those who stir up sedition in the City, had to hate them. I cannot describe the state of panic and fear
desist not, We shall certainly stir thee tip against them: that swept the Christian students in the school. I was
They shall have a curse on them: wherever they are determined to hunt them and nothing could stand in my way.
found, they shall be seized and slain (without I issued orders prohibiting the wearing of crosses by
mercy). (Such was) the practice (approved) of Allah Christian students. If it happened that I saw a student
among those who lived aforetime: no change wilt wearing a cross, I had no compunction about snatching it off
thou find in the practice (approved) of Allah. (Surah her neck and throwing it to the ground.
84. And an announcement from Allah and His messenger, That was Nahed Mahmoud Metwalli

78 7
helpers from their ranks; (Surah 4:89)
Friction developed between the school secretary, who was a 72. Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and
Moslem, and myself. I asked for her transfer and requested those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil: so
to replace her with another secretary who would be honest. fight ye against the fiends of Satan: feeble indeed is
An Administrator came to see me and promised me to the cunning of Satan. (Surah4:76)
transfer the secretary and to replace her with an honest one, 73. Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but
hard working, active and easy to deal with. He knew do not transgress limits; And slay them wherever ye
someone with this qualification, but there was a catch, she catch them, and turn them out from where they
was a Christian. I voiced my objection at having a Christian have turned you out; for tumult and oppression are
secretary for the school because I would be dealing with her worse than slaughter; but fight them not at the
on a daily basis. Then I relented after he convinced me that Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there;
honesty is the most important character in a secretary and but if they fight you, slay them. (Surah 2:190-192)
that this requirement would be fulfilled by this Christian 74. And fight them on until there is no more tumult or
person. oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in
Allah; but if they cease, let there be no hostility except
The new secretary, came to report to me and greeted me to those who practice oppression. (Surah 2:193)
courteously. I noticed that she wore a large leather cross, 75. O Prophet! Rouse the Believers to the fight. If there
and I reflected on the matter, Oh! she is new in the school are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they
and has no idea of who I am and what I want. Someone is will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, they will
bound to tell her, I thought vanquish a thousand of the Unbelievers: for these are
a people without understanding. (Surah 8:65)
The next day she came to my office. She was completely 76. O ye who believe! When ye meet the unbelievers in
different from what I had been accustomed to. She had a hostile array, never turn your backs to them. If any do
strong personality, courageous yet very pleasant, confident, turn his back to them on such a day - unless it be in a
self-assured. She had what I was looking for. stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own) -
he draws on himself the wrath of Allah, and his abode
For the first time in my life I felt diminished. Yes, I felt is Hell - an evil refuge (indeed)! (Surah 8:15-16)
belittled even though she was thirty years of age and I was 77. It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when thou
forty-five. I started to go over the details of our working threwest (a handful of dust), it was not thy act, but
relationship. To my surprise, she wanted to make my job a Allah's: in order that He might test the Believers by a
lot easier and she was willing to shoulder most of the gracious trial from Himself. Allah is He Who makes
workload. She let me feel that she liked me. She had that feeble the plans and stratagem of the unbelievers.
deep calm and peaceful look in her eyes. I noticed that she (Surah 8:17-18)
still wore that large leather cross. I did not dare comment on 78. (O Unbelievers!) if ye prayed for victory and
it. She was superior to me though I was her boss. judgment, now bath the judgment come to you: if ye
desist (from wrong), it will be best for you: if ye
8 77
power, but which Allah has compassed: (Surah
48:20-21) As things turned out, I liked this secretary and an amicable
66. And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, relationship developed between us. I wanted to probe her to
and their goods, and of a land which ye had not discover what went on behind that facade. So I began to
frequented (before). (Surah 33:27) feign reasons to call her to my office. One day in October
67. But (now) enjoy what you took in war, lawful and 1987 after we had chatted together for hours without feeling
good: but fear Allah. (Surah 8:69) bored, I asked her, Do you believe in God? She replied
assertively, There is no God but God. I did not believe my
g) Jihad against the unbelievers ears. I was stunned and shocked. I asked her with a
surprise, Do Christians confess to one God? She replied
68. Say to the desert Arabs who lagged behind: 'Ye confidently, Yes. One God. Amen.
shall be summoned (to fight) against a people given
to vehement war: then shall ye fight, or they shall I felt as if a great pyramid had suddenly collapsed over my
submit. Then if ye show obedience, Allah will grant head. Christianity confesses one God! This is not what I
you a goodly reward, but if ye turn back as ye did had perceived about Christianity. In my ignorance I was
before, He will punish you with a grievous Penalty.' being unfair to them (Christians). I was eager to hear more
(Surah 48:16) from her though I felt devastated and ashamed. I
69. He who forsakes his home in the cause of Allah, finds remembered all that I had done to Christians. I wanted to
in the earth many a refuge, wide and spacious: should know more. I said to her, Talk to me about Christianity.
he die as a refugee from home for Allah and His When she started to talk about Christianity an aroma of
Messenger, his reward becomes due and sure with burning incense filled the room. Amazing. I had never
Allah: (Surah 4:100) before smelled a scent like that. I felt as if I was
70. Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last unconscious. I was not sure whether this was a dream or a
Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been reality. I tried to appear collected and listened to her
forbidden by Allah and His Prophet, nor attentively as she said, The Virgin Mary grew up an orphan
acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are and was raised in a strict religious environment in the
of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jiziah Temple until she reached the age of 12 years. She was
with willing submission, and feel themselves then betrothed to an older man who - according to Tradition -
subdued. (Surah 9:29) was to take care of her. Before they were married she bore
71. They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, Jesus Christ.
and thus be on the same footing (as they): but take not
friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of I interrupted her then, saying, Yes. This is true. It is also
Allah (from what is forbidden). But if they turn mentioned in the Quran. I could not continue the discussion.
renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye I felt tired, weak and drained. We ended the discussion at
find them; and (in any case) take no friends or that point. She left the office not knowing what went on

76 9
inside me. She had ignited a fire inside me that I could not 56. And if you are slain, or die, in the way of Allah,
smother. forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better
than all they could amass. (Surah 3:157)
I started to ask myself, Who is Christ?" The mere mention 57. But those who are slain in the Way of Allah - He
of His Name evoked wonderful emotions in me, feelings that will never let their deeds be lost. And admit them to
I had never experienced before. There was comfort in His the Garden which He has announced for them.(Surah
Name. I loved Him but I did not know enough about Him. I 47:4-6)
decided to know Him well, very well. I had a burning desire 58. (To them will be said:) Eat and drink ye, with profit
to attain this goal. and health, because of your good deeds. (Surah
I began to be so attached to this secretary that I waited 59. They will recline on carpets, whose inner linings
eagerly for the morning to go to school so I could start my will be of rich brocade: the fruit of the gardens will
discussions with her. Several days passed by. I was unable be near (and easy of reach). (Surah 55:54)
to shake this subject of Christ off my head, or even to stop 60. In them will be maidens, chaste restraining their
thinking about it. From time to time I would ask the glances, whom no man of jin before them has
secretary to talk to me about Christ and His teachings. Every touched. (Surah 55:56)
time she spoke about Him, an aroma of burnt incense would 61. And (there will be) companions with beautiful, big,
fill the room. This connection between the aroma and the and lustrous eyes (Surah 56:22)
discussion about Christ aroused my suspicion. Could it be 62. And round about them will (serve) youths of
that the secretary was hiding something in her pocket and perpetual (freshness): if thou seest them, thou
releasing it during our discussion as a supporting ploy to wouldst think them scattered pearls. (Surah 76:19)
manipulate my convictions?
f) The loots (spoils of war)
So I began to watch her as she spoke. Suspecting an
association between the location and the aroma, I began to
63. They ask thee concerning (things taken as) spoils of
change the meeting place to other areas in the school.
war. Say: `(Such) spoils are at the disposal of Allah
Sometimes it was the school balcony and some times it was
and the Prophet- (Surah 8:1)
in the school garden. To my surprise the aroma was always
64. And know that out of all the booty that ye may
there. It was simply Gods way to endorse her assertions.
acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah
and to the messenger, and to near relatives,
I became very confused and I felt lost. Where was the truth?
orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer. (Surah 8:41)
I loved God from all my heart and with all my being. Yet I
65. Allah has promised you many gains that ye shall
felt very distant from Him, and this hurt me. This emptiness
acquire, and He has given you these beforehand;
inside me hounded me. All I wanted was to cross this barrier
and he has restrained the hands of men from you; And
and be near to Him. I loved Him but I also feared Him. I
other gains (there are), which are not within your
knew very well that on Judgment Day I would have to stand
10 75
(of Paradise): they fight in His Cause, and slay and in front of Him and account for my deeds. Yet I saw nothing
are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through in my life but sins. I decided to know the truth no matter
the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur*an: (Surah 9.111) what.
52. It was not fitting for the people of Madinah and the
Bedouin Arabs of the neighborhood, to refuse to On November 25, 1987 the secretary was late coming to my
follow Allah's Messenger, nor to prefer their own lives office. I sent for her. A few minutes later she showed up
to his: because nothing could they suffer or do, but happy and cheerful. I mused, What makes you so happy?
was reckoned to their credit as a deed of Today is the first day of the Advent, the fasting that
righteousness -whether they suffered thirst, or precedes Christmas she replied. I retorted sarcastically,
fatigue, or hunger, in the Cause of Allah, or trod Do you really fast or do you just eat and drink and call it
paths to raise the ire of the Unbelievers, or received fasting? She asserted confidently, Yes we fast a real
any injury whatever from an enemy: (Surah 9:120- fasting. We may abstain from eating and drinking for long
121) periods of time, but it is up to each one to adopt his fasting
endurance. We also abstain from enjoying other things
e) Rewards for the dead of war (pleasures) so that we may live a holy life during the holy
53. There did Allah give you one distress after another by
way of requital, to teach you not to grieve for (the I was hardly finished with my thoughts when the glitter
booty) that had escaped you and for (the ill) that had disappeared and I saw a bright light in front of me. I sensed
befallen you. (Surah 3:153) the aroma of burning incense as if it were a column of
54. (They are) the ones that say, (of their brethren slain), smoke. Through it I saw a beautiful lady, very fair in
while they themselves sit (at ease): If only they had complexion with kind features standing in front of me,
listened to us, they would not have been slain. Avert dressed in a heavenly garb, while her hands were stretched
death from your own selves, it ye speak the truth. downwards towards me. She was looking at me. I could not
(Surah 3:168) help but murmur, The Virgin Mary!, as if I were in a
55. Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as coma. I could not believe what I saw. But I had seen her
dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the and she immediately disappeared. When I regained my
presence of their Lord; They rejoice in the bounty composure, the secretary and I were in tears. I discovered
provided by Allah: and with regard to those left that I was the gullible one and that she (the secretary) had the
behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), Truth. Now, for the first time in my life I felt devastated.
the (martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, I felt as if I were nothing but a straw bouncing around.
nor have they (cause to) grieve. The glory in the grace What should I do? O God help me!
and the bounty from Allah, and in the fact that Allah
suffereth not the reward of the faithful to be lost (in the I went back home after school. I looked at my three children
least). (Surah 3:169-171) and reflected, What would they think if I became a
Christian! I would bring shame on all of them. And what
74 11
about me and the position I had reached? Do I destroy all hands: If Allah finds any good in your hearts, He will
that? I was perplexed. Would the family leave me alone? give you something better than what has been taken
No. Chances are if they felt sorry for me they would confine from you, and He will forgive you: for Allah is oft-
me to a mental asylum. It is also quite possible; that out of forgiving, Most merciful. But if they have
zealousness, one of them may kill me. This murder would treacherous designs against thee, (O Messenger),
remain unpunished because this act would be enforcing the they have already been in treason against Allah,
law of Riddah (the Apostasy Law). and so hath He given (thee) power over them.
(Surah 8:70-71)
Again, Sahih Al-Bukhary says about Christ, The hour will
not come until Christ Issa the son of Mary descends among e) Rewards to the fighters
you, ruling you with fairness and Justice. And, where is He
now? Alive in heaven for 2000 years and until the hour (the 47. Let those who fight in the cause of Allah who sell the
last day) comes? No, He is different from humans. He is far life of this world for the Hereafter. To him who
greater than them. But, who is He? fighteth in the cause of Allah - whether he is slain or
gets victory - soon shall We give him a reward of
The 7th of January is an observed holiday for all the great (value). (Surah 4:74)
Christians in the school. It is Christmas day for Egyptian 48. He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to
Christians. I returned home from the school, saddened and gardens beneath which rivers flow, and to beautiful
apprehensive. It was very cold. At night, I could not sleep mansions in gardens of eternity: that is indeed the
because I was anxious and unsettled. Within me there was supreme achievement. And another (favour will He
an internal debate. No, I must be truthful with myself. bestow), which ye do love help from Allah and a
speedy victory. (Surah 61:12-13)
I turned to God in all sincerity and cried to Him as if He 49. All who obey Allah and the Messenger are in the
were facing me saying, O Lord, you know how much I love company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah - Ah!
you and how I revere you. All I want is to meet You sinless. What a beautiful fellowship! (Surah 4:69)
Please God show me the truth. How can I get to know 50. Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and
You? receive no hurt, and those who strive in the cause of
Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath
I had never been as sincere as I was that night. I have never granted a grade higher to those who strive with their
felt so close to God as I felt that night. It seemed to me as if goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).
I was sitting in front of Him talking to Him. At times I Unto all (in Faith) hath Allah promised good: but those
would cry, at times supplicate; at times chide Him. I who strive hath He distinguished above those who sit
remained awake in that state of mind until three oclock in (at home) by a special reward. (Surah 4:95-96)
the morning. I felt tired and exhausted. My head was 51. Allah hath purchased of the Believers their persons
spinning. I set off the alarm clock beside me to make sure and their goods: for theirs (in return) is the Garden
that it would awaken me at six o'clock in the morning. I
12 73
this is a warning for such as have eyes to see.' (Surah stretched out on my bed, closed my eyes, felt dizzy but did
3:13) not fall asleep.
40. O ye who believe! When ye meet a force, be firm,
and call Allah in remembrance much (and often); Suddenly I saw myself dressed in a long gown that stretched
(Surah 8:45) to the ground. It was gray in color, covered with silver and
41. And be not like those who started from their homes had long sleeves. A wide belt, of the same color as the dress
insolently and to be seen of men, and to hinder (men) circled my waist. My head was covered with a scarf of the
from the path of Allah: for Allah compasseth round same color as the dress. I was very pleased with the dress
about all that they do. (Surah 8:47) and kept asking myself, when did I acquire this beautiful
42. For the present, Allah hath lightened your, (task), gown? I had never seen it before and had never seen
for He knoweth that there is a weak spot in you: but anything like it in all my life. What a wonder!
(even so), if there are a hundred of you, patient and
persevering, they will vanquish two hundred, and if In short, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself appeared to me,
a thousand, they will vanquish two thousand, with assured me and informed me that I have a mission for Him.
the leave of Allah: (Surah 8:66)
43. Behold! Allah promised ye one of the two (enemy) On November 1988, I was baptized in a Coptic church in
parties, that it should be yours: ye wished that the one Egypt. On June 1989, my story of conversion to Christianity
unarmed should be yours, but Allah willed to justify was known all over Egypt. I had to resign from my job and
the Truth according to His words and to cut off the became a fugitive and in short, I was then wanted and hunted
roots of the Unbelievers (Surah 8:7-8) by the Egyptian security police. For another seven months, I
had no fixed place to live. Many people helped me to avoid
d) Treating the enemies of Allah arrest and persecution.

44. Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), Finally in January 30, 1990, by a miraculous route, I escaped
smite at their necks; at length, when ye have from Egypt and became a refuge in Holland where I am
thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on living to this day.
them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or
ransom: until the war lays down its burdens. but (He
lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others.
But those who are slain in the Way of Allah - He
will never let their deeds be lost. (Surah 47:4)
45. It is not fitting for a Prophet that he should have
prisoners of war until he hath thoroughly subdued
the land. (Surah 8:67)
46. O Prophet! Say to those who are captives in your

72 13
Introduction contended against Allah and His Messenger: if any
content against Allah and His messenger, Allah is strict
in punishment. (Surah 8:12-13)
Mohammad, Allahs Apostle said, I have been 32. Allah had helped you at Badr, when ye were a
made victorious with terror. (Al-Bukhari, Volume contemptible little force; (Surah 3:123)
4, chapter 52, No. 220). 33. Allah did indeed fulfil his promise to you when ye
with His permission were about to annihilate your
I got really astonished and surprised by the horrible events enemy - until ye flinched and fell to disputing about
coming from Iraq which we saw on the TV. What kind of the order, and disobeyed it after He brought you in
malice and agony abiding in the souls? I could never imagine sight (of the booty) which ye covet. (Surah 3:152)
that people with such savagery and brutality would exist. In 34. They said: What affairs is this of ours? Say thou:
Fallouja, they burned four American workers, suspended Indeed, this affair is wholly Allahs. They hide in
their corpses and danced around them. their minds what they dare not reveal to thee. (Surah
They kidnapped Japanese, men and women, and put knives 35. When the believers saw the confederate forces, they
at their throats and displayed that on the Arabic Islamic TVs, said: This is what Allah and His messenger had
as if the victims were lambs prepared for slaughter according promised us, and Allah and His messenger told us
to Islamic laws. They were shouting the Islamic slogan, what was true. (Surah 33:22)
Allah Akbar (God is greatest), as if that was a heavenly 36. And those of the People of the Book who aided them
victory supported by Allah for Muslims. -Allah did take them down from their strongholds
and cast terror into their hearts. (So that) some ye
They also kidnapped other nationals and killed them in a slew, and some ye made prisoners. (Surah 33:26)
hideous way. They made the Arabic TV channels their 37. And it is He Who has restrained their hands from
propaganda tools, working on their sides. On the other hand, you and your hands from them in the midst of
when an Islamic news reporter was killed, they called him a Makkah; after that He gave you the victory over
martyr. Once, a TV channel shied from broadcasting the there. (Surah 48:24)
video which shows the killing of an Italian. That was too 38. Assuredly Allah did help you in many battlefields
horrible for the viewers. and on the day of Hunayn: behold, your great
numbers elated you, but they availed you naught: the
They kidnapped many foreign nationals who were working land, for all that it is wide, did constrain you, and ye
in the areas of economic developments in order to push the turned back in retreat. (Surah 9:25)
Iraqi people forward., as if those Islamic insurgents want to 39. There has already been for you a Sign in the two
pull Iraq backwards. armies that met (in combat): one was fighting in the
Cause of Allah, the other resisting Allah; these saw
I was struck with gloom and depression and was overcome with their own eyes twice their number. But Allah
by the tears of deep sadness. After a while, my tears became doth support with His aid whom He pleaseth. In
14 71
and He answered you: `I will assist you with a cold in my eyes. They neither flew and gave me comfort, nor
thousand of the angels, ranks on ranks.' Allah made they stopped and made me end wondering. They stayed still
it but a message of hope, and an assurance to your and gave me more gloom and sadness, something I never
hearts: (in any case) there is no help except from Allah. experienced before in my life.
(Surah 8:9-10)
26. O ye who believe ! Remember the grace of Allah How much hate they have inside themselves? From where
(bestowed) on you, when there came down on you did they acquire such brutality? Do we have any right to call
hosts (to overwhelm you): but We sent against them them human beings? Did we hear any Islamic religious
hurricane and forces that ye saw not: but Allah sees leader who tries to rebuff such filthy brutal deeds, and ask
(clearly) all that ye do. Behold! They came on you Muslims in the whole world to isolate those killers and
from above you and from below you, and behold, the punish them as murderers? No. !
eyes became dim and the hearts gaped up to the
throats, and ye imagined various (vain) thoughts about Some Muslim religious leaders spoke faintly, in a retiring
Allah! (Surah 33:9-10) manner, about politics and in reality, their messages carry
27. And Allah turned back the Unbelievers for (all) supports to those terrorists. All what they said was, Islam
their fury: no advantage did they gain: and enough forbids such killings.
is Allah for the Believers in their fight. And Allah is
Full of Strength. (Surah 33:25) What does the word forbid means and what is the
28. Remember two of your parties meditated punishment for such killing? In fact, what those Muslim
cowardice; but Allah was their protector. (Surah religious leaders say, is none other than go ahead with
3:122) such viciousness.
29. Yea - if ye remain firm, and act aright, even if the
enemy should rush here on you in hot haste, your Fear and horror overcame me, not only from what those
Lord would help you with five thousand angels terrorists did but also from the effect that these killings left
making a terrific onslaught.' He might cut off a inside me.
fringe of the Unbelievers or expose. (Surah 3:125-
127) How do I deal with my Muslim neighbors who I love and
30. Be not weary and fainthearted, crying for peace, respect? Maybe, one day they fetch their knives and put them
when ye should be uppermost: for Allah is with on my throat and kill me. They might do that to me, I who
you, and will never put you in loss for your (good) visited and complimented them in many occasions?
deeds. (Surah 47:35)
31. Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the One day, in the near future, they may point their guns at my
message): `I am with you: give firmness to the face or put explosives in my way, I who did everything to
Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the show them love and express appreciation as brothers and
Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and spate sisters; religion is personal and the heart belongs to God.
all their fingertips off them.' This because they
70 15
How can the hearts of men be converted into reservoirs of misfortune befalls thee, they say, `We took indeed
hate? And who charged Muslims with all this abhorrence our precautions beforehand,' and they turn away
towards another human being who is not a Muslim? rejoicing. `Can you expect for us (any fate) other than
one of two glorious things - (martyrdom or victory)?
As a previous Muslim myself who left Islam a long time But we can expect for you either that Allah will send
ago, I now remember the bloody black history of Islam, his punishment from Himself, or by our hands. (Surah
its reputation and its history where hate, blood and death 9:50-52)
existed between all its lines. 21. In that situation were the Believers tried: they were
shaken as by a tremendous shaking. And behold,
Yes, all that I have read in the Quran, the Hadith (sayings of the Hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a
Mohammad the prophet of Islam), history of Islam and disease (even) say: `Allah and His Messenger
biographies of Mohammad and his company. All of that is promised us nothing but delusions!' Behold, a party
full of blood, torture and mutilation of the victims before among them said: 'Ye men of Yathrib! Ye cannot stand
they were killed. Peculiarly enough, Muslims call (the attack)! Therefore go back!' And a band of them
Mohammad the prophet of mercy! and call Islam the ask for leave of the Prophet, saying, (Surah 33:11-12)
religion of peace!. 22. If they had come, out with you, they would not have
added to your (strength) but only (made for)
When a Muslim reads about killing, fights, blood and disorder, hurrying to and fro in your midst and
mutilation in the history books of Islam and then find sowing sedition among you, and there would have
Muslim leaders dance around such history, would the acts of been some among you who would have listened to
the Mujahedin in Fallouja and other places surprise him? them. Among them is (many) a man who says: `Grant
me exemption and draw me not into trial.' Have they
After I collected some of the bloody incidents which I still not fallen into trial already? And indeed Hell surrounds
remember, all the above question marks disappeared and I the Unbelievers (on all sides). (Surah 9:47-49)
started to calm down as I now know the reason, why did 23. And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah
those murderers and terrorists dance around the corpses and and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and
remains of the American workers in Fallouja after they oppressed)? Men, women, and children, whose cry is:
burned them. (Surah 4:75)

I knew the reason why they used their knives to cut the heads c) Allah fights with the believers
of those whom they captured.
24. O ye who believe! If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah,
I now know why they killed their captives in such a He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly. (Surah
repugnant way to the extent that many of the TV stations 47:7)
refused, at times, to show the videos of such acts on their 25. Remember ye implored the assistance of your Lord,
16 69
(Surah 9:93)
15. When a surah comes down, enjoining them to believe I knew why do Muslims all over the world keep silence and
in Allah and to strive and struggle along with His do not ask to isolate and punish those criminals by the
Messenger, those with wealth and influence among punishments they deserve.
them ask thee for exemption, and say: `Leave us
(behind): we would be with those who sit (at home). I recalled that Mohammad had led 75 terrorist armed
(Surah 9:86) raids. I recalled that the word kill or fight appears in
16. They will swear to you by Allah, when ye return to the Muslim holy book, the Quran more times than the
them, that ye may leave them alone. So leave them word pray! There are at least 125 war verses in the
alone: for they are an abomination, and Hell is their Quran. That is a verse of every 48 verses in the Quran
dwelling-place - a fitting recompense for the (evil) that describes or speaks about war, fight or kill. Some of
they did. (Surah 9:95-96) these verses are cited at the end of this book. After all,
17. The desert Arabs who lagged behind will say to Mohammad and his followers spread Islam by the might
thee: `We were engaged in (looking after) our flocks of the sword.
and herds, and our families: do thou then ask
forgiveness for us.' They say with their tongues what Again, there is one threat of hell appears every 8 verses
is not in their hearts. Say: `Who then has any power at in the Quran. These hell-threats target those who disobey
all (to intervene) on your behalf with Allah. (Surah Allah, who reject Mohammad as a prophet, who doubted
48:11) the divinity of the Quran and others target those who
18. And yet they had already covenanted with Allah not to refuse to go to battle for Islams sake.
turn their backs, and a covenant with Allah must
(surely) be answered for. Say: `Running away will Once more I recalled that there are countless Hadith
not profit you, if ye are running away from death or (sayings of Mohammed) urging his followers to wage
slaughter; and even if (ye do escape), no more than war, instill terror in the hearts of his enemies, murder,
a brief (respite) will ye be allowed to enjoy!' (Surah torture, mutilate and steal.
19. (These are) the ones who wait and watch about you: However, the contents of this book, are collections of
if ye do gain a victory from Allah, they say: `Were excerpts from Islamic known books. That is they are real
we not with you?'- but if the unbelievers gain a stories of killing, beheading, burning, and mutilating
success, they say (to them): `Did we not gain an bodies, as well as looting and stealing. The references of
advantage over you, and did we not guard you from the these excerpts are here given. The reader who knows the
believers?' And never will Allah grant to the Arabic language may verify what I wrote by reading
unbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers. these Islamic books.
(Surah 4:141)
20. If good befalls thee, it grieves them; but if a

68 17
Chapter 1 journey easy, they would (all) without doubt have
followed thee, but the distance was long, (and
weighed) on them. They would indeed swear by Allah.
Mutilations of People is a If we only could, we should certainly have come out
with you. They would destroy their own souls; for
Mohammedan Code Allah doth know that they are certainly lying. (Surah
. 9:42-43)
The punishment for those who wage war against 12. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day ask
Allah and his messenger and strive with might thee for no exemption from striving with their
and main for mischief through the land is: goods and persons. And Allah knoweth well those
execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of who do their duty. Only those ask thee for exemption
hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from who believe not in Allah and the Last Day, and
whose hearts are in doubt, so that they are tossed in
the land: That is their disgrace in this world, and
their doubts to and fro. If they had intended to come
a heavy punishment is theirs in the hereafter out, they would certainly have made some preparation
(Surah 5:33). therefore; but Allah was averse to their being sent
forth; so He made them lag behind, and they were told,
1) Killing , beheading and crucifying people from Aakl `Sit ye among those who sit (inactive). (Surah 9:44-46)
13. Verily, Allah knows those among you who keep
In the Book, Collection of the Rulings of the Quran by back (me and those who say to their brethren,
Al-Kortoby: `Come along to us', become not to the fight except
for just a little while, Covetous over you. Then when
Onse Ibn Malek said, One day. some people from Aakl fear comes, thou wilt see them looking at thee, their
came to Mohammad expressing their desire to be his eyes revolving, like (those of) one over whom hovers
followers. Mohammad gave them some camels and asked death: but when fear is past, they will smite you with
them to drink from their urine and their milk and they did sharp tongues, covetous of goods. Such men have no
and slept the night. In the morning, they woke up, killed the faith, and so Allah has made their deeds of none
shepherd of Mohammad, took the camels and fled. When effort:. (Surah 33:18-19)
Mohammad got these news, he sent people after them,
captured them and brought them back to himself.
Mohammad ordered to cut off their hands and feet and to
b.3) The evil and the hypocrite
darken their eyes with hot nails. Mohammed justified their
mutilation by citing the above Quranic verse, saying that this 14. The ground (of complaint) is against such as claim
is The punishment for those who wage war against exemption while they are rich. They prefer to stay
Allah and his messenger and strive with might and main with the (women) who remain behind: Allah hath
sealed their hearts; so they know not (what they miss).

18 67
persons, in the cause of Allah. That is best for you, if for mischief through the land. They were left in the heat
ye (but) knew. (Surah 9:41) of the desert to die from hunger and thirst.

b) Relief from duty of going to war In the book Sahih Al-Boukhari, the part on Jihad and
b.1) The sick and the handicapped Biography, in the chapter If an infidel burns a Muslim,
would he be burned?, no. 3055, and in the book The
Fighters chapter The apostates refusing water to the
6. No blame is there on the blind, nor is there blame
fighters until they die and in book Sahih Muslim, the
on the lame, nor on one ill (if he joins not the war):
chapter on Fighting:
(Surah 48:17)
7. There is no blame on those who are infirm, or ill, or
For example, Al-Boukhari, who collected the Hadith
who find no resources to spend (on the Cause), if
(sayings of Mohammad) mentioned the story of Onse Ibn
they are sincere (in duty) to Allah and His
Malek. He says that eight people came from Aakl to the
messenger: no ground (for complaint) can there be
prophet (Mohammad) asking to become his followers. He
against such as do right: (Surah 9:91)
told them to drink from the urine and from the milk of
8. Nor (is there blame) on those who came to thee to
camels. They did. They then killed the shepherd, denounced
be provided with mounts, and when thou saidst, `I
Islam, took the camels and escaped. Mohammad was
can find no mounts for you,' they turned back, their
informed and sent people to capture them. They were
eyes streaming with tears of grief that they had no
captured in the same day. He cut their hands and feet and left
resources wherewith to provide the expenses. (Surah
them to die from thirst in the heat of the sun.
Al-Boukhari, book of Jihad and Mohammads
b.2) The Cowards Sayings, the section on If an infidel sets fire to a
Muslim, should he be set fire to? number 3055. Also in
9. O Ye who believe! What is the matter with you, the book of The Fighters, section, Infidels would be
that, when ye are asked to go forth in the Cause of denied water until they die.
Allah, ye cling heavily to the earth? Do ye prefer the
life of this world to the Hereafter? (Surah 9:38) The Quran, the Hadith, books about Islam and history books
10. Those who were left behind (in the Tabuk expedition) about Mohammad, they confirm that all the Islamic books
rejoiced in their inaction behind the back of the mention the above written incident. It was Mohammad who
Messenger of Allah: they hated to strive and fight, ordered the cutting off the hands and feet of those people
with their goods and their persons, in the Cause of and to darken their eyes with hot nails. They were left to die
Allah: they said, `Go not forth in the heat.' Say, `The from thirst; they were biting the ground from thirst, for a sip
fire of Hell is fiercer in heat.' If only they could of water.
understand! (Surah 9:81)
11. If there had been immediate gain (in sight), and the

66 19
Did the terrorists in Fallouja do with their captives more The following verses are taken from
than what Mohammad did with his captives? Could any The Holy Quran
Arabic Islamic TV channel run a video showing more Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
horrible scenes than that of Fallouja? What effect could Published by: Wordsworth Editions Limited,
these scenes be on the minds of other Muslims who see that Cumberland House, Crib Street, Ware, Hertfordshire,
mutilation is the real norm in Islam? After what Mohammad United Kingdom, SG12 9ET, 2000
did to his enemies, how can the Imams of mosques say that
he is the prophet of mercy !? What kind of religious
education is this when students read these stories in their Quran Verses on
books about Mohammad? After all that, will the hearts of War, Violence and Jihad
Muslims have any drop of love left in them?
a) Duty of going to war
2) Killing of Al-Hosein Ben Mansour Al-Halag

Abu El-Fidaa Ibn Katheer wrote in his history about the 1. Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that
killing of Al-Hosein Ben Mansour Al-Halag. He was an Allah hearth and knoweth all things (Surah 2:244)
ascetic and a generous man. He used to make miracles. In 2. Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But
winter, he gave people the fruits of summer and in the it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for
summer he offered people the fruits of winter. He used to you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you.
stretch his hands in the air and bring it back full of coins, (Surah 2:216)
upon which is written There is only one god. He used to 3. They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited
tell people about what they ate and what they did in their Month. Say: `Fighting therein is a grave (offence);
homes and what they were thinking of. People were but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent
astonished and used to consult him in their daily affairs. access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent
Some people said that he had something divine in him and access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its
others said he was a godly man. Some others however, said members.' Tumult and oppression are worse than
that he was a conjurer and sorcerer. slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until,
they turn you back from your faith if they can. And
He used to fast often and broke his fasts by drinking some if any of you turn back from their faith and die in
water. Hamed El-Wazir wanted to kill him. He consulted unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and
with someone to prepare a plan which justifies killing Al- in the Hereafter; they will be companions of the Fire
Hosein Ben Mansour Al-Halag. When Al-Halag heard and will abide therein. (Surah 2:217)
about this plan he said, How could you justify killing me 4. We shall try you until We test those among you who
and I am a Muslim and a Sunni and I have written books strive their utmost and persevere; (Surah 47:31)
about Sunni denomination?. Still Hamed El-Wazir wanted 5. Go ye forth, (whether equipped) lightly or heavily,
to kill him and asked the Caliph for permission, supported and strive and struggle, with your goods and your

20 65
When do we change what we teach in our schools, what we with legal opinion. The Caliph gave him permission . El-
hear from the Imams in the mosques and what our Wazir then brought Al-Halag and whipped him 1000 times.
governments do? Instead of violence, killing, subduing He then cut off his hand and the opposite foot and threw
others and glorifying violence and killing we replace that them in the fire. He then cut his head and sent it to Baghdad.
with peace, love, civilized dialogues, freedom of expression,
respect of each other religion, equality and justice. Also Abu El-Fidaa Abu Katheer said in his history, in the
chapter about the Sunna in the years 338 of the Islamic
I still suffer from the shock of what happened in Fallouja in calendar:
Iraq, and do not know how to get rid of this shock. I am
asking myself, do my Muslim neighbors read books other The story of Al-Halag given above was written in very
than those which glorify violence, killing and burning? What many books. It exposed the Islamic history as full of torture
do I expect from them, since Jihad by Muslims against non- and mutilations, which in turn, followed the code of
Muslims is a holy duty for Muslims? Let me wait and see. Mohammad of cutting off the limbs. This kind of carnage
continued until the present day and Muslims justify killings
Finally I cry to everyone and say that the weapon of hatred is even inside the mosques.
more powerful than all other weapons collected together.
What do we do? How do we initiate a dialogue between the 3) Killing of Ibn El-Zobir in Makkah
word and the sword. How do you dialogue with
someone who can only dialogue with the bullet? How do we Abdul-Malek El-Hagag sent troops to Makkah and
differentiate between him who believes in freedom and encircled Ibn El-Zobir there. The brother of Ibn El-Zobir,
democracy and him who uses freedom and democracy to get advised his brother to reconcile with El-Hagag but he
rid of both of them? refused. Likewise El-Hagag himself sent asking him to
surrender and would give him safety, but he also refused and
instead insulted him. El-Hagag then attacked the mosque in
which Ibn El-Zobir and his company were sseking refuge,
killed him, skinned his body, filled it with straw and
crucified it. He was 73 years old.

See also the book, The Beginning and the History by

Al-Motahar Ben-Taher Al-Makdeesy, part 6, chapter
on the reign of Moawia Ben Yazeed Ben Moawia.

4) Abdul-Malek El-Hagag killed 120 thousands

Ibn-Katheer said in the history of Abi-El-feda that El-

Hagag died in the year 95 of the Islamic Calendar. They
64 21
counted those whom he had killed and they were 120 which see what happens in Iraq as the norm in treating the
thousand. infidels.

Aggressiveness (ugliness) in killing women Islamic history recorded Muslims killed and mutilated other
Muslims. They chopped the head of El-Hosein Ibn Ali, the
5) Killing of Oum Kerfa grandson of Mohammad and mutilated his body, in the
same way Mohammad mutilated the bodies of his enemies.
It was mentioned in the book of El-Tabari that once They killed Othman, the follower of Mohammad , who
prophet Mohammad wanted to take revenge from his wrote the Quran which is in the hands of people everywhere.
enemies, the tribe of Bani Fazara. Mohammad sent one They killed him, mutilated his body and refused to burry him
of his fellowers called Zaid Ibn Haretha to an elder woman in the graves of Muslims. They buried him in the graves of
called Oum Kerfa, Fatma Bint Rabiea Ibn Badr and the Jews !
ordered him to tie her legs with two ropes and to tie the two
ropes to two camels. The two camels ran in opposite Khomeni of Iran was able to get rid of the Shah at the time
directions until they split her body into two halves. She was when the West was sure that the Shiat Khomeni revolution
a very old woman. will not survive. It lasted and will last and Iran now causes a
great problem to the security of the whole Middle East
The story is as follows: Mohammad sent Zaid Ibn Haretha region. The Sunis in Iraq are even worse than the Shiats in
and his company to the valley of Kora Bani Fazara. Bani Iran.
Fazara met Zaid wounded him and killed a bunch of his
companion. Zaid returned and vowed to attack Bani Fazara The failure of democratizing Iraq by the Americans will
which he did. He also kidnapped Oum Kerfa who was a become a great disaster and it is feared that the whole area
very old woman. He ordered her to be killed and she was would fall in the hands of terrorists. That will have dire
killed as is described in the previous paragraph. consequences, not only in the Islamic and Arabic countries,
but also in the West.
Those who wrote the biography of Mohammad added that
when his fellowers came back with this news, the prophet The withdrawal of the American and French troops from
did not wait to wear his clothes and jumped naked to Lebanon resulted in the ruin of Lebanon.
welcome them, kissing and congratulating them on what they
had done. In his book Crisis of Logic in Islam, Mustafa Goha said
the following:
Aisha, Mohammads youngest wife said, I have never
seen the prophet of Allah naked except once only. That was Is it not better to adopt Islam without Allah and Mohammad
when Zaid Enb Haretha came with the news of the attack than to fight in the name of Allah and Mohammad?
on Bani Fazara.

22 63
Chapter 8
The book, The History of Nations and Kings by El-
The Cry of Logic and Tabari, the 6th year of the Islamic calendar mentioned
the story of the horrible killing of Oum Kerfa, which
of Conscience was in the month of Ramadan. In the book The Higher
Classes by Ibn Saad, the story of Zaid Ibn Haretha
After I reviewed the stories which I had written in this book, and the killing of Oum Kerfa in the valley of Kora was
and of other stories, I calmed down and realized that the also mentioned. This story of revenge was also mentioned
majority of people are safe and sound except those who in other books.
glory in the horror of these stories. I am now convinced that
the criminals of Fallouja followed the steps of Mohammad El-Gazera TV channel was reluctant to detail the story of
the prophet of Islam, his clans and his followers in their Zaid Enb Haretha killing Oum Kerfa in the valley of
teachings and actions. Kora. The TV mentioned only that Oum Kerfa was
killed in a violent way.
The revolution in telecommunication made the whole world
look like a small village; whatever happens is one corner of All Islamic references mention that prophet of Allah sent
the world is immediately seen and heard everywhere in the Zaid Ibn Haretha to Oum Kerfa who tied her two legs to
globe. The spread of wars, famines and economic disasters, two camels, and she was split in two halves. Again these
compelled Muslims to leave their corrupt and third world references stated that Mohammad could not wait to put on
countries to immigrate to the West. his clothes, but ran out naked to receive Zaid Ibn Haretha
This kind of migration is now a source of worry as it poses and congratulated him for what he did !.
threats to the security of the host countries. Muslims form
isolated groups clinging to their traditions and habits Would the Arabic and Islamic TV channels present this
governed by the Islamic Sharia laws. This makes it picture to their viewers?
impossible for immigrant Muslims to integrate and
amalgamate into the societies of the West. That is beside the Did the Moujahedeen and the terrorists in Fallouja do more
Islamic schools in the host countries in which the Quran with than that? They did indeed imitate the prophet of mercy
its teachings are fed to Muslim kids. These Islamic schools Mohammad !. They danced around the suspended corpses
are fertile ground for breeding terrorists in the lands of of the Americans, they very much imitated their prophet.
immigration. What do we think about Muslims who read these stories and
not be ashamed of the prophet of mercy?! How could the
Muslims in the lands of immigrations tune their TV sets to Imams lie to the viewers of the TVs and say that Mohammad
the Islamic and Arabic channels which glory in the stories of forbad the killing of women? From where did the prophet get
killing the infidels, mutilation of the bodies of kidnapped all this cruelty!?
foreigners, and beheading them. There are Muslim minds
6) Killing of the women of El-Negeil by Abi-Bakr
62 23
You, Muslims who live in West, are you going to
The Caliph Abi-Bakr followed the Mohammedans code demonstrate against your countries of origin which impose
and cut off hands and feet of women and mutilated them. on Muslim women, even the way they dress and put on the
veil, or you are here in the West going to ask your fellow
El-Balazy said, Al-Ashaath apostatized and fortified Muslims to put on the veil and grow beards?
himself in El-Negeil. In El-Negeil there were women who
delighted at the death of Mohammad. Abi-Bakr, who You, Muslims who live in West, who enjoy the principle of
followed Mohammad as a Caliph, sent a group of people to equality between men and women and Western civilization,
surround them and commanded to cut off the hands and feet are you trying to find the chance to abuse this civilization
of these women. Among the women were Al-Thangaa Al- and its democracy?
Hadramaweya and Hind Bent Yameen the Jewess.
To all the countries which open its doors to Islamic missions
7) Killing of Asmaa Bent Marawan from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and others, and
which spread the culture of hatred, violence and Jihad
Another story tells that the prophet once, on the 25th day of against the West and against all non-Muslim religions, I pose
the Muslim month of Ramadan, sent a man called Omeir this question, Are you going to ask these Islamic countries
Ibn Addy to a lady called Asmaa Bent Marawan (a poet to open their doors to missions which instead spread the
who was writing against Islam and the prophet). When culture of love, peace and dialogue of the word not of the
Omeir entered her home, she was breast-feeding her baby. bullet?
He took the baby and put it aside and killed the lady with his
sword by passing it from her breast out of her back. Then the The West should not deal with Islam as a religion only, but
man went back to the prophet and prayed with him in the as a religion which interferes in every detail of personal
mosque!. After they finished the prayer, the prophet asked lives, with its means of using the Quran and the sword. The
him if he had killed Asmaa Bent Marawan. Omeir West has the right to criticize Islam and its vices as it West
answered: yes and the prophet appreciated what Omeir criticizes any political party. If Muslims want to argue by
did. using the Quran and the sword, the West should use the word
and the sword against Islam.
What would the readers of this book think about this
merciful killing?! Are there any stones harder than these Places of worship should be respected as places of worship.
hearts? He takes the baby away from his breast-feeding But if these places are used as stores of weapons,
mother, puts the baby aside and kills the mother. Prophet ammunition and places to spread hatred and violence and to
Mohammad who was praying to Allah congratulated this recruit terrorists, such places of worship lose respect and
murderer on this revolting act! should be closed down and their Imams and Sheikhs be
arrested and punished.
8) Killing of two sisters singers

24 61
Again these channels are now adding new programs which From the book, Conquering the Cities by Ahmad
call for the Illumination of the Society, and teaching jihad, Ben-Yehia Ben-Gaber Al-Balazi, first part, the chapter
a rare opportunity to breed fresh crops of terrorists. Egypt, on Mosailama the liar:
Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and other Islamic countries are
sending missions to the West, not to spread doctrines of love, The prophet commanded that two women singers be killed.
peace, justice, equality and freedom of religion, but to spread One was being killed and the other escaped. The prophet
Islam, meaning, no human rights for women, naming promised the later one with safety and she believed him.
Christians and Jews as infidels and spreading hate of Later, when Mohammad was on his death bed, he gave
Muslims towards the western societies. That is not to orders to kill six men and four women among them the
mention that immigrant Muslims have no loyalty to the woman whom Mohammad promised not to kill. Abi-Bakr
countries which hosted them but to the Islamic countries of ordered her to be killed.
their origin.
Did the terrorists in Fallouja treat the captives in a worst
Any one who requests and calls to keep Islam inside the manner? I do not think so. What can we expect from
mosques is accused of being an unbeliever, removed from Muslims reading theses stories? What can we expect from
his official post or be killed. Remember Dr. Farag Fouda, spiritual leaders in the mosques who usually say that their
the speaker of the Egyptian Parliament who was killed by the prophet is a prophet of mercy. What a shame on those who
Egyptian government after a committee of 10 Shieks of Al- say that Islam does not order the killing of women.
Azhar university passed a Fatwa to kill him. His crime
was that he was a reformer. The history of Mohammad and his companions which is
taught in the Islamic schools and universities plant mere
The Silent Voice cruelty and violence in the hearts of Muslims. These days,
such violence threatens the whole of humanity.
It was hoped and expected that the West who defend the
principles of Human Rights, freedom and equality, to expose Those who sing that Islam is a religion of peace, mercy and
the lies and bias of those Islamic and Arabic TV channels. love, cover their faces with dark masks after the events of
That is really a delicate matter, as exposing those channels September 11/2001. Why did real Islam wake up these
means exposing Islam and its teachings and the dark history days with its violence, hate and killing, with its suicide
of Mohammad and his followers. bombing and open warfare? Muslims have now descended
many centuries from the principles of justice, equality and
I am calling upon all Muslims who live in the West and who freedom of expression. They have locked themselves into the
enjoy the principles of freedom, equality, love and peace. life of the seventh century in Saudi Arabia with all its
Are we going to hear your voices calling for freedom of darkness.
belief without restriction, the way you enjoy it and to
influence your Islamic countries of origin to do the same?

60 25
Chapter 2 Chapter 7

Mohammad Cutting off the The Absent Voice

Heads of People
In the past, when we wanted to hear the world news in an un-
biased way, we listened to the BBC or Mont Carlo channels.
I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I Then came the Arabic and Islamic TV channels, such as Al-
will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: Gazira and others. Such TV channels have the opportunities
smite ye above their necks and spate all their to describe what happens in the world from their own
fingertips off them. (Surah 8:12) Islamic and Arabic points of view. They describe the
Muslim killers as revolutionaries and describe the Christians
Islamic history and history about Mohammad testify that in the southern Sudan as rebellions.
Mohammad used to take revenge from his enemies in the
most savage ways, which take man to the darkest and unruly For such Islamic and Arabic TV channels, the killing of
eras of history. hundreds and thousands of Bosnians, was a ripe material to
sew hatred in the Muslims against the Christian infidel West.
Again, the contents of this chapter are none other than a Meanwhile, went the West stood to stop the genocide of the
collection of excerpts from Islamic known books. This Bosnian people, these channels had no guts to describe the
chapter also gives account of the murder of El-Hosein role of the West as a victory of the principles of the West of
Ibn Ali, the grandson of Mohammad, whom the Shiat equality, justice and standing for the human rights.
Muslims mourn up to this day.
These Islamic and Arab TV channels described the defeat of
1) Beheading of Kaab Ben Al-Ashraf the Taliban in Afghanistan by the Americans a Crusade
war against the Afghanistan. That is without exposing the
From the book, The Higher Classes by Ibn Saad, Taliban as corrupt and immoral rulers, who sanctioned and
chapter on killing of Kaab Ben Al-Ashraf: supported the terrorism of Ben Laden. Again, these TV
channels never praised or appreciated the freedom which the
Kaab Ben Al-Ashraf was murdered because he used to Afghanis now enjoy.
write satirical poetry against Mohammad and his followers,
and urge people to hurt them. When the battle of Badr Once more, these Islamic and Arabic TV channels invite
ended, Kaab wept over the people who were killed from the commentators to describe what is happening in Iraq and
tribe of Koraish. One of the followers of Mohammad other countries. Such commentators are obviously anti-West
consulted with Mohammad to kill Kaab Ben Al-Ashraf and and side with the terrorists!
of course Mohammad agreed.

26 59
They decided to befriend Kaab and socialize with them.
This verse of the Quran descended on Mohammad the day of When this happened, they killed him by inserting a sword in
the Badr battle. It was to rebuke Mohammad who his belly button which penetrated to his abdomen. Then they
suggested taking ransom from the prisoners of war and cut his head off and carried it to Mohammad. At this
letting them free, instead of killing them. This is what most moment, Mohammad was praying, As they shouted, Allah
of the commentators said, explaining this verse. Akbar (God is greatest), Mohammad responded by saying
Allah Akbar also as he realized that they killed Kaab Ben
When the apostates were taken as prisoners Ibn Abaas Al-Ashraf and congratulated them for their successful
stated that Mohammad asked Abi-Bakr, what should we mission. As they put the head in Mohammads hands, he
do with the prisoners of war? Abi-Bakr said that those commanded them to kill any Jew who gets in their way.
prisoners were cousins and relatives and instead of killing
them, they should pay ransom and be released and they may Do you know my friends, that this story of assassinating
change their minds and adopt Islam again as their religion. Kaab Ben Al-Ashraf, and the female poet Asmaa Bent
Then Mohammad asked Amr Ben El-Khatab the same Marawan, and others are taught in Islamic schools and
question. Amr disagreed with Abi-Bakr and stated that it is universities as Political Assassinations, which prophet
better to kill those unbelievers. Mohammad liked what Abi- Mohammad permitted so that his followers would kill
Bakr said. anyone who criticized him or them.

Ibn Abaas continued by saying that in the morning he found Also the book, The Higher Classes by Ibn Saad says:
both Mohammad and Abi-Bakr sitting down weeping.
When Mohammad was asked why they were weeping , he In daylight we met a group of people carrying the heads of
answered that they were crying because the punishment of murdered enemies, Abu-Kahl, Sifan Ben Khalid, Kaab
Allah was very near to them if they took ransom instead of Ben Al-Ashraf, Marhab the Jew, Al-Ansi the Black,
killing the prisoners ! Refaa Ben Kais, Ataba Ben Abi-Wakas and Asmaa Bent
Al-Kortobi asserts that Mohammad and Abi-Bakr were
going to commit a terrible sin if they took ransom from the 2) Beheading of Abu Ghaza
prisoners and not killing them !!
From the Halabia Biography by Imam Burhan El-
Din Al-Halaby, chapter on the great Badr battle, page

Mahammad was able to capture Abu Ghaza and

commanded Asem Ben Thabet to kill him and carry his
head to the city Madinah.

58 27
What is surprising is that many of the Muslim sheikhs
3) Beheading of Ghazol the Jew appeared on the TV screens of Muslim channels, such as
Al-Gazeera saying that they are going to treat the
From the Halabia Biography by Imam Burhan El- prisoners mercifully as Islam commands !
Din Al-Halaby, on Ghazol, also from the same book,
chapter on Ahad battle: 2) Killing of 70,000 at Al-Wagla battle in Persia

A Jew named Ghazol was left handed and was clever in Again the book The Regular in History by Abu El-
throwing stones by the sling. One of the stones thrown by Farag Abdul-Rahman Ben-Ali Ben-Al-Gouzy, part 4,
Ghazol fell on the roof of Mohammads house. chapter on the Al-Wagla battle, also the books The
Completent in History by Ibn El-Atheer, part 2, and
One evening, Ali Ben Abi-Taleb went to dine with The History of El-Tabari, the year 12 of the Islamic
Mohammad and was late. People asked Mohammad about calendar, chapter the news of Alis, said:
Ali Ben Abi-Taleb. Mohammad replied that Abi-Taleb is
doing a job. Soon Abi-Taleb arrived with the head of Khalid Ibn El-Walid, known as the sword of Allah on
Ghazol. the necks of people followed the steps of Mohammad, one
by one. Mohammad slaughtered the men of Bani Qurayza,
The story is like this: Ali Ben Abi-Taleb waited in the road and dug for the bodies mass graves, so did Khalid Ibn El-
for Ghazol as he was walking with a group of people. Ali Walid with the prisoners from Persia at the river Euphrates.
jumped on Ghazol and killed him. Ghazols friends He killed 70,000, seventy thousand men whose blood
escaped. Mohammad sent after them Aba Dagana and Sahl mixed with the water of the Euphrates.
Ben Haneef and ten other people. They surrounded them for
15 days and at the end they killed them and carried their This great Islamic hero is named the sword of Allah,
heads back to Mohammad. The heads were thrown in some indicating that Allah is also a killer !
wells and the bodies were burnt.
Let us ask, What are the rights of the prisoners,
4) Beheading of Ornah according to Islam? Obviously, the answer is To be
From the Halabia Biography by Imam Burhan El-
Din Al-Halaby, on Ornah. Also from the same book, 3) Allahs command in the Quran is kill
chapter on Bani El-Nadir battle:
It is not fitting for a prophet that he should have
Mohammad sent Abd-Allah Ben Anis to kill someone prisoners of war (rather kill them) until he has thoroughly
called Ornah. Abd-Allah wanted Mohammad to describe subdued the land. Ye look for the temporal goods of this
Ornah for him. Mohammad did. Then Abd-Allah asked for world; but Allah looketh to the hereafter; and Allah is
permission from Mohammad to invent a lie in order to trick exaulted in might, wise (Surah 8:67).
28 57
Ornah. Mohammad as well, gave him the permission. Abd-
Mohammad commanded Saad Ibn-Moaz and told him that Allah went to where Ornah lived and found him walking
he (Saad) ruled by what Allah ruled ! with a bunch of friends. Ornah asked his friends who is this
man, Abd-Allah replied, I heard about you that you are
Muslims dug trenches in Medinah for the disposal of the collecting money for Mohammad, so I came to be with you.
900 Jewish bodies whom Mohammed had spent the Ornah told Abd-Allah, I am indeed collecting for
previous night slaughtering. Their women and children were Mohammad. Ornah liked Abd-Allahs chatting and
sold as slaves, and all their property were divided among the walked together until they reached Ornahs house and his
Muslims. So much for the prophet of mercy friends left. Night came and Abd-Allah, found a chance to
kill Ornah, cut his head and leave with the head. When he
The book The Higher Classes by Ibn Saad, chapter returned back to Mohammad, Mohammad asked him if he
on attacking Bani Qurayza, the book The Regular in was successful. Abd-Allah replied, yes and put the head in
History by Abu El-Farag Abdul-Rahman Ben-Ali Ben- Mohammads hands. Mohammad gave the murderer a cane
Al-Gouzy, on attacking Bani Qurayza, the book, and told him, you will bring this cane with you in paradise
Biography of the Prophet by Ibn Hisham, volume 4, !
chapter on imprisoning Bani Qurayza and killing them,
and the book, History of El-Tabari, chapter on 5) Pleasure of beheading people
attacking Bani Qurayza, said:
From the book, Higher Classes by Ibn Saad, chapter
Angel Gabriel went to Mohammad on a mule and on Sariah Abd-Allah Ben Anis: The number of people who
commanded him to go to Bani Qurayza and kill them. were killed and their heads cut off is great. Mohammad, (the
Mohammed went to them and called them names, Answer prophet of mercy !?) was very glad with this crop of heads.
me, you brothers of monkeys and swine and worshippers of
idols, did Allah put you to shame and his curse is upon you, The company of Mohammad and his followers and Muslims
did you swear at me? They denied that they swore at in general followed this road and it became a prophetic rule
Mohammad. across history to this day. To the extent, if Muslims did not
find enemies of religions other than Islam, to cut their heads,
This was what Mohammad did with people the who believed they cut the heads of other Muslims. They carry the severed
in a heavenly religion in which Mohammad believed, its heads and parade with them and feel happy by doing so,
prophets such as Abraham and Moses. The story continued shouting Allah Akbar, imitating their prophe. That
as we have mentioned earlier. remind us of the massacres of the Algerian Mujahedeen who
slaughtered of 30 thousand other Muslims, particularly in the
Are we ever surprised with what the criminals in Fallouja month of Ramadan when sheep are slaughtered. The
did with the corpses of the American workers? Did they not phenomenon of cutting the heads off caught on until one of
imitate what the prophet of mercy Mohammad did? Mohammads grandchildren had his head cut off.

56 29
6) Beheading of El-Hosein, Mohammads grandson Chapter 6

The following was written in the book, The Complement Prisoners and Mass Graves
in History by Ibn El-Atheer, part 2. It described the
incident of the killing of El-Hosein Ibn Ali, the Muslims claim that Islam is the only religion in the world
grandson of Mohammad. which guarantees decent treatments to prisoners. That is
before the Geneva agreements on treating prisoners of war
Ibn Zeyad ordered one of his followers to cut off the head was ever known in the twentieth century. That claim by
of El-Hosein. It was the first head to be paraded in Islam, Muslims is one more shameful deceit and a big lie.
carried on a stick. Then Ibn Zeyad ordered to cut the heads
of the company of El-Hosein as well. These heads were 1) Mass grave for the men of the Jewish tribe Bani
carried with women and children including the son of El- Qurayza
Hosein, whose hands were tied with a rope around his neck
and were sent to Zeyad the Prince of the Faithful (Amir It was suspected that the Jewish tribe Bani Qurayza agreed
El-Momeneen). He was told to rejoice in the victory given to to help Abu Sofyan's forces against Mohammad.
him by Allah !. Mohammad never forgave Bani Qurayza for attempting to
help his enemies. See for example: Biography of the
They said, El-Hosein Ibn Ali, the grandson of Mohammad Prophet by Ibn Hisham, volume 2, pages 40 and 41.
with 18 of his household and 60 of his followers came to us.
We asked them to chose between obliging the rule of Ibn Saad, in his book The Higher Classes said, When
Zeyad, the Amir (the prince), or the fight. They chose to Mohammad entered the home of his youngest wife Aisha,
fight. We then surrounded them from all sides from sunrise Angel Gabriel appeared to him and commanded him to go
and the fight broke up. They escaped, but we pursued and to the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayza to punish them.
killed each one of them. Their bodies laid down in filthy Mohammad took with him 3000 Muslim fighters and 36
clothes, their faces burned by the sun and the hot wind. knights on their horses and went to Bani Qurayza.
Then they put the head of El-Hosein in the hands of Zeyad. Mohammad troops surrounded them for 25 days. The Jewish
tribe expressed readiness to accept surrender, give up their
Hind, the daughter of Abd-Allah Ben Amer Ben Kreez, belongings, and to depart from their homes.
heard this story, and as she used to like Zeyad, she asked
him, Amir El-Momeneen, is this the head of El-Hosein Mohammed, however, would not agree to this, and instead
Ibn Ali Ibn Fatma, the daughter of the prophet of Allah? appointed a negotiator, Saad Ibn-Moaz, who was known to
He replied, Yes. Then he permitted people to come to him be on bad terms with Bani Qurayza. He ruled that all Bani
to see the head between his hands and he was holding a rod. Quaryza's men should be beheaded, that the women and
He was cracking jokes and as he inserted the rod inside the children should be sold as slaves, and that all their property
mouth of the head he was holding, Abu-Brza Al-Aslamy should be divided among the Muslims.
was present and commented saying, You crack jokes as you
30 55
(before). And Allah has power over all things (Surah insert the rod inside the mouth of the head of El-Hosein.
33:27) Perhaps, I see the prophet of Allah giving the head a drink of
water. On the day of judgment, you shall see the prophet of
But (now) enjoy what you took in war, lawful and Allah an advocate of his grandson and Ibn-Zeyad your
good: but fear Allah (Surah 8:69) advocate.

The gains which Allah promised the Muslims are the The history of Tabari, the year 60 in the Islamic
properties of Jewish Khaiber which the Muslims calendar, chapter on El-Hosein going to Kofa:
plundered and looted after the Khaiber battle. Some
Muslim commentators say that such plundering and lootings It says, In the day of Ashourah (one of the Muslim feasts),
applied after every battle they went to a Friday, El-Hosein was killed, together with 19 persons
of his household. Among the killed were 7 sons of Ali and 3
5) Mohammad encouraged Muslims to go to battles by sons of El-Hosein. They spared Ali Ibn El-Hosein, who was
promising them that they would plunder and loot the Ali the junior, as he was ill. They killed also 87 from his
defeated enemy followers. The story describes how the killing took place and
who cut his head and how the horses trampled over his body.
Moteb Ben Kashir, brother of Bani Amr Ben Oof said, Then they carried him with his women and daughters to Ibn-
Mohammad promised us that we would take the treasures of Zeyad.
Kesra and Caesar.
They claimed that Ibn-Zeyad put the head in a washbowl
and kept cracking jokes with a rod in his hand and looking to
The book, The History of Nations and Kings by El- the head saying, I never found a more beautiful face than
Tabari, chapter on Khandak battle and the book that face. One of the people named Once Ben-Malek,
The Beginning and the End by Ibn Katheer, part 4, asked, Perfaps, he resembles the prophet in his looks!. One
chapter on the Khandak battle, said: of the people present commented, I see the prophet of Allah
giving the head a drink of water. On the day of judgment,
Mohammad did not command the Muslims to spread the you find the prophet of Allah the advocate of his grandson
religion of Allah, fight the devil and the worship of idols, but and Ibn-Zeyad your advocate. El-Hosein was killed in the
he was encouraging his followers that they would owe and year 61 of the Islamic calendar when he was 58 years old
plunder all the treasures of Iran, Syria, and Kesra and and his complexion was very dark.
Zeyad send the captured people to Zeyad Ibn-Moawiya,
Perhaps, Mohammad forgot to mention the treasures of who in turn sent the women and daughters to the mosque
Egypt and other countries which the Arabs conquered, where prisoners were displayed.
destroyed their cultures and spread the Arabic language
by the sword.
54 31
In the books The Beginning and the History by Al- Omar Ben Abdul-Azis wrote to Hayan Ben Sharih the
Motahar Ben-Taher Al-Makdeesy, part 6, chapter 21 following: If some one dies, the taxes he should have paid
about the state of Bani-Omaia, The Regular in History are paid by his relatives.
by Abu El-Farag Abdul-Rahman Ben-Ali Ben-Al-
Gouzy, part 5, chapter On the year 61 and The The Book The Plans by El-Makrizi, chapter on
Beginning and the End by Ibn Katheer, chapter On the What did the Muslims do when they conquered Egypt
year 61: said:

Yazid Ibn Arkam was sitting with Ibn-Zeyad. When the Mohammad stole the treasures of the Jews, which were
head of El-Hosein was brought to him. Ibn-Zeyad took a jewels, gold and silver, etc, which were kept by Kanana Ibn
rod and put it between the lips of the head. Yazid said to Al-Rabie. The followers of Mohammad followed his steps,
Ibn-Zeyad, You put the rod in a place where the prophet of supported by verses from the Quran. Amr Ben El-Aas killed
Allah used to kiss. Ibn-Zeyad replied, Get out, you are an many Copts after they gave him their treasures. None of the
old man who lost his mind. Muslim apologetics criticized these acts of steeling. To the
contrary, Imams and Muslim Sheikhs were pleased to teach
From the book, Selected Treasures of People in the this stuff. Omar Ben Abdul-Aziz made a ruling to kill the
Usage Sayings by the Scholar Al-Motaki Al-Hendy, store owners of gold to steal the contents of the stores. None
chapter F, saying numbers 37720, 37721: of the Muslims who committed these crimes were dealt with.

Mohammad Ben-Serine Ben-Onse said, I watched Ibn- It is not surprising in the present days that stealing and
Zeyad when the head of El-Hosein was brought to him. He shoplifting spread fast as Sadam Hussain regime in Iraq
was cracking jokes with a rod in his hand. I said to him that came to an end.
he (El-Hosein) used to look like the prophet of Allah.
4) The Quran supports and encourages stealing and
7) Beheading of Al-Walid Ben Tazeed Ben Abdul- looting
The Quran says, Allah has promised you many gains that
Al-Seyouty in his book History of Caliphs (successors of ye shall acquire, and he has given you these beforehand;
Mohammad), chapter on Al-Walid Ben-Tazeed Ben and he has restrained the hands of men from you; that it
Abdul-Malek, years 125-126 of the Islamic calendar may be a sign for the believers, and that he may guide you
wrote about the terrible happenings and stories for which our to a straight path. And other gains (there are), which are
bodies shiver. Hanging of bodies and cutting of heads, were not within your power, but Allah has compassed: and
ways followed by the successors of Mohammad, mostly Allah has power over all things (Surah 48:20-21).
carried out in Iraq.
And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and
their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented
32 53
History of Nations and Kings by El-Tabari, the seventh He also said that Al-Walid Ben-Tazeed Ben Abdul-Malek
year of Islamic Calendar, chapter on Khebir battle. was born in the year 90 of the Islamic calendar. When his
father died, he could not succeed him as a Caliph because he
Mohammad called Kanana Ibn Al-Rabie who kept the was young. His elder brother Hisham instead, became the
treasure of Babi Al-Nadir and asked him about the treasure. new Caliph. Many years later when Hisham died Al-Walid
Kanana pretended he did not know where it was. A Jewish was made the Caliph. That was in the year 125 of the Islamic
person informed Mohammad that Kanana rooms around a calendar. He was a corrupt person and a drunken. He went to
certain place. Mohammad told Kanana that he would dig the pilgrim to drink wine on top of the black stone called
that place and if he found the treasure, he will kill Kanana. Kaaba. The people disliked him, went after him and killed
When they dug that place they found a part of the treasure. him in the year 126. They cut off his head which was put on
Mohammad asked Kanana about the rest of the treasure. an arrow for people to see.
Kanana would not tell him. They tortured Kanana until he
died. 8) Beheading of Marawan Al-Hemar

Al-Seyouty also said, When Marawan Al-Hemar was

3) Amr Ben El-Aas and stealing the treasure of Botros killed, his head was cut off and was taken to Abdallah Ibn
the Copt Ali, the first Caliph of Bani Al-Abbas. A cat came and was
chewing the tongue. Abdallah Ibn Ali said, If we have
The historian El-Makrizi mentioned that after Amr Ben El- never seen wonders in this world, it is enough to see the
Aas was appointed a ruler over Egypt, he asked the Copts tongue of Marawan in the mouth of a cat!.
(Egyptian Christians) to give him their valuables, such as
jewels, gold and silver. If anyone refused he would be killed. 9) Beheading of Ahmad Ben Nasr Al-Khozari
A Copt form Upper Egypt named Botros was known to be a
rich man. Amr approached him to get his wealth. Botros Also from the History of Caliphs, the chapter on
refused. Then Amr imprisoned him. Marawan Ben Mohammad Ben Marawan Ben El-Hakam
(El-Homar) the year 127-132 of the Islamic calendar:
Using a trick on a monk, the monk directed Amr to a certain
place. Amr dug that place and found a huge amount of gold. Ahmad Ben Nasr Al-Khozari was killed and he was a
Amr took the gold and killed both the monk and Botros. preacher who commanded people to do good and keep away
from doing evil. They brought him in chains from Bahgdad
It is said that the Egyptians paid Amr two kinds of taxes, to Samra. They asked him about Islamic heaven. He stated
one tax was paid by every man and another which was a that he saw a vision about heaven. His capturers told him
collective one on each village. If a person died in a village, that he was lying. He replied that it is the capturers who are
and he had no one to inherit him, his property went to the lying. The capturers became angry and accused him that he
Muslims. was an infidel and he worshiped a god different from the god
they worshiped. He was killed and his head was carried to
52 33
Baghdad. His head and body was crucified. A paper was Chapter 5
hanged from his ear, upon which was written, This is the
head of Ahmad Ben Nasr, who was arrogant and was Stealing in the Name of Allah
hastened to hell. His body was left on the cross for 6 years
until someone took it down and buried it.
Allah has promised you many gains that ye
Also from History of Caliphs, the chapter on the shall acquire, and He has given you these
Trusting in Allah, by Harone Ben El-Motasem, Ben El- beforehand; and he has restrained the hands of
Rashid, the year 227-232 of the Islamic calendar. men from you; And other gains (there are),
which are not within your power, but which
This is the black, bloody Islamic history which cultivated in Allah has compassed. (Surah 48:20-21)
the hearts, violence, killings, mutilations and beheadings.
Every head which was cut off and every body which was
1) Confiscating the treasure of Kanana, husband of
mutilated, cry to God to punish those who made this way a
Safia and his brother
rule for others to follow. The head of El-Hosein, grandson
of Mohammad shouts in the face of Mohammad saying,
Borhan Al-Din Al-Halaby said that the prophet
Who plants the wind, reaps the storm.
(Mohammad) called Kanana, husband of Safia, and his
bother, and asked them, where are your jewels which you
used to lend to the people of Makkah. If any one had a
wedding, they went and borrowed from these jewels.
Mohammad threatened that he will kill them if they did not
tell him. They searched for the jewels until they found
them. The jewels were worth ten thousand Dinars. They
contained necklaces of rare stones, bracelets, anklets,
earrings, gold rings, and more. Mohammad took the jewels
and then killed the two brothers.

2) Stealing the treasure of Babi Al-Nadir

From the Halabia Biography by Imam Burhan El-Din

Al-Halaby, chapter on Khebir battle and The
Beginning and the End by Ibn Katheer, volume 4,
chapter on the story of Safia daughter of Hay Al-
Nadria, and Prophet Biography by Ibn Hisham,
volume 4, on punishment of Kanana Ibn Al-Rabie, and

34 51
Christians, by stabbing to death, cutting their throats or Chapter 3
burning. They set ablaze many homes, businesses and cars of
the Egyptian Christians in this village. The police arrested 94 Killings and Torturing Heal
Muslims for these crimes and were all set free by the court !.
The ruling was based on the un-written Islamic principle The Chests of Muslims
that a Muslim who kills an infidel (a non-Muslim) must not
be killed. None of the Imams, Muslim sheikhs or even the Fight them and Allah will punish them by your
Egyptian media criticized the justice system for setting the hands, cover them with shame, help you to
criminals free. Western countries kept silent then, but started victory over them, heal the breasts of believers.
to wake up after what happened in Fallouja, Iraq. And still the indignation of their hearts. For Allah
will turn in mercy to whom he will: Allah is al-
knowing, all-wise. (Surah 9:14, 15)
1) Defaming Muhammad is punishable by death

Al-Kortobi said that the tribe of Koraish sided with Bani-

Bakr against Bani-Khoza who themselves were allied with
Mohammad. A person from Bani-Bakr wrote a defaming
poetry against Mohammad. Someone from Bani-Khoza,
expressed a wish to break the teeth of this poet and he did. A
great fight broke up and a large number of Bani-Khoza.
were killed.

2) Become a Muslim or be killed

Al-Kortobi also said the following in the chapter on

repentance: Mohammad sent a correspondence with Khalid
Ibn El-Walid to Bani-Amer Ibn Abd-Manah asking him
to join the Muslim faith, and if he refused he would be

Khalid Ibn El-Walid went to him and greeted him. Bani-

Amer was frightened, because previously he had killed both
the brother and uncle of Khalid Ibn El-Walid. Amer asked
Khalid and his companions, Did you come on a peaceful
50 35
mission, if so cast away you weapons and descend your Ali Ben Abi-Taleb the close companion of Mohammad, his
camels. After some arguments, some of the companions of fourth Caliph and the husband of Mohammads daughter
Khalid descended their camels and right away they were Fatma El-Zahraa, followed Mohammads foot steps of
taken captives. The rest of Khalid Ibn El-Walids group imposing the Islamic religion on people by force. Whoever
fled away in two groups, one went northbound and the other resisted him, was burnt alive, even those who tried to argue
southbound. or reason with him.

3) A love story which ended in beheading and death 15) Killing of Ibn El-Mokafaa, author and novelist

Among those who were captured, was a sick exhausted boy. Ibn El-Mokafaa was a well known writer. He was the
They tied him up to kill him. The boy asked them to wait author of the well known novel Kalila and Demna.
until he met his lover and then be killed. They agreed. He It was said that Ibn El-Mokafaa was playing with Seifan
shouted with a loud voice and called someone in the valley. Ben Moawia Ben Yazeed Ben El-Mahlab. Ibn El-
A beautiful fair skinned slave girl came up from the valley. Mokafaa told Seifan, you mother was not satisfied with
When she saw his capturers she asked him to have courage. men from Iraq, she slept with men fron Syria. Ibn El-
Ibn Abi-Hadrad said, as we hit his neck, the slave girl was Mokafaa was punished for saying that by cutting his limbs
horrified and attempted to kiss him on the mouth. And as we and thrown into the fire.
cut his head off, she fainted and died beside him.
16) Conclusion
4) Quranic verses justify killing
The book, Regular in History, part 8, by Abu El-Farag
Someone went and told Mohammad of what Khalid did. Abdul-Rahman Ben Ali Ben El-Gouzi, chapter on the
When Khalid went to see Mohammad, Mohammad year 144 of Islamic calendar, said:
questioned Khalid, why did you do that? Khalid replied,
prophet of Allah, I heard verses (from the Quran) which The prophet burned down the palms of Bani El-Nadir and
descended on you. What are these verses, Mohammad when some Muslims protested, a Quranic verse descended
replied. Khalid sited the verses given above: Fight them on Mohammad justifying that ! Amr Ben El-Aas followed
and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them the same steps and burned down the Library of Alexandria
with shame, help you to victory over them, heal the and destroyed one of the most valuable heritage for human
breasts of believers. And still the indignation of their race Abi-Bakr burned Al-Fagaa alive. Khalid Ibn El-
hearts. (Surah 9:14, 15). Khalid also said to Mohammad, Walid burned the apostates alive. Seifan Ben Moawia
the son of mother of Asram came to me with a command burned Ibn El-Mokafaa after cutting his limbs and throwing
from you (Mohammad) asking me to fight. them in the fire.

The same stories carry on to this day. In January 2000,

Muslims in the village of Kosheh in Upper Egypt, killed 21
36 49
burned them, rather would have killed them, because prophet Another story says that the slave girl put the head of the
Mohammad asked people not to torture the apostates by the killed boy on her knees and kept talking to it, do not go
fire of hell, rather kill them away from me, alive or dead. She kept weeping upon him
until she died with his head on her knees.
The book Sahih Al-Bokhari, part on Jihad, item
number 3054 and 7008 said: From the songs of Imam Abu El-Farag El-Asfahani, part
7, the chapter on the news of Abdallah Ibn Alkama and
The apostates whom Ali asked three time to return back to Habishoh, and from The Complete History, part 1, the
Islam and they refused, he burned them by fire, and threw year Khalid Ibn El-Walid attacked Bani Goziamah and
their bodies in trenches. It was the opinion of Mohammads from The History of El-Tabari, chapter on the attack
companions to kill them by burning them alive, but Ibn of Khalid Ibn El-Walid on Bani Goziamah Ibn Malek:
Abaas had the different opinion of killing them by the
sword. The latter opinion was the one widely known and My (the author of this book) feelings froze up as I was
accepted. reading this story. Are there any heart more cruel than those
in this story? Do we have any right to call Mohammad, the
14) Fatawi (legal opinions) of Ben Timiyah prophet of mercy? or that Islam is a religion of peace?
Mohammad commanded Khalid to invite people to adopt
The Quran says: Allah most gracious has begotten a Islam (if they wanted to live) or to be killed.
son! Indeed you had put forth a thing most monstrous!
As if the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split 5) Killing prisoners
asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin.
That they should invoke a son for Allah most gracious. The people declared that they had accepted Islam as their
For it is not consonant with the majesty of Allah most religion. However, Khalid took them as prisoners and killed
gracious that he should beget a son. Not one of the them. Mohammad rebuked Khalid for doing that, but
beings in the heaven and the earth but must come to Khalid referred to a verse in the Quran. Mohammad
Allah most gracious as a servant (Surah 19:88-93) and retracted his rebukes to Khalid and said that the angels in
Whether ye show what is in your minds or conceal it, heaven directed Khalid to do what he did !
Allah calleth you to account for it. He forgiveth whom he
pleaseth, and punisheth whom he pleaseth. For Allah has What are the effects of such stories on the hearts and minds
power over all things (Surah 2:284). of Muslims? Did the criminals in Fallouja do more than what
Khalid, the companion of Muhammad, did? This was Khaid
These legal opinions and others written as verses in the Ibn El-Walid of whom Muslims are proud!
Quran were quoted to justify killing people. The people in
authority were none other than instruments in the hands of Are not the excuses of Muslim Imams and sheikhs to what
Allah who descended the Quran on Mohammad. happened in Fallouja, identical to those of Mohammad?
Would any Islamic TV channel dare to make a film to
48 37
portray the above mentioned love story which ended in
murder and death? Khalid Ben El-Walid went with his army and surrounded
the homes of Malek Ben Nowayra who were Muslims.
6) Crushing the head of a Jew between two rocks Malek had a beautiful wife. Khalid was attracted to her and
wanted to kill her husband Malek in order to get her. Both
The book Sahih Muslim said, A Jew killed a slave Abdallah Ben Amr and Kotada Al-Ansari rebuked
woman with a stone. As she was dying, Mohammad asked Khalid for that. Khalid then called Malek and accused him
her, did the Jew kill you?. She signaled with her head of saying something he did not say. Finally Amr Ben El-
meaning, no. He asked her a second time and the answer Khatab commanded Abi-Bakr to kill Malek and he did.
was also no. The third time she signaled with her head
meaning yes. Mohammad then caught the Jew and killed From the book, The Beginning and the History by Al-
him by crushing his head between two rocks. Motahar Ben-Taher Al-Makdeesy, part 5, the chapter
on the reign of Mohammads followers:
Again, the above story is mentioned in Sahih Muslim,
the chapter on the fighters, the punishments, the killing The Muslim Caliphs on the same route; Khalid Ben El-
by stoning, and the killing of men by women 15 (1672) Walid had a free hand. He used his sward to kill, slaughter,
and in The Regular in History by Abu El-Farag burn people and take women as captives. All that was done
Abdul Rahman Ben Ali Ben El-Gozi. under the motto of Mohammad, ye who win, kill, destroy,
shed blood, . This is the black history of Islam which is
7) Killing the Bishop of Bahreen being taught in Islamic and Arabic schools and universities,
and which Islamic and Arabic TV channels are proud to
In the book, The Beginning and the End by Ibn present to their viewers!
Katheer, part 8, the chapter on seeing Gabriel the
angel, said, Boys from El-Bahreen were playing with Abi-Bakr was not unusual in the Islamic history. He was
a ball as the Bishop of El-Bahreen was sitting not far away. one of Mohammad friends and followers and absorbed
The ball fell on his chest, so he took it and refused to return Mohammads characters. He accompanied Mohammad till
it to the boys. One of the boys asked him in the name of Mohammads death. His son, Mohammad Ben Abi-Bakr
Mohammad, to return the ball back. He refused and he was reared by prophet Mohammad.
cursed Mohammad. The boys ganged up on him and killed
him. The Caliph Omar was very proud of those boys who 13) Do not burn the apostates, rather kill them by the
killed the Bishop and took revenge from him for insulting sword
the prophet of Allah.
The book Sahih Al-Bokhari says:
We can see that Quranic verses, Mohammads deeds, him
and his followers went on the same route of different and Ali Ben Abi-Taleb burned some people to death. When
horrible kinds of tortures and killings which any human Ibn El-Abas knew that said, If it was me, I would not have
38 47
Meanwhile the Arabs denounced Islam. The caliph Abi- beings would be ashamed of. These stories, as we mentioned
Bakr ordered that the army go out to enforce the earlier, are taught in Islamic schools and universities and of
commandment of Mohammad. The army did what which the Imams and sheikhs are proud. They glorify those
Mohammad wanted and the champion in that was Khalid who had committed these atrocities and are proud of them.
Ibn El-Walid who used to collect men in sheds and set the
sheds on fire. Also, Arabic and Islamic countries adopt the same thinking.
They forbid the printing of books, and they confiscate the
After all that, would we ask, why did the terrorists do what printed books which deviate from glorifying the holy
they did with the corpses of the Americans in Fallouja? killing. The top of those countries are Egypt and Saudi
What would this black history do in the minds and hearts of Arabia.
those who study it?
After all that, would the criminals of Fallouja surprise us by
11) Abi-Barks son to drink from his fathers cup! what they did?

Amr Ben El-Aas sent to Moawia Ben Khadig asking him

to get Mohammad Ben Abi-Bark (Abi-Barks son) and
kill him. Moawia responded by saying, Mohammad Ben
Abi-Bakr had killed many good people among them is
Osama, I shall certainly kill him. When Osama was
captured, he asked his killers to give him water to drink but
they refused. Moawia then captured Mohammad Ben Abi-
Bakr and as he asked for some water to drink, Moawia,
refused to give him water as he (Mohammad) previously
refused to give Osama water to drink and he killed him.

Ibn Gareer and others mentioned that Mohammad Ben

Abi-Bakr had hurt Moawia Ben Khadig, Amr Ben El-Aas
and Osman Ben Afaan. Moawia Ben Khadig then killed
Mohammad Ben Abi-Bakr, put his body in the belly of a
dead donkey and set fire to it.

12) Killing of Malek Ben Nowayra, to get his beautiful


The book The Beginning and the End by Ibn Katheer,

chapter On Malek Ben Nowayra:
46 39
Chapter 4 Bakr, if those people say there is no god but Allah, spare
them, otherwise kill them.
Burning People and Trees is
9) Punishments of the Apostates
Allahs law
From the book, The Beginning and the History by Al-
Whether ye cut down (O ye Muslims) the tender Motahar Ben-Taher Al-Makdeesy, part 5, chapter 20,
palm-trees or ye left them standing on their roots, on the reign of the companions of Mohammad:
it was by leave of Allah, and in order that He
might cover with shame the rebellious When the Arabs denounced Islam after the death of
transgressors (Surah 59:5) Mohammad, Abi-Bakr sent to Khalid Ibn El-Walid to
meet them and ask them to return to Islam, He went and
1) Punishing a Jewish tribe by cutting down their palm fought the apostates. A witness to what happened said that
trees and burning the trees. Khalid Ibn El-Walid gathered the apostate men into sheds
and burned them with fire. Amr Ben El-Khatab went to
Bani El-Nadir by the encouragement of the tribe of Abi-Bakr and asked him to forgive them. Abi-Bakr refused
Koraish, broke their promise to Mohammad. Mohammad and said I would not spare a sword which Allah prepared
went one day to Bani El-Nadir and ordered to cut down for the infidels!
their palm trees and burn them. They protested and said,
how do you do that and we are Jews, the people of the From the book, The Higher Classes by Ibn Saad,
Torah, to whom you show favour, and you clam to do good chapter on Khalid Ibn El-Walid:
to people. What good you do you do by cutting the palm
trees down? Did you find what Allah commanded you to Khalid continued to burn the apostates. When news came to
corrupt the earth. Abi-Bakr, he said I would not spare a sword with which
Allah prepared for the infidels!
Mohammad was puzzled and Muslims who were with him
were divided. Some say, do not cut these trees and some The book Conquering Countries, by Ahmad Ben
say, cut them down to annoy those Jews. Then the above Gaber Al-Balazi, first volume, described the above
mentioned verse of the Quran (Surah 59:5) descended from horrible history.
Allah on Mohammad which indicates that if you cut these
trees down or cut them not, everything is by permission from 10) Mohammad commanded Osama to kill
Allah !!
Mohammad prepared an army to attack Rom (Palestine)
2) Allah sides with the extremist and appointed Osama Ben Zayed as its leader. Mohammad
commands Osama to kill, burn people and have women as
captives. Mohammad died before this materialized.
40 45
The book, Collection of Quran Rules by Kortobi,
8) Raid on the people of Ibni explains this verse as follows:

After the death of Mohammad, Abi-Bark ordered the army The policy of cutting trees down and burning them, was a
of Osama to raid the people of Ibni, and the army did. The policy which Mohammad followed with the Jews. When
moto of the Muslims then was, you victorious, kill. The they told Mohammad that this was not human to cut the trees
army killed, and took captives as much as it can, burned down, some Muslims agreed with them, but some others
some and burned their homes, plants and palm trees, and wanted to annoy the Jews by cutting their trees down. What
smoke could be seen everywhere. is strange is that Allah descends down a Quranic verse which
sides with the radicals !
In the book The Higher Classes by Ibn Saad,
chapter on goodbye text: 3) Burning down the Library of Alexandria

By the time of Bani-Omaia who followed Abi-Bakr after Amr Ben El-Aas a Calph over Egypt, followed the policy
the death of Mohammad, disorder spread among the Arabs. of Mohammad. He burned down the Library of
Some refused to pay the gezia (taxes) and some became Alexandria and by doing that, the whole humanity lost a
apostates and made enemies with the Muslims. most valuable monument. Over one million scripts were
destroyed, and with that the history of a civilization which
Previously, Mohammad prepared an army to Osama Ben lasted for 9000 years was gone forever.
Zayed to fight the apostates and asked him to go to where
his (Osama) father was killed, to kill, burn people alive and The historian El-Makrizi said: The pillar at the entrance of
take captives. Muslims protested to Mohammad when he the port of Alexandria was made of red granite stone. It was
was on the death bed, of what Osama did. Mohammad asked surrounded by 400 smaller pillars which the Muslim rulers of
them not to resist Osama. By the time Abi-Bakr became Alexandria at the time of Sultan Salah El-Din Ben Ayoub,
Caliph, there was a lot of infidelity, and hypocrisy. People broke into pieces and threw the pieces on the shore of the
expressed their fear from the army of Osama and asked Abi- Mediterranean in order to hinder any enemy who wants to
Bakr to dissolve it. Abi-Bakr refused because previously attack the port ! The height of the big pillar was 70 feet and
Mohammad asked them not to resist Osama. its diameter was 5 feet. It had two bases, one on top of the
other. The height of the pillar with its 2 bases was about 85
Osamas army was equipped with horses and was 3000 men. feet.
He raided Palestine and killed those who killed his father
and many others. This was in the 11th year of the Islamic El-Makrizi also said that among the burned books were
calendar. those of the philosopher Aristotle. The whole of Alexandria
library was burn down by Omar Ben El-Aas by an order
When the Arabs denounced Islam, Abi-Bakr wanted to from Amr Ben El-Khatab.
discipline them. The followers of Mohammad told Abi-
44 41
4) Return back to Islam or be killed had embraced Islam and asked Abi Bakr to prepare an army
of Muslims to fight the apostates. Abi Bakr gave him an
El-Makrizi mentions in his book that people from the tribe army. The man went off with the army killing anyone he
of Bani-Amer after they were defeated in a battle, went to met, Muslins or apostates, and took their money. When Abi
Khalid Ibn El-Walid the caliph, wanting to become Bakr found that, he brought the man to himself, tied his
Muslims again after they previously denounced Islam. hands behind his neck and threw him in the fire to die.
Meanwhile none of the other defeated tribes requested the
same. Khalid Ibn El-Walid commanded that those who did In the book, The Beginning and the End by Ibn
not request to become Muslims again, be brought to him. He Katheer, the chapter on the story of Al-Fagaa:
mutilated them, killed them and burned their bodies.
Abi Bakr asked Tarifa Ben Hagez to go after Al-Fagaa and
5) Killing the Homosexuals bring him back to Abi Bakr. Tarifa did and Abi Bakr killed
him by throwing him in the fire.
The book of El-Kortobi mentions that many people heard
Mohammad the prophet of Allah saying, if you find persons The book Comprehension in Discernment by Abdul-
behaving like the people of Lot, (meaning homosexuals) kill Baar, part 1, chapter on persons, letter t:
them. Some of those people who hear Mohammad saying
that, the killing of homosexuals would be by stoning, others Abi-Bakr, the first Caliph after Muhammad, lit a fire, tied
say by burning them. the hands of Al-Fagaa behind his head and threw him alive
in the fire.
In the opinion of Ali Ben Abi-Taleb, this kind of sin should
be punished by burning (the homosexuals) by fire. This kind In spite of these stories, Muslims describe Abi-Bakr as
of punishment was agreed upon by the companions of gentle and a sensitive man! In fact, Abi-Bakr followed the
Muhammad and all the ruling people after them. path of the prophet Mohammad. Abi-Bakr was pleased with
(the vicious murderer) Khalid Ibn El-Walid and gave him
6) The story of Al-Fagaa the title the sword of Allah put on the necks of people !

The book, Collection of Quran Rules by Kortobi, 7) The attack on the Rom (Palestine)
chapter on For ye practice your lusts on men in
preference to women: ye are indeed a people The book, The Higher Classes by Ibn Saad, said, In
transgressing beyond bounds (Surah 7:81) the year 11 of the Islamic calendar, on a Monday and for
four nights, Mohammad ordered the people to be prepared to
Ibn Katheer said, Abi-Bakr (known as the righteous!) attach the Rom. In the morning he called Osama Ben
killed a man called Al-Fagaa from Medina, by throwing him Zayed and asked him to go to a such a place, let the people
in a lit fire. The story is like this. The man pretended that he ride the horses and lead the army and he did and was
42 43