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Excellency head of university and the staff

Penghormatan saya kepada bpk. Rektor

Respectable head of teaching department and the staff
Penghormatan saya kepada bpk. Kepala jurusan tarbiyah
Honorable head of study program of mathematics and the staff
Penghormatan saya kepada bpk. Ketua prodi MTK
Unforgettable to the all university seniors
Penghormatan saya kepada seluruh senior
And welcome to the all new male and female students of study program of mathematics
Dan selamat datang kpd seluruh mahasiswa baru prodi MTK
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu
All praise be to Allah, The Lord of the world, The Master in the day after, and
The Creator of all everything in this universe. He has No partner. The Greatest One who
never sleep and never forget. Who has been giving us guidance, happiness, healthy and
mercy so we can attend and participate in this agenda without any obstacles.
Then, peace and salutation are always provide to our Noble Prophet in this
world, The son of Abdullah and Aminah, The best figure of this universe, He is The last
messenger Rasulullah Muhammad SAW. and his families, his companies and his
faithfull followers in Allahs religion of islam.
Ladies and gentleman
It is wonderful and precious chance for me to be your master of ceremony in this
beautiful day, in our agenda :

first agenda is opening. To take advantage of the time, lets start this agenda by
reciting Basmallah.

Next agenda is reciting of holy Al-Quran. It will be reciting by (..). stage is


Shadaqallahuladhim, hope that the agenda today will be running as well as we

wish. Aamiiin.ya Rabbal Alamiin.

Step on to the following agenda is report of chief of committee (laporan ketua

panitia). It will be reported by (.) as chief of committee. Floor is your.

Thank to (......) for a nice report.
Third agenda is report of general chief (laporan ketua umum). It will be

reported by () as general chief. Time is your.

Thank to (..).
Fourth agenda is greeting by head of study program of mathematics (sambutan

ketua prodi MTK). I would like to invite (..) , please welcome.

Thank to (..) for the greeting.
Next greeting is by head of teaching department (sambutan ketua jurusan

tarbiyah). I would like to invite (.), please welcome

Thank to (.).
And the last agenda is closing. We close our agenda by reciting a prayer by our
brother (.). stage is your.
By reciting the prayer thats mean our agenda today is finish. I am as master of

ceremony, from the deepest of my heart asking your apologize for my mistakes in
presenting this agenda. A million thanks for your attending and kind attention.
Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatu