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Half Yearly Examination, 2016

Class IX (Mathematics)
1. Classify Triangles on the basis of their Sides.
Answer - (a) Scalene triangle (b) Isosceles triangle (c) Equilateral triangle
2. Classify Triangles on the basis of their Angles.
Answer - (a) Acute-angled triangle (b)Right-angled triangle(c) Obtuse-angled triangle
3. Can we have Right Angled Isosceles triangle. If yes, what will be the values for various
Answer - 90,45,45
4. What type of triangle will it be, if one angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of other
two triangles?
Answer Right angled triangle
5. State the Angle sum property of a triangle.
Answer - The sum of three angles of a triangle is equal to 180
6. What is the measure of each angle of an equilateral triangle?
Answer - 60
7. Name the triangle having (i) all sides equal (ii)all sides unequal (iii) two sides equal.
Answer - (i)Equilateral Triangle
(ii)Scalene Triangle
(iii)Isosceles Triangle
8. State the relation between sum of two sides of a triangle and the third side.
Answer - The sum of two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
9. In triangle ABC, If B >C, THEN AC IS .. than AB.
Answer - >

10. A Triangle can have (a) two obtuse triangles (b) two right triangles (c) two acute
Answer (c) Two acute angle
11. Define the term Rational Number.
Answer - In mathematics, a rational number is any number that can be expressed as
the quotient or fraction p/q of
two integers,
a numerator p
nonzero denominator q.Since q may be equal to 1, every integer is a rational number.
12. What are real numbers?
Answer: All rational numbers and irrational numbers are real numbers. It is denoted by R.
13. Give the formula for Simple Interest.
Answer: S.I = P X R X T
14. State any one point of difference between Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
Answer - In the case of Simple Interest, the principal remains constant for the whole loan
period, whereas in the case of Compound Interest, the value for principal gets changed
every time.
15. Define the term factorization.
Answer: The process of finding two or more algebraic expressions whose product is the
given expression is called factorization.
16. State any one application of the concept trigonometry from the real life.
Answer: To find the distances of the planets and stars from the earth.
17. Name the Branch of mathematics in which we study the relationship between the
sides and angles of a triangle.
Answer Trigonometry
18.What will be the value for Sin (90 o ) ?
Answer - Cos
19.The reciprocal of Cos is ________.
Answer - Sec
20.What is 1+ tan 2 .

Answer - Sec2
21.What is the relationship between Sin , Cos and Cot ?
Answer - Cot = Cos /Sin
22.Tan is not defined for = __________.
Answer - 90

. + is equal to ________.
Answer - Sec

24.If ABC is right-angled at C, then Tan (A+B) is _________.

Answer - Not Defined

25. Find the value for


Answer - 1

26..The word Trigonometry is derived from the Greek word words. What are they?
Answer - 3,Sides,Measure
27.If Sin = Cos , what is the value for .
Answer - 45
28.The value of sin237 + cos237 is __________.
Answer 1
29.Tell us something about common trigonometric identities.
Answer - Sin2+ cos2=1, 1+tan2= sec2 ,1+cot 2 = cosec 2
30.As increases from 0o to 90o, the values of Sin and Tan go on _______ while the
values of Cos go on_________.
Answer - Increases / Decreases
31.The positional mid value of the observation in a data .

Answer Median
32.Number of times a particular observation occurs.
Answer Frequency
33.Difference between the two limits of a class interval
Answer - Class Size
34. The class mark of the class 15.5 20.5 is
Answer - 18
35. State the empirical relationship between mean median and mode.
Answer - Mode = 3(Median) 2(Mean)

36. In the class interval 50-55,

Lower Limit = .
Upper Limit = .
Class Mark =
Answer - (a) 50 (b) 55 (c) 52.5
37. What is the formula for mean?
Answer Mean = Sum of all observations/Number of observations

38.What is meant by Range?

Answer Range = Highest Value Lowest Value
39. Explain the concept of True Class Limit.
Answer - The class limits obtained after adjustment are the true or actual class limits.
40. How can we represent numerical data graphically?
Answer - (a) Bar graphs (b) Pie graphs (c) Broken line
41. What is the value of ?
Answer - 0
42. What is the value of ?

43. Write the formula for ( . ).

Answer + + + ..

Write the formula for

Answer - -

What is the value of ( ) .

Answer - 1
81 -
) .

46. What is the value of (

Answer -
47. What is the formula for : .
Answer -+
48. What is the formula for . .
Answer - ()

49. What is the formula for .

Answer -
50. What is the value of
Answer -

51. What is the statement of midpoint theorem.

Answer- The line segment joining the mid points of any two sides of a triangle is
parallel tothe third side and is equal to half of it.
52. What is the statement of converse of midpoint theorem.
Answer- The line drawn through the midpoint of one side of a triangle parallel to
another sidebisects the third side.
53. What is the intercepts theorem.
Answer- If a transversal makes equal intercepts on three (or more ) parallel lines ,

then anyother line cutting them also makes equal intercepts.

54. What is common logarithms.
Answer- Logarithms to the base 10 are called common logarithms.
55. If = b, what is the value in logarithms form.
Answer- = n
56. What is the value of .
Answer- x
57. What is the formula for .
Answer- n
58. Can we construct a histogram if the frequency distribution is dis-continuous
or inclusive?
Answer - No
59. What is the difference between Bar graph and Histogram?
Answer - A bar-graph is used to represent non-continuous grouped data.
On the other handA histogram is used to represent continuous grouped data.
60. What happens to the value of mean if each value is increased, decreased,
multiplied and divided by two?
Answer As a result the value of the mean increases by 2, decreases by 2, multiplies
by 2 & gets divided by 2 as the case may be.