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November 20th, 2016

Dear Oxford Company

I am writing to explain a problem I have had with your online service. I recently bought a
course online, it was the level of B2, but I had a problem with the access code.
I bought this course online on August 20, and it was supposed that I had to receive the
access code immediately; the message said, "You will receive the access code in a few
minutes to your email, thanks for purchase". However, the problem was that I never
received the code; I was really pressed down because I had to complete two units for my
After I asked my teacher, I sent an email to customer service, and after some days, they
sent me my access code.
I have bought books online in the page of Oxford before, and I have always found the
service excellent. I am sure this was a misunderstanding, and that it is not going to happen
again. Thanks for respond me so kindly.
I hope my letter help you to improve your service.

Atzin Alcaraz