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Gio anges Rade at adi | Ja 38 sted. tteare ath aon ot gs BE wa somites amaraite sree aa reuesT att wed at agg a wea BS a ag TART neat Rae a trpien Fae aesear Baie aaen oat. anit aia aR Sra eo) ues sais wi ae aReht an aoa ; Jb In aadie aa aT aft ariat ong, ! y PRsienmeiccapemiaie onion femme ster alee WS Tea, Wsrac—AaIR Ae sat gee Ty arith adtear aati ois oto aah aime oat aga eS aig wae. tert aera Farr aeawra sft aw. Frere dala gaat ge asa aaa ara a, ait Gear aR Reet de aT. aa ( Bar saa afeiga at Peet erat craher aes aR ser aa, amie (aeereat wat get fisréar arene ( amared orft stafteiga soe atat ard. ) are Uftet—rmaiz, Raw, seq, sty, aH fog, Re, safe, Rast, waite, oH TER. eH FATI—AT, Hen, We, sale, seq, Fawn, Raweh, arden, at Asa onder amitaiser wh, ware, oTafae, Tae. aa Rret—anier, wearer; diester; arate, Sige, Sande, Tera. ( at sia Tere eet: a sarafaert ater aga Tait weve aTeeet spat Rat gaa. ) Barns, secre, ase, ATA. ste FTI. — THs, ( geen ges Aa ) aa, weft, * aatiag, arash. Ramish, age. afta, ( srety dart weet earn dart greg wiga sete gent Fea fre snaiat area.) meter dia RAN, Asta TIAN, STR, PTE, Tate, aa, ——— © What nation on earth would have maintained @ the semblance of civilisation, the spirit or the customs ] of their forefathers, during so many centuries of over ff | whelming, depression, but one of such singular character as the Rajpoot ? Rajasthan exhibitr * the sole example in the history of mankind, of a people withstanding every outrage barbarity can inflict or human nature sustain, from a foe, whose — religion commands annihilation, and bent to the earth, ; yet rising buoyant from the pressure, and making | calamity whetstone to conrage. How did the Britons j at once sink uuder the Romans and in vain strive to ii save their groves, their druids, “or the altars’ of \ Bal from destruction! To the Saxons they alike +4 succumbed; they again, to the Danes; and this hetérogeneous breed to the Normans. Eimpire was ‘i Jost ‘and gained by a single battle, and the laws and { religion of the conquered merged in those of the 4 Conquerors. Contrast with those the Rajpoots; not an iota of their religion or customs have they. lost ) @ though many a foot of land. ............Mewar alone, / ; the ‘sacred “bulwark of religion never compromised. / 4 her honour for her safety, and still survives her a anceint limits; and since the brave Samarsi gave. up ae his life, the blood of her princes has flowed in ‘copious streams for the maintenance of this honour, religion a and independence. ” aq: opi ‘of J Mewar by Lieut.Col, Ted, aeHA WES WT TTT, era aaa A ott gee oy arith ate aan aia et of Fel aia sat Ua TS ai Tem. tat teat tart wears aft TH. ere saa Weare gé Fea aaa arret aCAT. APL Ie aEA Vera az ALAA ( Bar a afiga a Ross ora Tale TES ae oem da. )oeafie (cgerat war age fseer —arareet ( arares seat siataiga sat | aiat fare. ) | ore ufget—aaniz, Roms, asqe, agg, a4 fag, Re, senfte, Rast, waite, cH ER. ste FATT, Ten, Wei, safle, sear, Fenn, Ramet, arate, ie Be oven aattareer wit, | wate, nies, gaea. aie fea—amitan, weramar; dinéite; aati, aig, HaTTde, TENsTeT. (at stig Te eit | at wamieg Tet aga Mit weve ae TET zara gata. ) Ga, aaa, ane, aafie. | BH TTUT— WAST, ( Gaearh ges Aas ) a, ae, + orate, arash. Ramis, stag. arian, ( sats ast weet ert art gag wig Sea gen Aaa fhe staiat ea.) mata aia eae, Bia THAI, TL, NAL, HE, SYR, ‘ \ 2 i | She viper —aritniee, crea, ene, ar Reet) sre, Fa, Fe, (acer Bae ae Reva. farsi; ch, sie fem, ( versit TF off, HS Bas) sie cea. (at stent Beat Gert wh | SR Rarer —geatast wits, mnBeraact, gar, ae chi oidiaier ( ahaa ), HIERN, TER, THAT mr + the ame, dé, age as, | PO SH RrraT—enter, Uday; savatie, Rem, aK i aR. uiafee, ararang Sa ager ), aniitan, Re Amira, Rarish, wit, set ae. ( 3 Rear ware Fara, ) . wi ies Gem gay gereart at Ae qatar ais RE aia neg Tea ge sa ge are: “ Among the historical plays two only are desery ing of notice. One is Udepurcha Makarana, whicl celebrates the heroic endeavours of Pratapsinhji, king of Mewar, to save ‘Rajasthan fromthe Moslem yoke The other is............ Both these works afford interest ing reading and are well fitted for the stage.” ——Annual Report’ of Native Publications foi vs) the year 1896,— | | —e . i ) } 4 t 5 - @ ASE. arate caareg ase are wTaT fray Satted, aa ait Reda fearear, adaattear, aaa, wiRaPRte sata UIA, BE TAT Fe aS AQTIN age & seat wie gonna waaay Fel az. “Sam PASULASTE ESSE: \% eBei op Uft aeeaz gear tl “TERT HASAN, : C194) area ait warearaa aadard ence SU ote &, fine sat ear earad fr qT AS UW carter fe Ga yewat RagraC ae HE W sift Ferd garg carar eet daa FSW gdtaee ag ae BAAR TreTEy THE HS ll aa oft Pate few ty ser ar ATE re : a TE ets OTIC shea we) oY | (8.99) erfites ott a arerdt eardsachite 7 at streieateett Seq war grt Bo ° Searaya. Fat Rorar_awat dr wd Rea + Be agate gen an ted ath arg Vent geq & Wate ahs ace ax Fett Fo [5 AR oe eet, af, — = . 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Cates segs, tharten saat ooarg, SS ae «re, fore aa 28 we Rede TET 7 saan eer Bea a GET "eT af rd a, g mere tt ee Ray ee RTF Nii 3. x ter ree “CRS ) Pater Rett area Ray Wy wey Wee & Sam ger AUTH fe FU ge By oe wees eer ce met Bro sfeqra—erere a8 alae Re, qo en Sit wat er eanindt Bat ae after, wy fa ater ee aematarg afer wet ° Segre — aver Pate AY ator ae aT oA Oe to 4 £ deqra—arara ah wae Rad. wr een Stet Ta en Baines Beet Ae eT, wee tilt wecrar Te fer Seer TE, aT aeaahe aftaiag unis ssa aR. navafee—aet deqa, aaa,’ ¥ get— (al) weqgacr se carats of gerd a ae afc & aft & Ferhs draws orond weak au tet Ste a at meReRary afsor wer tt teqra—eaer Pera Ret ator ne art aad aid are are vat. et rere at Rareen steer eet aie Fog wera cer ae.—-— (are ) wo ara gare & cey arate Wh orate Ar Freara ars aft art & ad died WE war eat wtarcarez as un At gee sre FSS N-TaTe AAT arerht Ber shir gear Bron fey eaeT ATT NN sTAT Nha eT TTT gEEET ance Nl a ste Gat ag Seagate Srrer fh are acteft UFR aia Be aT Har ht Rerery Ht ated Sey wat Ul ere wer ete war- ae — : sarafize ates. mt ceq tl ver Hawa ate TFT Ul watt Saver cuss Se srt Nga vara rT Be Tare | mavafag—ae a gaat aT aaah att dared ag Bawa ae Feast | aTATaT Fata eT HAA TH ETART ATATT ATT ae a wed Tes, fasate—a cot, TT aT BERT are wearer Pavel aa caTle ATTA a sata mel & Fe! warqe—aa); Fer aed al, aT seat Ta & aass gard uaa. aie Beaded at aurea aaiar Baar igh FeTAT Tele. getter marae Treat AT ge TT TT rea Reena Raa adie ad ad. seqre-aa 8; an aT ae Aah TAT @aiar areas, ude at art art ae erat aed. 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Me age saa aR att soe aT at At | freee, 194 Fer T Rage ea wa grant a at wat A Rracone Tet. Fearne -Paq et att afe aaa Teal. at at mets CY ae FT, Fe. BaaT STAT FAR, ae ara arat a Ralf arena atea, Feat wien eet gerer ei saa sad T- A. & cet wea 2. a) aIAe— FT, & sim gaesist ent? srry, garg moaeftat et at ait ard ! smo—aa sre onaet ait eae BY, Ae ara? STE TEU at sae Brea SRA AT AT ~ a, a ~ ae Cat iS ATA o art arg ae A aTATo— Va — «(ats ) sod agar ameta ge araret Tee ares ata er Haat A ga Gat ll ata arate at sngea matteare att Nl ee & agferarea ait arfaftrer {ara tare tl aTafe—( Sa Aemen FG Rana) Faz de a, TT aia eH URE, TA od, af a TU TTA URAC BT a STENT Yer ARTY TAT TTT AIT TE. Feat —ans Hin SETS aT A TST arremt 8% ese cet anela. constizar siamo aft oer, aqeet at aardt Bast ori’. army fae aed. aratao—ary consist anf anet aitetiet gered elone set ? 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