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a i Synonyms i So: escue Qy ift | Present gg7 save ddddDD..D ao Can you match these synonyms together? i. sad a) close 2, little b) ship 3. fast ©) noon 4. boat d) start 5. begin ©) seat 6. road f) hard z lange 9g) __ street 8 end h) rack 9. sleepy ) centre 10, closed D big 11. sea kK) noise 12, right D finish 13, midday m) clever 14. difficult ") ge 15. middle ©) quick 16, near p) tired 17. stone ® simple 18. smart r) small 19. easy s) shut 20. chair h ill 21. sick uw) elean 22. sound ocean 23. wash w) correct 24, leave x) unhappy S» S S& S& S» S» SE» >» S& S» 5» Sb» Complete these sentences using the synonyms 1-24 opposite 1, Twas frightened because she was driving too 2, Wehad to be back at the office by 3, Tusually___ my dinner with a starter, 4, Thad to go to bed early because T wos so 5, The film made me cry it was so 6. Tecan speak just a Ttalian, not mueh. 7. When she arrived at the party she looked so 8. They have a lovely country house made of 9. Have I got time to have a. before lunch? 10. By the time I got to the bank it was 11. T wanted to sit down but I couldn't find a 12. They live ina house by the seo. 13. Excuse me, can row? 14. When we have: enough money we're going to buy a. 15. Twas terrified; I was standing right in the ofa herd of sheep. 16. We live quite London, its only 15 kilometres away. 17. The museum is just at the end of the 18. Did you hear that ? What on earth can it be? 19. T feel a bit -T think Tl lie down for @ moment. 20, We didn't know who the murderer was: until the. of the film. 21, They weren't sure what the +thing to do was. 22. t's not choosing a coreer nowadays, is it? 23. They got lost out at and it took them hours to find their way back to land. 24,1 hope you didn't find this exercise too key er 4b 4 al 9p lv raw 13¢ 14 i 17h 18m 194 at 22k 23u 24n SY PNSaRONE 10, 11 12 13, 14, 15. 16. 17, 18, 19, 20. 21 22 23. 24, fast midday begin sleepy sad little smert stone wash closed chair large leave boat rniddle road sound sick end right easy sea difficult