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New Amazing Chinese Comics "Modern Life of Immortal Demons"

The art world is filled with artists who have turned their limitations into unique methods of
creativity. We are always fascinated by someone working against such magnificently different odds
can thrive.
Beijing, China, November 24, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Despite suffering from hearing loss, the Chinese artist
Fang Liu (Hiro) is persistent in creating her works by hand and is known for creating images full of the
grace of the East. She introduces a variety of drawing techniques into cartoon and anime styles, which has
given her works a distinct flavor that is instantly recognizable to readers.
Modern Life of Immortal Demons, created by Hiro in 2016, is a Chinese comic inspired by the Chinese
classic The Classic of Mountains and Seas. It follows ancient demons living in the modern era and
involves a series of crimes. It made it's debut on NOWDO | Facebook, and was recently published on
The Classic of Mountains and Seas is an ancient encyclopedia that is full of the extraordinary, ranging
from exotic flowers and rare herbs to mythical birds and strange animals. Hiro uses her vivid imagination
to first illustrate the human shapes of these animals, visually personifying their forms.
For example, Luan is a red bird that can bring peace to the human world. The first image of Luan in
Hiro's head was of a bird singing in the clouds. She used this image to inform the movements of Luan's
human form, as well as attributes like hair style and clothes.
Hiro says that "the visualized human shape is the hardest part of the whole process. There are so many
animals and different actions that must fit with their personality as much as possible."
"However," she adds, "as an artist a difficult challenge stimulates my desire to create."

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