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Israeli Colonel Directing Islamic State Terrorists

-High Priest Mageson 666

This was definitely not supposed to happen. It seems that an Israeli military man with the
rank of colonel was caught with IS pants down. By that I mean he was captured amid a
gaggle of so-called ISor Islamic State or ISIS or DAESH depending on your preference
terrorists, by soldiers of the Iraqi army. Under interrogation by the Iraqi intelligence he
apparently said a lot regarding the role of Netanyahus IDF in supporting IS.
In late October an Iranian news agency, quoting a senior Iraqi intelligence officer, reported
the capture of an Israeli army colonel, named Yusi Oulen Shahak, reportedly related to the
ISIS Golani Battalion operating in Iraq in the Salahuddin front. In a statement to Irans semiofficial Fars News Agency a Commander of the Iraqi Army stated, The security and popular
forces have held captive an Israeli colonel. He added that the IDF colonel had participated
in the Takfiri ISIL groups terrorist operations. He said the colonel was arrested together
with a number of ISIL or IS terrorists, giving the details: The Israeli colonels name is Yusi
Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade with the security and military code of

From satan666:
http://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-sup ... is/5492807
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon admitted Israeli support for ISIS and other takfiri
terrorists, calling them Syrian rebels failing to explain theyre imported from scores of
countries There are no so-called moderates among them.
Since Obama waged war on Syria in March 2011, Israel bombed government targets multiple
times. It continues supplying terrorist elements with weapons, munitions and other support.
Over 1,000 of their wounded fighters were treated in Israeli hospitals, helping them recover
to resume waging terror on Syria.
Yaalon claiming Israeli policy excludes getting involved in the Syrian war is a lie.
Israels long-range goal is unchallenged regional hegemony, independent governments
eliminated in Syria, Iran and Lebanon, area nations balkanized into mini-states for easier
control, undeclared Israeli borders expanded to incorporate territory of neighboring states.
On November 24, The Voltaire Network said journalist Sharri Markson got firsthand
accounts from wounded jihadist terrorists receiving treatment at Israels Ziv Medical Centre,
specializing in war traumologygovernment-run and linked to the Israeli Defence Forces.
Their recovery is aided to help them continue the jihad in Syria. Israeli security forces
detained and interrogated her in a heavy-handed way for exposing what they want kept


In September 2014, a photo of Netanyahu and Yaalon visiting terrorists receiving care in an
Israeli hospital went viral online Netanyahu seen shaking a terrorists hand.
According to the al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper, Israel has in one way or another become
the main marketer of ISIS oil. Without them, most ISIS-produced oil would have remained
going between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Even the three companies would not receive the oil if
they did not have a buyer in Israel.
In October, Iraqi security forces captured an Israeli colonel, Yuri Oulen Shahak, working
directly with ISIS terrorists. He explained Netanyahus criminality during interrogation, one
more example of Zionist evil.
He directly participated in the ISIL groups terrorist operations, according to Iraqi