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6/18/2010 Top 10 Finalists

G ordon C hi Wing L am holds a Sustainable energy is well-versed, but Bioenergy Value Chain Management (BVCM) is
B ac helor of Bus ines s A dminis tration
perhaps a long-term, fundamental yet highly w orkable model to help secure a sustainable
degree in A c c ounting & Financ e from
the U nivers ity of H ong Kong, and an
energy future for the w orld. Bioenergy comes from the combustion of biofuels. Biofuels
M BA degree from the C hines e exist in biomass such as wood pellets, rice husks, palm kernel shells - these are the most
U nivers ity of H ong Kong and a M as ter commonly used biofuels now adays. The use of biofuel is still at its development if not
of Sc ienc e in Knowledge M anagement primitive age. Some countries have started to import biofuels for pow er generation only
from the P olytec hnic U nivers ity of since the new Millennium. For example, Sw eden and UK imports cheap recycled
H ong Kong. A member of the H ong
demolished wood pellets from Canada and Brazil; the Netherlands imports rice husks from
Kong I ns titute of Direc tors . G ordon is
bas ed in H ong Kong, C hina. H e has
Indonesia for co-firing coal; Malaysia has built the w orld's first pow er generation in Sabah
worked extens ively in C hina, U SA and using palm kernel shells imported from neighboring states as biofuel for pow er generation.
E urope over the pas t 1 0 years . P rior
to his M B A , he has worked in W hile sustainable energy sources like solar, w ind, hydro, nuclear powers etc are more
P ric ewaterhous eC oopers and L i & confined to a regional or at most a national context, bioenergy can be utilized in a more
F ung and has broad management
international manner. Many countries, due to geographical, technological or economic
experienc es in global s ourc ing,
logis tic s , dis tribution, and operations
limitations, often find themselves disadvantaged at developing sustainable energy
in both energy and c ons umer goods resources, thus hindering the development of green energy. Energy generated through
s ec tors . solar, w ind, w ater, nuclear reactions etc are less practical to be traded and transported
across national borders for the betterment and sustainability of the w orld as a w hole.
How ever, biofuels can be traded and being distributed to regions that are lack of
sustainable energy resources. Therefore, our concept is to breakdow n barriers and
promotes the distribution of biofuels through active development of BVCM for a
sustainable energy future.

Throughout my career I have been w itnessing the trade of biofuels in a very closed market
w here supply and demand are not transparent. Biofuel buyers and sellers have imperfect
information about one another, and there are many layers of middlemen in-betw een,
making it hard for biofuels producers to really reach the end consumers, creating lots of
w astage and inefficiencies. Besides, the advantages of using biofuels are not w ell
educated w orldw ide. The general public is rarely aware of the benefits of biofuels -
relatively low carbon emissions per unit of net calorific value (NCV). W hat we could do is to
model a trading arena or platform being physical or virtual that w ould allow and
nurture suppliers and buyers to trade biofuels on, governed by a framew ork of
international monitoring, control, research and education. The creation of this trading
arena w ould also serve to facilitate potential carbon trading in the future.

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6/18/2010 Top 10 Finalists

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