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11 Point Lesson Plan: Phonics Lesson Plan

UW-Green Bay Professional Program in Education

Trisha Wagner
Lesson Topic and grade level:
Phonics- Consonant diagraphs /ph/
First Grade
Standard/Learning Outcome:
Content Learning Objective: Students will be able to say and spell
the /ph/ diagraph correctly, and recognize the two letters used in the
diagraph. The students will also be able to identify some words this
diagraph is used in.
The students should be able to learn the different constant diagraphs
to further their phonic understanding, and to further promote reading
development and the process of learning and decoding new words
Students know the sounds of the two letters in the diagraph and the
sounds they make on their own
Academic Language:
Guiding Question:
Does anyone know what happens when we put two different
consonants together?
Do you think consonants ALWAYS make their own sounds?
Does anyone know what sound the letters /ph/ make together?
-Introduce of concept of consonant diagraphs (two consonants that
make a different sound when together)
- Review the difference between consonants and vowels (5/6 vowels,
the rest of the alphabet is consonants)
-Hold up a picture of the letter P, ask the students what letter it is,
and what sound it makes on its own- example word (park)
-Put it on the board
-Hold up the letter H, ask the students what letter it is and what
sound it makes on its own- example word (home)
-Put it on the board
-Put the letters next to each other on the board and ask the students
what sound they think it makes
-Explain that when these two letters are put together they make a

whole NEW sound together

-Help the students by telling them that the /ph/ makes the same
sound as F such as in the word (fire)
-Have everyone make the /f/ sound together and re-explain that
the /f/ sound can come from a word with the consonants F and PH
-Put up different words that use the /ph/ diagraph, some may use the
diagraph in the middle or beginning
-Ask the students to locate the /ph/ diagraph in each word on the
board and underline it
-Say the words out loud
-Have the students match the pictures with the words on the board
-Ask students if they can come up with anymore words with the ph
Materials (for students and teachers):
Letters of the diagraph
Words with the diagraph and pictures
Accommodations for Exceptional and Varied Learners:
Word one on one with the students who may have some troubles
learning this concept
This could be one of the students to come up to the board to find one
of the /ph/ diagraph in the word, so there can be teacher-student
Assess the understanding of the /ph/ consonant diagraph orally
Assess the achievement of finding the /ph/ digraph in words
Assess the achievement by finding new words