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Breyonna Morgan

Ms. Gould
English 101 10:00
November 25, 2013
What needs to be improved at Grambling State University?
An Annotated Bibliography
The definition of the word improve is to make or become better. In order for something
to be improved, it first has to be imperfect. Grambling State University is an imperfect
institution. It has many flaws that are looked over, and just as many flaws that are singled out
and put under a microscope. I am only aware of the imperfections that affect me directly which
are the scholarship guide lines at the university, the funding issues, and the living conditions.

Grambling State University, comp. Campus Beautification & Facilities Report 2012. Rep.
Grambling: Grambling State University, 2012. Campus Beautification & Facilities
Report 2012. Grambling State University.

Suitable living conditions are required for a comfortable and safe environment. Some of
the dormitories and educational buildings at Grambling State University are dilapidated, and they
also have pest problems. The Campus Beatification Project does somewhat focuses on the
functionality of the buildings on campus and the safety hazards that the buildings have become.
The mission statement in the report for the project is The Beautification Committees purpose is
to review and recommend aesthetic enhancement changes and seek ways to enhance the beauty

and appearance of the Grambling State University campus, while building a sense of pride
around the university community. In the 2011-2012 school year, Grambling State University
acquired state funding to repair Carver Hall, T.H. Harris Auditorium, and Charles P. Adams.
They also acquired state funding to complete the re-roofing of T.L. James, Telecommunications,
Police Department, and the Judicial Building. Although those renovations have been made, there
are still major issues within the buildings listed in the renovation list. One of the main issues that
I am familiar with is the fact that there is mold in the Carver Hall building. Another one is the
infestation of insects in the dorm rooms. The report did not state that Grambling State University
plan on fixing the issues states above in the following school year.
The report that I used was a useful source. The information is reliable because it was
provided and written by the university itself. The source was objective and has the opportunity to
be biased because it was written and provided by the university. The goal of the report was to
The report does fit into my research. It was very helpful because it gave me a layout of
renovations that has or will be made on campus, along with who the renovations will be funded
by. It helps me shape my argument by showing my audience the procedures that are being
followed by the university in terms of repairing the campus. I can use this source by pointing out
the things that are being renovated verses the things that need to be renovated. It has not changed
how I think about the improving of Grambling State University.

Grambling State University Student Handbook 2013 2014. Grambling, LA: Grambling
State University, Summer 2013. Web. 25 Nov. 2013.
In the Grambling State University Student Handbook, it states, An overpayment
is the difference between the amount of cash disbursement given to a student for non-

institutional costs and the amount of non-institutional costs that could reasonably have
been incurred (based on the cost of attendance) for the period of time that a student was
enrolled and attended classes. The overpayment amount is returned to the appropriate
agency and the same amount is charged to the students account. The student is notified
of the balance due to the university. Requests for an academic transcript will not be
honored until the debt is paid in full. That statement is the one that is shown to students
who inquire about the amount of federal student aid they are receiving. When a students
federal student aid is reduced, the reason that is given is that the student has exceeded
their cost of attendance.
The handbook was a useful source. The information was reliable because it came
from the university. The source is objective because it only states facts. The goal of the
source is to inform the students.
The source was kind of helpful. It helps shape my argument by stating how
money is distributed to the students of the university. I can use this information by giving
information on how the university distributes student refunds. It has not changed how I
think about my topic.

Murphy, Keonte. "Opinions on Grambling State University." Personal interview. 23 Nov.

I interviewed a second semester freshman with a 3.75 GPA on his opinion on Grambling
State University. I asked him, What was your reaction to the bad press that Grambling State
University has been getting? He replied that he was shocked to see that Grambling had made it
onto national television and then disappointed to see that the news was negative. My next
question was, How much federal student aid are you receiving this semester? His reply was, I
estimate it to be around $5,000. I then proceeded to ask, How do you feel about the
administration limiting the amount of aid you receive based on the minimal amount they think
you will need for school or the cost of attendance? His answer was that he wasnt aware that
his federal aid was limited. He also stated that he doesnt think its fair for it to be limited. My
last question was, How would you convince the administration that their calculated cost of
attendance isnt enough for students to get by. His words were, I think the university should
provide every student on campus with reports on how their cost of attendance is determined. If a
student doesnt have enough money for books or other items, then the student should bring the
financial aid office the prices of all of the things that they need and couldnt buy, so that their
cost of attendance can be re-determined.

The interview was a useful source. The information is biased because the questions were
generated by me and the answers were from a person with his own opinion. The goal of this
source is to show the audience the opinion of a random person on campus.
The source was helpful to me. It helps shape my argument by stating the opinions of
someone other than myself. I can use this source in my research project by providing a different
point of view other than my own on some issues at Grambling State University. It has not
changed how I think about my topic.

Pogue, Frank G. "Grambling President: For Those Who Care About Grambling State
University, Please Write A Check." Interview by Roland Martin. Black America
Web RSS. WordPress.com, 21 Oct. 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

Funding is required for any extracurricular activity to succeed. Extracurricular activity

groups at Grambling State University have to depend on the university to divide funds that has
been donated to the specific extracurricular activity groups. Roland Martin interviewed
Grambling State Universitys current president, President Frank Pogue. In the interview, Mr.
Martin asked President Pogue why the flooring donated to the football team was not used. Mr.
Martin also inquired why President Pogue made the statement that the donation was made
improperly. President Pogue answered the question by clarifying that Grambling State University
is a state public university. President Pogue explained that there are procedures that are to be
followed if a donation is made. In the interview, President Pogue also stated For those who care
about Grambling State University please write a check. Send it to our Grambling University
Foundation. What I gathered from that statement was that no one can donate money directly to
extracurricular activity groups legally. The money that someone donates to the University is used
however the University sees fit. It wouldnt be possible for someone to donate money
specifically to the basketball team for example because you cannot give money directly to a

specific group, team, or organization. To donate money to the University, you would have to give
the money to the Grambling University Foundation. Therefore, Grambling State University is
dictating funds for the programs that keep the students interested in coming to the school.
The interview was a very helpful source. The information was reliable because it was
quoted from the president of the university. The source was partial because the president has his
own opinions. The goal of the source was to allow the president of the university to set the record
straight on a series of unfortunate events.
The source was helpful in showing the presidents point of view. It shapes my argument
by showing an example of a naysayer. I can use this source by informing my audience about
what a naysayer has to say. It did not change how I think about my topic.

Smith, Tierra. "Rapper Wale Donates $5K to Grambling State." The News Star.
Www.thenewsstar.com 19 Nov. 2013. Web. 25 Nov. 2013.

The article states, Wale, a musician from Washington, D.C., pledged to help
Grambling States football team with new uniforms and equipment during a Nov. 7
homecoming concert. The rapper Wale donated $5,000 to Grambling State University
after the football team brought the nations attention to Gramblings financial issues. The
article also states, The athletic department received 384 cases of Muscle Milk since
the football teams strike and the university is still accounting for a number of other
donations. The university has not posted any plans as to what they will do with the
money that has been donated to football team. They have not made plans to renovate their
athletic facilities. Where the donated money is going exactly was only pointed out in the
384 cases of Muscle Milk statement.
The source was useful. The information was reliable because it came from a
respected news organization. The source was objective because it stated facts. The goal of
the source was to point out that $5,000 was donated to the university by the rapper Wale.

The source was helpful in providing information. It helps shape my argument by

providing information that is related to the subject matter. I can use this source by
showing the audience that money is being donated, but it is not accounted for. It has not
changed how I think about my topic.

United States of America. The U.S. Department of Education. Federal Student Aid. Federal
Student Aid Handbook with Active Index 20132014. Comp. Publications Team,
Program Communications Division, Operation Services, Business Operations, and
Federal Student Aid. The U.S. Department of Education, 23 Oct. 2013. Web. 12
Nov. 2013.

A scholarship is funding for ones college education including tuition, books, and any
other expenses needed to better your education. Scholarships giving at Grambling State
University are based upon a students cost of attendance. In the Federal Student Aid handbook, it
states that a students cost of attendance should include tuition fees, room and board fees, and
An allowance for books, supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses. This
can include a reasonable amount, as determined by your school, for the documented rental or
purchase of a personal computer that the student will use for study for the enrollment period. For
example, a computer purchased in the summer for use in the fall term may be included. This
allowance may also include costs for operating and maintaining a vehicle which is used to
transport the student to and from school, but not for the purchase of a vehicle. I have come
across many people who have stated that Grambling State University did not provide them with
enough money to purchase their classes books because they have went over their cost of

The handbook was a very useful source. The information was reliable because it came
from the federal government. The information provided was objective because it only gave facts.
The goal of the source was to inform.
The handbook was an accommodating source. It helps shape my argument by providing
facts on the topic. I can use the source by providing facts on how scholarships are supposed to be
determined and distributed. It has not changed how I think about my topic.