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Prova 1 bimestre

...................................... e suas tecnologias.



Professor: Carmen Lucia

Data: ____ / ____ / ____

Srie: 8 ano

Disciplina: Ingls

Contedo abordado: UNIDADE 1 E 2.



1. Valor da avaliao: 10,0
2. Voc ser eliminado de testes ou provas, a qualquer tempo, no caso de:
Agir com incorreo ou descortesia para com qualquer participante ou pessoa envolvida no processo de
aplicao das provas;
perturbar, de qualquer modo, a ordem no local de aplicao das provas, incorrendo em comportamento
indevido durante a realizao de testes ou provas;
se comunicar, durante as provas, com outro participante verbalmente, por escrito ou por qualquer
outra forma;
Utilizar qualquer tipo de equipamento eletrnico e de comunicao durante a realizao da avaliao;
utilizar ou tentar utilizar meio fraudulento, em benefcio prprio ou de terceiros, em qualquer etapa do
utilizar livros, anotaes pessoais ou impressos durante a realizao do Exame;
3. Nas questes de mltipla escolha, evite rasuras e no use fita ou lquido corretivo.
4. Nas questes discursivas, somente sero aceitas respostas completas.
5. Eventuais problemas sero resolvidos com seu/sua professor (a) na devoluo e comentrios da avaliao.
6. Questes objetivas respondidas a lpis sero invalidadas.
7. Questes discursivas com respostas finais a lpis no tero direito a reviso de correo.

Somos nas mos de Deus como instrumento mudo que, a no ser o

divino sopro, nada poderia produzir.
Monsenhor Domingos Evangelista Pinheiro

1. Complete the text to connect ideas and events in the order they happened. Use the
words/expressions after that, finally, first and then: (0,25 each; total 1,0)
____________________, I saw a wallet on the floor of the school cafeteria. ____________________, I
opened the wallet and found the owners ID card. ____________________, I looked for him in the school.
____________________, I gave the wallet back to him.

2. Read the dialogue and check the correct alternatives: (0,2 each; total 1,0)

Whats wrong, Larry?


You know the history test we took last week?


Sure! You got an A, right?


Actually, I didnt study for it. I cheated on the test.


Oh, man! Youre likely to get in trouble if you tell Miss Spencer now.


But I have to tell her. I have this terrible feeling inside. I cant even sleep at night.


Youre right. You have to do the right thing. Eventually, shell find out the truth anyway.




The sentence Actually, I didnt study for it. has the same meaning as

In reality, I didnt study for it.

I didnt study for it in the last few days.

The sentence Youre likely to get in trouble has the same meaning as

You get in trouble constantly.

Probably, youll get in trouble.

The sentence Eventually, shell find out the truth anyway. has the same meaning as

In the end, shell find out the truth anyway.

Maybe shell find out the truth anyway.

3. Rewrite the following sentences in the negative and interrogative forms: (0,1 each; total 1,0)
a. Avril had an English test yesterday.
(Negative) _____________________________________________________________________
(Interrogative) __________________________________________________________________
b. Emma and Clay were neighbors five years ago.
(Negative) _____________________________________________________________________
(Interrogative) __________________________________________________________________

c. Nigel worked as a camp monitor last summer.

(Negative) _____________________________________________________________________
(Interrogative) __________________________________________________________________
d. Eric went to France last year.
(Negative) ____________________________________________________________________
(Interrogative) _________________________________________________________________
e. Calvin wanted to be a guitar player two years ago.
(Negative) ___________________________________________________________________
(Interrogative) ________________________________________________________________
4. Read Martins story and complete the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses:
(0,1 each; total 1,0)
A memorable day
When I ___________________ (be) ten years old, I ___________________ (go) camping for the first time
in my life. That was in Oregon in 2008.
I slept in a tent with my cousin Phil and my uncle Steve. My cousin is three years older than me.
We ___________________ (do) many nice things together. During the day, we ___________________
(go) swimming and fishing. We ___________________ (take) many pictures of the mountains and a
beautiful river there.
At night, we ___________________ (play) cards, ___________________ (listen) to music, and
___________________ (talk) around the fire. We ___________________ (have) a great time in Oregon. It
___________________ (be) awesome!

5. Answer these questions based on Martins story: (0,3 each; total 1,5)
a. How old was Martin when he went camping for the first time?
b. Did Martin go camping with his parents?
c. Who did he go camping with?

d. When did Martin and Phil go swimming?

e. Where did they go camping?
6. Complete the sentences about Martin according to the timeline of his life: (0,2 each; total 1,4)

Martin _______________ born in 1998.

He _______________ his first word in 1999.

He _______________ school in 2002.

He _______________ to a new apartment in 2004.

His brother _______________ born in 2005.

Martin _______________ camping for the first time in 2008.

He _______________ elementary school in 2009.

7. Read the text and check the reasons why teenagers gossip: (0,5 each; total 1,5)
Why do teenagers gossip?
Many teenagers think that gossiping is the same thing as a regular conversation. But there is a big
difference between talking and gossiping.
Talking is defined as the communication between two people. Gossiping is saying nasty things about a
person, usually things that arent true.
Teenagers sometimes gossip because they want to be noticed. Its a way to get attention. When you call a
group of friends and tell them a secret, you, eventually, become the center of attention.
When you know something that others dont, this gives you power, because it makes you feel that you
have more power than your friends.
Some kids use gossiping as an instrument to become a leader in their circle of friends. Some teenagers
gossip because they want to be accepted in the group and this makes them feel better about themselves.
We all know that the gossiper hurts. He/she makes somebody feel very sad. But we have to remember
that gossiping shows that the gossiper is, actually, insecure and feels unhappy about himself/herself.
Based on <www.livestrong.com/article/1000573-teenagers-gossip>; <www.sowhatireallymeant.com/
articles/personality-traits/gossip>. Accessed on August 26, 2015.

a. (

) To get attention.

b. (

) To feel unhappy.

c. (

) To have power.

d. (

) To be part of the group.

e. (

) To show that they are insecure.

8. Write T (true) or F (false) according to the text: (0,4 each; total 1,6)
a. (

) Gossiping and a regular conversation are the same thing.

b. (

) A gossiper is a person who says offensive things about other people.

c. (

) Every secret is a gossip.

d. (

) Theres more than one reason to gossip.

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