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Maddie Henricks

Section 39
Homework Assignment 2
Coming to college is an experience itself for any freshman. A new school, in a new city
filled with thousands of new people. Within the first few days of this experience everyone is
introduced to their learning community, a group of faces that once seem foreign but quickly
become familiar. Since the group becomes so close activities and assignments the group must
complete go through without thought and with great ease. The following paragraphs will discuss
how my learning community worked together to complete the SWOT analysis of our company,
LOTH, in my own opinion.


Team Forming and Communication

The first task involved in completing the SWOT analysis assignment was breaking our
group of nineteen (19) students into four (4) close to equal groups. In this process, we
were required to look at the strengths, weaknesses, and work ethic of each individual as
well as their personal interest in the available areas of SWOT. Our goal was to fill the
four (4) teams of SWOT with equal strength in writing, presenting, thinking and passion.
Overall, the process of team forming went through with ease because of my learning
communitys ability to communicate to one another and advocate for oneself.

II. The Process of Creating a Base for my Teams SWOT

Analysis and Project
Once our SWOT groups were formed, the next step was to establish a base for each team.
The bases came mainly from the teams plan to complete their individual part of the
project. My team was the weakness team. To begin we worked together to create an
outline full of our own deadlines. We created deadlines for topic selecting, the paper
writing process and slideshow preparation. These deadlines formed a base not only for
our groups analysis and project but for the work we must all complete. Because we
broke the project in our group down into so many steps, the assignment itself was not
stressful and seemed to almost fly by. This also helped when it came time to work with

the other SWOT groups because I felt my group was well organized and our part of the
assignment was complete.


My Personal Role and Involvement

As a group member, my role and involvement was limited by the accident and injuries I
received. While my group created deadlines and worked to choose each individuals
weakness of focus, I was rather involved and contributed many of my own thoughts and
opinions. From there on I completed my tasks on time and had plans to help in the paper
portion of the project. My plans however were altered due to my injuries and inabilities
at this time to complete and work on certain tasks. Since my accident I worked my
hardest to contribute the little I was able to and worked hard to be able to do my part in
the final presentation.


Lessons Learned Thus Far

Thus far I have learned many lessons from my peers, my professors and my PACE leader.
My peers have taught me a variety of lessons whether it be a quick lesson in something I
have missed, new phrasing to something I just cannot seem to understand or lessons in
work ethic. My PACE leader has taught me lessons in studying, participating and
scheduling classes. Overall, the most important lesson I have learned this semester is the
understanding, caring and compassion of other people. Following my accident, I
messaged my entire learning community to inform them of my situation. Many of them
immediately responded with kind messages filled with feel betters, you are in my
prayers and of course are you okay. These messages put a smile on my face and
encouraged me to push through my pain to get back to school. Once back at school, my
professors were all very understanding of my situation and provided help and options for
making up my work. A lesson on the good in humanity is one I will always remember.

V. Suggestions for a Better Process and Work

In my opinion our process was well thought out. I noticed no serious issues with the
overall process but have a few suggestions for making the process a bit easier. One
suggestion I have is just overall better communication between the group. We messaged
around in a Group Me plenty, but I feel as though getting together and talking more often

would have been helpful. My other suggestion is to practice more. As a speaker, I

normally hate practicing and would much rather wing a presentation. In this situation
however, I feel as though more practice would have been beneficial because of the
teamwork and understanding needed to pull off a large group presentation.

VI. Potential and Expected Outcome

There were a variety of potential outcomes for this project from the start. The outcome
overall ultimately depended on how much work we put in. Based on the teams work
ethic and dive the potential outcome looks good. If we were graded solely on the work
we put into the project, wed all have nice hefty As sitting in our grades. However, after
the presentation my outlook on the outcome has changed. Professor Macaries comments
on our presentation and other groups presentations makes me nervous. The outcome I am
now expecting is less that what we had the potential for. My feelings toward the outcome
are mixed. I feel as though the presentation went well but I also never know how others
feel. Its just a waiting game to see how the potential, expected and real outcome