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Central Business District

1. Volume of traffic
2. Air pollution and was a danger to health and safety of shoppers and other
pedestrians as a result of this.
3. Relocation of businesses as a result of traffic issues e.g. larger shops & offices move
out and re-located to urban fringes e.g. Nairobi
4. parking challenges
5. Noise
6. security
7. Intersection nodes as a result of high volume of traffic caused by T junctions,
8. incompatible land-use patterns with transportation-The willingness of individuals to
ride public transit, for example, depends in part upon the pedestrian environment at
the beginning and end of the trip


many different types of public transport like buses, trams and trains E.G VIENNA
to increase the prices of parking in the first district
built high building to try and offset the high rates ad rent