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Varianta nr.

Examen de corigenta
Clasa a-IX-a
Subject I
Read the text and solve the requests:
Some animals, like(1) dolphins or bees, have ways of communicating, but only humans like
(2)using language for fun. Some chimpanzees have learnt sign language, but they only copy languagethey dont really communicate.
Human language probably started between 50,00 and 40,000 years ago when people started to
live and hunt together. However, those people didnt speak very well, they could only use their voice
like (3) small babies.
Today, we know about 4,000- 5,000 languages in the world. But there are probably more that we
havent discovered yet.
A. Identify the main idea of the text
B. Answer the following questions:
1.Give two examples of animals that can communicate with each other.
2. Why are humans different?
3. How do chimpanzees use language?
4. When did language begin?
5. Hoe many languages are there in the world?
C. Match the underlined words in the text with these definitions:
like preposition
a. in a similar way to something
b. for example
like verb
c. to enjoy an activity
Subject II
Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect, Past Simple or Present Simple.
Karen Cookson (always be)1..interested in the sea. When she was ten her mother (buy)
2.her an aquarium and she (have)3 collections of tropical fish ever since then. For the last
twenty years, she (live)..4in a big house in Auckland where she has an aquarium. Last year she
(open).5. the aquarium to the public. Thousands of people ( already visit)6her collection.
Her collection includes several sharks which (swim).7..around looking dangerous. People
(not understand) ..8..sharks, she says. I (never have)9..any problems with my
sharks because I (know).10.how to behave. Once, a great white shark (try)11.to attack me
but I (hit)12.it on the nose with my camera!
Subject III
Write a letter to someone you know very well and apologize for your not being able to attend his/ her
birthday party. (12- 15 lines)

Varianta nr. 2
Examen de corigenta
Clasa a-IX-a
Subject I
Read the text and solve the requests:
Sixteen years ago, Charles was a college professor with a huge six-bedroom house and a fortune of
$2 million. Today he lives in a small caravan where there is only second-hand furniture. There are
certainly no signs that Charles was a rich man! There is a small garden outside with a few fruit trees.
Charles grows some vegetables and a few Flowers. He gets his clothes and a lot of other things from
charity shops.
But this change is not a trgedy. Charles was happy to give up the lifestyle of a rich man. He was tired
of being a person who had everything in a world where many people have nothing. He made the choice
to give all the money away. And, this, he says, has brought him happiness.
A. Identify the main idea of the text
B. Decide if the statements below are true(T), false (F) or there is no information(NI).
1. Charles Gray was a rich businessman.
2. He hasnt got a TV in his caravan.
3. He has got a vegetable garden.
4. Charles gave all his money away to the poor.
5. He was happier when he was rich.
C. Match the verbs from the text with the correct meanings:
1. to give away
a. to return
2. to drop out
b. to stop doing something
3. to give up
c. to change or leave a lifestyle
4. to go back
d. to give someone something you dont need
Subject II
Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or the Present Simple.
Sue: Could you turn the TV down? I(try)1 to read mybook.
Tom: OK. What (you/read).2..?
Sue: Its about a journalist. She (work).3.for BBC. Shes in New York at the moment and she (
interview).4 people about the mafia.
Tom: Thats interesting. I(watch).5 a series about New York at the moment. Its on Tuesday
evenings. Who is she interviewing?
Sue: Shes talking to lots of different people. Theres one man who (drive).6..a black Cadillac. She
(not like)7..him very much, but he has got lots of information about mafia families. Its exciting
Tom: Sorry, can you smell anything? Maybe the neighbours (have)8.a barbecue.
Sue: No, they arent. I (cook).9.. sausages for supper! They (burn).10!!!
Subject III
Write a letter to someone you knew very well but you havent seen for a long time. Mention in it the
following: What are you doing now?; What were your interest then?; How have your interests

Varianta 1
Examen de corigenta
Clasa a- X-a zi/ a-XI-a seral
Subject I
Read the text and solve the requests:
Volcano Fears Mount
Jeremy Lennard in St. Peters, Montserrat
There is a growing risk of a large volcanic explosion on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Salem, the
largest town, is going to be evacuated. The decision was made by Bertrand Osborne, the UKs a minister
of the island. It came after a new warning had been given by scientists at the Montserrat Volcano
Observatory. They believe there will soon be a large explosion and the safety of the local people cannot
be guaranteed. Yesterday people were being moved to a safe zone in the north of the island. Financial
help for the islanders will be announced later this week, Mr. Osborne said.
However, local residents have criticized the government. They say that the government knew about the
danger over a week ago but no action was taken. They also claim that people are being evacuated to
areas that are still dangerous. The situation has not been improved. Its total chaos. said a local.
a. Identify the main idea in the text.
b. Answer the following questions:
1. What area in the world is in the news?
2. Why have they decided to evacuate Salem?
3. Where were the islanders moving to?
4. How is the government going to help the islanders?
5. Why have some islanders criticized the government?
c. Read the underlined sentences from the text. Find the phrase that says who the doer of the action
is in each sentence.
Subject II
a. Rewrite the sentences in the Passive beginning with the words given:
1. The Romans published the first newspaper in 59 BC.
The first newspaper..
2. Photographers follow the Royal family everywhere.
The Royal Family
3. Marconi invented radio communication in 1894.
Radio communication..
4. They have published The Times in London since 1788.
The Times
5. Digital technology is changing the media.
The media
b. Complete the sentences with words from the list
elderly; long; mid-twenty; overweight; ponytail; slim; wrinkles; young
1. Shes gothair which she usually wears in a
2. people usually have a lot of
3. He was very..but then he went on a diet and is now quite .
4. Hes quite.. Id say hes in his.

Subject III
Imagine you are in an adventure holiday. Write a letter to a friend, mentioning the following: what is the
place like; what is the weather like; what have you done; what dangerous things happened; what end did
your adventure have.

Varianta 2
Examen de corigenta
Clasa a-X-a zi/ a-XI-a seral
Subject I
Read the text and solve the requests:
The most popular colour in Britain is black. Wearing black makes people feel more confident but
often make you look reserved. This may be why people sometimes thimk that British people dont want
to make a strong impression. Although black is common in Britain, most people agree that in fact blue is
the worlds favourite colour. School uniforms and business suits are often blue. Wearing blue will show
that you are an efficient and hard-working person. Sometimes people mistakenly think that red makes
you look strong, assertive and successful. Often, however, youll be seen as aggressive if you choose red
clothes. New information now says that yellow, not red, is the colour of winning. Strangely enough,
athletes who wear yellow glasses during a race can improve their time up to half a second.
a. Decide if each statement is true(T) or false(F).
1. Many people in Britain like wearing balck.
2. Black make British people feel sure about themselves.
3. The most universally popular colour is black.
4. Business people often wear blue,
5. red and yellow are both colours for success.
Subject II
a. Finish the following sentences:
1. Peter asked me.
2. The children promised that
3. They succeeded because..
4. I would be a lot more happier if
5. Its amazing what
b. Complete the sentences below using have or get with these verbs:
fix; pierce; cut; service; repair; photocopy;
1. My motorbike isnt working well. Im going to
2. Your hairs much too long. Why dont you?
3. My CD player is broken. Ive got to ..before my birthday party.
4. Thanks for the earrings. Ill have to .
5. The school gave a certificate. She wants to..
Subject III
Write a three-paragraph description of a person you know and like. Fallow the pattern: 1st paragraphwhat does she look like; 2nd paragraph- what does she like; 3rd paragraph- what is she like.

Varianta 1
Examen de corigenta
Clasa a-XI-a zi/ a- XII-a seral
Subject I
Read the text and solve the requests:
One of the abiding images of the Great British family is: Mum, Dad and children sitting round
the table for dinner.
But the changing shape of family life is having a effect not just on what we eat but where we eat.
One in 20 people says they never get round the table as a family- a fact that would have seemed
preposterous several years decades ago.
According to figures from Chicago Pizza Town Chain of restaurants 24 per cent of people do not
own a table. Other findings included that 9 per cent ate a family meal every day while 25 per cent did so
several times a week.
The research is only the latest to suggest that traditional habits are dying. Two years ago, a
survey found that most children could not use a knife and a fork properly. It revealed that youngsters
who were reared on bogus and other junk food did not know the basics of sitting down to eat. The
survey also found that 88 per cent of head teachers believed children needed cutlery lessons.
a. Decide if each statement is true(T) or false(F).
1. The changing shape of family life doesnt affect what we eat and where we eat.
2. Most people get round the table as a family .
3. All people own at least a dinner table.
4. Traditional habits are still alive.
5. Youngsters are used to the basics of sitting down to eat.
b. Identify the main idea in the text
c. Choose the correct definition :
6. habit a) something that people eat
_b) something people do regularly
7. properly_ a) made with accuracy
_b) unsatisfactorily
8. junk food _ a) food with nutritional value
_ b) food full of fats and sugar
Subject II
a. Use the words given in capitals to form a word that fits in the space.
1. Shall I send you some ..about our language courses? INFORM
2. Sending her flowers was a sign of realTHOUGHT
3. He never believed he would know such HAPPY
4. We hope the bad weather didnt spoil your .ENJOY
5. You must find an .way of organizing your work. EFFICIENCY
6. Hes in charge of.at the airport. SECURE
7. My father became quite.when I was given a prize at school. EMOTION
8. The trees gave them someagainst the rain. PROTECT
b. Each of these sentences has a mistake . Find the mistake and correct it.
1. I fell asleep while I watched the television
2. While I traveled in Europe, I met some interesting people.
3. I saw two buses go past while I ran to the bus stop.
4. He felt off his bike while he cycled to a friends house.
Subject III
Write a letter to your best friend in order to invite him to spend his Christmas holiday with your family.
(mention at least two customs or traditions you have on this special occasion; write min.10/max.15

Varianta 2
Examen de corigenta
Clasa a-XI-a zi/ a-XII-a seral
Subject I
Read the text and solve the requests:
In the year 200, a television company did an experiment called Castaway 2000. The idea was to learn
about how people live together. Thirty-six people became castaways on a Scottish island for a year.
They had no television, radio, computers, transport or shops and only two small buildings. For the whole
year, they lived as a closed community. They grew and made everything needed. However, the details of
their lives were on television every week, via a television camera that was filming them.
One of the castaways was Roger Stephenson. He was there with his wife, rosemary, and their two
young sons. They taught the seven children on the island themselves. Roger says Ive never lived like
this before. It was fantastic. The freedom really helped our children to develop. Weve already decided
that we want to continue to teach them ourselves. Id like to live like this again. But I wouldnt like to
be controlled by a television company again. Rosemary adds Ive just seen some of the programmes of
us, and I didnt like them. The editing of the programmes made us look like very difficult people- it was
very unfair.
a. Identify the main idea in the text.
b. Decide if each statement is true(T) or false(F).
1. The television company create the Castaway 2000 programme to employ people to build
accommodation on the island.
2. There was a camera on the island to give people something to do.
3. Roger liked the life but he didnt like the television company being in charge.
4. Them in line 11 refer to the other children on the island.
5. Rosemarys opinion of the television producers was that they were very good at their job.
c. Find the topic sentence of each paragraph.
Subject II
Some of the following lines below contain a mistake . If the line is correct put a tick( ) ; if a line has a
word which should not be there write it on your answer sheet of paper.
1. I am sure you have heard of Marion Taylor,
2. havent you? Marion was the young girl .......
3. kidnapped by aliens in 1993. Not only was
4. she given a ride to a distant planet, but when she ...
5. also managed to take some photos of the aliens
6. who they had taken her prisoner. She had been ..
7. carrying herself a camera when they captured her.
8. Whenever I hear stories like this, I assume so .
9. that they have been made up. It is hard to believe
10. Marions story because she was only ten at the time. ..
Subject III
Describe a trip to a place that has impressed you very much. (12- 16 lines)

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