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I was very interested in this book study from attending the Saturday
PD, presented by Demario and I wanted to learn more about what CHAMPS
is. The first thought I had was, is this research based? After reading through
the book, I have found, that of course this is research based! CHAMPS is a
collection of recommendations that are based on 30 years of research in the
fields of education and psychology. This past year had presented me with
the most challenging class I have had in all my 15 years of teaching. I had
started the year off with what I thought was a strong behavior management
tool, CLASSDOJO. I even was part of the implementation, presentation, and a
cheerleader to this program. However, what I found was that, this
management tool, was helpful, but wasnt all I needed. It wasnt truly
effective. By truly effective, I mean that I had the most write-ups I have ever
had in all my years of teaching. I have also had a huge number of bullying
problems. In essence, what I was doing, just didnt work! I recognize that,
and I now know that I survived year and my class. At the end of the year, I
looked back, reflected, and thought, I could have done better! I could
have been more positive. I didnt reach all students. This was a hard
truth and reality that I have had to face, but it also gave me the opportunity
to make adjustments, improve my management, and be MORE POSITIVE!!
After reading CHAMPS, I have gained a better perspective about how to
run a classroom with clear, and consistent expectations. More importantly, I
have gained insight as to how to build a positive environment, and how to
structure my classroom for success. I love the STOIC acronym the book
refers to. Structure your classroom for success, Teach Expectations, Observe
Student Behavior, Interact Positively, Correct Fluently. It is vital to set the
behavior right from the onset of the school year. I believe I am very good at
introducing and instituting procedures from the first days of school.
However, its my consistency that is lacking and after reading CHAMPS, I feel
I have the necessary tools to have true fidelity with a behavior management
system this year in my classroom. I will set clear expectations and plan on
having posters for each and all areas of my classroom, including transitions,
Math stations, hallway behavior, and bell work behavior, etc. I especially like
how the book included CHAMPS additions in the CD that you can print from
to post in our classroom.
I truly believe and hope that CHAMPS is a school-wide initiative and part of
PBIS. I believe this will positively impact my classroom. My partner teacher,
and our Bilingual teacher also attended the CHAMPS book study! This is an
asset because our hallway will be instituting CHAMPS and this will provide
consistency that all children will need to follow these expectations. I am
hoping this will spread into the ENTIRE school and will help our school

environment overall! This was a great opportunity for me, and the rest of my
book study.
Pages that I like to refer to in the book: 193: TASKS for implementation
Pgs. 196-207- Implementing plan at the beginning of the year, agenda, and
plans for managing everything!!!