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File: a0f74272c02119b .png (264.75 KB, 698x565,

File: 27c4b9186c1731f .jpg

618x755, 618:755, bussedin.jpg)

698:565, 1478788599881.png)

(105.5 KB, 576x1024, 9:16,


File: 016d64de4cfa459 .png (480.54 KB, 599x604,

599:604, CnSleU.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:24:07 ID: 4f3e63 No.8182408

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The "protestors" are being bussed in in thousands, crisis actors hired, violence incited.
And the most important part is Clinton Foundation bought millions of illegal firearms just 2 weeks ago'
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:28:11 ID: 23004f No.8182463

The ride never ends.

Stay alert, people.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:29:14 ID: 2e6344 No.8182478
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:30:24 ID: 651e9d No.8182491
The one about arms shipments sounds like Sorchaa Fail, basically it's disinfo.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:31:10 ID: bb9d52 No.8182500
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we got the army and the police tough, also we got all the trained /k/ommandos
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:32:27 ID: 4f3e63 No.8182518
That's not the point. If shit get big the king nigger will just declare state of emergency and stay in power for another 4 years.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:33:28 ID: ae3f44 No.8182535
You could just tell watching it last night on CNN. Pre-made signs and a theatrical production to make "crowds" of a dozen people look
much larger than they actually are. Even one of CNN's legal people was scoffing at the notion that Trump should even acknowledge this
because it was so irrelevant.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:36:53 ID: 2e6344 No.8182574
He can't do that.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:37:00 ID: e59c99 No.8182576
If it happens, it happens.
Means we can start acting openly.
One day Soros will be all over the Trumpenpresse with evidence of attempts to genocide white people.
The minute it turns from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact, then pol becomes mainstream. We have multiple avenues to allow this.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:37:23 ID: 66db2d No.8182585
It's the best case scenario. We've already got Trump, and now if a few leftists put themselves in the firing range as well it's an even bigger
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:37:36 ID: c0dc39 No.8182587
Destroy the buses.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:38:00 ID: 10c59d No.8182594

Good, this is exactly what many of us are waiting for. Give us an excuse to exterminate thousands of parasites and scum in perfectly legal


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:39:18 ID: e2b51a No.8182609
RWDS when?
Why doesn't someone just kill that old jew faggot and his shitty hellspawn?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:41:31 ID: 3e00db No.8182633
Now that we have won the election, the one wild card in a civil war, the military, is pretty much guaranteed to be on our side. Most people
thought they would be before just because Obama is such a nigger. Honestly, I think our victory took a lot of the globalists by surprise.
They may have ordered the arms to stop our rebellion not to cause their own. Still pissed off children they are children by every objective
measure other than physical after this election. with guns is probably something we should deal with sooner rather than later.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:43:55 ID: bfcf1a No.8182669
Basically this.
At this point, this is the last throes of the globalists. They CAN NOT let Trump in office look at his 100 day plan. That alone will undo
almost everything.
The good news is that MOST of these cry baby pussies can affect anything (see: occupy) substantially. They are dangerous, will riot and
shoot but are basically not a threat to The Republic. Think about it: they have to deal with the numerous, overgrown Alphabet agencies in
the US and the National Guard. Even if they deal with them, they have to deal with the millions of potential militia members that will quickly
form home defense units and will happily shoot Leftists after a decade of Communist whining.
tl;dr they will riot, whine and possibly Starr shooting but they will only cleanse themselves in the aftermath
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:44:34 ID: 131c85 No.8182678
Oh no a civil war where our side is the side that has all the guns. Worried why?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:44:33 ID: 2192d5 No.8182681
File: 55239670e471b0f .jpg (55.32 KB, 640x479, 640:479, Co42HP9WAAAXZYh.jpg)

>Progressive shits destroy their own cities protesting
>Same cities that voted for the candidate they wanted
What retards.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:45:01 ID: d79a6e No.8182690
Looks pretty isolated fam, just the last gasp before the checks stop coming from this old kike. If they start shooting everyone should be
stocked and ready already anyway.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:45:34 ID: 34a114 No.8182698
hahahaha scott fovals account got suspended for that one hahahaha. his account got DELETED.
F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fscott_foval&usg=AFQjCNFbHrA2gdOn84exit-ZeYDqpyDYLg&sig2=9kqC8OvD6zecTAeYRsdAcw check for yourself.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:46:38 ID: dc0d24 No.8182710
>turn every halfway normal person against the current government
>give Trump a mandate to seize power and crack down on the (((left)))
oh no obama please don't do that

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:50:50 ID: 9786ec No.8182750

Ignore the protesters and get info/deal with the buses.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:50:56 ID: 688125 No.8182752
If it does get bad we won't need civil war to solve this problem. All we need is a modern day equivalent of the brownshirts to crack some
heads in the streets. These progressive faggots won't fight much beyond that.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:51:12 ID: 000000 No.8182756
Seeing how Trump (((named))) (((Soros))), I hope he has Soros thrown into prison or have an agency assassinate him. He is the most
dangerous individual funding extremism and terrorism.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:52:45 ID: ffd871 No.8182773
Of extradites his to Russia. Maybe trade Snowden for Soros?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:53:57 ID: 4f3e63 No.8182784
Remember, until January the letter agencies are the enemy.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:55:13 ID: 304b3e No.8182797
The moment that happens WW3 and civil war start.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:55:23 ID: 4da6e4 No.8182798
Not just him but his whole family as well. All his stolen money, investments, properties should be used to fund and equip the RWDS.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:55:23 ID: 651e9d No.8182799
Even after the election the bureaucracy can undermine Trump if not brought to heal. Look at Kennedy.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:57:49 ID: da32f8 No.8182829

If it's civil war. We win.
Let BLM chimpout, let the blood run in the streets.
We have more guns, better organization and more support within law enforcement, military and the secret service than them.
Do it Soros. DO IT.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:58:49 ID: e65937 No.8182840
This. Trump needs a task force to deal with the shell companies and pricks that are setting this up.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 16:59:52 ID: c0dc39 No.8182850
>that link
Nigger, what is wrong with you?
https:// twitter.com/scott_foval
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:00:02 ID: abf64e No.8182853
You should add oil to the fire, so to speak. /pol/ should conduct a massive psyop to get niggers to chimp out and then form RWDS to
cleanse them.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:00:16 ID: 17d2a0 No.8182857

If he does that, then he dies instantly. Every single thing he has done in the last 8 years will be instantly undone as
soon as Trump takes power thereafter.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:01:09 ID: b8efaa No.8182862

File: ff94cd13c733bd9 .jpg (233.72 KB, 864x1296, 2:3, 1468055769106.jpg)

>137 million dollars worth of guns

>against ~150 million actual guns that would be against them
Itll be ugly but the numbers are heavily in our favour.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:02:08 ID: da32f8 No.8182872
Don't forget that most niggers don't know how to properly fire, let alone maintain a gun.
It will be a one sided massacre.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:02:39 ID: e2b51a No.8182880
What the fuck sort of people will actuall handle those guns? Some libcucks who fear even the sight of them?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:02:47 ID: 221040 No.8182885
Finally somebody make a thread about this.
Good job op.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:02:59 ID: 74c735 No.8182890
Does anyone have the democracy spring screen cap
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:03:00 ID: 17d2a0 No.8182891
Lets take a realistic look at the likely insurgent population. We could start with a 10% mobilization scenario, but lets start with 10% of
gun owners. Roughly 15 million people.
This provides us with:
1,500,000 tip of the spear combat troops.
13,500,000 reserves and support infrastructure.
3,370,000 safe houses, and their land available for use.
$6,000,000,000 in funding and $750,000,000 per year (at $750 per support person). Slightly less than the entire military budget of Mexico or
2,160,000 privately owned vehicles.
~10,034 privately owned aircraft.
15,000,000 guns, minimum, as many gun owners have collections. It could be as high as 90 million.
10% of those guns would be ARs, AK, FALs, etc.
15,000,000,000 to 90,000,000,000 bullets, assuming only 250 rounds per weapon.
1,133,000 US military veterans, about 50,000 of which are bloodied combat veterans. Considering the conservative, pro-freedom slant of the
military, this estimate is likely quite low. Tis also includes a random distribution of EOD guys, COMSEC guys, pilots, mechanics, Special
Forces, Scout Snipers, and others who can train people in skills, in addition to the 11B door kickers. This also includes whatever toys they
can bring with them when they defect. AT-4s, grenades, palettes of ammo, M249s, and M240Bs, thermals and NODS, and other things that
can be smuggled off-post.
~13,237 doctors.
The American Rebellion would be a militia of 1.5 million troops backed by 13.5 million citizens, lead, supported, and trained by fifty
thousand combat veterans and supported by over a million trained veterans, initially armed with about five million guns and one and a quarter
billion rounds of ammo, with over a million vehicles, ten thousand aircraft, fifteen thousand doctors (and even more medical support), and an
operating budget literally the size of Mexicos.
Oh, and theyre all going to be fighting you guerrilla style. Enjoy.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:03:23 ID: e724b0 No.8182895

File: d9c322bcfd730bc .jpg (286.56 KB, 660x277, 660:277, thirst for baby benis.jpg)

>He is the most dangerous individual funding extremism and terrorism.
Wrong, his masters are. The central banking kikes like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefeller, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs,
Schiffs,etc. They have more money than Soros by Trillions and call the shots.. He is their public face and mouth piece.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:03:36 ID: 1018b7 No.8182896
I know that Hillary and Soros must be desperate after the election loss, but they have no chance in a civil war. Actually I think that the case
of civil war would be extremely bad for them, because the white people have enough of their shit, this could turn into pogroms on niggers.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:04:05 ID: 304b3e No.8182899
Read the article dumbasses, she's using her Albanian connection this time, you know, those mujahedin that murdered, raped and harvested
organs from Serbs in the 90's.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:04:13 ID: be8903 No.8182902
File: 721bd3ecf1c5a6a .jpg (279.38 KB, 597x800, 597:800, 1411871471017.jpg)

>posts Jewgle referral link
Now we now you're Dutch, any other personal information you want to freely give away?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:04:26 ID: 74c735 No.8182906
2ND pic reads like Sorcha faal
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:05:06 ID: 88761f No.8182915
They don't need to win the civil war. They just need a republican presidency marred by chaos and violence.
They don't care about the black and white lives lost in the process.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:05:26 ID: c3bef8 No.8182919
Because they'll likely flood firearms into hands of minorities, criminals and illegals while performing radicalization campaigns and training.
It'll be similar to how actual terrorist cells are created. SJWs are just fodder to fuel aggression, only to be brutally sacrificed by the actual
force created when they're activated by their handlers.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:05:31 ID: abf64e No.8182921
This. Don't fall for the Soros the bad Jew meme, it's just his role.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:05:44 ID: 4da6e4 No.8182923
Anyone archived the foval tweet?
>inb4 but it's fake account goyim!
I know. I don't give a fuck.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:06:47 ID: 492445 No.8182933

BO if you're awake sticky this shit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:08:11 ID: 7f4b76 No.8182949
>Sticky obvious disinformation
Kill yourself along with the OP
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:11:10 ID: 69272e No.8182985
Hello CTR.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:11:16 ID: 18f7b3 No.8182987
Isnt CTR dead yet? Fuck man, get a new job.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:11:17 ID: b8efaa No.8182988
Seems i should have said sexy as fuck instead of ugly. This would be the end of the US and undoubtably the biggest happening of our lives.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:12:07 ID: 2e6344 No.8182999
I watched all the protests last night. They were low energy, and the police weren't taking shit from them. If they are bigger tonight I might
start worrying.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:12:46 ID: a6d5ab No.8183007
This is literally the same what happened in Poland after our elections. Soros founded a group called "Committee for the Defence of
Democracy" to make fake protests composed of politicians of the former ruling party , people that benefited from the previous system and
paid actors. After they realized that people see through their bullshit they are now talking shit in the about Poland in the european union to
portray it as some sort of dictatorship.
Stay strong in your memetic combat, the salt mines have merely just opened, you will soon witness even bigger amounts of crazy and
butthurt. At now the leftards have no stronger countries to run to and cry about 'muh nationalistic boogeymen'
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:13:36 ID: ae6650 No.8183016
File: 84a0edf584c1622 .jpg (56.02 KB, 390x544, 195:272, Sherman2bb.jpg)

This is why we had to win: In America, whoever secedes loses. If they rebel, we crush them.
The boys in blue are on your side now that's your militia. Join up.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:14:14 ID: 6c4633 No.8183026
Is that Jennifer Lawrence? What else you got?

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:14:25 ID: 492445 No.8183032

File: 1a3c4e3e148c24f .gif (32.35 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 41ed406d621d61a7237026b0bc.gif)

I thought you idiots weren't getting paid anymore?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:15:49 ID: 100186 No.8183046
they must have taken a page from the book of BLM.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:16:28 ID: 649f40 No.8183059
Hey fuckers, soros wants to pay you cocksuckers to work inside his company and report back to us. $80-$100k per year!
Do it one of you faggots. If I had a NEET lifestyle I'd jump on this like a fat kid on pancakes.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:16:29 ID: 4da6e4 No.8183060
File: 0acd94208373b0f .jpg (413.96 File:
KB, 661x936, 661:936, 1471117872000.jpg) f1e050bbd53132c .jpg

No need to worry. Pic related.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:16:48 ID: 4f3e63 No.8183065
File: 21e82de0fe0ed7a .jpeg (69.25 KB, 700x482, 350:241, medium.jpeg)

A pony.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:17:20 ID: cb95fa No.8183070
Aych oh en ee why pee oh tee

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:17:45 ID: 5a1652 No.8183073

Plus to the rational person, even rational neutral people will look at them and think they're insane.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:18:37 ID: e7200e No.8183080
Most of them a niggers and spics too
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:19:14 ID: fc4471 No.8183089
>Implying I'm clicking that shit
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:19:28 ID: 492445 No.8183096
File: 4f37f5f6984dad4 .jpg (51.73 KB, 700x455, 20:13, File: 104958ecb7c7f26 .png (247.86 KB, 600x520,

15:13, 104958ecb7c7f265a0f19f5405.png)

File: 51b1304193c8d75 .jpg (47.71 KB, 640x405,

128:81, ddeeb9bb788966e83d11806e87.jpg)

This post gave me an erection. Fuck.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:19:38 ID: 4f3e63 No.8183098
File: a0ccbe75e545d31 .jpg (230.02 KB, 652x806, 326:403, racebaiting.jpg)

What the fuck, they are looking for professional race dividers and race baiters.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:21:10 ID: 119178 No.8183111
Counter these bolsheviks' plan to retain power with their manufactured civil unrest.
Demand a preemptive restoration of order that cancels the wasreful and useless two-and-a-half "lame duck" months.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:21:55 ID: c6680b No.8183120

THANKS i've created some posts but nobody gives a fuck
Can we start talking about this now?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:22:10 ID: 35e216 No.8183123
File: f30c7eecc164dcc .jpg (2.58 MB, 2304x3072, 3:4, 1253143256552.jpg)

untrained gang bangers and libcucks vs. our military that has been waging war for the last decade.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:22:40 ID: 73d416 No.8183128
File: 114d55b3f50a7bd .jpg (362.28 KB, 700x991, 700:991, 171.jpg)

I think Un commissioned a manwha based on his adventures.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:23:26 ID: 000000 No.8183139
And this is why, Serbia, or ex Yugoslavia, tried to kill George Soros
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:23:33 ID: c6680b No.8183142
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:24:58 ID: c6680b No.8183161

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:26:38 ID: cb3d67 No.8183175

File: b4ff9416d0a93ab .png (189.85 KB, 602x714, 43:51, ffbe3c1f92f58e512f2bbb14ec.png)

Activate the sleeper agents.

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:26:57 ID: 49c141 No.8183180
File: 5bd9896f33c5139 .jpg (142.15 KB, 962x641, 962:641, Jews4niggerlives.jpg)

A couple of thousand retards from other countries and welfare losers. Local cops can stomp them out easily. Lefty media doing close up
shots but the reality is sad shit. Just noise makers for press.
We go after Soro's son and this will all stop.
Also, no way that fucker last 4 more years.
Eutimes is pure shit OP. Been that way for years. It's one crazy fatman.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:27:30 ID: c6680b No.8183185
Don't you think he can buy militars/"rebels" everywhere in the world just like AS does in syria?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:27:53 ID: 7aac09 No.8183188
They are not going for a full Civil war, they will create ISIS/FARC like groups composed of illegals and niggers to attack civilians, and they
will pretend these are grassroots caused by something like "Trumps racist rhetoric" or some bullshit
They will use terrorism to damage Trump
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:28:13 ID: 6c4633 No.8183191
File: a44c92685e906bc .jpeg (56.33 KB, 488x471, 488:471, image.jpeg)

>rejects the 21st century postracial myth
>they are looking for professional race dividers and race baiters.
Pretty much. You just summed up that entire wall of text in one sentance.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:28:29 ID: 688125 No.8183195

File: 8a179cfdb1188fe .jpeg (108.03 KB, 576x1022, 288:511, image.jpeg)

If it does start kicking off how and when are we going to be forming the official /pol/ ==RWDS==
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:29:11 ID: 5e2bb7 No.8183204
JFK wasn't ruthless enough and not a 4D chess master.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:32:01 ID: 35e216 No.8183227
jews for black lives matter
seriously /pol/? does it have to be
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:32:33 ID: f6923a No.8183234
Reminder to aim at the leaders if it comes to a violent encounter, not fight the zombie army unless your life is directly in danger. The military
won't be called in to fight them and the cops won't be given permission to shoot them with live ammo as long as the coon in chief is on his
throne. If worse comes to worst, do not let those pieces of shit attempt a Bolshevik-style coup.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:32:46 ID: cb3d67 No.8183237
File: 7afd1d513c7bbe0 .jpg (107.51 KB, 746x492, 373:246, 20161109_trump4.jpg)

Just go to the Trump Tower.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:34:08 ID: 6c4633 No.8183251
>They will use terrorism to damage Trump
I'm taking these Hitler dubs pretty seriously. If this does happen it has to happen before he gets inaugurated. I don't know how these niggers
are going to pull this shit off with the Police and Military firmly supporting Trump. And that's not even counting over half of the fucking
country who supports Trump and will not stand for such nonsense.
But look at who the dangerous enemies are:
>the media
>dems still in office
It's amazing to me that the press is still kvetching and fueling the flames of race/ideological division. They are responsible for anything
negative that happens from here on out. Trump has to take these kikes out or he will have a very rough 4 years.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:34:33 ID: cdd288 No.8183257
scott fovals last archived tweets
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:35:31 ID: b4907d No.8183265
We're better armed and trained, and have cops and military on our side. What the fuck are they going to do?

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:36:41 ID: 238715 No.8183273

Is this real?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:37:04 ID: cb3d67 No.8183279
Kvetch in front of a CNN camera about how someone grabbed them by the pussy.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:37:22 ID: 45e485 No.8183282
Holy fuck, i hope this extends to the whole world, a final goresome war to end all lefties.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:37:48 ID: 7aac09 No.8183286
they can make suicide attacks on priority targets like Pro-Trump politicians or Trump himself, they don't expect to take the country by force,
they just want to damage it as much as possible
We seen already how even tame nu-males will try to attack Trump because of their indocrination, imagine with a nigger can do
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:38:00 ID: cdd288 No.8183289
File: 0a81ddecdf47447 .jpg (126 KB, 780x780, 1:1, seth.jpg)

these are all the archived links of scott fovals twitter
odd that he's mentioning seth rich
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:38:22 ID: f6923a No.8183293
The media is just one of many tendrils of the Jew. An international warrant against international Jewry should be made but we all know what
they'd do at that point.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:38:34 ID: fce579 No.8183294
>implying jews are against trump
>(((Jared Kushner))) - main advisor
>(((Jason Greenblatt))) - chief financial officer Trump Organization
>(((Sheldon Adelson))) - main kike lobbyst in the US
>(((David Friedman))) - Lawyer while undergoing Atlantic City failures
>(((Michael Abboud))) - chief PR
>(((Lewis Eisenberg))) - Trump Victory Committee President
>(((Elliot Broidy))) - Trump Victory Committee Vice President
>(((Samuel Fox))) - Trump Victory Committee Vice President
>(((Michael Cohen))) - Trump Organization VP
>(((Alan Garten))) - Trump Organization VP
>(((Lawrence Glick))) - Trump Organization VP
>(((Michael Dezer ))) - Trump partner
>(((Gil Dezer))) - Trump partner
>(((Stephen Feinberg))) - Trump Economic Advisory Council member
>(((Paul Achleitner))) - Trump donor
>(((Carl Icahn))) - main Trump donor
>(((Wilbur Ross))) - main Trump donor
>(((John Paulson))) - main Trump donor
>(((Stephen Wynn))) - main Trump donor

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:39:56 ID: 7aac09 No.8183305

Don't forget some jews helped hitler
They care more about their own skin more than anything and will switch to the winner side when they can
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:40:33 ID: 81016a No.8183312
>Starting a civil war against people who cherish guns and have been training with/using them most of their lives.
Even if they are bringing in guns the thought of a numale trying to use a gun is absolutely hilarious. Not to mention almost all of the police
and army will be with you plus all the lower ranked employees of the alphabet agencies.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:41:00 ID: fce579 No.8183317
Hitler destroyed germany and europe with useless wars I am not surprised at all
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:41:15 ID: d9dec0 No.8183318
This is good, now Trump can arrest Soros next time he comes by since he's a seditious agent.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:41:22 ID: cb3d67 No.8183321
wtf im a #hillforher now
How much are you being paid?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:41:41 ID: f1d0a0 No.8183324
Could somebody explain this? I keep seeing it posted.
Has Trump already selected his cabinet? Is it really this kosher?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:42:23 ID: fce579 No.8183331
>you either support drumpf or hellary
Shut up faggot
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:42:24 ID: c9fcdf No.8183332
>no trigger safety
2/10 Wouldn't even grace her with my gaze
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:43:32 ID: 70d3c8 No.8183349
File: dd04049ce3132cf .gif (164.26 KB, 296x314, 148:157, 9ed9da43ba6067bbd7d81e67f0.gif)

thanks for correcting the record.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:44:04 ID: cb3d67 No.8183357

File: 30d499fa1a5bb21 .jpg (61.46 KB, 406x720, 203:360, r7ZvFtm.jpg)

>He's still feeling the bern
How much did you donate to that socialist jew?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:45:29 ID: fce579 No.8183374
File: 2d63dfbe4661a82 .jpg (391.68 KB, 900x691, 900:691, jew-marches-democrat-repub.jpg)

>hehehe there are only 2 parties goy
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:46:24 ID: 52aff9 No.8183390
>being this retarded
>not doing your own research
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:46:33 ID: 710c48 No.8183393
To some extent she gets a pass, as it's a break open shotgun. It's kind of like having your finger on the trigger of a revolver with it's cylinder
out. It's perfectly safe, but still bad form.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:47:06 ID: cb95fa No.8183398
No he hasn't, fear not anon
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:48:06 ID: fce579 No.8183407
>he doesn't know about the war against germany and aryan race started with WWI and ended with complete destruction in 1945
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:48:06 ID: 4f3e63 No.8183408
Reported, kike
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:48:49 ID: cb3d67 No.8183416
>It's perfectly safe, but still bad form.
She would probably keep the finger on the trigger if the shotgun was ready to fire it, as I'm not seeing a picture to prove otherwise.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:49:13 ID: c6680b No.8183421
This is extremely dangerous. The media is STILL telling people Trump is a dictator. They are inciting riots. (video)

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:49:36 ID: 69272e No.8183424

/pol/, this is a red pill too hard for me to swallow. Just what is Soros's and the powers that he represents endgame? Is it plain world
domination? The extermination of the white race? For what purpose? I just can't wrap my head around it.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:50:45 ID: 7aac09 No.8183437
whites resist power
other races don't mind being controlled if they get some cheese now and then
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:50:53 ID: 12218e No.8183441
Thanks for colluding the rectum
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:51:47 ID: 4f3e63 No.8183452
It's pretty simple - one world, one race, one government.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:52:18 ID: 12218e No.8183457
Bump for visivility, Soros is ms, this is Not what what he paid for
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:52:54 ID: c3025d No.8183464
it's not quite clear what this OP is trying to say. Hillary made a clear concession speech where she said the people need to support Trump.
The riots don't help liberals, if anything the idiots on the liberal side are trashing what's left of their support with their outrageous inability to
accept defeat.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:52:56 ID: a871a7 No.8183465
Credible source of firearms shipment?
Sounds like usual US politics shitshow propaganda
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:53:03 ID: c6680b No.8183466
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:53:47 ID: 17d2a0 No.8183476
File: a43b7c3f435214c .png (125.36 KB, 1000x2926, 500:1463, donations.png)

lol reported
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:53:50 ID: cb3d67 No.8183477
>one world, one race, one government.
I thought the goal was to have two races, a (((chosen one))) and gentiles. At least that's how their current mindset its.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:54:20 ID: ca41e1 No.8183481

I don't remember where I remember reading this so this is probably out of my ass and won't happen but does anyone know what the term
Jackal means? I wouldn't be surprised if both sides of this fight have been bought, getting one guy to shoot at the t-t-t-tottaly peaceful
protesters is what a "Jackal" does and it happens during times of instability. And it gets a lot more eyes if it's a large political thing just after
an election instead of random BLM chimp outs. It lends credibility to their ridiculous rhetoric if they're rioting while doing it instead of just on
the internet, even more so if someone gets shot. The time for swinging middle or cautious voters is now and instead of people learning about
the 100 day plan, which is fucking gold by the way, or other shit. We're here stuck on our asses about faggots calling the board
compromised every single thread, peddling watered down CTR rhetoric and normalfags are too busy looking at the riots that have nothing to
do with the policies. I'm sick of playing defense, I'm not here to defend riots or trannys killing themselves. The time is now that people
should be getting it through their skulls that the policies of Trump are more important than shit that has nothing to do with him. Media isn't
going to talk about his policies and neither are the normalfags, left or middle, who get caught into the rioters mindset.
Or it could be nothing in which fuck me.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:56:30 ID: 4f3e63 No.8183502
Yes, one race, and one government of a separate race (Jews).
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:57:12 ID: 95adcc No.8183509
The Jews want to create a one world government with greater Israel being the seat of power and ensuring everyone else is too mixed and
diverse to be able to challenge them.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:57:41 ID: abf64e No.8183512
File: b60cd921242611f .jpg (70.19 KB, 600x589, 600:589, Democracy2.jpg)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:58:17 ID: 12218e No.8183519
Happened in Venezuela, and other countries where "organic" revolutions started
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:58:24 ID: 19be89 No.8183521
It's game over now, and the marxists know it. They are just frantically searching for options but non of them result in them retaining power.
Death throes of a dying regime and so on and so forth
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:59:37 ID: 8be14c No.8183540
Soros is trying to do Burger spring, like he did Arab spring.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 17:59:42 ID: b8efaa No.8183541
Shes not operator tier yet anon, you need to teach her.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:00:07 ID: 48586b No.8183546
I literally saw this coming. The goal is structural change.
Trump will play along. But he knows what soros is really doing now.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:01:36 ID: b8efaa No.8183563
Sounds remarkably ike what happened in maidan square ukraine.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:01:49 ID: c3025d No.8183567

My investments say otherwise, downward spiral. Pretty sure the Trump coverage overshadowing the reality of the election results (legal
weed, red congress) is making these red pills seem more like placebos.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:02:56 ID: 9dc7cd No.8183576
>until January
Even after they're an enemy anon
The CIA, FBI, and CIA need to be burned to the ground and rebuilt
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:03:36 ID: 48586b No.8183581
The cultural marxist are about to go through what we've been through the last couple of years. They're asking questions again for the first
time since the late 80s.
Kanye will be a catalyst i think. He will do to others what trump did for us.
The goal is to uncuck every person's shit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:03:53 ID: b676e3 No.8183584
The CIA needs to be burned to the ground, rebuilt, burned to the ground again, rebuilt, then finally burned to the ground
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:04:51 ID: b29e5f No.8183592
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:06:21 ID: 732a50 No.8183606
>Jews run all western governments
>Governments manned by jews at the top
>Niggers at the bottom
>With the general peasants being shitskins
>Shitskins are easy to control and placate. Whites not so much
>Jews want whites to go extinct, because last time white people prevented a jewish coup (hitler)
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:07:06 ID: ab524c No.8183612
Test 123
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:08:36 ID: 69d21d No.8183633
File: 283ea36eb46f8da .gif (1.39 MB, 200x150, 4:3, manrockrolleyes.gif)

>mfw the jews can't even trust themselves not to betray each other
I wonder if he's committed suicide by stabbing himself in the spine 92 times yet?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:09:07 ID: a2efb8 No.8183637
>muh Kremlin
Wait isn't this how every Sorcha Faal article starts out?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:09:17 ID: 52aff9 No.8183638
Hitler tried to save Germany. It was everyone else who brought war to his front door.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:09:48 ID: 632612 No.8183645
>tfw all I ever see are ad hominids
They act as though Trump will repeal the 13th and 19th amendments. I literally have not seen an objective argument against Trump.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:10:01 ID: 7edbd8 No.8183647

File: a542f4510590909 .jpg (104.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1450620089394.jpg)

Notice it's Scott Foval writing in that last one describing the signs. He's the one in the majority of the Project Veritas videos that was proven
to be directly responsible for organizing and inciting violence and protests at Trump rallies.
Why is he whistle-blowing organized protests now?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:10:13 ID: 69d21d No.8183651
File: 1f5f615886b68b6 .jpg (39.56 KB, 400x212, 100:53, manchuckhestonaghast.jpg)

>tfw you get too much redpill at once
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:10:25 ID: 238715 No.8183653
In my deepest, most sincere prayers.
anon 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:12:07 ID: 418fee No.8183677
Russia has issued an arrest warrant for sorryass (Soros). They have proof he messed with some Euro elections. As far as I know Snowden
just made the left's agenda public.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:12:13 ID: 02d7d5 No.8183681
File: 904b3c052da9dfa .png (2.53 MB, 800x1730, 80:173, 6g7hi406s.png)


Looks like we are getting our civil war after all, and knowing the general state of the libshits it's pretty much going to be a race war too.
Santa was real all along, we were just never told he was an Egyptian chaos god.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:13:31 ID: a2efb8 No.8183690
On closer inspection:
>Source: whatdoesitmean.com/index2149.htm
Yeah it's Sorcha Faal without a doubt.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:13:44 ID: a5738a No.8183693

File: 5b791c18b0beb22 .png (64.15 KB, 238x174, 119:87, ObiWan.PNG)

This whole thing is strait out of the bolshevik playbook. All of it. It's like Ukraine all over again. Geezus Fuck this is frustrating. On top of
that, it is being reported that the Trump meeting with Obongo this morning is running a lot longer than they expected. Wonder what is going
on there. It makes me nervous, I have a bad feeling about this.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:13:52 ID: 157809 No.8183694
>Looks like we are getting our civil war after all


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:14:19 ID: ca41e1 No.8183701
I'm glad that it's not coming from exactly my ass.
Emotional appeal is the goal here and armed fight and deaths is what will do it. It gives them the "moral" high ground they want and room to
ignore policies and direct statements. Setting up the riots as peaceful protests of concerned normal citizens has been successful but now
I'm concerned about escalation.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:15:43 ID: 48586b No.8183715
Notice how the countries that helped jews in ww2 uncucked their shit recently?
That's no coincidence. That was the goal.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:16:21 ID: 3b658e No.8183724
Obama is probably pleading for Trump not to completely destroy his heritage.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:17:06 ID: 626e30 No.8183741
File: 16b123f13c967c7 .gif (1.77 MB, 500x275, 20:11, 1.gif)

>Trying to start a civil war
>with leftist 'n niggers
anon plz
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:17:39 ID: 48586b No.8183750
Obama is telling trump what he really has to do.
He's a master baiter kek

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:18:11 ID: 22d52c No.8183756

File: 6203103bdafe61d .webm (6.1 MB, 1140x644, 285:161, CHAN_WEBM_AJShow_Aigtator.webm)

Being covered
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:18:59 ID: 48586b No.8183770
No that needs to happen. That's the goal. To get lefties to finally take initiative and self discipline themselves.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:21:16 ID: 739ff3 No.8183790
>4th pic
What the fuck? Is this legit? Does someone want to get suicided?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:21:24 ID: a5738a No.8183793
It's what's being negotiated that is the question. Is he threatening Trump, is Trump threatening him? This whole thing since he officially won
makes me more nervous than before. The left are totally unhinged right now and are like a cornered wild animal. They are desperate and
desperation breeds crazy, unhinged, dangerous reactions. For the first time since this whole ride started, I'm actually getting the foreboding
feeling that something very bad is about to happen.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:22:19 ID: d60526 No.8183803
>not teaching her and then gracing her with your seed
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:24:04 ID: 3a205f No.8183820
All of this is going to be dragged out into the light of day now. Having rejected the message of the media elites, and not been cowed by the
accusations of racism and misogyny the population is much more open to facts of these protests. Once the facts out in the open they're
drained of any impact beyond a counter-productive one.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:24:45 ID: 4da6e4 No.8183830
Do you want an honest answer?
fake account
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:32:38 ID: 30dab0 No.8183923
>"stand up to hate"
>Proceeds to throw Molotov cocktails and burn things with home-made flamethrower, starts calling people name instead of making a
structured argument.
>Trump is racist and only got elected by instigating hate toward blacks!
>All my problems are caused by whitey, Obama told me so! Kill all honkeys!
Self-awareness died a long time ago.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:33:56 ID: 9ef313 No.8183944
not for another few months yank!
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:34:31 ID: d22a03 No.8183949
>trying to start a civil war
>by bussing in thousands of leftists to destroy leftist cities
even if that is really what is happening, I don't see why we shouldn't wait until they finish destroying these cities.
we still have plenty of time before they attack places that actually matter

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:35:39 ID: a6a2ac No.8183965

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:38:57 ID: d22a03 No.8183997
>bitching about trigger discipline
>on a gun that is clearly safe
shiggy diggy
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:39:15 ID: 5afb1a No.8184000
File: c62046c01d43e7d .jpg (42.74 KB, 610x393, 610:393, king smug.jpg)

>If shit get big the king nigger will just declare state of emergency and stay in power for another 4 years.
How Barak Obama get's executed in a coup d'etat: the post.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:39:24 ID: 871c18 No.8184002
>extermination of the white race
>for what purpose?
Do you realize that without white people, Trump would not win? That itself is a good enough reason for (((them))). We are the biggest
obstacle in their way.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:39:29 ID: 8539f8 No.8184004
Shillerys gone nuclear? Standing
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:39:36 ID: fefff2 No.8184005
File: 52407f2c4153c68 .jpg (126.83 KB, 1200x1155, 80:77, rare hrvatski pepe.jpg)

>he thinks an albanian is good for anything except ganking people with superior numbers, and then stealing their kidneys
Albanians are like turks with brain damage.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:40:01 ID: f93031 No.8184013
All they're doing is destroying the credibility of the left even more. Most of the people who voted Hillary, while misguided, don't want fucking
protestors blocking their commute and burning shit and generally being sore losers. They want to get on with their fucking lives. People are
not as upset about the Trump win as butthurt celebrities and pissy SJWs would indicate. They're simply screaming the loudest.
This is the radical left self-destructing and alienating itself even more from moderate leftists. I was looking at a thread on reddit's
/r/twoXchromosomes, hoping for massive salt, but even the feminists there hate Hillary and are already making peace with a Trump win.
Someone posted an article blaming sexism for Hillary losing, and 99% of the comments refuted it. When even feminists are telling these
assholes to shut up, you know they're done. People want to move on.
Being out of touch with the people lost them this election, and it will continue to lose them ground. These protests are just going to make
people more sick of the far left. They are crumbling, and it will only accelerate now that people know the rest of the country has their back
when they stand up to these lunatics.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:41:50 ID: 5afb1a No.8184031

File: File: 82131ad5b4741cd .jpg (35.07 KB, 620x419,
620:419, uncle.jpg)
(68 B,

>the left
I vote we stop using this term as identification for our enemies. It's the wrong term. Trump is POTUS-elect now, political correctness died
with that election.

Our enemies are the Communists/Jews and their subordinates.

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:41:55 ID: 1d1ebc No.8184035
They make a lot of noise but they are weak. They are outnumbered, outsmarted, and outloved. Money is their power. Knowlege is ours.
Fear is the mind killer.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:42:01 ID: a6a2ac No.8184037
they probably expected the hillary win with trump protesters, those mail in rioters were meant to give casus belli to kill all white people
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:43:21 ID: d22a03 No.8184051
>what is soros' plan?
one world government
elites (jews) control and own everything
lower class (niggers and other low IQ races) are essentially slaves that are too dumb to rebel against the elites
the middle class, whites, and other high IQ races have all been completely eradicated
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:43:42 ID: 184d75 No.8184058
Serbfag here, will move to US to remove kebab in exchange for a MAGA hat.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:44:18 ID: c9fcdf No.8184070
The principle dictates you never put your finger on the trigger unless you're ready to fire, even if the gun is unloaded. It's just good practice,
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:44:47 ID: 2bef69 No.8184076
File: 7fcb30b19f9fb2f .webm (4.49 MB, 576x432, 4:3, racewar.webm)


Man I wish I would live in 'murcia right now. ;_;
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:44:56 ID: 99403f No.8184080
Jokes on them, we can use the millions of rounds bought by the postal office.


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anon 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:45:14 ID: 418fee No.8184082

Maybe because being 'thrown under the bus.' I've heard huma and the wiener turned.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:45:35 ID: e05283 No.8184089
File: d15d338603255df .png (341.46 KB, 400x490, 40:49, 1416672053569.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:45:58 ID: 0ea832 No.8184094
File: b5993ab378fcf3b .jpg (73.3 KB, 694x530, 347:265, 1301801156750.jpg)

>pussy grabs back

It sure does, though not in the way they're trying to imply.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:47:28 ID: 52aff9 No.8184114
fucking lol
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:47:29 ID: ef9b1a No.8184115
He makes his money during times of chaos, he wants war more than anyone.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:48:55 ID: fbb678 No.8184128
I fucking wish. I'm ready for it no matter how it happens.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:49:59 ID: ba3805 No.8184137
If that's the case, then when the FUCK is Canada going to uncuck? Every day I get a little bit closer to moving south of the 49th.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:50:09 ID: f93031 No.8184142
Fair enough. The left in general are still our people, and if they're accepting the results of the election and willing to give Trump a chance and
move forward with all of us, they're ok by me. The people protesting are traitors, because they refuse to accept the democratically elected
choice of the american people. They are anti-democracy and anti-american.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:50:16 ID: 079f2c No.8184143
>137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms

Reminder that 137 is a number of literal Kabbalah meme magic


converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:50:57 ID: ba3805 No.8184149

Meant to reply to >>8183715
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:51:09 ID: a2b951 No.8184155
I knew they were stupid and out of touch but this is just ridiculous. I and thousands others like me have been preparing for years if not
decades for something like this.
If they want war. They. Will. Get. It
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:52:24 ID: 4f3e63 No.8184176
That's how the Arab Spring, the Ukraine coup, Venezuela and many others have started.
They are trying to push the same scenario domestically.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:53:29 ID: 52aff9 No.8184187
mfw ive only been preparing for a week
>mfw no face
>fuck you
>SS P238 .380
>only 35rds
i cri evrytiem
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:53:38 ID: 0b0897 No.8184191
File: 1ba6ed4c929128d .jpg (137.97 KB, 960x936, 40:39, 1ba6ed4c929128d19059cba5aa.jpg)

>15,000,000,000 to 90,000,000,000 bullets, assuming only 250 rounds per weapon.
> not having 1,000+ rounds per weapon
Fucking noguns
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:54:02 ID: e05283 No.8184199
good let them try you all wanted your RWDS well KEK may provide.
Keep your powder dry brothers.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:54:04 ID: fbb678 No.8184201
Good. Our odds of winning in military conflict are much greater than democratically.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:56:12 ID: 3a205f No.8184242
He has a point. I enjoy a good Kurt Meyer clip as much as the next man, but they didn't win. They were ground into the dust; all that
remained of their pulverized cities.
anon 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:58:22 ID: 418fee No.8184269
But will they attack a place that matters? They always attack a lefty city that won't fight back.I
I guess those are their 'safe places.' What happens when they attack someone who attacks back?

converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:58:28 ID: c37566 No.8184274

File: b83c8d11c16d5ca .jpg (24.5 KB, 370x359, 370:359, 01500334599a96aa9c979097d9.jpg)


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:59:04 ID: b31757 No.8184283
>He has a point
He would have a point if Hitler caused the war, provoked the war, intended to fight the war, or was responsible for it being lost. Kike.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:59:07 ID: a2b951 No.8184284
What state are you in?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:59:14 ID: 818e76 No.8184288
will give MAGA hat in exchange for Kebab removal
I think we can come to some kind of agreement
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 18:59:53 ID: 719297 No.8184297
Social Justice Warriors React To Donald Trump Victory #1
Social Justice Warriors React To Donald Trump Victory #2
Social Justice Warriors React To Donald Trump Victory #3
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:00:04 ID: 5afb1a No.8184301
>The people protesting are traitors, because they refuse to accept the democratically elected choice of the american people. They are antidemocracy and anti-american.
Exactly. Did any voting-age /pol/acks go burn our US flags when King Nigger won? No we did not. Because we're not fucking Communist
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:00:07 ID: b7048a No.8184302
File: f4b5a361a588687 .png (219.99 KB, 1585x605, 317:121, 1444539155196.png)

>They were ground into the dust; all that remained of their pulverized cities.
There would be no /pol/ without Hitler and no Trump without /pol/. The war never ended, it just went beyond Europe and beyond the physical
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:00:37 ID: 0b0897 No.8184307
Scott_foval is a satire account.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:00:54 ID: e05283 No.8184313
take a closer look and remember why the combined might of the Western world was used to destroy Germany.
Her crime was to remove herself from the international money system of debt for one come on anons we all know this.

converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:01:01 ID: a0134f No.8184316

>bloo-bloo-bloo bluh bloo bloo
I used to feel dumb for not understanding these elaborate walls of text until I realized it's how libshits communicate. Can't dazzle them with
genuine brilliance? Baffle them with an extensive vocabulary full of bullshit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:01:22 ID: 4f3e63 No.8184320
Reported, kike.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:01:51 ID: 739ff3 No.8184326
I've seen this pasta before and I'll ask again.
Does this account for UN Troop support?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:02:05 ID: 719881 No.8184330
The salt! is glorious!
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:02:29 ID: d6d9a9 No.8184334
Now that's thinking.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:04:09 ID: 52aff9 No.8184362
lost meh job in Oct. working on a new one. new job, more ammo.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:04:14 ID: 492445 No.8184366
Fuck these are funny.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:04:42 ID: ba3805 No.8184370
File: a3555a458130fd7 .jpg (18.34 KB, 450x376, 225:188, 0e5172d6401a69655eec19e69e.jpg)

At least you have something. I have a bunch of knives. My gun license just came yesterday, and I wasn't expecting it for another month or
two. I can't even order a gun until next week when I get paid.
Though, an SKS with 1500 rounds for $540 is pretty fucking fantastic. Hopefully I have a month or two after that. Going to go to the hardware
store, get some 5 gallon pails and fill them with rice and beans. A bunch of cases of water too.
After that, it's going to be a Norinco M305 and a few hundred rounds of ammo.
I'm hoping and praying for another 6 months.
anon 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:05:23 ID: 418fee No.8184381
We might be willing to trade! 5 dipshit celebretards for 1 Canuck that uses their brain? We win again!
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:05:35 ID: f93031 No.8184385
Canada needs its own nationalist candidate. I think people here are getting just as sick of this shit, but they are too scared to talk about it.
I'm hoping that Trump being elected will set the stage for that, and also give people a little more courage to start talking. There's a lot of
smug assholes up here saying "hurr durr america's so stupid, they elected hitler lmao", but their time will come. By the next election, when
Trudeau has fucked things up beyond belief, there will be the perfect conditions for a nationalist candidate. In the meantime, our enemies
will continue to lose influence worldwide, and we can help accelerate this process here. In a few years, there will be no doubt that globalism
is a failed ideology.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:07:11 ID: 00e1a0 No.8184404

Didn't they already try this with occupy wall street only to have their pawns descend into pointless infighting? That's likely why they've
abandoned their old tactics of inclusiveness and non-violence, they're shifting to tactics that WILL result in a race war if followed. Agitating
for violence against Republicans while simultaneously kicking white people out of their group. What remains to be seen is how the Jews
hope to maintain control, seeing as they are seen as white by all shitskins. They'll likely try to install their e-celeb puppets as leaders of the
movement and control from the shadows (like they tried to do with us by creating the Alt-Right label)
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:08:15 ID: b31757 No.8184419
>Canadian nationalism
Sounds like the punchline to a bad joke. At least the US has a history outside of being a colony.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:09:24 ID: b39abb No.8184434
File: d52649f24f473c0 .jpg (25.56 KB, 397x289, 397:289, fgtrfe.jpg)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:09:35 ID: dabc54 No.8184437
Canada needs restructure itself entirely, as is its just going to continue to be pillaged and sucked for resources.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:09:44 ID: 7e6803 No.8184440
The ANZAC nationalites were born on the shores of gallipoli, I'd wager the Canadians had something similar on the western front
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:10:34 ID: 2e9147 No.8184450
He can try, but when Trump takes office the police across the country are going to take out 8 years of frustration on these fucks, and it is
going to be a brutal crackdown.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:10:46 ID: 61bf49 No.8184453
File: e455578d939f0d7 .jpg (14.51 KB, 477x539, 477:539, 1453425745405.jpg)

They literally beg for a soah on them!
When the time is right, make them suffer burgers! ==All of them!==
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:11:32 ID: 25d7b4 No.8184470
Stop. My penis can only get so erect.Jpg
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:12:03 ID: e05283 No.8184477
Oh god the tears will be delicious.. I would consider that a late Christmas present I would.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:13:41 ID: e56fe4 No.8184499

File: 6ad9fa4d2e36591 .webm (2.57 MB, 852x480, 71:40, tooGD.webm)

My nigger
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:13:58 ID: 48586b No.8184504
When you make canada great again.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:15:08 ID: 48586b No.8184527
The maple reich.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:15:29 ID: 0bd40f No.8184528
Every leftist militant that dies in the war is a leftist militant not voting in 2 years.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:15:39 ID: 719881 No.8184531
File: 54810beab386161 .png (1.51 MB, 973x767, 973:767, A-S1n1aiAKB1q3BpntYcIQjg5G.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:15:54 ID: a2b951 No.8184537

Sadly you're on the other side of the country so I can't help you but you should look up joining a local prank squad as are lots of bad goys in
that area.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:16:32 ID: 3a205f No.8184546
>He would have a point if Hitler caused the war, provoked the war, intended to fight the war, or was responsible for it being lost.
Victim card detected?
I stand by what I said. I'd like results, and an improved situation. I can never forget that the German National Socialists failed in their
objectives. Much as I may wish it were otherwise.
Here's a favoured video. They've taken the audio off the yt version, so this one is served from Russia, which is a tad ironic.
will stfu now; no wish to derail thread
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:16:33 ID: f93031 No.8184548
I really hope Trump does a full investigation into Soros and his instigators and throws that piece of shit in prison as an enemy agent. This
shit that Soros is doing is terrorism, and he should be treated like a terrorist.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:16:41 ID: 729f0a No.8184550

Go here: https://apply.ptt.gov/yourstory/
Tell him to permanently end all non-white immigration and repeal the 1965 Immigration Act.
If their inbox gets flooded with the same demand hundreds or thousands of times, they can't ignore it, and will at least see it.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:16:45 ID: 13d9b4 No.8184553
Anne Frank's stepsister compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler
If you are a Jew, you should be very afraid of Donald Trump: Trump has always appealed to bigots. His address to a Jewish coalition
confirms that he's an anti-Semite himself
Jewish Groups Join in on Bill to Block Trump's Muslim Ban
Six Reasons Trump Would Be Disaster for U.S. Jews, Israel and the Middle East
Trump more psychopathic than Hitler, Oxford study finds
Citing 'Core Beliefs,' U.S. Rabbis Condemn Trump's 'Hateful Rhetoric'
ADL Calls Trump Plan to Ban Anti-Semites Anti-Semitic
Trumps Candidacy and the GOP Platform Are as Much anti-Jewish as 'pro-Israeli'
Is Donald Trumps Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?
Attacked by Trump, Mexicans look to Jewish groups for help
Trump, Brexit, ISIS and the Unmistakable Stench of the 1930s
Jewish news organization declares 24-hour ban on Trump content
Time to Form an American Jewish Emergency Committee Against Donald Trump
Donald Trump is Losing Jewish Donors and Intellectuals, But Will it Impact His Bottom Line?
Meet the One Jewish Group that Can Attack Donald Trump
Donald Trump Doubles Down on America First Slogan Whether Jews Like It or Not
Donald Trump Is a Candidate for White Supremacists Not the Jews
The clan leader of white Americans: Conservative David Frum perfectly explains how the disintegration of the GOP has created Trump
ADL Urges Donald Trump to Reconsider America First in Foreign Policy Approach
Jewish donor dumps Trump after community backlash: Republican developer Martin Selig stunned by blowback from Seattle Jews
Oy vey! Enough of Trump!

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:18:00 ID: ba3805 No.8184570

File: 90695d256ce65bd .png (185.34 KB, 374x341, File: 501823e1e0bfcd7 .png (199.57
34:31, lolwut.png)

KB, 300x450, 2:3,


The first one, that britbong nigger has hilarious lips. The insides smush against his teeth and make him look like a massive faggot, lol. It
wouldn't be so noticeable if he didn't have nigger lips.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:18:02 ID: 48586b No.8184572
The 4th pic shows what will happen. We will begin to see the leaders of the subversion. They will out themselves with promoting death.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:18:42 ID: b31757 No.8184579
>Victim card detected?
Confimed yid, read a book nigger.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:19:15 ID: 48586b No.8184587
Actually, it's rebuilding
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:19:56 ID: 917654 No.8184598
>Professionally printed signs.
are they so retarded that they can't be trusted with some posterboard and a fucking sharpie?
don't answer that, I know they are
after being so thoroughly exposed as paid opposition, I'd expect a token effort to make it seem more organiclazy fucks
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:21:17 ID: 948d91 No.8184614
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:21:54 ID: 221639 No.8184621
File: 888bb4ccb23ee2f .jpg (89.36 KB, 610x400, 61:40, download.jpg)

He couldnt attempt to pass (((executive))) amnesty either but he sure did that.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:22:59 ID: 948d91 No.8184639
The race is over, you kike-loving sacks of shit. Trump is now free game.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:23:47 ID: db6f6f No.8184656

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:24:05 ID: 0bd40f No.8184662
>assuming only 250 rounds per weapon.
Who only keeps 250 rounds per weapon?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:24:28 ID: 48586b No.8184669
What we are seeing are puppies beginning to grow up.
They're beginning the process of waking up.
They will believe the opposite of what they preach in 4 years.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:24:58 ID: 238715 No.8184679
tfw exactly 12 rounds currently
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:24:58 ID: 705339 No.8184680
File: b31bcf2376fcc94 .jpg (1.24 MB, 3552x2000, 222:125, 1478362970377.jpg)

Is this for real?

El oh fucking el. Not even 300 mil USD would help the left in a civil war.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:26:37 ID: 49406b No.8184703
File: 7ba9e38c79d005d .gif (1.1 MB, 493x493, 1:1, time.gif)

I've waited for a long time
Now the sleight of my hand is now a quick-pull trigger

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:27:11 ID: dd1de5 No.8184714

File: aebe392a4842071 .jpg (117.75 KB, 700x460, 35:23, mustard seed.jpg)

its worse than world domination
their ultimate goal is to attempt to overthrow God Himself, which of course will fail; the gates of Hell itself are literally involved in the plans of
soros, who is the right hand of the rothschilds aka redshields; this wouldn't seem outlandish to you if you saw /pol/ during last week with
that #spiritcooking stuff going on
before that, they want to eventually exterminate Christianity from the face of the Earth, or they'd like even more to instead turn everybody
into pagans, or, they'd like this even more, satanists
right now they want to kill Donald Trump and frame it as a suicide or an accident or a health condition or unknown causes or something
AND make Mike Pence become completely and thoroughly compromised in their favor
but the gates of Hell and their human servants will not succeed in their plans, no matter what they do
I had faith that The Holy Trinity would cause Donald Trump to win the election, and be inaugurated, and become the president of this
country; and now look, he won the election!
have faith that Jesus Christ the LORD will cause the malefactorious plans of soros and the rothschilds to fail
faith can move mountains, both figuratively and literally:
14 And when he was come to the multitude, there came to him a man falling down on his knees before him, saying: Lord, have pity on my
son, for he is a lunatic, and suffereth much: for he falleth often into the fire, and often into the water.
15 And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him.
16 Then Jesus answered and said: O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? bring
him hither to me.
17 And Jesus rebuked him, and the devil went out of him, and the child was cured from that hour.
18 Then came the disciples to Jesus secretly, and said: Why could not we cast him out?
19 Jesus said to them: Because of your unbelief. For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this
mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you.
20 But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.
Matthew 17:14-20 DRA 1899 American Edition
don't forget line 20; I assume that line 20 denotes a prerequisite to causing a kind of faith to make some things happen
And the Lord said: If you had faith like to a grain of mustard seed, you might say to this mulberry tree, Be thou rooted up, and be thou
transplanted into the sea: and it would obey you.
Luke 17:6 DRA 1899 American Edition
of course though, maybe faith won't work for you because of unbelief and doubt at the time of your attempting to practice it, and maybe what
you have faith in would happen anyway
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:27:32 ID: 492445 No.8184720
https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=LPbFjPQjueY#t=175


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:27:34 ID: 33c0c3 No.8184722
File: fa6cdce7881fdd6 .jpg (430.48 KB, 1080x763, 1080:763, 1451491999170.jpg)

>an operating budget literally the size of Mexicos.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:27:53 ID: 8be14c No.8184728
Woah, that's one really big finger!

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:28:00 ID: d6d9a9 No.8184731

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:30:25 ID: 4da6e4 No.8184779
>MSM: He must have a diverse cabinet
Fuck you kikes
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:30:47 ID: 705339 No.8184782
Good song to be honest
Also a good DOTR soundtrack
anon 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:31:08 ID: 418fee No.8184793
We shoot more than that on the weekends. Don't worry to much. Get all you can now. When and if it hits the fan , I say if because
remember the Yankee newsman that fired an AR? Traumatized! Remember the 7 year old girl whose AR got 9/10 bullseye?
the point being, if you're on my side, I'll share.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:31:32 ID: 61bf49 No.8184803
Ben i.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:31:33 ID: db6f6f No.8184805
Any confirmation or original article for pic 2?
this is gay no matter how many times it's posted.
retarded normies regularly have no more then a single box of ammo, and think shooting 20 rounds is going shooting, don't know how to
sight in rifles. pretty common really.
but they aren't the ones who are going to do anything. If they do, somone will give them something and use them as meat shields.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:32:51 ID: 94a556 No.8184835
We've bee ready for years!
>whether it was go idawoods
>whether it was to circle, and defend our homes
>and whether it will be needed to push outward

We've Been Ready

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:33:58 ID: 581c49 No.8184853
File: f9cbdcaf64a5d55 .jpg (23.79 KB, 500x466, 250:233, Work Life.jpg)

>tfw high in faith but low in religion
>tfw that quote put me more in peace than when I wandered around churches and religion trying to find the answers
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:34:19 ID: 0bd40f No.8184856
Exactly, I try to keep at least 2000 in 5.56 on hand but went out with some friends and shot up 800 of it over the weekend.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:35:26 ID: 872719 No.8184872

File: fe7278a8741689a .png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1488-3010883780.png)

Now? I was always taught to be ready for anything.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:36:25 ID: 3a205f No.8184887
Look, I tried to explain my statement. Seems I've only hurt your feefees even more. Here's a thought though, there a cool German themed
event you may want to attend, even has a cool German name, Nacht der langen Messer. Pack your stuff though because you won't be
coming back. It's a one-stop, final solution for all the short term no-planning drama queens who will outlive their usefulness in the struggle
fairly quickly. Auf wiedersehen.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:38:02 ID: dd1de5 No.8184904
hmm i should've said malicious instead of malefactorious
too bad i didn't think of that word earlier
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:39:23 ID: 0bd40f No.8184925
>leftists being used for China-tier human wave tactics
It's going to be difficult shooting from prone with such a stiff erection.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:39:35 ID: 81a034 No.8184927
We need to spread this video around to the left.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:42:30 ID: db6f6f No.8184982
That's what e-tools are for
actually, this is generic rightwingers I'm talking about, but anyone that low-IQ and unprepared is expendable as long as we win
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:44:23 ID: b53286 No.8185016
IF it was only 250 rounds per person/weapon used, then you should understand that

That's all its about, not long term ANYTHING, its just to get the ball rolling, stir the pot, fuck shit up.
You fucking jackasses think that is she was arming stupid fucking niggers, leftist faggots, that this is going to be some kind of siege or
some shit, HOW FUCKING RETARDED can some of you be!
>Shiller gives nogs, faggots, leftist, pussys, untrained guns/ammo
>Expecting them to do anything other then blowthereload in the first engagement(s) coordinated around the US
>Thinking its for anything other then Martial law justification.
Its like you fucking niggers dont n2 gorillaops or some shit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:45:17 ID: b31757 No.8185028
Ironic kikery isn't explaining your statement, (((anon))). Like I said, it's basic history that Hitler could neither be blamed for the start nor the
end of the war.
If you can refute that, feel free to provide sources instead of kvetching about the NSDAP.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:47:44 ID: 492445 No.8185064

File: 26787ca5c893f79 .png (466.93 KB, 842x434, 421:217, waterfox_2016-11-10_14-47-.png)

Fucking twats.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:53:23 ID: 9ace2c No.8185157
We know what crime statistics are and we know how that work with ethnicity.
Those numbers are lives peoplethe lives of your neighbors and friends and family. The lives of our sons and daughters. DIVERSITY and
inclusion have cost white lives.
This is what's at stake. And while Trumps victory is good it's not enough and never will be. They are here and without mass deportation or
extermination they will not leave. Even Trump cannot magic the shitskins away for all time.
You had better be armed. The murder and rape of our people will only stop when we get off our asses and make it stop.
Don't expect Trump to do that for you. He can build a wall and halt the flood but he's not going to remove what's already been givin
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:54:11 ID: 49406b No.8185165
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The chorus repeats too often, but the song itself is pretty good for how dark it is.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:54:55 ID: 590731 No.8185183
File: 7b467d264cde310 .png (240.96 KB, 373x458, 373:458, 1418361914434.png)

I think we already knew it was obviously paid for by someone and thoroughly planned way in advance when there were thousands of people
already gathering less than a day afterwards in pretty much every major city, and I sure as shit don't remember any build up or social media
presence until it was already happening. People don't actually organize that quickly. Gather as much evidence as possible. I want to be
seeing dozens of images like in the OP. Every craigslist ad, pictures of all the buses, each connection to Soros and other artificial protests.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:56:14 ID: 4e07e0 No.8185204
The Rockefellers aren't Jewish if I'm correct and I don't think that JP Morgan is either, although by the surname the latter is much more
likely to be Jewish.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:57:16 ID: 905062 No.8185227

File: 76693352d5a5f07 .jpg (86.41 KB, 581x361, 581:361, 1462760062476.jpg)

Aggressive protests in country with most accessible firearms in the world.

America do what you should do second time in past week. Self Defense.
Also I love how I see everyone trowing temper tantrum on trump specifically and nobody bothers to even mention changing the way America
According to NYtimes Hillary actually had more votes. Meaning Trump is 4th american president to win with fewer votes.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:57:45 ID: 54ee81 No.8185235
>trigger safety
>while the barrel is open
Do you start your car before going to sleep, too?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:58:53 ID: e39d2f No.8185251
File: 62664a0881f3ea5 .webm (4.89 MB, 480x360, 4:3, WE ARE NOT SORRY.webm)

They were forced into that war, they fought most of the world being run by Jew commies, and held out well, but (((they))) wouldn't have it.
We will come back.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:59:45 ID: dd93ca No.8185262
Canada actually did a lot of heavy lifting in WW2. So much that after the war ended they had the 3rd largest navy in the world (after the
U.S. and the U.K.).
Then we cucked them out of the UN security council (can't have 3 English speaking countries in charge, the French would get their feelings
hurt) and so Canada slid into mediocrity and global irrelevance.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 19:59:53 ID: 2bef69 No.8185263
File: 5f20dcdfc618f30 .webm (2.46 MB, 640x352, 20:11, chimpout.webm)

Ok guys, I never thought I'd never say this sentence, but: I know I'm gonna sound like a shill now, but hear me out.
As much as I'd love to go racewar now (if I was american, I'm german ;_;) the whole POINT of this shit is probably to make it look like we
are the ones who attack - even if we are just fucking defending ourselves. The best fucking thing we can do is to NOT go full racewar, just
stay at home and let them chimp out by themself. Let the cops handle it.
Whatever you do:
[spoilers]Sniping from hidden positions during the chimpouts WITHOUT BEING FUCKING BUSTED is fair game though.[/spoiler]
But I bet none of you fags bought a silencer when they prepared for racewar.
It's almost as if noone knows that they are attracted to noises (and the smell of flesh). Jeez. Wake up, America.

converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:00:29 ID: e909b7 No.8185274

>you should have waited for hitler
>hillary would have been the better choice
>dont pay attention the ADL has attacked trump many times
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:00:42 ID: f73b4b No.8185279
It's too much to answer in one post. Just read the protocols of Zion.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:00:51 ID: 773b57 No.8185280
So tolerant :^)
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:01:17 ID: 2bef69 No.8185287
File: 2fbb275f0730883 .jpg (31.54 KB, 493x357, 29:21, nickselbstsge2.JPG)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:01:33 ID: a3c073 No.8185293
File: 08511d81425e269 .png (80.38 KB, 689x513, 689:513, FBI on pol.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:01:45 ID: 652fa6 No.8185296
This pasta never gets old
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:02:29 ID: 9f4b05 No.8185306
They were behind the Black Panthers, The Black Liberation-movement, The Anti-apartheid-movement and the a major player in the slavetrade. Which is kind of ironic in itself, several centuries later they are still using the niggers as cattle but they blame the white.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:04:02 ID: 9f4b05 No.8185326
It goes further back then that fellow anon. Check out kikes involvement in the french revolution.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:04:52 ID: 689e06 No.8185340
If this happens, we could go the way of Mother Russia and make Soros literally a criminal.


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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:05:23 ID: db6f6f No.8185350

File: 4d69af12a5c4dba .png (237.48 KB, 491x600, 491:600, 1429728861453.png)

>IF it was only 250 rounds per person/weapon used
250 was in reference to stale pasta about american gun owners
>>Thinking its for anything other then Martial law justification.
That would be a literal best case scenario at this point, because obama declaring himself king pro tem is the one situation guaranteed to
make flyoverland rise up, and to actually get cops and military on their side. Unlike redteam guy and the earlier pasta, in most situations
cops and mil will do as ordered.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:05:30 ID: 0c969d No.8185352
File: cb0672d66fe86f4 .jpg (22.15 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1456776835611.jpg)

where the fuck are all these newfags coming from?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:05:38 ID: 905062 No.8185354
>make it look like we are the ones who attack
They are literally ones who attack.
Only way to make them as defenders would be as media coverage but it already fucked up.
It is literally BLM situation. You won't do nothing and win against them. The thing they are doing is too clearly attack.
It doesn't matter everyone said BLM and feminism are lawful and good. Everyone fucking hates them or are one of them.
start using
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:06:39 ID: 9b8233 No.8185371
Looks like I'm putting the WASR in the truck and taking the Mossberg out.
Should I put the slant brake back on so I can affix the bayonet?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:06:57 ID: 905062 No.8185374
and there goes instruction on not using spaces after **. fuck you guys.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:07:16 ID: 54ee81 No.8185382

Did you know Hitler didint hate jews prior to 1926?
The jews made him so fucking angry he went full duterte, and they will make EXACTLY the same mistake with Trump. Jews are used to
talking down liberals who bend over to be fucked and ruled by them, when a strong male opposes them they keep using the same stupid
Alinsky tactics until people explode and start killing them.
You know its going to happen, i know its going to happen, the only people oblivious to this are leftists. Its the same reason /leftypol/ is here
supposedly "laughing at us' after we won the presidency, house AND congress. They create a grave situation but until understand its gravity
way past the point of no-return, that why they end up in camps.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:07:21 ID: dd93ca No.8185384
I'll give 100-1 that this guy was a Bernout and a 2-1 that he bought the 'I'm with Her' shit without a shred of irony or self awareness.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:09:13 ID: 2bef69 No.8185413
I sure hope you're right, but I'm still betting the media will at least try.
They have nothing to lose, they might as well try, even if it's fucking delusional. When haven't they been delusional?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:09:28 ID: db6f6f No.8185418
Silencers not common here, also lurk moar, but here's a freebie
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:09:38 ID: 10dcc0 No.8185420
Glad to see you reincarnated Mr Paine.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:09:40 ID: a6c302 No.8185421
Probably people who just got banned from 4chan. They need to go back though, as they should have left two years ago.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:10:06 ID: db6f6f No.8185429
lol fuck my shit
I'm off to sudoku
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:10:43 ID: 385eeb No.8185437
Soros doesn't even need to start nothing, Trump will have as Treasury Secretary someone from Goldberg Sachs or JewP Morgan,
/pol/delusionals as always
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:11:09 ID: 21d97c No.8185441
this is as far as I've gotten
>Coach USA, Subsidiary of Stage coach group
>Stage coach group founded by Brian stouter and sister Ann Gloag, (still owned by Stouter)
>their money laundering sites follow
Can't find any of their contributors on the web. Does anyone here know a good database for finding that kind of info?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:12:44 ID: 2bef69 No.8185464
I understand the whole "lurk more" attitude, but it doesn't help when I visit /pol/ at least once per day but still don't know what your problem
is. Instead of just expecting me to find out myself over time and be like "oh THATS why they told me to lurk more" in three weeks just tell
me WHY I am being stupid. Sorry man.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:13:44 ID: ce286f No.8185483
Toppest of fucking keks
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:15:13 ID: d1c549 No.8185501
>asking to be spoonfed
sure is new in here
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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:16:38 ID: 31b1e6 No.8185522

based WKUK
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:17:15 ID: 581c49 No.8185535
File: 00dea247f541b89 .jpg (78.94 KB, 504x336, 3:2, Tom cruise MGSV laugh.jpg)

>he posted the full thing
Holy shit, that really is "pol invites vee to a race war.webm".
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:17:17 ID: ce286f No.8185536
File: 070d4eeac32098a .jpg (38.99 KB, 640x428, 160:107, seanigger.jpg)

That nigger in the first picture is fucking disgusting.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:17:25 ID: 2bef69 No.8185538
File: 62eef14e381aa5f .webm (725.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, im retarded.webm)

Alrighty, sorry then, dunno what I expected, I'll just go with option B then like everyone else does: Just assume everyone who doesn't agree
with me is a faggot and move on instead of actually trying to otherstand the other persons opinion. What was I thinking?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:17:54 ID: 9f4b05 No.8185549
Because this place isn't for faggots?
Stop being a crybaby and lurk more until you know you're ready.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:19:12 ID: 24cb6b No.8185564
Race-neutral policies doesnt change the biological reality of races.
Their answer is sytematic "positive discrimination".
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:19:51 ID: 5d304b No.8185574
>why do I have to LEARN things on my own?
>Why can't everything just be handed to be with no effort instead?

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:20:41 ID: b7048a No.8185581

File: ae4c5fc1c4c4939 .jpg (35.36 KB, 415x481, 415:481, 1450397530972.jpg)

>this unwilling to just fucking lurk moar
Your first step is to stop posting.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:20:53 ID: 52aff9 No.8185584
>speaking before understanding
>not a leftist
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:21:00 ID: db6f6f No.8185585
File: 5a7204a9760f827 .png (143.88 KB, 188x248, 47:62, 1455039457600.png)

>Instead of just expecting me to find out myself over time and be like "oh THATS why they told me to lurk more"
that's exactly how it works
>in three weeks
>once a day
my sides
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:22:17 ID: 3a0edc No.8185604
File: 5f7ef73243027bd .jpg (28.47 KB, 562x600, 281:300, 1467856015502.jpg)

This isn't Vietnam, you don't need 1000 rounds to kill a few hip firing monkeys with no understanding of warfare

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:23:09 ID: 7486b7 No.8185613

Nice disinfo. The Austin busses are for a tableua conference.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:23:13 ID: 2bef69 No.8185616
Well excuse my faggotory, but how am I supposed to not miss [whatever it is] if I missed it all the fucking time? But alright then, fuck me I
guess. Can't feel retarded about something if I don't know what it is - even if I probably should.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:23:26 ID: 581c49 No.8185617
File: 793217043770261 .png (223.94 KB, 930x800, 93:80, 1326071071191.png)

>expecting the CURRENT YEAR newfag to actually think for themselves by amassing information and parsing it themselves to decide their
own course of action and discuss this revelation to others
Check your posting privileges, shitlord. :^)
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:24:09 ID: fc08ee No.8185632
Apparently you forgot to pay the brain pill, because that religion is still related to the kikels that want to run us over. Our new gods are Kek
and Ammit. Shit, you might as well start a new pantheon of /pol/ gods.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:26:02 ID: 385eeb No.8185660
the only God notable of mention is Kek, not that jew on a stick.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:30:12 ID: db6f6f No.8185717
A man walks into a town. He doesn't really speak the language. He talks to people. They tell him he talks funny. So he gets louder and
louder and more insistent, despite making less sense the whole time. If that man is smart, he will shut the fuck up before he gets thrown
out of town.
> if I missed it all the fucking time?
refer back to >>8185585
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:30:25 ID: 17d2a0 No.8185720
Reported for intl.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:31:09 ID: 31054d No.8185730
File: 01c136c8ebebe27 .jpg (83.68 KB, 788x600, 197:150, 01c136c8ebebe27c9b44529567.jpg)

That high grade salt


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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:31:49 ID: 725f65 No.8185739

>yeah, don't bring her
fucking kek
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:33:20 ID: 49406b No.8185758
Just fucking lurk, I don't care if you were banned from cuckchan, don't act like a rapefugee. Assimilate or leave.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:33:42 ID: c067c7 No.8185765
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Suppression is a thing
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:34:07 ID: 3b9b44 No.8185772
File: 1870ba1f17afd8a .jpg (12.16 KB, 310x242, 155:121, liberate2.jpg)

>I'm gonna be fighting a civil war with nu-males, feminist, assorted college faggots, niggers and spic on the other side
>mfw they think they can defeat the sleeping giant
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:36:30 ID: 21d97c No.8185806


You came over here three weeks ago, whe the (((Ben Fischbein))) posting got a lot of 2-week bans and halfchanners came here.
Coincidently, pre-election shilling has hit an alltime-high since then.


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:36:34 ID: be6996 No.8185807
File: 60513c3d9471be4 .webm (6.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Columbine - Lit.webm)

You might like this.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:40:01 ID: 2bef69 No.8185864

File: c04f93ace29d895 .jpg (33.96 KB, 680x510, 4:3, shout at your cat.jpg)

I'd just like to point out that I shutted up 15 minutes ago because I understand your point. But apparently noone noticed and everyone keeps
getting mad as fuck. You can stop now - because I did.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:40:41 ID: 8ea7e4 No.8185870
Here is a nerve gas recipe I have been posting and refining since 2009. http://pastebin.com/TGzmYw7E
Get a 25gal hazmat container which is hermetically sealed. Buy a car with cash from somebody you don't know a distance from your home.
This requires no proof of ID and no paper trail. Purchase or make any sort of explosive you desire. Collect a large amount of hair and skin
flakes from local airports or anywhere that people congregate. Us this contaminate the interior of the vehicle to hide your own from forensics.
Drive to a major urban center. Steal a license plate from the area such as a motel parking lot outside the city center and discard the original
somewhere it will not be found like a river(this will further complicate the tracking of the vehicle and prevent them from identifying you on
CCTV footage as you drive through the city. Park the vehicle in any open lot or in the street. Detonate the explosives with a simply
electronic timer connected to blasting caps or another suitable ignition source.
You will kill between 2,000 and 30,000 depending on the population density and weather conditions.
Saracens spent 50 million dollars to hijack planes and kill a few thousand. A white man could kill tens of thousands over and over again
without being caught for a few thousand dollars.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:40:56 ID: 7d56f9 No.8185871
its not just a game mom
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:41:05 ID: a284ac No.8185874
>And the most important part is Clinton Foundation bought millions of illegal firearms just 2 weeks ago'
The source for that is (it's not even EUTimes.net, look it up):
Russia Asks CIA: Why Did Hillary Clinton Just Buy $137 Million Worth Of Illegal Arms?
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
"this past week, purchased over $137 million of illegal arms and ammunitionand whose destination is to be the United States, with
delivery being marked as mid-November 2016. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language
approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.] "
This guy seems like a professional conspiracy theorist / disinformer. This so-called report from the SVR (the 'Foreign Intelligence Service')
probably doesn't even exist. And there would be absolutely no need to import guns to the US because it's easy to buy guns in most states,
you just need enough money. The premise is just stupid.
>this report notes, was Hillary Clintons money laundering Clinton Foundation transferring $137.7 million to the Socialist Party of Albania
Bullshit. $137 millions is a lot of money and the CF doesn't do large direct transactions like that, especially not to a political party. And the
author says they supposedly sent the guns to David Brock and George Soros. It's a retarded article filled with bullshit allegations that don't
even make sense.
Stop posting articles written by this 'Sorcha Faal'. I'm sure he'll be back with another name soon but for now just put his name on a
black list and don't pay attention to anything written by this guy or by websites that re-post his articles.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:43:41 ID: 4f69a2 No.8185917
Yeah until they poison him with something causing a hart attack during one of there (transition) meetings. Electoral college does not make
things official for another month yet.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:45:36 ID: fdc2e3 No.8185949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CNN Caught Red Handed Hoaxing The Narrative Of President Donald Trump Protests
Not mine video, if anything.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:46:22 ID: d3bc82 No.8185966
If he gets a civil war started before Trump takes office, Obama may not leave office.
We need to meme these into terrorist activities and shootings, not an organized coalition.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:47:49 ID: 7e9899 No.8185994
File: 22724a1cb10a0eb .jpg (6.61 KB, 250x224, 125:112, 1431107103086.jpg)

>All those tears
>All that salt
>All that butthurt
>All that suicide watch
It's everything I ever hoped it would be and more
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:48:05 ID: 3b9b44 No.8185999
File: cd948a7ea763e43 .gif (876.23 KB, 500x281, 500:281, all niggers are wife beate.gif)

>Albanian hajis being good for anything
They were getting fucked up by Serbians tbh, and I'm pretty sure Serbia was at war with multiple people at the time.
If they think that will be sufficient to fight white Americans they goof'd, guns behind blades of grass and shit nigga.
Who made that? Fucking lel

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:49:24 ID: 6e2193 No.8186026

File: 6064da0e34445f3 .jpg (51.43 KB, 262x312, 131:156, 1456128043605.jpg)

This is fucking hilarious.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:49:38 ID: fdc2e3 No.8186031
File: 530310ed55442b0 .png (205.98 KB, 439x338, 439:338, Screenshot at 2016-11-10 2.png)

Notice the ANONYMAS in the center. Full of shit LIGIVON.

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:49:46 ID: f970d4 No.8186034
The Obama admin has MANY of these weapons already purchased in the guise that they go to the post office and the IRS and shit.
Well it doesn't work like that. Those Govt Orgs don't provide their own weapons and am munition for their jobs. They use federal agents
whom have their own budgets.
The 100's of millions of rounds of 7.62x39 and 556 went into hiding as soon as they were purchased and they DID NOT GO OVER SEAS.
Ammunition for overseas for delivery into proxy war zones such as Syrian rebels come from localized sources such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi
Kingdom. Where they get it is their business.
My point is that you just pointed to the Donkey in the room
137 million in Rifles pistols and Ammunition is a fuck ton of civilian AR15's 9mm's, mags and rounds.
The S foundation most likely has a staging area. I would guess it would be west coast in southern cali
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:49:51 ID: 8ef444 No.8186037
Okay. Since they are just burning down San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles, why should Trump care? Petrol stations and
groccery stores aren't integral to running the country. They only incovienience themselves
How is this anything more than retarded signaling?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:50:32 ID: f970d4 No.8186051
They are most certainly planning a Spring

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:50:31 ID: 3a0edc No.8186053

So is PID before firing.
My point is I don't see that level of suppression playing a significant role when fighting cucks and niggers. Movement and tactics are far
more effective than trading inaccurate gunfire on stationary lines.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:51:03 ID: 2bef69 No.8186064
>>8185999 (Witnessed)
Remember: Trips mean truth
Can't answer your question though, I have no idea, I just saved the webm.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:51:15 ID: f970d4 No.8186070
meme this NOW
We need to get normie ready for what is about to hit the cities
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:52:41 ID: 114be6 No.8186089
>this delusional rnigger thinks albanians have any combat value.
In the 90's they were role-playing hardcore just because NATO and the U.S stood behind them and they barked like the good dogs they are.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:53:26 ID: d51904 No.8186107
fear porn
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:54:37 ID: 3a25fa No.8186129
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The show is The Whitest Kids you Know
Trevor (the one calling for race war) is at least a /b/tard.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:55:05 ID: 6e7188 No.8186133
michael abboud is an arab
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:55:21 ID: db6f6f No.8186138
Replying is not shutting up. And people may see your newfaggotry for days, 15 minutes is nothing to someone who doesn't have the
attention span of a nigger.
Don't post shit that is wmd
jjust to repeat
>That would be a literal best case scenario at this point, because obama declaring himself king pro tem is the one situation guaranteed to
make flyoverland rise up, and to actually get cops and military on their side. Unlike redteam guy and the earlier pasta, in most situations
cops and mil will do as ordered.
That would be our chance to purge.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:55:28 ID: d725bf No.8186143
He made some song which seriously indicated he was /pol/ tier.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:55:28 ID: b7048a No.8186144
Combat value is utterly irrelevant when you are just looking for a spark to the powder keg the media has been creating the last year.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:56:02 ID: 80acf6 No.8186151

You gotta be ready for sudden shortage of supplies.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:58:12 ID: 3a25fa No.8186182
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 20:59:57 ID: 4eea9f No.8186211
Soros himself doesn't really matter that much. He always gets mentioned because he's the one openly donating to these things, but he's
using other zionists' money (for example (((Rothschilds'))))
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:00:41 ID: a284ac No.8186224
>Social Justice Warriors React To Donald Trump Victory #1
"Social Justice Warriors Re" This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Davison (DavisonVideo).
WUT? Did anyone save that video before it was removed?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:01:22 ID: 42bda2 No.8186238
What is with these leftists? Do they actually believe the feel good bullshit they spew? I know everyone's having a good time laughing at
these idiots, but aren't these idiots supposed to be our future? What the fuck is up with them burning the American flag? Calling to kill
Trump and white people when they themselves are white? I know the the jew media has propagated them to believe this but it just saddens
me. Are these people too far gone or can they be salvaged? What needs to happen to wake up these pompous liberals?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:01:23 ID: ef0651 No.8186240
Also this one gets pretty good a little while in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-Lvv1f5Qu4

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:02:15 ID: 02b8b6 No.8186256

File: 6de440a0970d1c8 .gif (1.48 MB, 318x332, 159:166, charlie.gif)

>Think they can rig an election
>Think they can brainwash an entire nation
>Think they can lock down the internet and stop the free spread of ideas
>They can't.
>They've failed every time.
>They are so arrogant that they didn't even plan for the possibility of losing
I say bring it on. These inept faggots couldn't stop us before. They won't stop us now. They want to arm a bunch of spastic college kids to
cause civil war in the streets? Well, let's hope FEMA has enough coffins.
Put on your war faces, lads!
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:02:19 ID: ef0651 No.8186258
meant to reply to >>8186182 not >>8186151
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:02:25 ID: d725bf No.8186260
This is the one I was thinking about, especially the part about the new pearl harbor.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:04:41 ID: 114be6 No.8186292
Well I hope that powder keg explodes.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:06:39 ID: 3a25fa No.8186318
Holy shit. That's amazing.
He got old and looks like he has AIDs now, though.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:06:39 ID: 504c3c No.8186319

File: bf950ca7d279eed .jpg (38.06 KB, 396x385, 36:35, bf950ca7d279eed903a3efeb43.jpg)

I'm not a Christian and I don't ever plan to become one, but it checks out.
>20 But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.
>Matthew 17:14-20 DRA 1899 American Edition
>don't forget line 20; I assume that line 20 denotes a prerequisite to causing a kind of faith to make some things happen
>And the Lord said: If you had faith like to a grain of mustard seed, you might say to this mulberry tree, Be thou rooted up, and be thou
transplanted into the sea: and it would obey you.
>Luke 17:6 DRA 1899 American Edition
>of course though, maybe faith won't work for you because of unbelief and doubt at the time of your attempting to practice it, and maybe
what you have faith in would happen anyway
I saw what those scriptures mean multiple times in my life. Back when the Brexit vote was going, I was playing video games alone, no
music, just concentrating. Suddenly, a thought entered my head - Brexit will pass. At no point did I have any reason to doubt it - it just felt
right, that it's gonna happen. So I believed that thought and lo and behold, it happened. There was no reference point from the real world to
that thought, it just happened. There was no billboard telling me "PRAY FOR BREXIT" or something else that swayed me back then. A
fucking miracle.
I don't want to shit up this thread with /x/ shit, but I think I know what the prerequisite is. It is simply having a strong will that's not
"connected" to many things. Television addiction is a "connection", enjoying talking to people too much is a "connection", if you have a wife
you have a connection with her. That's why I suspect monks existed back then - they wanted to be alone and strengthen their willpower for
the Church to stay relevant. And it still is, after two thousand years. If that's not a miracle in it's own right, what is?
But the true miracle, in my opinion, is a state of mind that you get when you are left with very little "connections". Humans are animals, no
matter what moralists say, and animals have akin senses, with some of them having abilities that even modern science struggles to
understand. When we tie ourselves down to a social system that says to us "Always say sorry when you bump into someone on the street,
it's common courtesy" or "Don't talk to any strangers, it may be offensive" we may choose to listen or not to listen, and many millions of
people make those decisions and it's just that one system. However, if you discard that "connection" of mindlessly agreeing to a consensus
altogether and make your own set of rules to follow, be it a fair one or not (if you're a retard), you will be a lot stronger spiritually, even if that
action itself is a foolish one, since you'd be a fool not to trust your betters with their experience. Essentially, assume that you are led by
your people's culture and that you have adopted their mannerisms, reject those mannerisms with all your might and forge your own. Your life
will change, you'll become a better character and if you will apply the same principle to your thoughts, well, that's how you get the "this
thing will happen" thought.
Discard the notion that you are shaped by your people and shape yourself instead.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:07:52 ID: 298fda No.8186341
>this madman
>was right all along
Reality is being meme'd in real time.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:08:42 ID: a284ac No.8186349
>Read the article dumbasses
The article is complete bullshit written a guy named 'Sorcha Faal' >>8185874
I don't doubt Soros wants to start a civil war with the help of BLM activists / terrorists and possibly mexicans too but OP's source is just
crap that should have been debunked in the first twenty comments.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:09:57 ID: 243932 No.8186364
i really hate this meme

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:14:21 ID: 2dc70c No.8186410

File: 695451e16480cbd .webm (2.87 MB, 620x460, 31:23, 695451e16480cbda105dbbdde.webm)

>muh Dick Spider brand Dick Spider
Every crusader must contribute shekles to Israel with outdated ammo I suppose
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:15:56 ID: 3a0edc No.8186437
Just how long do you envision this conflict lasting? Regardless, I imagine getting finding ammo from sympathetic owners would not be
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:16:04 ID: 48586b No.8186438
Well this really did just turn into neon genesis evangelion.
Time to defeat some angels Demons.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:16:05 ID: f56aac No.8186439
Work out.
Buy guns.
Gun range.
Join a militia today.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:16:39 ID: 49676d No.8186449
File: 3ead6a16a164064 .gif (1.49 MB, 249x197, 249:197, cod's target demographic.gif)

Gun safety is no meme, bucko. It keeps good folks from shootin' each other and keeps the bad folks from not shootin' themselves.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:20:47 ID: 49406b No.8186504
>trigger discipline
You're dealing with objects that shoot out lead at supersonic speeds, you're a fucking idiot if you think you can just dick around with
something like that.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:21:18 ID: 33912b No.8186514
>I thought you idiots weren't getting paid anymore?
Their last paycheck bounced. But they continue out of inertia.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:21:21 ID: da539d No.8186515
Let them. they will lose. Arm up and get ready to prank.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:23:45 ID: 48586b No.8186547

So the media is trying to push war now?
> defeat them goys
They really are the biggest pieces of shit in the world.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:24:05 ID: 78cb1f No.8186553
I don't get it.
The no guns cucks will buy guns and start a war?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:24:23 ID: db6f6f No.8186558
File: bba870ce81e5d81 .jpg (110.53 KB, 858x536, 429:268, training regiment.jpg)

>Join a militia today.
k fbi
They're still living off of free pizza and no one has shut the heat off in mass ave building yet. Even then, they can burn free shipping boxes
for awhile
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:26:34 ID: 3b9b44 No.8186587
File: 2e06f3320943ec2 .gif (1.72 MB, 403x271, 403:271, 1458461550606.gif)

Fuck yes, I remember him now. Bretty redpilled
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:26:57 ID: 48586b No.8186597
Isn't the fbi against them stupid.. well some of them anyway.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:28:02 ID: 308d44 No.8186606
File: 60f5ceb199f6912 .jpg (17.53 KB, 500x391, 500:391, 60f5ceb199f6912a61b997a7d5.jpg)

I seriously hope this is shitposting.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:28:26 ID: 0b068b No.8186615

File: 23a7886d22e853d .webm (7.17 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Fear as a guideline.webm)

Doubt it.
He knows about meme magic
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:28:42 ID: f56aac No.8186617
Most militias have alphabet in them, to keep them under control. But now, in these four years, we have the best opportunity to not only turn
the alphabet to our side, but finally create a powerful militia force.
I'd rather have militia at a natural disaster site, I'd rather have local militia helping me out of my house if there was an earthquake. I'd rather
have militia show up to my door if someone thought I was being robbed.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:28:57 ID: 4f3e63 No.8186622
>k fbi
You are protecting the elected government this time, you idiot, not overthrowing it.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:30:14 ID: 000000 No.8186637
Rockefellers are Sephardi crypto-jews/Marranos. The Encyclopedia Judaica attempts to keep it sneaky but it does mention them
bankrolling the 'Palestine Archaeological Museum' in Jerusalem (aka the Rockefeller Museum).
They were first rumbled in the book "Americans of Jewish Decent" by Malcolm H. Stern from the 50's, which is rare as fuck. If anyone has a
pdf I'd be very grateful for a link.
I'm not sure about JP Morgan but he was famous for his comically large nose and a lot of Jewish surnames begin Morgan[-whatever]. A
cursory search reveals an excessive amount of Jewish websites insisting he isn't Jewish so there's a good chance he's a crypto too.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:30:17 ID: 48586b No.8186638
> They're still living off of free pizza and no one has shut the heat off in mass ave building yet. Even then, they can burn free shipping boxes
for awhile
I think that rules out ctr being an fbi op then..
> still haven't seen mentions of the cia though.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:31:20 ID: 49406b No.8186653
Dr. Steel is fucking great
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:32:11 ID: 48586b No.8186667
Or he's disconnected from the rest of the pack.
> doubt that
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:32:44 ID: 28dce7 No.8186678
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:32:55 ID: f970d4 No.8186681





Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:33:20 ID: 63d238 No.8186686
As insane as he might be, he's spot on. Manson was right too.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:33:58 ID: 238715 No.8186693
He's an actor. That's a bit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:34:17 ID: db6f6f No.8186698
The fbi uses militias as honeypots. Also, look at the three tards in kansas who got set up by the fbi to bomb a bunch of somalis. They
were in militias. They do it the same way they set up shitskins to blow things up.
If you want to organize, then do so. If you want to psyop the alphabets, do so.
The problem with militias doing the outreach type stuff is not that they would be helpful, but they are either all feds or so worried about PR
and being gearqueers they are worse than useless.
Saying you need to join a militia is like saying you need to have verified information and join a namefag forum with hatespeech rules.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:34:34 ID: 46eb50 No.8186701
That's stupid and does nothing but cost the bus company time and money.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:35:32 ID: a82add No.8186714
File: c0b798471df7ce9 .jpg (80.34 KB, 646x963, 646:963, ayyy.jpg)

That gookette in the last video looks like an ayy lmao

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:35:33 ID: 019ed6 No.8186715

File: 3e8270b0dca8607 .png (558.5 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20161110-213256.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:36:23 ID: f56aac No.8186729

>Break the law anon!!1
Fuck off retard
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:37:32 ID: 63d238 No.8186739
>Saying you need to join a militia is like saying you need to have verified information and join a namefag forum with hatespeech rules.
No one is telling you to operate within a militia to push our agenda. It's to learn something useful.
Also when the time comes you can bet your ass all these militias will be on our side, so inside sleepers directing them would be a good
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:38:18 ID: 63d238 No.8186752
Go away CTR
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:39:22 ID: a14594 No.8186765
A law was signed in 2008 that pretty much gives him a 6 month window during a national emergency where neither the legislative or
judiciary branches can stop anything he does. So yeah, he could potentially set himself up as a dictator in that time frame or have a
continually ongoing "crisis" to remain in power.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:39:29 ID: 63d238 No.8186767
They are forming an oppositional leadership already. Fuck me sideways, it's Arab Spring 2.0.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:40:24 ID: fe9c10 No.8186778
They don't have to start a civil war just get martial law declared
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:42:53 ID: db6f6f No.8186820
You don't need to join a militia to learn something useful, and a militia is much more dangerous to you then learning on your own or just with
some like-minded friends and family. Go to rifle shoots. Try to find competent people to learn from. Use your strengths, which is probably
not to try to imitate the military.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:44:00 ID: ee45e8 No.8186844

File: 2298346ce6ece50 .jpg (37.15 KB, 734x410,
File: 34c5ea44ce13ef8 .jpg (64.71 KB, 750x600, 5:4,
367:205, Croatian ss soldiers 2.jpg)

violent purge.jpg)

Bog te blagoslovio hrabri ratnie.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:46:35 ID: b68bab No.8186890
Honestly, I'm sensing an undercurrent in events that indicates Israel is divided. Years ago, I recall an Israeli Mayor condemning the
treatment of the Palestinians. Trump and Putin are both outspokenly pro-Israel, but their policies are against the Jewish Globalists. There is
a complex 5-or maybe even 6D game of chess being played here. I know "not all jews" is stigmatized on /pol/ but how about this.
Let's assume all Jews with money and/or power are globalists. However, there are different kinds of globalism, and different ways to achieve
globalism. Soros wants to eliminate identity through racial mixing and Cultural Marxism. But what if there was a type of globalism that
actually accentuated and valued identity? So let's assume all Jews want a peaceful global government. Soros wants to bring about peace
through the enslavement of Goyim to Jews, and call me crazy, but maybe there's a faction that wants a type of globalism that maintains
national identity? I don't think it's impossible. It's undeniable that Trump and Putin, heroes to /pol/ support and are supported by a
substantial number of Jews. So what's the deal? Something is going on here in the undercurrent. Besides, Trump is waking people up to the
kikes methods of control by calling out the (((media))) and rejecting political correctness. He's destroying some of the biggest tools of
identity destruction and social manipulation. He's abolishing the department of education, and pulling out of the America is a global
policeman stance. We need to always be open to new ways of looking at things, especially when the old way doesn't fit. What the Hell is
going on?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:46:50 ID: 308d44 No.8186893
>Opposition party led by Bernie, Michael Moore, and "the hip-hop community"
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:49:42 ID: a81b1d No.8186946
File: 59f70b7f2ec71b5 .jpg (119.31 KB, 499x674, 499:674, tmp_22170-1447186026915-31.jpg)

Looks like the kikes and I agree for once:


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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:53:49 ID: 63d238 No.8187003

File: 6e2aec72bc20ad9 .jpg (26.7 KB, 392x314, 196:157, 946819_3.jpg)

Did you see the opposition leaders during the Ukraine "revolution"? Old liberals, washed-out pop stars, boxers, kikes.
There doesn't need to bee any real leadership, they just gather the people, who can rally the niggers.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:54:10 ID: 3b3056 No.8187008
And then what nigger?!
They sprout some shit, but all of the sheeple join the ranks of the winners acting like they were in on it all along. Look at France
resistance,by the time the tide turned all of the "brave" resistants showed up.
((Elites)) have an imediate/quick term profit mindset. How else would the god emperor be elected otherwise? We kept low instead of
chimping out in the streets funneling our rage through dank memes and planning.
The day Trump got elected, as a french dude, I was faced with the decision, should I fuck up a shitskin that was looking at me badly? But
the answer lies here:
>if a dog barks will you kill it because it showed you disrespect as you not being his master or do you just walk and keep on with your life?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:54:50 ID: e418d0 No.8187019
>let's form a movement with a bunch of jew shills
Moore is either a shill or a retard. Probably both.
>demand dnc apologize to Bernie
He doesn't realize that Bernie was only there to motivate commies to vote for Hillary while she used centrist rhetoric and raise money for
Hillary from these same retards.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:56:38 ID: 63d238 No.8187051
>He doesn't realize that Bernie was only there to motivate commies to vote for Hillary
You don't realize what's the point.
They will be pushing "anti-establishment" angle, throwing the DNC under the bus. DNC is fucked anyway, so nothing of value will be lost.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:56:53 ID: 48586b No.8187057
To be frank the company deserves it. What scum.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:58:37 ID: 3fc950 No.8187083
File: e5c3e25531230bd .jpg (80.12 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 922fb04212bdc699a1aa52a67d.jpg)

Once Soros is finally labeled an enemy combatant I can't wait for his execution broadcast.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 21:59:30 ID: 48586b No.8187099

> The fbi uses militias as honeypots. Also, look at the three tards in kansas who got set up by the fbi to bomb a bunch of somalis. They
were in militias. They do it the same way they set up shitskins to blow things up.
Pro trump militias are basically an extension of the army anon. What mental gymnastics are you doing?
Why would the fbi use a pro government militia as a honeypot?
Do they want to lose their jobs?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:02:23 ID: 3b3056 No.8187153
Yeah, you saying not all jews are evil, we know the double standard and the risk it represents.
We know how it works out, I've seen the trend of jews trying to find comfort in the asian people saying:
>Oy vey, the white people are responsible for the 12gorrilions. Help us good asian goyms.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:05:06 ID: 63d238 No.8187200
File: ab073c8518c482c .mp4 (6.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hillary_cameraman.mp4)


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:06:25 ID: 48586b No.8187222
Doesn't look like a jew at all :^)
if ayys to earth exist, then they'd probably want to destroy jews who subvert. Then ask for truce or annexation. Otherwise we wouldn't exist
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:07:13 ID: 581c49 No.8187237
File: d8c2963d1ddc593 .png (94.15 KB, 251x255, 251:255, 1415131886604.png)

>nearly the entire country turned red overnight
>expecting king nigger to declare martial law without maximum nogging
No, even if the nigger actually did that he would have nearly every American calling for his head on a fucking pike. I'm not sure king nigger
has the balls to do this even if his kike masters order him to.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:07:34 ID: 533e6b No.8187243
any sound there buddy?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:07:37 ID: db6f6f No.8187244
This is incredibly naive or ill-informed. Are you even a burger?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:08:06 ID: 2e6344 No.8187249
Is this supposed to be real?
Also it's the 3/5 compromise, not 1/3.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:08:57 ID: 63d238 No.8187264

Hold on, mp4 has wrong codec, getting a webm
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:11:41 ID: f970d4 No.8187304
We literally have tens of thousands of communists organizing and MOVING ABOUT THE NATION IN FORCE.
Said Communists are violent and blocking streets. (if you get caught unarmed and unwilling to protect your own life by a mob of them you
will understand)
We have internet rumors of Weapons being floated to said communist groups.
^^^Then you have this guy posting this response to a vague hint at stopping them.
Everyone wants to be a gangster until its time to do gangster shit.
>He anonits time to do gangster shit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:12:08 ID: 63d238 No.8187309
File: 5e1b87fb955355e .webm (8.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hillary_camraman.webm)

Here's the one with sound
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:13:59 ID: 48586b No.8187338
Really? Because why wait till now to do this?
Unless hillary planned to lose.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:14:23 ID: 6900a0 No.8187345
>lurk moar
That's the point you dummy, everyone on /pol/ forms their own opinion, then shares it with the rest, instead of trying to rely on someone to
explain it to you like all the MSM consumers do (aka masses, sheeple, goyim). It's understandable that you might want to stop getting
used by the media for their agenda, if you haven't figured it out by now.
That is, if you want to have an opinion or see other's point of view properly, first you have to be informed (without bias of course, good luck).
Also, 4gib shit english
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:14:29 ID: a2f810 No.8187348
File: 7ffda021a1406f0 .jpg (71.22 KB, 288x499, 288:499, 7ff.jpg)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:15:15 ID: 917654 No.8187358
anyone got a sitrep on Phoenix?

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:15:58 ID: a82add No.8187369

File: be8345748e6fd41 .png (310.12 KB, 537x538, 537:538, 21242b35916ca9f45d9b36cedc.png)

He really does seem like he's acting. Spooky.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:17:50 ID: f56aac No.8187397
>wants to be a gangster
The fuck are you talking about?
Breaking the law by attacking a transportation companies property is absolutely pointless when it comes to stopping Rothschild/Soros hired
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:18:55 ID: ce3b59 No.8187413
Isn't that the guy who crisis acted at sandy hook?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:19:01 ID: 3b9b44 No.8187416
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:20:13 ID: 3c65f3 No.8187433
File: 240d88759906407 .webm (1.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pol goes outside.webm)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:20:38 ID: 63d238 No.8187438
Have a picture?

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:23:24 ID: ce3b59 No.8187484

File: 5aac2957a4183d5 .jpg (19.62 KB, 635x423, 635:423, parker16n-1-web.jpg)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:23:43 ID: 22feb3 No.8187489
File: a48246568134fd5 .png (61.88 KB, 1157x833, 1157:833, 1465683326959.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:24:22 ID: 2e6344 No.8187506
sound worked for me by the way
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:24:31 ID: cc8f81 No.8187510
Isn't that what we always wanted, a civil war? And we don't even have to die for it, leftists and subhumans will do it for us.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:28:24 ID: 59fe63 No.8187568
oh the irony
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:30:02 ID: 63d238 No.8187599
Nah, this one looks way older.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:30:33 ID: ce3b59 No.8187606
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And here he is with similar voice. Skip to :30.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:32:07 ID: ce3b59 No.8187636
Which one? I'm crappy at judging age.

converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:32:08 ID: f970d4 No.8187637

Hey kid you don't understand about logistics and 4 gen
don't even post back because you don't know what you are even talking about.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:34:41 ID: 63d238 No.8187675
The sandy hook guy looks like he's in his 40s. The cameraman is in his early 30s.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:35:29 ID: b61142 No.8187693
That song is faggy.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:37:36 ID: 95fe36 No.8187727
Rebel Americans beat the British empire, not really scared of a lich Jew.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:40:31 ID: 581c49 No.8187769
File: 19b436f280a870c .png (199.22 KB, 540x585, 12:13, sore thumb.png)

>Rebel Americans beat the British empire, not really scared of a lich Jew.
>rebel Americans
>implying that's not every American shitposting right now
>mfw history is repeating
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:42:09 ID: ed6f91 No.8187794
They sound and look nothing alike.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:43:01 ID: 63d238 No.8187807
File: 287b985865a58d0 .webm (1.11 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Jancito.webm)

But what if he's a vampire?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:45:02 ID: 6b7c9e No.8187852
mmm The hip-hop community, very good. Only rally the bakers and the flute players and you can put on a festival.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:45:25 ID: 2e5af2 No.8187862

File: 406160218d428e7 .gif (1.38 MB, 320x166, 160:83, g6pOL7R.gif)

Its fine. Weve got Trump
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:46:03 ID: 4f110a No.8187874
KEK will make them collapse under their own weight. PRAISE KEK
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:47:40 ID: ef547d No.8187907
Send him to the garlic chamber.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:53:23 ID: f17991 No.8188011
File: ec0e51e8f4abeff .gif (514.23 KB, 500x290, 50:29, happy varg.gif)

We've beaten these faggots bad and they're in a full rout. Nows the time to press the attack with Psyops to finish them before they regroup.
This means Memeage. get inside their channels of communication with these messages.
niggers blame Whites,women in particular, for their privilege. make it threatening.
spics blame niggers for voting the illegal angle. (lot of natural tension there)
homos blame niggers and spics for the sodomite christianity angle.
kikes blame the lot of em for being to stupid to vote (deep down all races resent kikes)
and the rest of em blame the kikes for the israel fuck the muslims agenda.
If these candyasses want to engage in a circular firing squad we're gonna provide em with all the ammo they need. when they get sick of
each other they will look to the White Man, Rich Powerful and Attractive, and in our magnanimity we will let them all back onto the
plantation so long as they obey.
This is our job for the next four years, Starting Now.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:57:31 ID: ef0651 No.8188074
the best part about this one is that all of the supposed black inventions the nigger lists were invented by white people. Trevor says he will
have to Google them because he is skeptical that blacks really invented them.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:58:02 ID: 63d238 No.8188081
We haven't yet reached consensus on it. It's not clear if we would want to contain it or turn it into a bloody purge.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:58:28 ID: 9af6d1 No.8188086
But that's the reason vampires hate the Crusifix/cross. They are an ancient antisemitic meme about weird,
>rapist outsider scum
>who can't see themselves from mirrors
>who can't stand the daylight
>who can only enter your home if you let them
>view humans as cattle,
>suck blood,
>make thralls of the best go- humans
>are dead inside
>are greedy to the point where they must count every single grain if they fall on the floor (the taxes of their time were paid in grain)
The fact that all these were flimsily associated with Vlad of Tepes tells me that he wasn't only good at removing kebab, and the true
nationality of the 'German merchants' he was fighting against

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 22:58:33 ID: b6b489 No.8188087

dubs confirm, divide and conquer is the way to go
find fracture points and exploit them
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:00:22 ID: b6b489 No.8188115
haha fuck off, when has /pol/ ever not wanted chaos
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:00:58 ID: 48586b No.8188126
> hillary purchases guns from the same people she condemned
> the same people that benefitted from soros' meddling in Ukraine
She is so fucking stupid it's unbelievable. Soros is throwing her under the bus.
I bet she won't even check if the weopons aren't broken.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:02:28 ID: 42a5e0 No.8188148
She's not stupid, she's evil.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:02:40 ID: 4f110a No.8188153
Can somebody make a ron paul "You listened" but it still has nukes?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:03:05 ID: 42a5e0 No.8188158
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:04:07 ID: 63d238 No.8188174
When there is a chance that we won't be the ones riding the chaos.
We observe for a bit more.
If a liberal celebrity leadership starts emerging, then it's Arab Spring and, then we know they won't to hijack the country and change the
political system to another puppet direct democracy.
We must thread carefully and gather strategic information.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:04:33 ID: 3c61d4 No.8188181
File: a76850f02306b74 .gif (35.43 KB, 550x259, 550:259, 5d8fe0a8c54d675c2fefc3de73.gif)

Bring it on, nigger. Bring it the fuck on.

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:05:45 ID: 581c49 No.8188205
File: 49677b387246ba2 .png (197.71 KB, 400x533, 400:533, 1450082739398.png)

>all of this comes out
>when commieforina is asking to break away from the US


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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:06:07 ID: 17f5e8 No.8188210

File: 248fb7a88d39bee .jpg (7.44 KB, 212x238, 106:119, images__3_.jpg)

>filibuster nominees
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:06:46 ID: d867fd No.8188223
She probably instigated a contingency plan for her own protection. As soon as the button is pressed to arrest her, that's likely to be when
the shit starts.
Libs starting to bunker is never a good sign, the second that higher ups stop communicating with the activist wimp faction is when they're
putting their energies into recruiting commissars.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:07:11 ID: 4f110a No.8188236
Soros is the Prince of Freaking Darkness
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:09:06 ID: 581c49 No.8188263
File: 7de7be30e75babd .jpg (486.83 KB, 800x1029, 800:1029, samuraishowdown2cover.jpg)

More like duke of darkness. That kike shitter is just the midboss of this entire mess.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:10:16 ID: 42a5e0 No.8188275
If Georgy is the mid-boss, just who is the fucking final boss?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:11:31 ID: 3fc950 No.8188293
File: 66cb16bd9ad0ec7 .png (254.26 KB, 800x478, 400:239, soroslosers.png)

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:11:39 ID: 581c49 No.8188295

Rothchilds and the remaining Majews

converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:11:41 ID: 63d238 No.8188296

Jacob Rothschild.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:12:07 ID: a2adc4 No.8188304
These modern leftie protests always make me laugh
>niggers concentrated in big cities
>always solid blue where they are
>start protesting and burning down their own towns
>kill people blue pilled enough to live in close proximity to nogs
>already disarmed themselves and voted so it's much harder for them to get guns
>declare war on the parts of the country that hate niggers and are fully armed
>police sides against aggressors
>chant "no to racism" while specifically targeting and blaming whites
I really hope the casualties are at a maximum for these faggots.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:16:19 ID: 161750 No.8188362
File: 3f66741e93886dd .png (231.91 KB, 323x454, 323:454, 9a6.png)

>wake up in glorious Trumpenreich

>Sorcha Faal disinformation is fucking stickied


Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:17:27 ID: 0ee54f No.8188374
Excuse the interruption, but I just found out about dcleaks. com
Are these legitimate? There is a huge section on George Soros.
http://soros.dc leaks.com/
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:18:05 ID: 42a5e0 No.8188382
How can I help destroy him if I'm a white post-spaniard colonization by cross-n'-swrod argentine?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:18:39 ID: e1fc84 No.8188390
I tried to get people to pay attention to that Scott Foval Twitter account, but tons of people were telling me it was a parody account.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:18:53 ID: 1c3f35 No.8188399
Scott foval is in the OP. Was that his twitter account or was it one for criticising him? He's one of hillaries ex goons right?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:20:56 ID: 581c49 No.8188428
File: ad03f8a7499d0d0 .jpg (51.75 KB, 580x402, 290:201, f7ddfe638489e890a4efb94208.jpg)

Really? If you absolutely want to help then all I can say is shitpost subtly in public. The seed of doubt is very powerful.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:23:17 ID: d8698b No.8188458

Real Scott Foval was @ScottFoval
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:26:01 ID: 4ea9bd No.8188502
this happening now?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:26:42 ID: e1fc84 No.8188513
Yeah, and @Scott_Foval was created in August 2016, two months before the first Project Veritas video was released. And now that second
Twitter account is banned for accurately reporting that these protests are fake.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:27:26 ID: 0ee54f No.8188522
YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can anybody speak for this video's accuracy?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:27:54 ID: e1fc84 No.8188531
That's pretty explosive news. It sounds like the jews are really going all in with civil war.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:33:25 ID: 63d238 No.8188615
Wait, what? He caught the Rothschild just walking down the street all by himself? What the fuck?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:35:17 ID: 42a5e0 No.8188638
I do this on a daily basis. In my middle school they called me the Nazi because I tried to convince them that big yids are in control of the
banking system and the media, hiding behind the Holocaust lie like if it was a huge, thick, tall wall. A history professor of mine even tried to
take us into the Holocaust Memorial Museum of Argentina because of my antisemitism
What else can I do besides shouting "Isn't it strange that the ones in control of the world are mostly jews, being the jews the smallest
minority everywhere? How can they control nearly all of the corporations and foundations that are targeted as capitalist, liberal, communist,
left-wing, right-wing, imperialist, ultracapitalist, etc.?" at 120dB?
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:35:52 ID: b41bb6 No.8188648
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:36:39 ID: 78cb1f No.8188660
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:38:02 ID: 3b9b44 No.8188683

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:39:51 ID: fd5460 No.8188715

File: 535bea10b183f61 .jpg (118.37 KB, 500x453, 500:453, thor.jpg)

This is the ultimate Redpill.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:40:11 ID: e92c08 No.8188719
File: 34e88207c98b8a6 .jpg (34.52 KB, 640x426,
File: bd277d13fd9647f .jpeg (87.99 KB, 962x616,
320:213, 2fec6f97f3.jpg)

481:308, WH_1.jpeg)

Obama admin 11/10 morning

>When there is a chance that we won't be the ones riding the chaos.
>We observe for a bit more.
>If a liberal celebrity leadership starts emerging, then it's Arab Spring and, then we know they won't to hijack the country and change the
political system to another puppet direct democracy.
>We must thread carefully and gather strategic information.
This. We are in no hurry
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:40:58 ID: 161750 No.8188732
File: cc70bef51be8e41 .jpg (28.03 KB, 448x545, 448:545, 1423077635486.jpg)



Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:41:50 ID: 4d59bc No.8188747
>not just going to irc to ask

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:42:33 ID: b7b4fb No.8188759

This is the big one. One thing I will ALWAYS remember is that a predictor named Baba Vanga said that Obama will be the last president of
the USA. Just letting you know that she had already correctly predicted that Obama would be the 44th president of America.
This may be it. This may be the event which sets in motion the destruction of the USA. Obama may do this, and stay in power indefinitely.
Get ready guys. This may be truly be it.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:42:45 ID: d0795d No.8188764
Isn't this just a forum for conspiritards to gather on? I don't think they actually push out news.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:44:44 ID: 63d238 No.8188797
Obama is technically the 43rd, because 1 guy served 2 terms. Trump is the 44th.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:44:49 ID: 161750 No.8188798
I tend to group sites like ATS and GLP into the same category as the rest of those because they're the ones who circulate these BS fake
stories before they make their way here.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:45:41 ID: 03b647 No.8188811
You don't fucking belong here.
Go back to reddit.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:45:49 ID: d0795d No.8188813
GLP makes ATS seem like the New York Times. GLP just reaches an entirely new level of insanity.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:45:50 ID: e1fc84 No.8188814
The future is not set in stone. It is a set of outcomes with different probabilities. She saw one outcome, the probability of which is unknown.
It may have been a likely outcome, or unlikely.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:46:36 ID: 63d238 No.8188825
These sites have actually posted more legit information in the last year than FOX, CNN or MSNBC.
And Alex Jones is now professional journalism-tier. Welcome to the opposite timeline.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:47:05 ID: d0795d No.8188830
No newfriend, it is you who must go. We don't discuss lizard people here, we operate within a basis of reality.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:48:14 ID: d0795d No.8188839
>And Alex Jones is now professional journalism-tier.
That's actually true, the rest of the media has given up on investigative journalism. I will at least give Alex credit for hiring news crews and
trying to break stories.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:49:13 ID: bf887a No.8188853
I'd hate for hillary to get "thrown out the window" and eaten by "stray dogs".
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:50:00 ID: bf887a No.8188864
One of these things is not like the others.
I see you shill.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:50:17 ID: 231923 No.8188870
I'm proud to say Dr Steel was my first redpill. Shame they got to him.

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:51:14 ID: 161750 No.8188876

File: 4422972475bc742 .jpg (17.33 KB, 246x250, 123:125, 1352833212031.jpg)

Oh yeah that Ohio ballot box warehouse story was TOTALLY legit information. Not giving any credence to FOX, CNN, or MSNBC, though.
All I'm saying is:

Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:52:09 ID: 0050d9 No.8188886
theres no way libs fight.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:54:03 ID: 03b647 No.8188902
>all conspiracy theories are David Ick lizard people
If you don't know how to differentiate that shit from
Operation Northwoods
Operation Mockingbird
The Iran-Contra affair
CIA cocaine trafficking
Operation Gladio
Gulf of Tonkin
The Church committee
Bohemian Grove
And so on and so fourth, then it is you who should gtfo.
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:54:38 ID: 7c63d7 No.8188919
File: 2b2723c92b52385 .png (47.01 KB, 132x171, 44:57, lel.png)

>dat anal face tho

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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:54:58 ID: cc2f4e No.8188923

File: c2d37b5b3902f51 .jpg (870.5 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, THE PROPHETIC JUDGMENT OF .jpg)


I will punish him Myself! Started wars, led insurrections, started fights among world leaders, destroyed their currencies. I will destroy him
Myself, destroyer of many. He will burn in the pit of Hell forever! Repent George Soros! The LORD has spoken.
He has not much long to live. I will destroy his money supply, and destroy him Myself! I have spoken.
George Soros, you have not long to live. Repent while you have the time. I have spoken.
The wrath of God burns hot against this man. I will punish him forever! He must be punished forever in the pit of Hell. I have spoken.
Destroyer of many, you will be punished forever! Led insurrections, started fights, I will punish you forever! The LORD has spoken.
And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and
hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they
have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:8-10 King James Version (KJV)
Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:57:34 ID: cc2f4e No.8188954
File: 1e1e5852f19de33 .jpg (95.06 KB, 1366x768,
File: 8db4b822d7bab74 .jpg (172.49 KB, 1200x840,
683:384, Evil Soros.jpg)

10:7, Soros Payroll.jpg)

File: 27a98aaa4732e13 .jpg (106.03 KB, 1024x640,

8:5, Soros is the devils boss.jpg)



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Anonymous 11/10/16 (Thu) 23:57:41 ID: e1fc84 No.8188955

They can get spics and nigs to riot in their own communities probably. Not sure how they plan to translate that into a revolutionary war that
overthrows Trump.

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