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Education 316
There were four objectives for this
lesson and three WV CSOs. For my
very first lesson, the objectives
were well aligned with the CSOs
and NCSS standards.

Differentiated Instruction

Looking back, my instruction could

have been more differentiated.
While my lesson had both audio
and visual application for sensory,
it lacked in differentiation for
motivation behavioral differences,
and ability differences. I didnt
know most of the students well
enough to address that sort of
differentiation, but knowing my
students is one aspect Ive put far
more effort into since then.


The procedures for this lesson were

lacking in retrospect. I could have
better planned step-by-step for the
opening of class, checking prior
knowledge, and providing
instruction for that day and closing
I ran out of time on this lesson. I
didnt realize how long it would
take my students to write their
notes. Note-taking is skill that
should be worked on over time and
it was a misconception on my part
that my students had sufficient
practice with notetaking. There was
also the Pledge of Allegiance and
morning announcements that took
place in that class period I had not
accounted for so my I lost the
opportunity to summarize the days
material for the students at the end
of class.


Education 426
There were three objectives for this
lesson and seven WV CSOs. The
reason there were so many CSOs in
this lesson is that it also included a
Kahoot! game that covered the two
lesson prior to this one in
preparation for the students
assessment the following day. I put
more thought into the NCSS
standards for this lesson then I did
in my 316 lesson.
Differentiated instruction for this
lesson was better than in 316. I
provided both audio and visual
information, I addressed
motivational and behavioral issues
by providing note taking,
interactive games, and
opportunities for students to work
in pairs. During the game, students
were encouraged to call out
answers and explain their reasoning
for the answers they chose. I also
used a microphone for this class
because there was a student who
had a hearing impairment.
The procedures for my last 426
lesson were more specific and
easier for me to follow. While
planning this lesson, I found that
planning my procedures came
easier for me than what it did in my
first 316 lesson.
This entire placement was riddled
with schedule changes, assemblies,
school plays that better than half
the class was out for, technical
issues, and active shooter drills.
Every day I was supposed to teach,
there was something major
happening. It was the best thing that
could have happened because I
learned to adjust and managed to
still be effective in the classroom.
Any data-based decision making on
this portfolio is from this placement
and my students surprised me in
how well they did. Honestly, I was
not feeling confident in the
classroom, but that all changed
after examining the assessment