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First Step Program (Std V)

Preparatory Program Ganit Pravinya

Year 2014 Test Paper

Solve the following problems with Proper

Procedure and Explanation.

Doubt Sessions: Mon to Sat5pm-8 pm

a) A number was multiplied by 52 instead of
25 the result was 324 more than the actual
value. Find the number.
b) Fifty - sixth multiple of 9 was subtracted
from the fifty-seventh multiple of 9. What
multiple of 15 is ten times the remainder ?
c) In a hostel the expenses for 50 students
for 3 days is Rs. 6000. Find the expenses of
one student for the month Feb. 201 4.
a) If the cost of one quintal of sugar is Rs.
200, then find the cost of 40 kg.
b) If x = 5.5555 - 5. 555 + 5.55 + 5.5 -5 then
c) In the given figure, ABCD is a rectangle.
How many right angles are there? Find their

a) Write the following number using words.
Fifty crore five lakh and five hundred.
b) If a train crosses a pole in 8 seconds and
crosses the platform of length 264 m in 20
seconds, then find the length of the train .
c) An express train travelled at an average
speed of 100km/hour stopping for 3 minutes
10 seconds after every 75 km. How long did
it take to reach its destination 600 km from
the starting point?
a) A sum of Rs. 2,72,727 was distributed
equally among 9 people. How much amount
did each get?
b) Find the smallest number if divided by 72
leaves the remainder 71 and if divided by 8 1
leaves the remainder 80 ?
c) Neev has to go to a place which is 50.47
km away from his village. He went on a bicy1

cle a distance of 16.25 km then he took a

5912 Hecto m = km =.deci. m

S.T. bus for a further journey of 32.5 km.


then he covered the remaining distance on


foot . How much distance did he go on foot ?

at 5.30 in the morning. It stops at two stops

If a bus starts from Pune to Aurangabad

30 minutes each and reaches Aurangabad at
1 1.30 am. Find the distance between Pune
and Aurangabad.


Children were fallen in equal rows for

mass drill. In each row, the middle children

had serial numbers 22 and 23. There were
ten such rows. Find how many children were


present for the mass drill?

a) The length of two pieces of a string is 40

b) How many angles are there in the figure ?

m and 20 m respectively. If both the wires

Write their names. Out of these, which are

used together to prepare a square then what

acute angles and obtuse angles ?

is the length of side of the square.

b) An adults quota of a sugar on a ration card
per month is 800 gm and that of a child is
500 gm. For the Ganapati Festival, each
member were given an additional quota of
700 gm of

c) The money with Aman is less than that

with Arsh by Rs. 3 . Arsh has Rs. 5 with him.
Using the letter y, obtain the equation and
find the value of y.

sugar during the month. A family consist 3

adults and 2 children. How much sugar did
the family get during that festival month ?
c)Seven students from a class collected
flowers for a Dasara decoration. One of them

a) If a number less than 15 be subtracted
from 15, the result is 9. Using letter x, obtain
the equation. .

collected 36 flowers, two others 29 each, two

others 23 each and 14 each by remaining
ones. All the flowers were heaped together
and were distributed among them equally.
Write an expression to find how many

flowers each of them got. Simplify it and find

hour hand was between 2 and 3, for how

the solution.

much time did I take rest ?

c) The length and breadth of rectangular

ground are 180 m and 120 m respectively. If

a) If the perimeter of a square is 52 cm, then

it is decided to plant Ashoka trees along the

find the area of the square.

ground at a distance 5 m from each other,

b) Ramrao kept 1/4 of the produce of Jowar

how many trees are required?

in his field for his family. He sold 1/3 of the

produce in his village and the remaining 15


quintal Jowar he sold to a merchant in a

Taluka place what was the total produce of



b) Add. 4/9+4/5

Find the recurring decimal form of


c) The digit in the square at the left is less

than that in the square at right in the number


W by

3. Find the digits with

smallest difference between their place

values. Find the difference between their

c) If the length and breadth of a rectangular

place values. In that case, what is that five

garden are 20 m and 12 m respectively. If

digit number ?

there is a 12 m wide path along all the sides

of the graden from inside, then find the area

of the path.

a) If the length and breadth of the rectangle

are 45 m and 18 m respectively. Find the
area of the rectangle.
b) I went to bed when the hour-hand was
between 1 and 2 and minute hand pointed
towards 9. When I got up after a short nap,
the minute hand pointed towards 4 and the


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