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Wisdom Program (Std VIII)

Preparatory Program Ganit Pravinya

Year 2013 Test Paper
Solve the following problems with Proper Procedure and Explanation.
Do not Erase Construction marks.
Qu 1.

Qu 3.

a) The ratio of the two numbers is 5 : 3 If the

a) Find the ratio of 45 minutes to 2 hours 6 min.

difference between them is 26 find the product of

b) In WABCD, m B = 70AB = BC,AD = DC
Find the measures of

D, BAD and BCD.

b) In AED, m

AED = 90AD = 41, AB = 29, DC =

20 then find area of A( WABCD) .

c) A tank is filled by tap A in 6 hours, by tap B in 3 hours
& emptied by tap C in 4 hours. On day the tank was
empty & all the three taps were opened when the half

1 1 1
2 3 5
c) Simplify
1 1
4 5
Qu. 2
a) Take A,B,C any three collinear points. Take D

tank was filled the' tap was closed. Find how much time
will be required to fill the tank completely.
Qu. 4.
a) Simplify-

0.15 0.049
0.0014 0.105

and E two points such that the line passing

b) Find all possible factors of the Expression

through these points is parallel to the line

x2 +10x - 4y2 + 4y + 24.

passing through the points A,B,C then draw all

c) In the following fig. AB = 16cm, BC = 12cm,

possible lines passing through points A,B,C,D,E.

m B= 900, AC = AD = CD, EF = 5cm. Find area of

How many lines can be drawn through these


pentagon ABCED (

3 = 1.73)

b) Find how much principle has to be invested at

the rate of Rs. 9 p.c.p.a. to get the same interest
and for the same period when the principle Rs.
7650 has to be invested at the rate of 12 p.c.p.a.
to get the interest Rs. 2983.50.
c) Write all possible pairs of numbers whose

Qu 5.

product is 16731 and their G.C.D. is 13.

a) A car covers a distance of 11 km per litre. The

expenditure on petrol for the travelling of 517 km. Rs
3595.50. Then find the expenditure for travelling 1261
km by a car which runs 13 km per litre.

b) Draw a circle with centre P & radius 2.5 cm Draw two

tangents through points Q & S on the circle intersecting

Qu. 8.

at point S such that WPQRS a square.

a) Write down whether the line

c) Find the area at WABCD with the information give

or not parallel against the following statements-


a) Line l & line m do not intersect each other.

AM BD & CN BD , AM = (x +1),
CN (2x+3) & BD = (4x+3)

l and line m are parallel

b) The correspondings formed by a transversal on line

line m are supplementary of each other.

c) Linel & Iine m are complaner with no point in common
d) Alternate angles formed by a transversal on line


line m are equal.

b) Akshat bought 2340 lemons at the rate of Rs.
1.10.each. He paid Rs.96.60 octoroi, Rs.23.40 as


transport & Rs.20 as porterage. He kept 20 lemons for


a) Solve

(49) (343)


his own. At what rate he should sale the remaining

lemons so as to get Rs.537 as profit.


c) Solve

b) Find the fourth root of 279841.

(81) 2 (125) 3 (256) 4



(0.125) (0.16) (0.027)

c) In four consecutive even numbers, the difference of


the product at first two & the product of next two

Qu. 9

numbers is 72. Find out the numbers.

a) Find the product by using formula 64.5 x 55.5

b) The ratio at the ages of Radhika & Disha before 3

Qu. 7

years was 7:2 & the difference in their ages is 10 years.

a) The cost price of a plot purchase by Neev is Rs.

Find their present ages.

15625 & he sold it for Rs. 17500. Find the profit

c) Find the product of (x - 3) and the addition of

percentage in this transaction.

(5x2- 2x + 3) and (2x2- 6).

b) Draw figure according to given instructions

Qu 10.

a) Draw segment LN of 8 cm. .

a) In ABC a = 11cm, b = 61cm & c = 60 cm. Find the

b) Draw perpendicular bisector at seg. LN.

area of ABC by using Heron formula (a,b,c are the

c) Name the point of intersection of perpendicular

sides of ) ,

bisector and seg LN as P.

b) A shopkeeper purchase some black & white T.V sets

d) Take the points K and M with radius 3 cm on both the

sides of perpendicular bisector,

purchesed'at the average rate of Rs. 6100. Find the

e) Draw seg LK, seg KN, seg NM, seg ML and measure
their lengths. f) State the type of WLKNM
c) Find the diameter of a sphere whose volume is
310464 cm3. (Volume of sphere -

at average rate of Rs.5799. out of these 14 T.V. sets are

4 3

number of T.V sets purchased by him.

c) In ABC m

ABC = 90, AB =

8cm, & BC = 6cm.

A incircle has drawn of radius 2 cm &
centre O. Find the area of shaded
portion. ( = 3. 1 4)