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This CONTRACT entered into by and between:
JL DIAMOND STAR INC., a domestic corporation duly organized and existing under and by
virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with office address at South Poblacion,
Maramag, Bukidnon, represented herein by its President MS. JOCELYN T. TAN, hereinafter
referred to as the CLIENT.


and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with office address at 270 Don Alfaro
St. Tetuan Zamboanga City represented by its owner MS. LOURDES C. MORALES,
hereinafter referred to as the AGENCY.

WHEREAS, the AGENCY, being duly licensed and qualified to render security services,
has offered to guard and protect the premises, properties and employees/personnel of CLIENT
located at HARBOR Center II 23rd corner Delgado St, Port Area, Manila.
WHEREAS, CLIENT being in need of such specialized services has agreed to avail of
the services of the AGENCY subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter specified.
NOW , THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and of the
mutual, covenants and stipulations herein below set forth, the parties have agreed, as they do
hereby agree, one with the other as follow:
1. AGENCY shall provide adequate and continuous security and protection of the client
premises and its office, properties (either owned or held in trust for third persons),
including the lives of persons employed or legally doing business therein:
2. The AGENCY warrants that every security guard assigned by it under this contract has
the following qualification:
a. He is at least a high school graduate;
b. He has a good moral character and reputation without criminal or police record;
c. He is physically and mentally fit and not less than 21 or more than 45 years of age; he
has copies of NP and drug tests results.
d. He has been screened and cleared by the NBI, PNP & Barangay Official in his place or
e. He has undergone security training as supported by opening and closing reports of class
room instructions issued by the training centers.
f. He possesses a security guard license.
g. He possesses a copy of his General Knowledge Exam result or any related examination.


The CLIENT reserves the right to reduce or increase the number of guards or replace
all, some or any particular guard upon verbal notice and followed by formal writing of
same as exigency/ies of its operations may require and such reduction, increase or
replacement shall become effective 24 hours after notice thereof is given by the CLIENT
of the AGENCY. Additional guards shall be made available to CLIENT for special
occasions upon sufficient notice thru formal writing to the AGENCY.
4. All security guards assigned by the AGENCY under this contract shall exclusively be its
employees which as their employer, shall comply with the laws related to their
employment, including the SSS, and MEDICARE. AGENCY shall hold the CLIENT free
from any claims of security guards related thereto .The Agency shall upon request of the
CLIENT, certify said security guards are paid regularly.
5. The AGENCY shall maintain effective discipline and full control and supervision over its
security guards assigned under this contract as well as the manner of performance of
their duly. Moreover, the AGENCY binds itself to cause the implementation or
enforcement of any and all written rules, regulations or directives issued by the CLIENT
or his representative. In case of emergency or immediate need for the services of the
security guards, the CLIENT, through any of its authorized ranking official/s may issue
direct orders for compliance by the security guards
6. The AGENCY hereby assumes full responsibility for the loss of properties of the client
where the guards is posted by way of thievery, pilferage, damage, robbery and
vandalism and other unlawful acts, provided however, that the loss has been attribute to
the fault or negligence of the guards as can be determined and established by a factual,
credible and legitimate incident report surrounding the alleged losses of items/goods or
materials. This incident report surrounding the alleged losses of items/goods or
materials. This incident report shall be collaborated by the result and recommendation
on the formal written police investigation report and indorsed by the client, or his
represented to the president of the agency.
All circumstances surrounding the losses/ disappearance of the items/ property of the
client which are inherently due to overt acts shall be the liability of the guards. Examples
of overt acts are as follows: The client representative(s) or employees called the
attention of the guard(s) to apprehend to thieves or shoplifters(s) but the guard(s) failed
to arrest/apprehend the suspect(s); all proofs of force entry such as bolt cutting,
destruction of doors, cutting of fences, walls of the stores, bodega, warehouse or
building whereby the thieves gained entries to take out items/properties of the client
whereby the guards(s) failed to neutralize, apprehend and arrest the suspect(s).
All circumstances surrounding the losses/ disappearances of the items/property of the
client which are inherently due to covert acts shall be the liability of the direct custodian
of same. Examples of covert acts are as follows: Items or property of the client which are
reportedly lost or disappeared without creditable narrative reports of the disappearance
of goods or items which are declared lost but there is no evidence that same have been
especially entrusted to the guards, all forms of mysterious disappearances of items or
goods which is self-declared by the person or officer who has the sole knowledge of
such items or goods where they are stored/kept/displayed.

The AGENCY shall not however be answerable for any loss sustained by any employee
or officer of CLIENT placed in places where the guards have no contract or access to.
Losses due to fortuitous events, to include foreseen events but inevitable, and acts of
God shall not be the responsibility of the guards and the AGENCY shall not be held
answerable for losses of jewelries and personal belongings of the personnel and visitors
not held in trust to the security guards. Lost or damage properties for which the
AGENCY is liable shall be evidenced by the inventory of properties maintained by the
property custodian or section head, the person primary accountable for such item(s), a
copy whereof shall be furnished to the AGENCY for reference. The AGENCY shall not
be liable for the loss of properties of the client that has/have no proper inventory
confirmed and/or indorsed to the AGENCY. Provided further that the Client will report to
the AGENCY such as loss/es within 24 hours from the discovery thereof by the CLIENT
or the latters representative and appropriate claims by written notice is made by the
7. And in consideration of the security services rendered by the AGENCY, it shall be paid
by the CLIENT the amount of ________________________________per month per
guard for twelve (12) hours daily duty inclusive of 20 minutes lunch break, inclusive of 20
minutes lunch break, inclusive of VAT, payable within Seven (7) days from receipt of bimonthly billing covering the periods 1st to 15th and 16th to the end of the month.
Moreover, the above stated amount is subject to two percent (2%) deduction for
withholding tax of creditable income. In connection therewith, the AGENCY is required to
submit to the client the breakdown of said amount for proper computation.
8. For effective implementation on this Contract the Security Service shall be governed by
the following guidelines:
a. CLIENT serviced by the AGENCY shall be consulted on a security matters and
the duly designated CLIENTS Security officer or HRD officer or admin officer
shall recommend measures to improve security service in coordination with the
AGENCY. The recommendation shall be in formal writing in case of increase of
number of the guards. If otherwise or emergency, it can be verbal notice thru
telephone call addressed to the operations officer of the AGENCY.
b. Any request of the CLIENT for replacement, hiring, posting, etc. of security
guards shall be acted upon immediately.
c. Whenever necessary or at the end of every quarter, there shall be a constant
dialogue between the AGENCY and the CLIENT to thresh out any problems on
security matters as well as to recommend measures to improve security services.
d. AGENCY shall provide client with the copies of the Bio-data of the guards
assigned to CLIENT.
e. This Contract shall have the force and effect for the ONE YEAR starting from
__________ to ________. The CLIENT may terminate contract for the following


1. Failure of the AGENCY to provide quality and skilled security personnel;

2. The AGENCY surrenders or transfers control of the operation of their business
without the prior written consent of the CLIENT;
3. The AGENCY is adjudicated bankrupt, becomes insolvent, commits any
affirmative act of insolvency or files any action or petition for insolvency.
4. The AGENCY otherwise fails to comply with the terms and conditions stated in
this Agreement, whether or not such failures to comply are corrected after notice thereof
is delivered to the CLIENTS.
The CLIENT or AGENCY reserves the right to terminate this contract even upon notice in the
event of any breach of the stipulations thereof by any of the parties. In the absence of either
notice of termination or renewal of this contract upon its expiration, the same shall be deemed
ipso-facto renewed until notice of termination is served to either party upon the expiry date of
this contract.
In the event of any breach of the stipulations under this contract, the matter shall be
coursed through formal writing addressed to the person representing the agency/client.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures on the
_____day of _________, __________.









CITY OF ______________________) S.S.

_____________________________, Philippines, on this ___ day of ______________
2014, personally appeared

POSTAL ID NO: 2242170

POSTAL ID NO:________

Known to me to be the same person who executed the foregoing

instrument and has acknowledged to me that the same is her voluntary act
and deed in the capacity in which she appeared.
This instrument refers to a SECURITY SERVICE CONTRACT and consists
of five (5) pages including this page on which this acknowledgment is written
and signed by the parties and their instrumental witnesses.
WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL at the place and on the date first
above written.
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