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Maria Angela H.

Singapore Scholarships for SY 2010-2011

The only constant thing in the world is change. As we live our lives, we experience many
different things, unique from each other, and that may teach us lifes lessons and be better

When I experience change, I honestly feel scared. I am scared for I am not used to new
things, and for if I wont be able to adjust to them, my lifes going to be a total misery.
Thats what I had thought before I paced my own steps to this school very far from my
home. I was having this tension inside me because all of the students seem to know each
other except for me, and for that, I thought I would be somehow on my own already.

But then, things changed when I got to know these people. Like me, some students were
also afraid of socializing with other people because they, too, dont know anyone. Thats
when some of the tension inside me lessened, but as soon as the first day of classes

Just when I thought I would be lowest student among my highly intellectual classmates, I
was surprised to know that I topped the whole class. It was a moment of glorious victory
for me, and that made me feel very happy. Maybe that was because the more I
underestimate and degrade myself, the more I get to persevere to get my goals. Ironic as
it may sounds, but in my case, it was already tested.

It really is hard for me to start another chapter in my life-that is, being a high school
student- without my mom beside me. She has been working in another country as a nurse,
and she has to sacrifice not seeing us to help my dad sustain our daily needs. My mom
has always been with me all my life- through the successes and failures, through tough
times and as well as ordinary happy moments of my life, she never left me. Now that she
is far from my side, I cant help but feel sadness every time something makes me think of
her. Especially now that I topped my class for my first year in high school, I could not
express how happy I am for that only person whom I share with these things is miles
away from me.

It may sound odd, but then I realized that may be my mom has been with me all the
while, whenever I get to face lifes challenges. When I was in grade 4, the year when my
mom had left for work abroad, I made it to the 3rd spot of the honor roll. In grade 5, a year
after my mom had left; I got the number 2 spot. And finally, in grade 6, I graduated as the
valedictorian of my class. Those victories may be so hard to achieve, but then, maybe
inspiration did its job of motivating me to do whatever I need for my own satisfaction.

I thought my whole life would crash down the moment my mom rode the airplane and
left us here in the Philippines. It was a moment of mourning, depression, and anxiety for
the whole family is not used to having one of its members being gone. And the thought
that she will be back after a year makes me want to mourn more.
This is my life now in Makati Science High School. And as I graduate, I shall forever
cherish the sweet as well as the not-so-sweet memories I once had here.