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NAME: Clayton Roberson

Lesson Title:

Americas beautiful destinations

Grade Level:

5th Grade


Social Science

Description of Learning Goals, Standards, Objectives


National Technology
Long-Term Learning
Goal or Outcome:

SS5H9 the student will locate important places in the United

a) Locate important physical features; include the Grand
Canyon, Salton Sea, Great Salt Lake, and Mojave
b) Locate important man-made places; include the
Chisholm Trail; Pittsburgh, PA; Gettysburg, PA; Kitty
Hawk, NC; Pearl Harbor, HI; Montgomery, AL.
Knowledge Constructor: d) build knowledge by actively exploring realworld issues and problems, developing ideas and theories and pursuing
answers and solutions.
The students should be able to describe the places listed within the
lesson plan and locate them on a national map.

ABCD Objectives or

A- The students attending this class must meet the standards of

each class period.
B- The student must be able to describe each location and can
find the city on a map.
C- The students will use GoogleEarth to locate each city and view
their different physical characteristics.
D- The teacher will observe each student to determine if they can
locate each city on a map. A student will fail the assignment if
they cannot locate 4 or more cities. If the students can locate 7
of the 10 cities, then the student will pass.

Description of Assessment
Assessment Plan:

Each student must be able to locate 7 of the 10 cities to receive a

passing grade. The teacher will observe each student locating the cities
using the google earth app. The students will have 2 chances to find
each city. If the student makes 3 mistakes trying to locate the city, then
they will lose credit for that city.

Description of Activities with Technology and Materials

Activity Design:

The students will use a computer to locate each

of the 10 cities.

Class starter and lesson connection:

What are some of the United States important

land marks and cities, and how can we find

Teacher and student activities:

The teacher will present the information to the

students and describe what makes the important
and how the students will be able to find them.
The student will then practice locating each
location using google earth. Towards the end of

class, the teacher will go to each student and test

their ability in finding each location.

Technology Connection:

Using google earth will be a great way for the

students to see and explore each city that is
being learned.

Reflection on Lesson Design

Future Actions:

The students use critical thinking when they are

independently using the map to locate each city
and by exploring their distinctive differences.
In the future, I will look to find different ways to
teach and test the students on the learning
materials. I would also like to spend more time
explaining how the geography, economy, and
people of the cities changed over time.