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au TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010 NEWS 3

Space invader on target for Australia after 4 billion-kilometre trip

Deborah Smith metres long, has had to overcome pinpoint its landing position that revealed it was a pile of

It arrived at the fuel leakages, malfunctioning
engines, and repeated loss of
during its final descent, so the
capsule can be recovered and
loosely packed rubble.
A small robot was to have June 5 Aimed at Today Sunday
ITS arrival will be a triumph of
ingenuity and perseverance over
asteroid in communication with Earth.
What has been achieved in
returned to Japan, where its
contents will be analysed by
hopped across the surface of the
asteroid, but its release was flawed
Woomera. 3.5 million 2 million 3 hours to re-entry. Release of capsule.
kilometres to Earth. kilometres 40,000 kilometres to Earth.
Crippled, out of fuel, and three
November 2005. getting this spacecraft back is
nothing short of remarkable,
researchers including Professor
Trevor Ireland of the Australian
and it drifted off into space.
Although Hayabusa touched
to Earth.
Parachute deployed
years late, the first spacecraft to Mr Nagle said. National University. down on the asteroid twice, a 10 kilometres from
land on an asteroid and return to contain any soil from the The CSIRO-managed NASA A year into its journey, system to fire a metal ball to kick touchdown
Earth is about to touch down in asteroid as hoped, its landing tracking station has been Hayabusa swung by the Earth, up soil for collection did not work
the Australian outback. about 11.30pm would be a great following Hayabusa since its using its gravity to accelerate and it is unclear whether any
The unmanned Japanese achievement and tribute to the launch in May 2003. towards the asteroid, a lump of material was obtained. The space-
probe, Hayabusa, or Falcon, is tenaciousness of the Japanese When it gets close to Woomera debris left over from the birth of crafts chemical fuel leaked out,
set to release its cargo capsule space agency, said Glen Nagle, the 500-kilogram spacecraft will the planets 4.5 billion years ago. and three of its four electronic ion
over the Woomera Prohibited the spokesman for the Canberra be moving so fast it will have to It arrived at the asteroid, propulsion engines broke down.
Area in South Australia on Deep Space Communication be tracked from California. about 300 million kilometres But the Japanese team was able
Sunday night, at the end of a Complex at Tidbinbilla. A Japanese and NASA team in from Earth, in November 2005 to combine the parts on the crip- Beacon activated
4 billion-kilometre journey. The seven-year mission to a chase aeroplane with thermal and took photographs and pled craft that still worked to bring for ground and
Even if the capsule did not Itokawa, a small asteroid just 540 imaging equipment will help remote sensing measurements it home. Asteroid Itokawa air search

Cancer gene try new
ownership tack in
ethics row
faces legal Jacqueline Maley

THE Catholic Church has joined

challenge the chorus of religious voices

opposing the trial of ethics
classes in schools.
It has organised a petition
arguing that the classes should
Jane Lyons

one of discovery over invention, not be held in competition with
but the issue also involved big- scripture because it means reli-
A LANDMARK court case will ger ethical and philosophical gious children miss out on ethics.
test the legality of an Australian questions about whether you This latest protest, which the
patent for a breast and ovarian could privatise the body. Its a Baptist and Uniting churches
cancer gene owned by an Amer- healthcare rights issue and an have also joined, takes a differ-
ican biotechnology company issue of freedom of research into ent tack to previous objections.
and two international research the fundamental building blocks Whereas the Anglican church
organisations. of our being, Ms Gilsenan said. has argued children absorb ethics
If successful, the action could She said her firms long- through the school curriculum
set a precedent allowing other standing interest in gene patents and do not need the subject to be
gene patents to be challenged had also been galvanised by the taught separately, the Catholics
and strengthen the call by attempt by Genetic Technologies say their children should be able
researchers, doctors and health- in 2008 to enforce its patent rights to take ethics classes too.
care advocacy groups to stop to BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. We would love . . . if the gov-
gene patents. The company had tried to stop ernment thought that ethics
Biotechnology companies, uni- public laboratories from testing were a worthwhile addition to
versities and research institutes for these gene mutations, but the curriculum, to enable Cath-
own the rights to about 16,000 backed down after a public outcry olic kids to have the opportunity
genes worldwide, covering such and government intervention. to attend it, said Jude Hen-
conditions as breast cancer, epi- Genetic Technologies, along nessy, the director of the Confra-
lepsy, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis with the patent co-owners Myri- ternity of Christian Doctrine for
and hemochromatosis. ad Genetics, Centre de Recherce the Wollongong diocese and co-
This is widely viewed as an de Chul in Canada and The Can- ordinator of the campaign.
impediment to medical research cer Institute (Japan), are the
and as making treatments too respondents in this court case.
costly for patients with no
alternative but to use the gene
Ms Gilsenan said although the
victory in March by the Americ-
[The churches] are
test offered by the patent owner.
Researchers also have to often
an Civil Liberties Union against
Myriad Genetics was encour-
demonstrating they
pay large licence fees to proceed
with their work.
aging, that decision would have
limited influence on her case.
Top team ... John Burgess and Adriana Xenides in 1996; inset, a TV
appearance in 2000 after her illness; Xenides strikes a familiar pose in 1996.
are out of touch.
The decision by the law firm About 400 gene patents have David Hill, father
Maurice Blackburn to file the been granted in Australia.
case with the Federal Court today
comes after the New York Federal
Court invalidated the US patent
for the same gene, and as an Aus-
John Stubbs, chief executive
of Cancer Voices, one of two
applicants in the Australian gene
patent court case, said genetic
Burgess mourns Wheel of Fortune co-host It is not fair they should miss
this opportunity. Nor is it fair
their parents should be caught in
a dilemma about whether to send
tralian Senate inquiry prepares to medicine and the development Michael Idato

last week with a stomach illness. tune and never had a blue, never difficult chapter has closed, and by the public. People knew her them to formation in their faith
release its report on gene patents. of targeted treatment was the She died just before 5 oclock yes- had an argument, in all that tomorrow is a blank page. as a model and a game show tradition or to choose ethics.
Rebecca Gilsenan, of Maurice next leap forward in healthcare. THE game show hostess Adriana terday from a ruptured intestine. time, which is remarkable for the Xenides was born in Buenos hostess, but she was well edu- Religious groups fiercely
Blackburn, said the legality of This made it imperative that all Xenides was a rare jewel in televi- Her family were at her bedside business were in. Aires in 1956 and emigrated to cated, came from a great family oppose the trial of secular ethics
gene patents had never been gene information remained in sion who would be remembered and Burgess had visited her earli- In the mid-1990s, at the height Australia in her teens, spending and spoke five languages, he classes in 10 primary schools
challenged in Australia. IP Aus- the public domain. for her generosity towards oth- er in the day and spent some time of her fame, Xenides endured a most of her working life in said. She had such an amazing around the state, held at the
tralia is giving these [patents] As a cancer patient you want ers, her former colleague John talking to her. Im pleased she very public battle with depres- Adelaide, where Wheel of For- insight into life and the world, same time as special religious
out theyre privatising [genes], to feel that you retain ownership, Burgess said last night. went peacefully, he said. sion and suffered a physical tune was filmed. and a great passion for animals. education (SRE).
and have been for quite a few that you retain control over your Adriana had a heart of gold Burgess said Xenides had breakdown. At that time she During her record 18-year run She was also a great humanit- Mr Hennessy said the petition,
years, and its never been clari- treatment, he said. and she couldnt do enough for struggled since leaving the lime- acknowledged the loyalty and on the show, she worked with arian, he said. She didnt get to which has more than 35,000 sig-
fied by anybody, she said. A spokesman for Genetic Tech- people, Burgess said. She light in 1999. She appeared occa- friendship of Burgess. People three hosts, Ernie Sigley, John show that side of herself because natories, was intended to recog-
The first step is for the court nologies, Greg McPherson, said always put other people ahead of sionally on the panel show equated us to an old married Burgess and Tony Barber. of the nature of the beast. nise the important place ethics
to decide whether that practice the company had always oper- herself. Weve lost a good person. Beauty and the Beast and on Cel- couple because thats how we Her former publicist and Xenides is survived by several plays in state schools.
is legal. ated within the legal and patent Xenides, 54, the co-host of the ebrity Big Brother in 2002. behaved, I guess, she said. friend for more than two dec- cousins, an aunt in Adelaide and It simply asks that if ethics
She said the central legal argu- framework. Should the rules long-running game show Wheel He described her as a true pro- When she returned to the then ades, Michael Shephard, yester- family in Spain and Argentina. classes are regarded as a valuable
ment against the patent for change, the company will operate of Fortune for 18 years, was fessional. We worked for 12 top-rating TV game show after a day acknowledged a side of Funeral details have not yet been addition, they be run at a time
BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 was a simple within the new rules, he said. admitted to Liverpool Hospital years together on Wheel of For- seven-month break, she said: A Xenides, which was rarely seen announced. other than during SRE time.
The fresh assault on the ethics
course is countered by a pro-
ethics course website created by
parents in favour of the trial. The
Googles regrets for what it calls a mistake Artists caught between devil and deep blue sea website, Parents4ethics.org was
opened on Sunday. It says par-
Dylan Welch tralia said: This was a mistake many, France and Spain are also ents demand an end to the dis-
and Ari Sharp

for which we are profoundly investigating Googles actions. Adam Fulton

nationwide signed a letter of commission change was reason- crimination in the public
sorry. A Google software engineer is support. Ms Linnegar is due to able and necessary to make the education system against chil-
THE financial and personal The federal Communications being investigated by the com- THE stoush between Sculpture meet Mr Handley today. costly show which is free to the dren who opt out of SRE classes.
details of Australians could have Minister, Stephen Conroy, said pany for creating the rogue by the Sea and art galleries over But Mr Handley said yesterday public possible, he said. David Hill is a writer whose son,
been hoovered up by Google yesterday: If ... you were doing a code that collected the data, its altered commission rates has there were only one or two peo- Artists say they have become 9, attends Randwick Primary, one
as they photographed Australian banking transaction or transmit- chief executive, Eric Schmidt, intensified, with a threat that ple driving the issue and that, stuck in the middle, torn of the schools involved in the trial.
streets and the web giant may be ting personal information, they said last week. artists will be lobbied to boycott as far as Sculpture by the Sea between wanting to support His child attends Greek Orthodox
seeking to patent the program could have hoovered it up, sucked However, a class-action law- the exhibition if the change is knew, no artist in the show their galleries and not wanting SRE, but Mr Hill is angry about
they used to do it. it into their machine. suit being lodged in the US does not revised. would think it was reasonable to to miss exhibiting in the annual what he sees as churches inter-
Google is under fire in North The Australian Federal Police not accept that a single engineer The Australian Commercial call for a boycott. show that affords huge exposure ference with parental choice.
America, Europe and Australia are investigating possible brea- was to blame. A document Galleries Association said it was The exhibition had long asked and a prime sales opportunity. They are demonstrating they
after collecting 600GB of data ches of the Telecommunication tendered in that lawsuit states also taking its campaigns to the Making waves ... boycott threat. galleries to take part in a col- Peter Tilley, a Newcastle sculp- are out of touch and out of date,
from unsecured wireless inter- Interceptions Act, while the Pri- that Google not only purpose- exhibitions sponsors. legiate approach to selling tor who has exhibited in it several and its none of their business.
net connections while taking vacy Commissioner is carrying fully created technology to gath- The letter from its president, sion paid to galleries that repres- works but none had taken up the times and accepted this year, The ethics classes are a terrif-
photographs for its map func- out a separate probe into wheth- er wireless data, but is also Randi Linnegar, to the founding ent artists who sell works, the offer, he said. Donors wanted said: I feel were the meat in the ic option for people who want
tion, Street View, in as many as er Google has breached the Pri- seeking to patent that same director of the Bondi-to-Tama- exhibition is undermining the their money to go to the exhibi- sandwich caught between the their kids to be doing something
30 countries. vacy Act. technology. Google has denied rama exhibition, David Handley, nurturing of artists. tion rather than to galleries that two. Were damned if we do and meaningful while others are at
A spokesman for Google Aus- Authorities in Canada, Ger- the claim. says that by halving the commis- Most of its 52 members did not assist with sales. The were damned if we dont. religious lessons.

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