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Welcome to the Gamepad Configuration Tool help file!

If youre experiencing problems with your controller when playing Dex, try the following:

First, in the games Options menu, try switching the Control Method to Keyboard, and then
back to Controller. This could be enough to fix your issue, notably with Xbox controllers.
If this doesnt work, use the Gamepad Config Tool. You can start it by launching Dex directly
from Steam and selecting the config tool, or by launching GamepadConfigTool.exe in
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dex (or equivalent).

When running the tool, follow the process and test it. If you are satisfied, save your settings using the
Esc key. Run Dex and make sure you select the gamepad as your Control Method in the Options
There are also a few known issues:

If your controller doesnt allow you to press both LT and RT together, please remap the Shoot
action to another button in the Options menu.
If the D-pad and Left Stick, or face buttons and Right Stick, duplicates of each other, please
toggle between the Analog/Digital modes of your controller.