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Mdulo 1 Text
While working in the library at a university, I was often
shocked by the excuses students would use to get out of
paying their fees for overdue books. One evening an older
student returned two books that were way overdue and
threw a fit over the outrageous $2 fee that I asked her to
pay. I tried to explain how much she owed for each day, but
she insisted she should be exempt. You don't understand,"
she blurted out. I didn't even read them!

1. O que impressionou a bibliotecria?

a) A aluna afirmar que por ser mais velha merecia atendimento privilegiado.
b) A quantidade de livros que a aluna levou e no leu.
c) A estudante ter pedido mais tempo para terminar a leitura
dos livros.
d) A desculpa que a estudante deu para no ter que pagar a
multa no ato da devoluo do livro.
e) O fato de a estudante estar atrasada em relao devoluo
dos livros.
Resposta: D
2. Which of the following is a false friend?
a) university
b) excuses
c) library
d) fee
e) exempt
Resposta: C

Mdulo 2 Text

3. Em qual seo da revista deve ter sido publicado o texto

acima, e por qu?
a) Cover Story, porque as sinopses comumente compem as
manchetes das revistas.
b) Coming Next Month, em que se anunciam alguns contedos da prxima edio.
c) Nose for Books, onde se encontram breves descries de
novas publicaes.
d) Classified Dog, na qual so encontrados anncios diversos,
inclusive de livros.
e) Dog Details, onde so anunciados novos produtos para
cachorros de estimao.
Resposta: C
4. Segundo o texto, o livro trata de
a) raas ideais para animais de estimao.
b) treinamento para animais de estimao.
c) dicas para criao de cachorros e gatos.
d) obesidade em animais de estimao.
e) tratamento para animais com 25% de sobrepeso.
Resposta: D
5. According to the text,
a) Over 1/4 of domestic animals in the U.S.A. suffer from
b) Steve Duno is one of the seven authors of the book.
c) The book offers data on 25 breeds of dogs and cats.
d) The side effects of obesity include practical animal
e) Advice and solutions to animal weight loss is the subject of
St. Martins Press books.
Resposta: A

Mdulo 3 Grammar Perfect Tenses

Plump pups and fat cats
Author Steve Duno offers a seven-point weight-loss
program for overweight pets in Plump Pups and Fat Cats
(St. Martins Press, $14,95). Duno notes that more than 25
per-cent of Americas dogs and cats are significantly
overweight, and that over time, obesity can cause a host of
health problems, including diabetes, hip and back ailments,
respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and cancer. An
animal behaviorist, Duno offers readers practical advice and
solutions to their pets obesity, including adjustments in
dietary habits, and exercise tailored to each breed.

Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect, Present

Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect form of the verbs. In some
cases, two answers are possible.
had she practiced
6. How long ______________________________
practice) when she entered the competition?

has worked / has been working

7. Mr. Gardner __________________________________
(work) on this article since the beginning of the week.


Have you ever sung

(you sing, ever) in public?



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You dontt have to pay the butcher. I _________________

already paid
(pay, already) him.

Mdulo 5 Proverbs

You want fries with that, we predict

had just set
10. When we left the room, the sun ____________________
(set, just)

has been raining

11. It _______________________
(rain) the whole day. I
wonder when it will stop.

Mdulo 4 Text

There has been yet another outbreak of violence at a
school, this time in Oregon. At least one student is dead and
up to 24 are wounded; it also appears that the suspect killed
two other people at his home before going to the school.
Have school shootings in this country become an
epidemic? What is to blame for this violence?

12. O tema em discusso deve-se ao fato de que:

a) a violncia decorre de problemas na rea da sade que
podem provocar epidemias.
b) houve um tiroteio em Oregon onde 24 pessoas morreram e
muitos ficaram feridos.
c) j aconteceram outros episdios de violncia em escolas,
d) h vrios suspeitos do tiroteio que esto solta e podem
matar pessoas que esto em casa.
e) a violncia dos pais e dos professores provoca reaes
violentas dos alunos.
Resposta: C

13. Segundo o texto, a pessoa suspeita do tiroteio:

a) matou os pais.
b) do sexo masculino.
c) foi morta.
d) j estudou na escola.
e) est passando as frias em Oregon.
Resposta: B


Technology anticipates fast-food

customers orders
PITTSBURGH Do you want fries with that? Never
mind, we already know. A Pittsburgh startup, HyperActive
Technologies Inc., is testing technology at area fast-food
restaurants designed to give kitchen workers a good
indication of what customers want before the hungry souls
even get close enough to place an order.
The system, known as HyperActive Bob, is in place in
several restaurants around Pittsburgh in a primitive form: it
tells employees when they are about to get busy, even how
much food to put on the grill.
The system uses rooftop cameras that monitor traffic
entering a restaurants parking lot and drive-thru. Currently,
the system is all about volume: If a minivan pulls in, theres
apt to be more than one mouth to feed.
By this time next year, HyperActive Technologies
expects to have in place software that keys on the type of
vehicle entering the parking lot to determine whether the
customers they bear are inclined to order, say, a burger over
a chicken sandwich.
As it is, the currently installed technology the
predictive system is only running simulations for now has
wowed some seasoned veterans.
Ive been a manager for 28 years, said Pat Currie, a
manager at a McDonalds in Chippewa Township. Its the
most impressive thing Ive ever seen
Hyper ActiveBob is now at seven area McDonalds, a
Burger King and a Taco Bell.
It was installed at Curries restaurant two years ago.
Since then, waste has been cut in half and wait times at the
drive-thru have been reduced by 25 to 40 seconds per
consumer, Currie said an eternity in the fast-food industry.
14. O texto trata de
a) uma tecnologia capaz de prever o que os clientes de um
restaurante vo pedir antes de eles fazerem seus pedidos.
b) uma tecnologia de controle do volume de vendas estipulado
para as franquias de alguns restaurantes.
c) um sistema de segurana que usa tecnologia para controlar
o estacionamento de restaurantes.
d) um sistema de entrega de restaurantes do tipo delivery
muito dinmico devido ao uso de alta tecnologia.
e) um software de treinamento usado para tornar os
funcionrios de restaurantes mais ativos e eficientes.
Resposta: A

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15. De acordo com o texto, a instalao de HyperActive Bob

em um restaurante causou
a) a reduo metade do tempo do servio de entrega do tipo
b) a reduo do desperdcio metade.
c) a reduo para 25 a 40 segundos do tempo de espera para o
atendimento s mesas.
d) a reduo metade da criminalidade no estacionamento.
e) um aumento nas vendas de hambrgueres e sanduches de
Resposta: B
16. Assinale a alternativa em que o trecho to determine
whether the customers they bear are inclined to order, no 4
pargrafo do texto, restrito de forma adequada e sem prejuzo
de significado.
a) to determine when the customers they bear are inclined to
b) to determine which the customers they bear are inclined to
c) to determine what the customers they bear are inclined to
d) to determine if the customers they bear are inclined to
e) to determine how the customer they bear are inclined to
Resposta: D

Mdulo 6 Grammar:
Conditional Clauses / If Clauses

Mdulo 7 Text
As questes 23 e 24 referem-se manchete da capa da revista
Time, a seguir reproduzida:

23. Na frase Secrets of the New Matrix: Were the FIRST to

see the movie and play the videogame! If we told you
everything, theyd have to kill us, extrada da manchete da
revista Time, os pronomes we e you referem-se, respectivamente, a
a) editores da Time pblico que assistiu estria do filme.
b) diretores do filme The Matrix Reloaded pblico em
c) pblico que assistiu estria do filme pblico em geral.
d) editores da Time leitores da revista Time.
e) pblico que assistiu estria do filme leitores da revista
Resposta: D

Complete the following sentences with the correct tense of the


24. Considere as seguintes asseres:

17. He wont be able to pay his rent unless he _____________
(get) a salary of at least $ 3.000 a month.

Em Were e theyd, re e d so, respectivamente,

contraes de flexes verbais dos verbos ______
e ______
II .
Uma outra forma de expressar a orao If we told you
everything, theyd have to kill us. ______

would be
18. I _______________
(be) very frightened if someone
pointed a gun at me.

A opo que melhor preenche as lacunas I, II e III

19. I wouldnt mind living in London if the weather _________
(be) better.


had bought
20. If they ______________________
(buy) theer tickets in
advance, theyd have gotten better seats.

21. Water boils if you _________________
(heat) it to 100C.

wouldnt have missed

22. If he hadnt overslept, he __________________________
(not miss) the first class.



Theyd kill us, unless we told you

b) are


They had to kill us, unless we told

you everything.




Unless we told you everything, they

would have to kill us.

d) were


Unless we told you everything, they

could kill us.



They wouldnt have to kill us, unless

we told you everything.


Resposta: E


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Mdulo 8 Text

30. _________________
(master) a second language takes
time and patience.
31. I congratulated Ann on ______________
(pass) the exam.
32. The vet put something down the dogs throat to make it
______________ (vomit).

Mdulo 10 Text
O texto abaixo o primeiro refro de uma cano escrita pelo
compositor norte-americano Cole Porter em 1939.

Leia-o e responda questo 33, em portugus.

25. Segundo o texto do cartum, a moa:
a) adora provas de escolha mtipla.
b) prefere fazer a prova mais tarde.
c) quer fazer a prova agora.
d) quer levar a prova para casa.
e) quer optar por no fazer a prova.
Resposta: E


Refrain 1

My father died of cancer in 1963. A cancer cure was just

around the corner [May 18]. My mother died of cancer in
1972. A cancer cure was just around the corner. Today, after
billions of dollars spent on cancer research, the cure is still
just around the corner.
(From Time) (UFRJ)

26. Qual a crtica feita pelo leitor em sua carta revista Time?
Apesar de todo o investimento feito, ainda no se conseguiu
descobrir a cura do cncer.

Katie went to Haiti,

Stopped off for a rest.
Katie met a natie,
Katie was impressed.
After a week in Haiti
She started to go away,
Then Katie met another natie,
So Katie prolonged her stay.
After a month in Haiti
She decided to resume her trip,
But Katie met still another natie
And Katie missed the ship.
So Katie lived in Haiti,
Her life there, it was great,
Cause Katie knew her Haiti
And practically all Haiti knew Katie.
R. Kimball (ed.), The complete lyrics of
Cole Porter. N. York: Da Capo.

Mdulo 9 Grammar Gerund & Infinitive

Complete the sentences by using the gerund or infinitive form
of the verbs.
27. Whats the city strategy for ______________________
(deal) with pollution?

33. Segundo a cano, quantas vezes Katie tentou deixar o

Haiti e o que aconteceu nessas ocasies?
Katie tentou deixar o Haiti duas vezes. Em ambas as ocasies,

to vote
28. Were eighteen, so we are old enough _________

29. Stop ___________________
(tell) me what to do.
Let me ___________________
(make) up my own mind.


ela conheceu um nativo e prolongou sua estada.

34. Traduza o verbo to resume, sublinhado no texto.


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Mdulo 1 Text: Lasagne



1. According to the passage,

a) lasagne is a very traditional English recipe.
b) the English would rather eat pasta than potatoes.
c) a famous English cook introduced the old lasagne in
England in 1930.
d) there are no differences between the lasagne you eat in
England and the lasagne you eat in Italy.
e) the Italians were responsible for introducing tomatoes into
the old lasagne recipe.
2. According to the passage,
a) Jo Cresdee wrote a famous book about traditional English
b) Jo Cresdee failed to prove that lasagne is an Italian recipe.
c) a medieval festival will be held in England this month.
d) the basic English diet does not include potatoes.
e) Jo Cresdee tasted lasagne, for the first time, at a medieval
festival in England.

Think traditional English recipes and you probably

3. In:
Loseyns gradually fell out of favour in England, the
underlined expression is similar in meaning to
a) became unpopular.
b) became famous.
c) became a favourite dish.
d) became an Italian recipe.
e) became popular.

imagine roast beef, steak and kidney pie or spotted dick.


Lasagne is unlikely to feature very highly but the classic

Italian dish actually originated here more than 700 years

recipe = receita

ago, experts believe. Historian Jo Cresdee discovered

kidney pie = torta de rim

loseyns, pronounced lasan, in the first-ever English cook

book, written for Richard II in 1390.

spotted dick = uma comida tradicional inglesa

noodle = massa

The cheese and noodle dish did not include tomatoes

these were added by Italians when they borrowed the
recipe and adapted it. Loseyns gradually fell out of favour

staple diet = dieta bsica

to feature = apresentar

in England as potatoes replaced pasta in the staple diet.

False Friends

Ms. Cresdee said: As pasta returned to these shores,

everyone assumed it was Italian. She carried out her
research for a medieval festival this month at Berkeley
Castle, Gloucestershire, which will feature food from the

actually = de fato, realmente

experts = especialistas

Veja tambm outros false friends

to amass = acumular
to attend = assistir, freqentar


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Mdulo 2 Text: Achieving a Goal

d) an Italian writer who is trying to make a book, showing

photos of famous people as boxers, businessmen etc.
e) a former model who has achieved lasting fame for having
taken off his underwear.
2. The book in the text is
a) something a person must have in case he or she wants to get
a job.
b) a book which tells someones biography in order to make
it easier to hire a new employee.
c) a photo album that shows the same person dressed in
different ways.
d) a telephone book.
e) a book which shows different professions so that everybody
can make up his mind about his career.

oday a typical job application requires me to stand in

my underwear in front of portly Italian designers and

to present them with pictures of myself dressed as a

boxer, a businessman, or in the nude with a headdress of peacock

feathers. A few months ago, I would have laughed at this scene.
But when the first telephone call came, inviting me into the

3. According to the text,

a) he sent his book to Milan in advance in order to have an
opportunity as a model there.
b) hes about to go to Milan at the end of June because he
enjoys watching those beautiful faces strolling around there in
c) he intends to show his latest mens wear collection in
d) hes going to Milan because he is a very established model
and Milan is the number one city concerning the fashion world.
e) hes going to Milan in June because as a wannabe model,
he must make himself known in the fashion world.

world of Kate and Naomi, I responded with little hesitation. I


began to work on my book, as they say. A book, which is a

models most valued possession, is a photo album filled with

underwear = cueca

plastic sleeves and branded with the agencys logo. A new face

portly = corpulento

like me needed to fill those sleeves with photos that showcased

my range of looks.

headdress = enfeite de cabea

peacock feathers = penas de pavo

Making it in Milan

branded = marcado, estampado

The best exposure of all for new faces comes from walking the

to showcase = mostrar

catwalks in Milan. I made plans to go in late June to land a few

catwalks = passarelas

jobs during the showing of the mens wear collections for

spring. A more established model would have sent his book to
several agencies in advance before arriving. But in my case

to land a job = conseguir um emprego

on the spot = no local

there wasnt time, and my book with only six pictures in it

wasnt strong enough. I would have to take my chances on the

False Friends
application = solicitao, pedido

1. The text tells us about

a) a fashion designer who complains about the difficulty of
getting an opportunity.
b) a model who has just started his career.
c) a very famous photographer, used to taking Naomis
pictures and others.


Ateno: outros false friends

collar = coleira, colarinho
commodity = artigo, mercadoria

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Mdulo 3 Grammar: Perfect Tenses

1. Fish were among the earliest forms of life. Fish
.......................... on earth for ages and ages.
a) has existed
b) exist
c) existed
d) have existed
e) had existed
2. Yesterday the Smiths went to the Masp. They
......................... to a museum before.
a) have never been
b) never were
c) had been never
d) never have been
e) had never been
3. May I talk to Mrs. Simmons?. Sorry, but she
a) already left
b) had just left
c) had already left
d) has just left
e) already has left

How many chapters ......................... so far?

did you read
have you been reading
have you read
do you have read
you had read

5. The finance commitee ........................ on its budget for

nearly a month.
a) have worked
b) had been working
c) has been worked
d) had worked
e) has been working

Is it a good book? Yes, its the best book ..................

Ive never read
Ive ever read
Ive been reading already
Id read ever
Ive already reading

7. It was raining hard, but by the time I left my office the rain
......................... .
a) had stopped
b) have stopped
c) stopped
d) has stopped
e) has been stopping
8. He ...................... in a balloon, and he has no intention of
ever doing so.
a) never flew


had never flown

never fly
has never flown
never had flown

9. My niece ..................... nearly 10 cm since I last saw her

two days ago.
a) has grew
b) grew
c) had grown
d) grows
e) has grown

Sally, have you taken some days off? I ............... you lately.
didnt see
havent seen
dont see
hadnt seen
havent been seeing

Mdulo 4 Text: Nutrition

Yogurt, fruit, maybe a little
wheat grasssounds like a
virtuous lunch, right? Dont be
fooled: the average smoothie
has 400 caloriesmore than a
McDonalds. Smoothie King,
with stores in the United States
and South Korea, offers a
Muscle Punch packed with
339 calories. Youre basically
drinking sugar, says nutritionist
Penny Kris-Etherton.
Sure, smoothies are more
healthful than a candy bar, but keep an eye on the serving size:
many drinks weigh in at more than 600 grams. Ask for a smaller
portion, even if it isnt on the menu. Added fruit is great, but
watch out for fruit juices, which often contain sweeteners.
Remember, its not really a meal its a treat. Still hungry? Peel
a banana instead.

1. You may infer from the text that

a) a Super Size Coke at McDonalds has more than 400
b) a banana has more calories than a Super Size Coke at
c) a banana has more calories than Muscle Punch.
d) a candy bar is more healthful than a smoothie.
e) if you intend to go on a diet, youd better avoid large
portions of smoothies.


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2. In the text:
Peel a banana instead, the underlined word is closest in
meaning to
a) however.
b) as an alternative.
c) whatever.
d) likewise.
e) therefore.
3. In: Added fruit is great, but watch out for fruit juices,,
the underlined expression could be translated as
a) tome cuidado.
b) consuma.
c) acrescente.
d) elimine.
e) inclua.

to fool = enganar
to keep an eye on = ficar de olho em
treat = prazer
to peel = descascar

Forget Carnival and the girl from Ipanema. The hot new
attractions for visitors to Rio de Janeiro are the favelas. More
than 1 million people make their homes in 500 or so
shantytowns like Rocinha. Now theyre a curiosity for betterheeled foreigners.
Every week, and some weeks every day, the visitors come
in their cargo pants and Reeboks. Usually they arrive by Jeep
convoy; the cacophony of English, Japanese, German, French,
Italian and even Flemish may be heard echoing in the favelas
twisted streets. Some of the visitors are a little jumpy at first: I
cant believe were doing this! gasps Mary Gorski, who moved
from Texas to Rio seven months ago. Hi, gringos! the children
sing out, hoping for a smile and maybe a coin or two in return.
Shantytowns are nearly as old as Rio, but the favela
excursion is a new business. It was born on a whim in 1999, when
a delegate to the United Nations Conference on the Environment
and Sustainable Development asked his tour guide to take a detour
to the other side of Rio. So we took him through Rocinha,
says tour operator Bela Pinto. The idea became an instant success.
Today Pinto and her husband, Andre Monnerat, command a fleet
of 22 Jeeps and a full-time staff of eight.
For $30 a head, Pintos Jeep Tour agency offers a two-hour
outing in a roofless vehicle, and guides who are fluent in several

False Friends
lunch = almoo
Ateno: outros false friends
defendant = acusado, ru
editor = redator


In: It was born on a whim in 1999, it is related to

the United Nations Conference.
the favela excursion.
a new business, but a costly one.

to enroll = matricular (-se), registrar (-se)

Mdulo 5 Text: Slums

2. Read the following sentences:

I. Carnival and Ipanema are always remembered as the most
important Brazilian attractions.
II. Foreigners who visit the shantytowns always become
aware of Brazilian poverty.
III. Visiting favelas has become a hot business right from the
Now choose the correct alternative(s) according to the text:
a) Only I is correct.
b) Only I and II are correct.
c) Only I and III are correct.
d) Only II is correct.
e) Only III is correct.
3. In: Now theyre a curiosity for better-heeled foreigners,
the underlined expression is similar in meaning to
a) generous.
b) wealthy.
c) odd.
d) curious.
e) witty.


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shantytowns = favelas

6. He wont receive the letter unless she ........... it before noon.

a) will post
b) had posted
c) post
d) would have posted
e) posts

convoy = comboio
twisted streets = ruas tortuosas
jumpy = excitado, preocupado

7. Were I a doctor, I ...................... that you quit smoking.

a) insist
b) had insisted
c) will insist
d) would insist
e) insisted

detour = desvio
fleet = grupo (de carros, avies etc)
outing = passeio, excurso

Double Sense Words

operator =


affluent =
arm =



bachelor = bacharel
balance =


Mdulo 6 Grammar:
Conditional Clauses / If Clauses
1. I wouldnt have gotten wet if I .......................... my
umbrella with me.
a) would take
b) would have taken
c) had taken
d) take
e) took

If she were in trouble, ........................ anything to help her.

Ill do
b) Id do
Id have done
d) I had done
I did

8. They ..................... the game if theyd had a few more

a) would win
b) could win
c) c a n
d) could have won
e) won
9. If I see the boss, ......................... him your message.
a) I give
b) Id give
c) Ill give
d) Id given
e) Id have given

.......................................... bigger, I would certainly buy it.

If the flat was
b) If the flat had been
Was the flat
d) Had been the flat
Were the flat

11. If a customer ......................... into the store, smile and say,

May I help you?
a) will come
b) come
c) came
d) comes
e) were
12. ......................... so much money last year, I would have
bought the car.
a) Hadnt I spent
b) If I didnt spend
c) Didnt I spend
d) If I wouldnt spend
e) If I dont spend

Mdulo 7 Text: An Unhealthy Cookbook

Food The Quickest Way to Your Heart

3. If your father were still alive, Im sure he ........................

proud of you.
a) would be
b) will be
c) is
d) was
e) were
4. If everyone ........................., the results will be better.
a) helps
b) help
c) had helped
d) will help
e) would help
5. I would visit my brother in the States if I ........................ a
two-week holiday.
a) have
b) had had
c) had
d) would have
e) would have had


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Youd think that in a

country where 60 percent
of people are considered
overweight and diets are
all the rage, a cookbook
of artery-clogging recipes
wouldnt find many
buyers. Think again. In
1999, sick of the medias
unhealthy fixation on
dieting, Benjamin Lewis
and Rodrigo Velloso
Dangerously, a cardiac
arrest of a cookbook
stuffed with recipes like
the 22-pound, whiskeyfilled Turkey From Hell.
Americans gobbled up
3,000 copies. (Not bad for a book available mostly online.) With
more than 750,000 unique hits on their Web site
(eatdangerously.com), the pair decided to offer dangerous
menus for every occasion. The boys newest release is aimed
straight at your heart: Valentines Dangerously, which serves up
lamb chops stuffed with gorgonzola and comes with a
recommendation to wash it down with a cigarette so you can
feel it clogging your arteries. (Dont worry though, youve
got tons of arteries, write the duo.) In response to the charge
that fat may be unromantic, the authors argue that a hearty
candlelit meal that forgoes dietary niceties will release untapped
chemicals in the brain, which are bound to be mistaken for love.
Americans might want to consider that this medical advice
comes from two cooks who regard data linking healthy diets to
longevity highly questionable. But they do cook a damn fine

to be overweight = estar acima do peso
to be all the rage = ser muito popular, estar na moda
artery-clogging recipes = receitas que entopem as artrias
stuffed with = recheado de, cheio de
to gobble up = devorar
to aim at = dirigir a
charge = acusao
to forgo = abrir mo de
niceties = guloseimas
to be bound to = estar destinado a

False Friends
available = disponvel
tons = toneladas
data = dados
Ateno: outros exemplos de false friends
notice = aviso
petrol = gasolina



According to the passage,

Americans are not interested in buying cookbooks.
Americans dont care very much about diets.
most Americans are too fat.
the cookbook mentioned didnt find many buyers.
such an American fixation on diets cant be healthy.


The book mentioned in the passage

details a new kind of diet aimed at heart patients.
can be bought at any library.
brings recipes that wont damage your arteries.
analyzes more than 750,000 recipes.
may not be considered healthy.

3. The authors mentioned in the passage

a) are very famous restaurateurs in the United States.
b) strongly believe that healthy diets improve longevity.
c) state that it is less dangerous to your heart to eat fatty foods
than to smoke.
d) are not very much concerned about recipes that clog your
e) wrote the book especially to be sold on Valentines Day.


Mdulo 8 Text: HRT


More Bad News

C1_Tarefa_3a_Ingles_Lu 07/10/11 08:05 Pgina 627

ts been more than a year since a study linked hormonereplacement therapy to a higher risk of cardiovascular
disease and sent millions of women into a panic.
Since then, the treatment has been implicated in breast
cancer and stroke, too. But it still appeals to women desperate
to escape menopausal symptoms. For them, we have one piece
of advice: pick up copies of last weeks Lancet and New
England Journal of Medicine. Both journals add to the evermounting evidence that HRT has more risks than rewards.
The NEJM study, based on the same data as last years
report, suggests that the risk of a heart attack rises 81 percent in
the first year of use and thats for all hormone users, not just
women predisposed to cardiovascular disease. And The Lancets
study shows that progestin-estrogen therapy (like Prempro)
tracks with an increased risk of breast cancer compared with the
risk for women taking estrogen only. Estrogen therapy (like
Premarin), by the way, is linked to uterine cancer.
The conclusion: theres no way to get around the risks.

Responda em portugus:
1. O que levou milhes de mulheres a entrarem em pnico no
ano passado?
2. O que sugeriu o estudo publicado no New England Journal
of Medicine? E o estudo publicado no Lancet?
3. A que concluso chegaram os dois estudos mencionados
no texto?

to link = relacionar
stroke = derrame
advice = conselho
rewards = recompensas
to track with = acompanhar
by the way = a propsito
to get around = conseguir evitar

False Friends
journal = peridico, revista cientfica
data = dados
Ateno: outros importantes false friends
physician = mdico
prejudice = preconceito

Mdulo 9 Grammar:
Gerund and Infinitive
1. Avoid ................................... her the truth. She wont
understand it.
a) tell
b) telling
c) to tell
d) to telling
e) saying
2. He pretended ......................... her as she passed him in the
a) not to see
b) not see
c) dont see
d) not seeing
e) to not see
3. Would you mind ........................... me ...................... this
a) help translate
b) helping translating
c) help to translate
d) helping translate
e) to help to translate
4. I think she had a good reason for ............................ to
school yesterday.
a) to go
b) not to go
c) not going
d) didnt go
e) not go
5. Could you please stop ........................... so much noise? I
cant concentrate on my studies.
a) make
b) to do
c) making
d) doing
e) to make
6. ....................................... English is much easier than
........................ it.
a) Reading speaking
b) Reading to speak
c) To read to speak
d) Read speak
e) Read speaking
7. The children walked in the rain without .........................
a) carry
b) not to carry
c) to carry
d) carrying
e) not carrying
8. The movie was so sad that she couldnt help
........................... .
a) cry
b) crying
c) to cry
d) to crying
e) not crying
9. My nephew has managed ......................... the drivers test.
a) pass
b) passing
c) to pass
d) to passing
e) to not pass
10. Did Steve agree to go ........................... with us?
a) ski
b) skiing
c) to skiing
d) to ski
e) to not ski
11. Its no use ........................... about it. Theres nothing you
can do.
a) worrying
b) worry
c) to worry
d) to worrying
e) not worry


C1_Tarefa_3a_Ingles_Lu 07/10/11 08:05 Pgina 628

12. Shes used ........................... on the left because shes lived

in London a long time.
a) to drive
b) driving
c) drive
d) to driving
e) for driving

What ............................................................................... .
do you want that I do?
b) do you want I to do?
do you want that I did?
d) do you want me do?
do you want me to do?

14. The doctor told him he should give up ............................ so

a) drink
b) drinking
c) to drink
d) for drinking
e) to drinking
15. Theres no hope of ....................... survivors.
a) find
b) to find
c) found
d) finding
e) founded

Mdulo 10 Text: Environment


Deforestation threatens birds like the Jambu fruit dove

By the end of this century, 42 percent of animal species in

Southeast Asia could become extinct, says a new study
published in Nature. Worse still, at least half of those species
could disappear worldwide. Using Singapore as a microcosm
for examining a regionwide tropical biodiversity crisis, Navjot
Sodhi of the National University of Singapore and his
colleagues compiled population data from the past two centuries
to prove that as Singapore's forests have been sacrificed for
agriculture and urban development animals that call the forest
home have suffered enormously. In the past 80 years, two thirds
of the 91 known forest-dependent species of birds in Singapore
have become extinct.
As deforestation has been the overwhelming contributor to
species demise in Singapore, Sodhi and his team used the
current deforestation rate a staggering 74 percent loss over the
past two centuries for the entire region of Southeast Asia, to
predict that somewhere between 13 percent and 42 percent of
species regionwide may be doomed. The future looks bleak,
says Sodhi. What's needed are strong measures against illegal


logging and poaching, or economic incentives to establish

nature reserves. Unless those more rigorous efforts are
undertaken, Asia may ultimately bid the likes of the banded leaf
monkey and the leopard cat adieu.
1. According to the text,
a) deforestation and worldwide economic crisis are destroying
large areas of tropical rain forests.
b) many plants and animals are threatened with extinction in
c) the Singaporean government is taking drastic measures to
save its forests.
d) at least 50% of birds living in the Singaporean forests have
already disappeared.
e) the future seems rosy for forest-dependent species of birds
in Singapore.
2. In: "As deforestation has been the overwhelming
contributor to species demise in Singapore,...", the underlined
word is closest in meaning to
a) survival.
b) death.
c) increase.
d) improvement.
e) growth.
3. In: The future looks bleak, says Sodhi, the underlined
word could be translated as
a) previsvel.
b) favorvel.
c) surpreendente.
d) sustentvel.
e) sombrio.

deforestation = desmatamento
overwhelming = dominante
staggering = assombrosa
to predict = prever
to be doomed = estar condenado
logging = extrao de madeira
poaching = caa
to bid adieu = dar adeus

False Friends
data = dados
ultimately = em ltima anlise, no fim
Ateno: no se esquea
presently = logo, em breve
to pretend = fingir