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Physical Education Department
General Guidelines in Swimming Class
A.Y. 2016 - 2017
Classroom protocol
1. Class begins with a prayer, attendance, short lecture and demonstration.
2. Inform the instructor to any medical problems. Long term illness and medical conditions require a doctors
certificate. Incase of absences and the student present a medical certificate/excuse letter, he/she will only be
excused in the attendance but not in the activities/test done that day wherein the student is required to evaluate,
reflect and submit a written report.
3. Report any accidents to the instructor immediately.
4. Regular active participation is essential to acquiring the course objectives.
5. No cell phones or any electronic devices are allowed in class.
6. Never talk to the lifeguard (unless necessary). The lifeguard must watch the pool at all times.
1. Appropriate swim attire, swimming suit, swim cap, towels are required.
Men: Board shorts, swim trunks, or cycling are acceptable. Speedos and athletic shorts not
made for swimming are not acceptable.
Women: Rash guard long or short and cycling shorts all black.
2. Students (male / female) are required to wear swimming cap.
3. For eyes protection, wearing of goggles is strictly implemented.
4. Students who are not dressed in appropriate attire will not be allowed to participate and are counted absent.
1. Be on time. No class time will be spent changing clothes, if in case, they will be considered late.
2. All assignments, skills test, endurance tests that are missed due to excused absence must be made up if you
hope to earn credit. Zeros will be issued for the following reasons: Not dressed for activity, in school suspension,
and no written report for students with health condition.
3. You are expected to demonstrate respect for fellow classmates, teachers, administrators, and facilities. Proper
behavior in, on, out or near the water will be observed.
4. Follow all pool rules - at all times.
5. Shower rooms should be kept clean.
6. Bring your bag to the pool area.
1. Safety is a primary concern. Students must adhere to safety factors related to each activity. All injuries should be
reported to the instructor/lifeguard
2. Students are not allowed to attempt, to move or apply medication to an injured classmate unless properly
supervised by the teacher.
3. In case major accidents happened, the school clinic personnel and/or the PE teacher will bring the student to the
nearest hospital.
1. Only students who have swimming classes are allowed to enter the pool area/ vicinity.
2. While inside the pool area, students are not allowed to swim unless the instructor permits and are ask to perform.
3. To avoid accidents running and pushing within the pool area are not allowed.
4. Any kind of diving is not allowed unless students are asked to perform or diving is ONLY ALLOWED at the
designated area and time.
5. Public Display of Affection (PDA) is not allowed. Students who are caught will be endorsed to discipline office.
6. Spitting and urinating are prohibited in the swimming pool.
7. For hygiene purpose, students must use the footbath and shower before entering the pool area.
8. Open cuts must be covered with water proof band-aids. Open or bleeding wounds are not allowed in water.
9. Any forms of games are NOT allowed in the pool unless part of PE activities.
10. Food and drink is not permitted in any part of the swimming pool.
11. To avoid untoward incidents the teacher has the right to monitor students behavior inside the shower room.
Smoking, drugs and drinking liquors is strictly prohibited inside the swimming pool area and 50 m. around the
vicinity. Students who are caught will be endorsed to the Discipline Office.
12. Students are advised to keep an eye in their personal belongings.
13. Students are not allowed to take pictures except it is a requirement and part of class activity.

Active Participation Policy

Active Participation is defined as being on time, dressed appropriately and on task; otherwise agreed, the student is
actively engaged in the learning process. The student is either in class or not in class. Absences will affect ones grade,
because the skill can only be learned through practice and because instruction helps ensure the safety of the students.

Two tardiness will equal to one (1) absent. If you are not feeling well, let the teacher know before class begins.
Non participation means that they are no longer interested to be involved in the activity/quiz for that period. This
includes sitting down, listening to music during lecture, talking, texting, disruptive behavior, and no attempt to
engage in the class and/or any other activity that resembles lack of attention to the activities and directions from
the instructor. This is a safety issue, as well as an issue of politeness.
For those that have their monthly period, they are still required to attend the class (P.E. Uniform no other attire
will be allowed), If they are out of the pool for the day they must be assisting other students and if in case they
cannot perform in the scheduled practical test due to Dysmenorrhea they will take it on the following week and
they should inform the instructor. The student will be required to submit a 1/8 index card for the monitoring of their

Come prepared to every class with your swimming attire, a towel, pen, and paper. You are required to be in class and
ready to go on time.

Prepared by:
Ms. Marika S. Pacheco
Faculty P.E.

Return the bottom portion to your physical education teacher.

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I have read the Guidelines, policy, rules and regulations in P.E. Class and I fully understand the expectations and benefit
that my son/daughter __________________________ will get from this activity.

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