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Speaking Assessment

Grade: First Grade

SOL : Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change
1.7 The student will investigate and understand weather and seasonal changes. Key concepts
a) changes in temperature, light, and precipitation affect plants and animals, including humans;
b) there are relationships between daily and seasonal changes; and
c) changes in temperature, light, and precipitation can be observed and recorded over time.
WIDA Standards 2007
English Language Proficiency Standard 4: English language learners communicate information,
ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Science
Responsive Speaking
WIDA Level: Level 3
Purpose: Students will be asked open ended questions to assess responsive tasks through brief
interactions and creativity. The students will be demonstrating their discourse and grammatical
competencies. The test administrator will be looking for correct answers to the corresponding
Language Objectives: Students will use appropriate vocabulary and content from science and
weather to help answer the questions orally. Students will use complete sentences when
Content Objectives:
The students will use correct vocabulary to describe what the weather and temperature is
The students will orally describe weather and activities corresponding to that weather.
*student will receive points on how appropriate and accurate their answer is based on the context
of the specific weather.
Directions (will be read to student): Listen and respond to the question that is asked. Use
complete sentences when answering the questions. 5pts for each question
Student will hear: What do you think about the weather today and why?
Student may respond: I think the weather is very nice. It is hot outside because the sun is out and
people are wearing shorts.

Student will hear: What type of weather is your favorite?

Student may respond: My favorite type of weather is summer. I like to go the beach in the
summer with my family. I like swimming in the water and playing outside.
Student will hear: Do you like when it is snowing outside?
Student may respond: Yes, I like snow. I get to go sledding with my brother and make snowmen. I
also get to drink hot chocolate.
**all the responses will be open ended so there is not a specific answer for each question but
students will need to provide accurate and appropriate answers to the given weather.

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