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Madeline Curry

Professor Cuddy
Written Communications
26 October 2016

Incarcerated Funds
The lack of planning for incarcerated funds has tax payers both wealthy and middle classed
angered due to the insufficiency for our incarcerated fellows; therefore it is created conundrum
for the governing party of the Los Angeles County Jail. Currently in Los Angeles, protesters are
angry about taxpayer money going toward renovating the county jail. There are multiple views as
to why they should or should not renovate the county jail. Groups of people that are very wealthy
believe that if they have no connection to the county jail they should not have to pay for it.
Everyone one else in society that disagree with the wealthy taxpayers believe that we as a society
we need to support and uplift those incarcerated in order to make our future more prosperous;
regardless of the price. The discussion continues to escalate. Protesters with the position of pro
renovation march, with anger and passion, in front of the County Board to be heard. (People
walk to the Los Angeles County Board.) No one wants to back down from their position; they
refuse to.

The LA County Jail is run by a facility that is funded by the district and the county it resides inLos Angeles County. People in that county are very wealthy and are considered some of the top
1 percenters. Due to that fact, the people that they are involved with do not have any criminal

record and neither do they. So they feel no need to fund a place or project that does not concern
them. The protesters had bring up reasons as to why the wealthy taxpayers should pay for the
prison renovations. They gave reasons such as, helping the future, keeping society clean and
healthy, and doing their part in society. However, these points did not support their cause enough
to make a difference. In turn, the people that are being forced to fund the project are threatening
to move away or pass laws so that they can keep their money. Many people agree that if they
were in their position they would do the same.

The wealthy landowners were working hard to find ways not to support the renovations. They
began to protest against paying for the renovations. They believed that if the renovations were
important enough to fix that the government should spend their money to go towards the fixtures.
Many of the citizens also tried to pass laws that would benefit them; such as only being allowed
to pay for a small portion of the jail. Some of these laws passed because legally the government
can only force taxpayers to pay a small portion. Each dollar amount of the taxes goes to specific
portions of their specific county. Therefore, the government cannot take money from one portion
of the taxes to put toward another unplanned portion.

I should be able to have some amount of say as to where my taxpayer money goes. This is what
is on people's minds when hearing about the topic at hand. They pay the biggest portion of the
money used to renovate the Jails in their county. It makes logical sense for the protesters to be
angry about their money being spent on useless and helpless projects. Taxpayers would prefer

that their money go to a more worthy cause that they approve. So therefore the conflict at hand is
Whether or not the decision should be up to the taxpayers or to the wealthy.
Nobody from the wealthy perspective cared about what would happen after the prisoners got out
of prison. This was an important portion of the article. The people that were using taxpayer
money to fund the jail used this as their main point. They said that by not supporting this cause
then the prisoners would not be able to prosper after jail time. However the wealthy taxpayers
did not care because they said that it did not concern nor affect them. They were wrong. It may
not necessarily affect them but it can have possible negative effects on their children and in the
next generation. This entire process would affect the next generation because there would be a
lot of bad people everywhere without jobs or any source of income. This would then make the
world a more dangerous place. This could lead to more violence, stealing, raping, murdering, and
more horrible things. While this is the worst scenario possible, it is probable and a determining
factor in the decisions that need to be made.

A county is supposed to uplift each other and make our country stronger as a whole. People who
have the highest amount of money per capita have the greatest pull. However they don't have the
smartest and best decisions. They make decisions that best benefit their pockets. The county jail
believes that by renovating the old prison they can acquire more money and therefore make a
profit from their earnings. The entire process of rebuilding the prison is ultimately controlled by
those governing the county. They handle the specific money used for each section of the
government. If they choose to take out money from a specific part of the taxes for themselves
they can do it unnoticed. The government plays the role of middle ground between the wealthy

taxpayers and the commoner taxpayers. However the government is in fact the problem with the
entire process.

The entire process of deciding who should fund the new prison is still pending. Discussions
constantly continue to arise about whether the renovations are going to benefit the county and
those incarcerated or not. None of those who pay high taxes, concerning their actual salary do
not want to pay. The working class disagrees and want to force the others to pay. While this
situation has many pros and cons, the decision is up to the taxpayers of the Los Angeles County.
These citizens pay the majority of the money that is going towards the renovations. Questions of
who the money truly benefits continue to go unanswered. The right choice to make is to help
those in need where and if you can. If the proceeds are not going to the intended to party then the
money should be retracted. However, the prison is going to be renovated regardless of where the
money ends up. Whether the county goes into debt or prospers is solely up to the governing
parties. Both groups protesting should take up the problem with those governing their country
instead of fighting with each other.

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