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By Nataly Naranjo
Theyll always be there for us,
we love them at 8
as a team was best.
a.m. while sipping
Being a team player is
our morning
very important in
coffee or at 3
becoming a successful
a.m. while trying
public relations
to contemplate
professional. There are
our life. Whether
multiple groups that a PR
youre a new fan
professional may have
starting your
to balance throughout
Friends journey or
their career. You must
a religious diemaintain a good
hard fan, here are
relationship with your
some lessons that
company whether you
the unforgettable sitcom taught
work for a corporate company
us about PR.
or a non-profit, being in good
standing with everyone makes
the job easier. Another group
1. Teamwork makes
that you must balance is your
the dream work:
client, and everyone that is on
from giving relationship
their team. Lastly it is crucial to
advice, to helping each
be a great colleague, you
other overcome a life
never know when one of your
crisis, Friends has
contacts can help you out in
displayed multiple
the future.
scenarios where working







hairstyles were talked

about in multiple fashion
magazines and females
would ask for the
Rachel when getting
their haircut. As a PR
practitioner it is highly
crucial to be up to date
on the latest news or
trends. In order to
represent your client or
company at your best
abilities being hip and
current is imperative.

2. You dont have to

be the best:
Monica constantly
struggles with her
characteristic, which
can be said to be her
downfall. With so many
individuals steering
towards the PR
profession, it can be
stressful at times to
become the best. The
pressure to succeed is
high at this time, there
are many students fresh
out of college with
creative ideas, and the
drive to excel. There is
nothing wrong with
having the passion to be
outstanding in what you
do, just dont forget to
stop and smell the roses
from time to time. Being
the best isnt fun when
you have nobody to
celebrate your
accomplishments with.

Always be up to
date on trends:
Rachels iconic hairstyles
were displayed from the
beginning to the very
end of the sitcom. Her


Fake it till you make

it: Joey may not
understand everything
that is happening, or
know how to act but he
always puts on a good
show with a great
attitude. In PR
sometimes we may not
have all the answers,
but that shouldnt
discourage us. Taking a
step back, gathering our
thoughts, building a
strategy with tactics,
and coming back with a
kick ass plan is what PR
professionals do best.


Be proud of your
profession: Its quite

can remember what

Chandler actually does,
which then causes him
to constantly announce
to others what he
actually does. When
meeting new people,
dont be afraid to
introduce yourself and
give out your business
cards to others.
Networking is a
necessary component
in PR, without contacts
you may not be able to

Laugh it out: It is safe

to say that all the
characters have a great
sense of humor on the
show, not every failure
has to end in tears. If
you fall back down, get
back up, laugh about it,
and try it again,
persistence is key. Your
presentation didnt go
as planned, client hated
your campaign idea,
dont sweat it, there is
something to learn in
every failed situation.
Always remember that
life goes on, and so will
your career.

sad, yet hilarious how

none of the characters


By Aubree Ungar
Fashion goes as far

more progressive in the 1960s.

fashion designers, the fashion

back as the 19th century, but

With help from the likes of

industry was created. But

truly blossomed in the 20th

Vogue magazine and media

today, the reform hasnt

century and later became

hyped supermodels and

completely improved


everything. In 2014, only

about 20% of the models that
appeared in New York
Fashion Weeks runway event
were of color. Fashion has

was interviewed and asked


come a long way, but the

why he chose to cast five

black female models to
simultaneously walk down
the runway during his 2011
Paris fashion show, he


answered with, I was trained

receives a lot of criticism.


by Geoffrey Beene and Yves

Whether folks are saying


highly publicized business still

fashion is immoral or it
influences an unrealistic body


image for women, the

fashion world has certainly
taken a lot of slack. But one
issue that many believe
should not exist at all
anymore is the lack of
diversity in fashion. The
runway, fashion magazines
and fashions idea of beauty
are all components of the
industry that have seemingly
strived to break through the
racial barrier that the fashion
industry has provoked, but
seem to still focus primarily on
white models. The fashion
industry is trying to create
more of a balance in racial
equality, but are they trying
hard enough?
Feminist approved
website, Jezebel compiles a
diversity report at New York
Fashion Week each year and
counts each model and their
ethnicity, ranging from White
models to Black, Asian,
Latina, Middle Eastern and
beyond. Each year there has
been a small improvement in

the amount of color on the

catwalk, but white models still
make up the majority with at
least 80% of the taking.
Whether its the decision of
the designer or the casting
directors to choose primarily
white models to showcase
their collections, many
models still take insult in their
decisions and are now
speaking up about the lack
of diversity in the fashion
Beverly Johnson was
the first black woman to be
featured on the cover of
American Vogue in 1974 and
Vogue was born in 1892! It
took close to a century to
feature a black woman on
the cover of the magazine.
In an article published
in New York Magazine called,
Why Fashion Keeps Tripping
Over Race, fashion
designer, Alber Elbaz for the
Paris fashion house, Lanvin,

Saint Laurent. They both

worked with African girls,
black girls. Not because it
was a political statement, but
because they were beautiful
girls. The famed fashion
designer claims his actions
were done with color-blind
eyes, but can other notable
designers say the same? In
an event celebrating the
restoration of the Palace of
Versailles, fashion designer
and philanthropist, Oscar de
la Renta and designer
Stephen Burrows hosted the
event. A journalist asked
Burrows what it was like being
the only black designer
participating in the show, De
la Renta answered for him
replying that race had
nothing to do it, he was there
because he was a great
designer. De la Renta also
voiced that he was sick of
being told that he should
take a look at some beautiful
black model, he asked,
Why cant she just be a
beautiful model? Remove
race from the description



talents and world

views to join forces for

nondiscriminatory and that


they embrace all aspects of


beauty, but the numbers

By Emily Senninger

The fashion industry

likes to see itself as

speak for themselves at these

fashion shows and only time
will tell before any
improvement is made.
The imbalance of
race occurs in many aspects
and departments within the
fashion industry. From the
designers to the editors, the
retailers to the financiers,
according to different
members of the fashion
industry, a few factors that
allude to this topic are
socioeconomic realities,
educational hurdles, the
globalization of the industry
and fashions own core sense
of itself as an industry made

Love Your Melon is an

is to provide every child in

Your Melon

America battling cancer with


a beanie. To date, Love Your

regularly create

Melon (LYM) has donated

80,000 hats and over 1.5
million dollars to nonprofit
organizations that lead in the
fight against pediatric

crews have been

challenged to

Melon been so successful?

likes on their pages

Here are 5 things Love

recent Instagram

Your Melon can teach us

photo or to complete

about good PR:

a random act of

1. College students
make it happen. LYM
was created by

America at fault or can even

students across the

point the finger at the

country. There are

socioeconomic realities in this

over 11,000 crew

country. Fashion, or any other

members on 751
college campuses.
Customers credit a
university at the end

media involvement, fashion is

of their purchase,

an industry that revolves

which earn prizes for

around art, and diversity in

crew members and

fashion is a movement. It

young patients.

may have been a long time

Involving college

coming, but the movement is

students allows a


for crews. In the past,

receive the most

imbalance can put racism in

Aside from the heightened

unique competitions

cancer. How has Love Your

is sustained by

group feel like an outsider.

participation. Love

up of outsiders. The

should not make any one

2. Competition

apparel brand whose mission

college students and

industry for that matter,

LYMs cause.

diversity of ideas,

kindness every day.

The incentives go
beyond just LYM
apparel freebies and
entice natural
competitive drive
among rivalry

3. Celebrity involvement
is a good idea! Love
Your Melon crew
members contact
celebrities and if they
agree to post a photo
promoting the brand,
LYM will send them a
hat to do so. A


celebrity is

feed that reaches as

has been a sure-fire

considered by LYM as

many people as it

way for the company

anyone with over


to reach more

50,000 followers on
Instagram. Persuading



key influencers to


participate is the


fastest, most effective

way to get your
brands name to your
target audience and
drive traffic to your
4. Speaking of
Instagrambe a


to the companys
primary ones. The
high concentration of
LYM accounts drive
more followers, while
the artistic, playful
images prompt
purchases. Accounts
contain high quality
pictures that appeal
to the eye of
Instagramconnoisseurs. In
todays social media
world, it is imperative
that a brand have an

By Alonna Gilmore
Every year more small
businesses are emerging on
the market. Like any other
business, they are eager for
success. That means it is
important that each business
success overtime. It is normal

Each LYM crew has its

accounts, in addition


stands out to achieve

social media master:

own social media


5. Love Your Melon day

promotes community
involvement by
spreading awareness
nationwide. Crews

for most businesses to hire

public relations specialists,
but for small businesses, they
may struggle to hire PR
people, due to lack of funds.
On the bright side, small

across hundreds of

businesses can communicate

campuses hand out

their messages through other

flyers, appear on

channels and get their

news stations and

messages out there.

organize donation
events at childrens
hospitals. The days
events are posted to
social media using

While there are PR

strategies and tools that help
cover the bases, small
businesses still have to create
buzz to gain attraction from
the public and the media.

the hashtag

One way to get media

#LYMDAY. The annual

coverage is to post a story. A

tradition has garnered

newsworthy story is one of

attention from

the most important things for

professional athletes

a small business.

and local mayors and

A publicity stunt


can also work for small

grab the attention of the

positioned as a confession on

businesses. For a PR stunt to

public and media. Their

his birther controversy that

work or be effective, it must

businesses and organizations

turned out to be a plug for

include the key message

can get some mileage out of

Trumps renovated

within it. Some examples of

it and that can put them

Washington D.C. hotel.

PR stunts are creating

ahead of their competition.

Furthermore, Trumps

holidays. For example, for

campaign took advantage

Pinks 77th anniversary, the

of so much earned media

hot dog stand offered chili

dogs for 77 cents. Also, every
year on July 11th, 7-Eleven
offers free slushies.
Another example is

By Liam Brown
With the recent election of

that it can be viewed as a PR

accomplishment itself. But for
the public relations
professional, we need to look
toward Baron as an indicator

to shock people. The business

President-elect Donald

of how the profession should

needs to create something

Trump, the news media and

adapt to this apparent

that will turn peoples heads

journalism have dealt with an

media revolution. Trumps

like a fake car crash or a

increasing barrage of

accomplishments can also


challenges, such as fake

be viewed as shortcomings,

news and questions of

and theres no better

businesses can succeed is to

neutrality. Former

example of the importance

reach out to potential

Washington Post editor

of doing our jobs correctly

customers through social

Marty Baron wrote an

than Trumps recent Twitter

media. From Facebook Live

inspiring column about where

battle with Chuck Jones, the

to Twitter hashtags, people

journalists must continue from

Carrier air conditioner union

all around the world use

this point forward: The

leader whose jobs Trump

social media on their phones

ultimate defense of press

pledged to save. After Jones

and share their experiences

freedom lies in our daily

criticized Trumps promise to

with their friends. At times,


save 1,100 jobs as half-

Another way small

businesses have been

Where does this leave

delivered the real number

successful by creating social

public relations professionals

is 800, and the remaining 300

media buzz. Together, social

in a post-truth world, where

administrative jobs werent

media buzz and traditional

so much of public relations is

even planned to be moved

media buzz can build on one

considered by critics as

to Mexico, as Trump stated

another because one

emotionally driven and spun

the President-elect took his

channel picks up on the

to within an inch of such

own jabs. (Hes) done a


truth? Indeed, its difficult to

terrible job representing

separate Donald Trump the

workers, Trump tweeted.

These are some tips

for small businesses gain

person from Donald Trump

Jones now finds himself in

success and achieve in the

the brand, especially after

the awkward position of

long run. When these

reporters were tricked into

defending himself against the

strategies work, they can

attending what was

man whose jobs he was


priding himself on saving. His

must all pursue truth --

you will learn not only more

responsibility only increases

whether in a breaking news

about the industry, but more

as a representative of Carrier,

story or pitch letter -- at a

about yourself. Through this

which has thousands of

greater cost than any of us

experience, you will most

stakeholders in its employees


likely develop your skills such

and union members. He

as how to be more

provides a fascinating case

motivated, organized,

study as to how PR

personable, presentable,

professionals and

and comfortable in

organization representatives

unfamiliar situations. You will

must deal with the Trump

also learn how to improve

effect. However, public

your writing, verbal, and

relations professionals need

communication skills. These

only heed items such as the

are only some of the few skills

PRSA Code of Ethics to stay

that you will be able to take

on the side of truth. Just as

away from your PR internship

journalists are expected to

and luckily, you will be able

seek the truth and report it,

to apply them to future jobs.

PR professionals must adhere

Having an internship

to codes of honesty and

also allows you to have a

fairness in corporate

more complete (and

communication, and its


impressive) resume when

important for any


trying to find a job. Creating

organization that plans on

working with Trump to keep


these in mind to prevent their


messages from becoming

twisted further.
While PR and journalism
are seemingly constantly at
odds with one another, one
commonality comes in both
of our professions necessity
to maintain truthfulness and
call out those who spread
untruths, even if they come
from the highest office in the
land. Jones handling of his
controversy should be a case
study for media professionals.
Now more than ever, we

By McKenzie Walton
Accepting a PR
internship position will allow
you to test-drive the PR
lifestyle and let you see if you
have the energy and
emotional thrive to survive. It
is your chance to see what it
would really be like to work in
the industry and whether

and maintaining relationships

within the company will allow
you to network and could
even lead to a lifelong
mentor. If you did an
outstanding job and made a
favorable impression, youll
have no trouble coming up
with references for your
future jobs.


By Elizabeth Jauregui

youre a great fit.

If you give the

Initially coming into Cal State

internship your all, even if

Long Beach as a wide eyed

youre working for nothing,

freshman, I wasn't quite sure


what it was that I wanted to

Take classes that pertain

information is passed along

do with my life. What I did

to PR!

that can translate how to

know was that public

relations always had a slight
appeal to it. Many young
college students today are
rather in the same
predicament in that they are
not sure what path to take to
find their ideal place. If you
are a student that finds PR an
interesting field but not quite
sure if it fits your forte, here
are a few things you should
try in order to see if PR is right
for you.

Do your research!
It is vastly important to know
what exactly you are getting
yourself into. Every industry
has its own implicit skill sets, so
one must know how to self
build and expand upon
these skills in order succeed.
Having prominent writing,
communication, and
adaptive skills are just a few
that come into play in the
world of PR, if you are able to
embrace these without
trepidation, you are sure to
be on the road to excelled

Intro classes to public

relations or others associated
with it (Journalism,
Communications, etc. ) will
give you tasteful insight into
what your future might
consist of. Not only will you
get a glimpse of what you
may like or dislike, these
classes could essentially be
the deciding factor of
whether or not you should
stay on this path.

Get involved!
PRSSA is the perfect start to
experience and gain
practical knowledge that will
enhance your growth in
public relations. You can also
join other associations as well
as programs such as
internship programs that can
broaden your opportunities
of working in the real world. If
you truly enjoy taking this
rewarding step, networking in
different environments will
come to be an engaging
task for both parties.

Sustain connections!
Through socialization and
known acquittances, useful

maneuver the bumps and

slopes that might be
encountered in this business.
Speaking to staff members
that have experience in the
PR sphere will be rather
handy. These individuals will
give thought out
recommendations and
answer any questions that
may plague the mind being
key to whether or not you will
be certain working in the
public relations world is the
ideal goal.
Although these
recommendations may be
influential in the decision
making, it is ultimately up to
YOU to pan out if you should
indeed pursue this profession.
Go with your instincts and
what feels right. Do not be
put down if you have not yet
mastered all the acquired
skills that are valued in this
atmosphere, now is the time
to challenge ourselves in
order to grow into the people
we aspire to be!

By Sabela Burleson
Picking your college major is


similar to picking out the

blogs, articles, journals,

who plans trips in your group

perfect outfit for an interview.

whatever your niche is, PR is

of friends. If you are the

It says a lot about who you

the major for you. In public

person who makes all the

are as a person. Your likes,

relations you will spend your

arrangements for flights,

your dislikes, where you want

time a multitude of different

hotels, massages, dinner

to live, what you want to

style of writing. This includes

reservations then PR is the

wear to work, all of these are

blogs, fact sheets, press

major for you. Whether its

decided by what you major

releases, backgrounders,

planning posts on social

in. For example, if you hate

pitch emails, and many

media, organizing group trips,

math you would become an

others. You'll never leave

or handling the crisiss blog

engineer, or if you want to

home without your AP style

the way, PR is all about

wear heels to work every day


organizing and planning.

then you wouldn't become a

nurse. Lucky for you, this

News Junkie

When a plane is delayed or a

reservation has been

article may make things a

If you spend every morning

bumped, you are the one

little bit easier. Here are some

sipping coffee and skimming

who handles all the crises

signs that public relations

over multiple news sites,

with ease.

would be the right major for

public relations is your dream


major. Public relations is


driven by news, so

You take your social

knowledge about what is

media very seriously. All of

going on in the world is a

your posts are clever and


requirement. What is going

follow to the current trends,


on in the news can affect

you know the best times to

BY 23% BY 2020

your social media posts for

post where your post would


the day, or create an

receive the most exposure.


opportunity for a new

You are a self-proclaimed

campaign, timelines are key.

caption queen and all of

This way you know whats

your posts are planned down


going on in the news before

like a pro. And because you


your friends do. Ill even bet

know future employers will

you have at least three news

meet your social media

apps on your phone.

before they meet you in



Passion for Punctuation

If you are a grammar crazy
punctuation critic who loves
to spend free time writing

Color Coded
Planning is not a want for
you, it is a need, think about

person. From LinkedIn to

Instagram, you are smart
about your posts.


Hire Me

Here I am now, taking

major-related classes and


The main reason people go

working on my next


to college is to get a job after

accomplishment. It is now

By Giulia Triassi

graduation. The world of

towards the end of my first

public relations is ever

evolving and growing.
Experts say that the job
market for PR will increase by
23% by 2020. Public relations
is one of the fastest growing

I am all for harmless

semester at a new school,

pranks and humor, but it is

and surrounded by new

even better when your

faces that I realize that I am

finally beginning to get one
step closer to working in the
field of public relations.
I am grateful that I have

company ends up getting

$25 million worth of free
advertising because of it! In
1996, Taco Bell came up with

industries right now. PR is

the opportunity to be able to

a clever public relations

everywhere, in every industry

come to a great school and

prank that they were ready

from fashion to healthcare.

be a part of an amazing

to pull on April Fools Day.

The odds are in your favor

when it comes to finding a
job after graduation.

department where I can

learn the material I need in
order to achieve success. I
wouldnt be honest if I didnt
mention that this transition
has been difficult. Having to


By Lourdes Gonzalez
This year I began taking the
steps necessary to live a life as
a PR practitioner. A couple of
months ago I started school

here at Cal State Long

adjust to all the major-related

Taco Bells public

relations agency, Paine &
Associates, designed a fullpage ad announcing that
Taco Bell was going to
purchase the Liberty Bell.

classes, a new campus and

They sent the ad out to

meeting new people is not

several major newspapers,

always easy. But in all

including The New York Times,

honesty that is why I chose a

and they all ended up

field like PR, I want to have

publishing it on the morning

more opportunities in life to

create relationships with
others. I want to be able to
learn, grow in the field, and

of April Fools Day. The ad

In an effort to help
the national debt, Taco Bell is

Beach. I transferred over from

as a person. A round of

Mount San Antonio

applause is owed to those

pleased to announce that

Community College, I

and myself who are

we have agreed to purchase

declared my major at this

transitioning into this amazing

the Liberty Bell, one of our

school and I finished general

career and into the rest of

countrys most historic

our lives.

treasures. It will now be

education classes here.

However, within a blink of an

called the Taco Liberty Bell

eye I was done and ready to

and will be accessible for the

move on.

American public for viewing.


While some may find this

Landing a Public Relations

controversial, we hope our


move will prompt other


corporations to take similar


action to do their part to


reduce the countrys debt.


Protests, complaints,


and thousands of phone calls


later, Taco Bell stated around

Interview from one of the

best, the intern queen!
Check them out:

1. Make sure you

know the
internship youre
applying for

noon that same day, that it

When employers are on the

was just a prank. This ad

look for potential interns, they

caused such a huge reaction

write out a description for the

that the National Park Service


position and what they look

had to hold a press


for specifically. They are

conference announcing that

By Ayrton Lopez

literally writing out for you

the Liberty Bell was not for

Final exam - check!

sale. I bet Taco Bell was not

Final paper - check! Summer

expecting this reaction,

is just around the corner and

considering it was April Fools

youve managed to remain


sane during hell week (finals

Taco Bell generated

week). But suddenly you

over 650 print media outlets,

realize, summer is prime time

400 broadcasts covered the

for internships!

prank, and estimated they

Where to start? You

what they are looking for in

fine print. So say you
managed to land an
interview, its crucial you
know what they are looking
for because if you dont
meet the requirements they
ask for, theyll know you did
not read the description and
youve just wasted 30

reached about 70 million

havent touched your

Americans. Their sales

resume all semester, your

increased by $1 million in two

LinkedIn is outdated, and

2. Ask questions!

days. Goals. Just like any

quite frankly, you have no

Have questions prepared so

prank, not everyone reacts to

idea what industry you want

that it shows youre

it positively, but this one had

to end up in. Mom and dad

interested in the company.

a sweet outcome. Taco Bell

are nagging about your

The interview is yours as much

had hit the bittersweet

future, and the only thing you

as it is theirs. You want to see


want to do is binge watch

if this is even the type of


company you want to work

The good thing is that you

minutes of their time.

at or find out how they treat

can find the Top 5 Tips for

the employees. By asking

Acing An Interview and

questions, the interviewer will


know that you took time out

reiterate everything you

your target audience to

of your day to take the extra

mentioned throughout the

receive your message, you

step and learn more about


need to know how to reach

the company.

3. Have ideas on

them. If you are sending out


a press release for a clients

upcoming bridal fashion

how you can


show, dont send it to the

improve the

By Hannah Giles

editor of a car magazine!

Companies are always
looking for new ways to
improve the company. If they
decide to bring you on to the
team, theyre going to want
to see what else you bring to
the table. Again, research
the company and the clients
they have and come up with
ways that your skills could
benefit them.

4. Be flexible
Essentially, youre an intern.
The whole point of you
getting this internship is so
you learn. Make yourself
available so that you could
learn everything you can
from the professionals.

5. Seal the deal

The field of public relations

is very competitive and has

and know the most

fast paced environment. Any

appropriate way to reach

young PR professional may


be thinking about life after

graduating and what skills
they may need to stand out
to make themselves the best
PR practitioner. Here are my
top five tips for working in
public relations and staying
ahead of the curve:

Connections are vital as a PR
practitioner. You could be
one of the best PR writers, but
a good connection could be
the reason your news release
is used for an article. Go out
there, introduce yourself and
make connections, you
never know who can help

lot of interviewers will ask

you one day.

why should we hire you?

This is when you show your

true personality, if you
havent already, and

Stay calm and act

Crisis management is
something every PR
practitioner needs to be
ready for. As easy as it is to
go into panic mode when
your organization is hit with a

At the end of an interview, a

And that is your time to shine.

Know your target audience

Know your audience

Identify your audience and
research them. In order for

crisis, it is important to stay

calm and not make rash
decisions. Stay in control,
sometimes it is better to
apologize for your mistakes
and move on than go on the
defense and lose your
credibility. Learn from your
mistakes and improve your

Keep your pitches easyto-read

You are a PR practitioner
not a poet. An editor is not
going to be impressed with


your advanced vocabulary

builds mutually beneficial

Public relations (PR) is the

when they are scrolling

relationships between

way organizations,

through a hundred email

organizations and their

companies and individuals

pitches at the end of their


communicate with the public

day. Keep your pitches easy-

This definition still leaves

and media. IPR.org.uk

to-read in order to get your

blank stares on faces and

Public relations is

message across simply and

one must ask themselves,

communicating your


How can I explain all that

organizations messages at

public relations is, that is

the right time and in the right

Keep up-to-date with

neither too basic nor too

place to the right audience.

the news

descriptive? How would I

- Marla Aaron, MRM

explain this to a small child?


Make an effort to stay on top

of current affairs whether it
be reading a newspaper or
watching the news in the
morning. It is important to
know what is going on in the
world. Keeping up with the
news will make you a better
PR practitioner.

By Laura Brown
The question is the same in
every class that is not specific
to public relations, such as
journalism news writing or
marketing; however, it is the
answer to that question that
is different every time.
According to the Public

Here are some suggestions

PR focuses on building

that could accurately

good relations with the

express public relations:

companys various publics by

[The purpose off public

obtaining favorable publicity,

relations] is to shape and

building a good corporate

maintain the image of a

image, and handling crisis

company, organization or

management issues. Today,

individual in the eyes of the

a good PR firm must be

client's various publics."

experts in use of social

Dave Roos

media. - Mark Burgess, Blue

Focus Marketing


PR is the process of
making a heartfelt
connection between a
person or organization and
the people who can truly
benefit from and care about
their message. Its an
awareness of what makes
people tick, facilitated by a
desire to build communities,
engage and discuss, and

Relations Society of America,

give voice to worthy projects.

Public relations is a strategic

PR isnt mass messaging,

communication process that

spinning truths, or a barrier


between the public and the

published last week. Khazan

aspects of their college

person represented. PR

interviewed 10 women who

majors slightly more than

should make genuine

work in public relations to

men do, while men value

connections. -

help find the answer.

their potential future earnings

Shennandoah Diaz, Brass

Knuckles Media

Its worth your time to

chew on the whole thing, but

By Kelsie Longerbeam
That women are so
prevalent in the public
relations business should be
news to no one. Its a fact
that women comprise 63
percent of public relations
specialist roles and 59
percent of public relation
management positions,
creating a total of a twothirds female takeover in the
whole field, according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics.
However, many believe that
females are
underrepresented at the Clevel in public relations.
Why? Why are there
so many more women
working in public relations
than men? The Atlantic gave
reporter Olga Khazan 3,700plus words to answer that
question in a piece that was

Studies have shown

well hit a few highlights for

that women tend to

you below:

collaborate more and prefer


slightly more.

The media paints a

to work on teams, whereas

glamorous picture of what

men usually do better in

comprises a female PR

competitive environments

professionals life. According

and prefer to fly solo. That

to Khazan, nearly every

male approach works well for

woman I spoke with

journalists, while having a bit

mentioned Samantha

of a people-pleaser gene

Jones, the fictional

probably attracts and/or

character from Sex and the

makes it easier for women to


excel in the PR environment,

Journalism is low

Jennifer Hellickson, director

paying and unstable. Plus,

of marketing at SweatGuru in

being a cub reporter is

Portland, Oregon, told The

decidedly more awful than


your first couple years as a

The upshot? Khazan writes, If

public relations pro. Khazan

theres any takeaway from

reports, While female news

all this, its that the women-in-

reporters make $43,326, on

PR trend started happening

average, (to mens $51,578),

for a number of reasons, and

female public relations

its not inherently bad, so it

specialists, the lower-level

never stopped.

job in the BLS categorization,

make $55,705, while their
male counterparts make
In college, Khazan
points to research that shows
women tend to value non
pecuniary, or non-monetary



Essential written

and maintaining mutually

By Sabela Burleson

communication skills are

beneficial relationships with

even more prominent on

journalists and essential

social media because you

people in the industry.

Morning routines have

changed, people no longer
sit together and read their
newspaper over coffee.
Everything moves so much
faster. Instead, you run to the
local coffee shop, get your
soy latte while skimming over
your Twitter feed, reading
notifications from your news
apps, and accepting friend
requests on social media. The
latest headlines and breaking
news at your fingertips. Posts
with as little as 140 characters
can contain the biggest
news of the decade. More
people have learned the
breaking news of the day on
Twitter, than any traditional
news platforms. Social media
has become an essential tool
in public relations, not only for
keeping up-to-date on the
latest news, but for building
relationships as well.

have less space to work with.

Building relationships in PR
requires consistent and
relevant communication.
You have to be able to
respond quickly and convey
your message clearly, all
while keeping it under 140

Get Connected
Social media communication
is not a one-way street.
Identifying the key influencers
in your industry and keeping
consistent communication
are essential to building
relationships. While being
selective and specific is
important, you should have
the desire to expand and
strengthen your network
within these verticals.

Tell Me What You Want

However, as a tool of PR,

In order to secure quality

social media should be held

placements for your

to the same standards as

companys content, you

traditional public relations

have to be able to explain to


journalists why they should

care. However, public

Commas Save Lives

relations is not a one-sided

Communication is key.

deal. PR is all about creating

Dont Lose Tradition

Success in social PR
heavily relies on mastery of
networking through online
communities and social
media platforms. However,
even with the rise in social
media networking, traditional
tools are still essential in PR.
For example, a well-crafted
email pitch can work
wonders. Its important to not
send out generic pitches
everywhere, but instead send
pitches to those whom you
wish to build relationships
with. Make it known that you
are a frequent visitor of the
recipients site and
understand the type of
content they welcome. The
same three skills mentioned
previously all apply to a wellwritten email to editors and
journalists, too. Being social
media savvy is a unique skill
and advantage that not all
traditional PR pros have
figured out. Yet, is now
included in a public relations
professionals job description.
Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn,


Instagram help to improve

and build media relationships
through social networking.



Its interesting to see how


media can come together to


help publicize a brand. As PR


students, we are aware of


By Marry Gomez

public relations and social


the behind the scenes

process that occurs in order
to create a relationship
between a celebrity and a
company. However, others
might not understand how it
works and may easily believe

I interned at Kari
Feinstein Public Relations
(KFPR) this fall semester after
interning for their Oscars
Style Lounge in February. My
internship seemed surreal the
majority of the time. KFPR is
mostly known for their Style
It is the day before we
launch our two-day Emmys
Style Lounge and we are onsite going through last minute
celebrity invites. My
supervisor has just gotten off
the phone with G-Eazys
manager, who told us he was
still a maybe. Meanwhile, I
am putting aside the gift
bags for Bella Thorne and Ali
Simpson, which includes
items like a new MacBook.
These gifts are our way of
saying, thank you for

Lounge events which

connects brands with
celebrities and influencers.
The style lounge consists of

a celebritys Instagram post

about their favorite lip-gloss.
While some posts are
genuine, there are also some
that are only published to
fulfil their agreement with the
brand. After all, they did get
the product for free. One
thing is certain, my job serves
as proof that we really
shouldnt believe everything
that is on the internet.

inviting talent to attend our

event in which our clients will


be present. The goal of the


style lounge is for the talent

By Kelsie Longerbeam

to be photographed with the

product from our client and

I've been using

to be used on social media

Snapchat for several months

or in magazines, In return for

now, but recently started

the free items, it is later

really falling in love with it

expected for the talent to

and using it to boost my

post an image of the product

public relations work ethic.

on their social media.

With the new algorithm

changes on Instagram and


Pinterest, and the ever-

There's no feed, there's no

save the snap code, upload

annoying algorithm on

algorithm -- there's no

it to Snapchat and add you.

Facebook, Snapchat is a fun

scheduling. Snapchat is just

social media platform. You

updating as you go. There

Sending photos or

might be thinking, really?

are some awesome filters --


Another social media

but these are NOT like

platform that I'm supposed to

Instagram filters. Snapchat

sign up for? Yes! Here are a

filters vary from distorting your

few reasons why I love

face, to making you look like

Snapchat, and why you

a puppy. There are no likes,

should be on it, too.

favorites or retweets (er...

resnaps?) to worry about.

1. BTS

I'm not here to say

Snapchat is great for sharing

that Snapchat has changed

behind-the-scenes, and even

the life of my public relations

just inside our normal day-to-

business, or earned me $10k.

day. Just today on Snapchat,

But, it's easier, and more fun,

I watched: Someone make

to connect with the public

homemade lotion. Someone

and express your brand

working out. Someone

through snapchat.

refurbish an old chair. And, a

Your "Story" is equal to your

feed. I can send a photo to
one person, and no one else
will see it. If I post it to my
Story, all of my followers can
see it for 24 hours -- and rewatch it, if they want. When
you receive a snap from a
friend, it will disappear in 10
seconds or less, depending
on their settings.
To use Snapchat
filters, just swipe left or right
once you've taken your
photo or video. There are a
few color filters, but then

few pictures of lunches,

3. Heres how to quickly

coffee shops, and family

get into snapchat!

time, temperature, or speed


Navigate to the screen

as well.

Earlier this week, I

you'll see you can add the

where you can take a photo.

snap chatted with my

Click the "ghost" in the top-

favorite blogger, Lauryn


middle of the screen. On this

Evarts of the Skinny

next screen, you can add


Confidential back and forth

your profile picture, edit your

talking about YouTube videos

username, or add friends. If


and websites. Snapchat is like

you click on the yellow

a whole new level of


square, that's where you can

personal service and

By Samantha Taylor

set your profile picture. This


yellow "box" is your

Snapcode. Post this snap

2. Its just fun!

code online, so others can


Wear all black and
comfortable shoes.


Working as a red carpet

the order of the carpet. Ask

Make sure the photographers

talent handler requires a lot

what media they are

know the clients name and

of walking back and forth so

comfortable doing. Ex:

what they do. If your client is

you want to make sure you

There are photo ops at the

up and coming, approach

will be comfortable while

beginning of the carpet,

the journalists beforehand to

doing so. It is important to

there will be photographers

tell them a little bit about

wear all black to blend in

from (insert outlets in

your client and why they

while also looking

attendance). After that, we

should speak with them. Try

professional. Let your client

have (insert amount) outlets

to give them an interesting

take the spotlight.

who would like interviews.

story angle.

There is (list outlet names), did

Study the face sheet.

you have interest in speaking

Be gracious.

A face sheet is a document

with them?

Always walk in front of your

that includes a photo and

client to lead the way and

description of all the talent

Know the targeted

ensure smooth transitions.

attending the event. As an


While your client is speaking

intern, you will most likely be

in charge of creating a face
sheet of the talent who will
be walking the carpet. This
will be very helpful because it
is essential that you know
what they look like to be
aware of who needs to be
taken to the carpet upon

Ask the client what press

If the client is not too

comfortable with interviews,
try to at least pitch them your
target outlets. Targeted
outlets can include the
company hosting the event,
outlets doing a special
feature on the event, or even
just an outlet with great

to one outlet, brief the next

journalist or kindly let them
know if the client will not be
able to speak with them.
Thank everyone for their time
and exit the carpet once all
photographs and interviews
are completed.

impression numbers. Let them

A PR Life for Me

know why you think it would

By Michael Santana

be a good idea for them to

From an early age,

theyre comfortable

answer a few of their

magazine subscriptions to



Entertainment Weekly, The

Once you approach the

New Yorker, and Us Weekly

inundated my bedroom.

client, let them (or their

Communicate with the

accompanying publicist)

photographers and

spare time was spent

know you would love to

journalists in

watching classic films and

escort them to the red

carpet and explain to them


Throughout high school, my

reading up on Hollywoods
Golden Age. As someone


with a profound interest in

Observing the day-to-day

opportunity to go out into the

film and entertainment as

duties of PR professionals

real world and apply the skills

well as for writing, I set out to

further solidified I wanted to

taught to me has been the

find a career path that

keep pursuing public

best of both worlds.

allowed me to integrate all

relations. I witnessed just how

the things I loved most. Upon

crucial it is to be strategic

discovering public relations

and well-rounded because

and learning what a career

someone working in this field

in the entertainment sector of

wears a dozen different hats.

the field entailed, I knew that

I saw a fellow intern set out to

it was, without a doubt, the

pursue this career path with a

path for me.

misconception that its

Before transferring to

glamorous and not as

CSULB, I landed a publicity

arduous of a job like others,

internship that allowed me to

only to find out theres a lot

travel to the South of France

more work required than

for the Cannes Film Festival.

expected. The glitz of

Some of my many duties

working red carpet events

during the festival were to

may very well be the case at

promote sponsor events on

times, but it is also a

social media and cover

demanding career for which

panel discussions. A few

one should possess a

months after this experience,

willingness to work hard and

I became an intern at a high-

an ability to multitask.

profile Hollywood PR agency.

Since then, I have

Working alongside the

escorted talent and worked

publicists and representatives

with press at events such as

of A-list actors and actresses

the Critics Choice Awards,

provided me a first-hand look

the American Music Awards,

into a world Id previously

and the Hollywood Film

only imagined. Throughout

Awards. Im grateful for all

my time there, I learned how

the experiences I have been

to create press kits, write

presented with thus far. Being

press releases, pitch clients to

able to learn about the field

the media, and manage a

of public relations in the


classroom and having the


SEE YOU IN 2017!