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a Tastee) AUD) Sra BOCELLI cae ey ‘ ni % , eam aa PE. ES aaa The Best Of ANDREA BOCELLI CHESTER MUSIC (a division of Music Sales Ltd) 8/9 Frith Street, London, WD 3]B Exclusive distributors (Chester Muse (@-dovsion of Music Sales Limited) 09 Frith Steet, London WD 3JB, England (Order No. CH65708 ISBN 0-7119.963-8 ‘This book © Copyright 2002 by Chester Music Unauthorised reproduction of any part ofthis ‘publication by any means nchading photocopying ican infringement of copyright. Music processed by Note-orious Productions Limited Cover designed by Fresh Lemon, Picture supplied by Rex Printed in Mata by Icerprint Limited Your Guarantee of Quality As publisher, we sive t produce every book to the highest commercial standards ‘The music has been freshly engraved and the book hasbeen carefully designed to minimise awkward page tus and to make playing fom it 2 el pleasure Paricular ear hasbeen given to specifying acid-free, neutralized paper made from pulps which have not heen elemental chlorine bleached. ‘Thi alps rom famed sustainable forests and was produced with specie regard forthe environment “Throughout, the printing and binding have been planned to ensure a sturdy, attractive publiation which should give yeas of enjoyment It your copy fils 0 meet our high standards, please inform ut and we wil lady repce i or offer refine Maric Sale’ complete catalogue describes thousnds of ies ae i avallble in fll colour sections by subject, diet from Musle Sales Limited Please sate your aca of intrest and send a cheque! postal onder for £150 for postage to Mure Sales Limited, Newmarket Rosd, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk P33 3Y8, versione. com