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Dear Professor Connelly,

Over the course of the semester I have accomplished the Student Learning Outcomes
through various activities. The following listed are the student learning outcomes accomplished
throughout the course: reading skills, writing skills, and information competency.
Under the category of reading skills, the goal was identifying strengths and weaknesses
of an argument, to identify logical fallacies and rhetorical terminology that contribute to the
texts effectiveness. I applied our reading skills outcome through tasks such as Gloria Anzalduas
How to Tame a Wild Tongue. While reading Gloria Anzalduas text, I was given the opportunity
to analyze her argument and identify what rhetorical techniques Andalzua applied in her text. I
also read Freires Pedagogy of the Oppressed which allowed me to analyze the implicit and
explicit message of the text. The Invisible Gorilla was also fulfilled the requirements under
reading skills. The Invisible Gorilla challenged me to explore the six different types of illusions.
The Socratic Seminars also contributed to reading skills because as a class we discussed what we
analyzed in each chapter.
Under the category of writing skills, the formal writing assignments and informal
writings accomplished the purpose of the writing skills outcome. Reading articles and novels
leads us to demonstrating our capability of expressing our observations on paper. In the formal
writing assignment, one of the topics that were to be covered was weather Andalzuas argument
was cogent and what reasonings she utilized in her text. Writing formal assignments
demonstrated that as an analytical thinker, I was able to comprehend the text and express my
Under the category of information competency skills, the outcome was full filled through
appropriate formatting in papers and providing resources to strengthen our writing. The formal
writing assignments had to be formatted in MLA style, The annotated bibliography demonstrated
information competency in many ways. The annotated bibliography required me to research
scholarly articles and cite them in the correct way. While citing the articles in a its format, I was
also required to give a brief summary of the article and write about how I was able to apply the
newfound information. The annotated bibliography is a great example of information
competency skills because of the process.
This English 2 course required for class participation. Although I am not very keen on
the idea of participation, I surprised myself this semester in this course. In the socratic seminars,
I was able to contribute my thoughts to my classmates. I enjoyed discussing The Invisible
Gorilla in our small groups and to the entire class. I truly believe that it was the discussions in
the seminars that we had, that helped me express my thoughts in my writing. The presentation on
the illusions also allowed me to expand my thoughts. I do not believe that my participation in
class will affect my grade. This class has encouraged me to participate more and express my
observations not only in class, but outside of class too.
My final portfolio reflects my overall best work. Speaking from a student who has gone
to school their entire life, I have never revised or gone through a long process to edit my essays. I
truly believe that Professor Connellys writing process is successful and should be applied in all
writing classes. Going through the process of peer reviews, letters, and editing, it has
strengthened my writing. Aside from the writing process, I believe my writing demonstrates my
opinions and perspective. I can hear my voice in my writings. Although this was a critical
thinking class and I had to use the new terminology that we learned, I was able to voice my own

thoughts in the essays too. I believe this is an important aspect to writing. All individuals are
different and should have the ability to express their voice and challenge their knowledge.
Jennifer Guzman