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OT IX, X, XI, XII, XIII levels


Warning! you should not read the following under any drug influence as this
could be harmful to your mental health
OT 9 : OT 8 was about certainty only!

certainty about the ''solvability'' of one's

At OT 9 you understand that the only way to go is to expand, as you expand
your ability to solve your own case you accept responsibility for solving, say, one group collective
engrams, like the Mayans, for ex. you should be able to be listening from Mayans Spirits, to
Acknowledge their abilities, to understand how theycame in those conditions...to complete that
level, you have to increase your confidence as to be able to spot different cultural religious
groups/civilizations in different times, different locations,blow the engrams, so releasing
the charges stuck in mankind past...until you know you can do that with ANY spotted space/time

OT 10
This level is exclusively about time...creating time for others, undoing time
for others, clear up one's future incarnations. This is done in total ARC with that space time
location universe, you cognite that this reality universe is a record, created all at ONCE, you
locate the exact location from when/where this is done, you come to the biggest cognition on
OT 11
this level is exclusively about restoring ability to do and undo universes,
you train with that one, you cognite this universe to be designed to do so, you assume a
POSITION, and mock up how this universe is done, you undo it you restore it, you undo it, again
and again, until the cognition this is what you were doing already...level completed

OT 12
Is about ETHICS, you assume both ends of the games, you assume the
absolute winning identity,then, all the losers one, to achieve it...the question is what game you
could imagine in order to be in the end the ultimate winner, this level deal with the ability to do
and undo Karmas.. reaching total certainty as to undo all karmas you should find to be out of
any valence, being everyone at once, Name it, find the exact time and location from who this
ability is been operated.

OT 13
This is the higher state of existence realized from human being
condition, this level is exclusivelyabout AESTHETICS, to stabilize at that level is to be able to
assume both positive and negative Aesthetics of ONE's creation, all times past and future are in
full view, all Static abilities are released, So the Static can

reach out any time, any

place, any one, in full awareness

this State is called permanent Samadhi....no

reincarnation there after, total soul liberation, it is the most desirable

experience ever dreamed of... Love devotion and surrender

Dear MichaelAngelo,
I appreciate your comments, thanks for your attention to these points!
Since you ask, those levels have been fully explored by ME, and me alone, as long as
Scientology style and school of thought are concerned, it is not copy right material, as you can
see, and what I expose here about those levels are only 20/25% of what I have been writing
down and''codified'' it is serious work, real results, and took me decades to investigate.
It seems you do understand that THIS MEANS we are merely following a pre-scripted drama,
and watchinga pre-recorded movie play, until, finding out about that truth, to be questioning
the value of what we thought to be our freedom of choice...If that fundamental freedom is mere
illusion, so the Ethics problem comes into view, and should be addressed as urgently and
correctly as possible!
The question to be asked is: WHO made that Movie?
Who decide I have to play that pre-scripted role/play? That ONE is the only ONE to be able
to restore freedom to the individual bond by his/her karma, and that is to be addressed on the
11 level of operation, > WHICH IS TO ASSUME THAT POSITION<
Hope this answers your questions,
PS: but those levels have been investigated and reached thousands years ago already, in the
EAST specially around INDIA....I have been involved in that researches in past reincarnations, so
my work in my present life is merely a re=actualization...
What I wrote in the first post of this thread about OT levels up to 13, is disturbing enough,

yet harmless if read casually, I wrote about a thousand of pages about the subject of this
confidential knowledge, and as I made it circulating among friends, I noticed that only Eastern
Mind can grab the subject without being disturbed, it just happens that western mind oriented
people seems reacting violently to some data about worship in general, implants? I don't know,
it can be that karmic assignment/affectation follows particular rules, if you born in USA, it might
be not by accident, sorry, did I restimulate something?
So, what about being born in India? Or Venezuela?

ot going into psychology here, I want you to do it straight away! So here is the
training to create TIME:
Imagine 8 corners of a space, to set a cube, a cube has 8 corners, you put
yourself in that cube, in that volume, the volume is set by all its 8 corners, it is like a
box, but you only mock up the 8 anchors points, out limiting the box size, you don't
need to imagine the sides of the box, you don't need colors, the points defining the
size of the cube, should not be white, big, small, bright, they are only location spots,
you are with me?So you project a ''square dimension in front of you, an other behind
you, you join mentally the two, and you get a cube, of course, you notice, that while
you concentrate on imagining 4 points, you forget the others 4, well you exercise by
changing the 4 square points to be either the up side of the box, the down side, the
left side the right side, be imaginative, cross other the points of your mock up,
remember you are in the box, occupying its space or volume, when you at last get a
nice global view of the box around you, you imagine a bigger one around the first one,
you then occupy a larger space, try to have in sight all the 8 corners, then you imagine
an even bigger box, remember there is no visible sides or surfaces, only points spotted
in space around you! you continue to imagine new bigger boxes, or spaces cubes, you
can now imagine the hearth in your new cubic space, you continue until the solar
system is comprised in the volume you actually mock up...
of course you understand you are creating space, you continue to create huge
cubic space, until the whole universe seems to fit in, you don't need to stop there, you
now imagine so large distance between the dimension points, that the notion of space
itself start to fall apart in all outwards directions, you create a bigger volume even,
and find to be ... well, the surprise
and the rewards for the adventurous spirited beings!
So, here we go, the way to create time is to create space, because time does not exist,
it is only in the ratio to one assumed location, or self assume location, as you expand
your assumed space location you create time...as you create time it disappears so is
motion vanishing too, the fact so verified is that every point of space is a point of time,
as you expand to all space locations, time become ONE, one space, one time, well, this

Now, to create time is fine...but this is not yet to be in full control of it {OT
WE now get to the second mental training to undo time, to uncreate it, and
the same smart person to ask: << how can you undo time, if time does not exist?>>
Well, by duplication!
So here we go, mock up all your life times, span back and
forth until you got enough events/pictures to stand for what you remember of your
life time, got it? make a pack of all pictures/memories, duplicate it, duplicate it again
and again, copy your mock up hundred of time, thousands of times, put these copies in
front of you expanding to the infinite you can make packs of millions of them, that you
copy millions of times, you stop when the copies reached the back of your head having
spanned the whole infinite space, time is gone, you in perfect present time, you come
to the realization, that the past does not exist, nor the future, they are agree upon
considerations, you are cause over this considerations.......
As you feel more and more comfortable about your ability to create time and to
undo it, you are able to as- is for others their agree upon considerations, you notice
that ability, and you put in on hold, because it is an Ethics issue which will be dealed
with on the 12th level of operation only... For now you process your case only, you
spot your future incarnations, you realize of course that you already knew about them
as agree upon consequences of your past actions, as you span them, you erase them,
you organize the return of all entities so disturbed, and give them a greater game, you
make them aware that they have been instrumental in creating the fundamental
structure of time, so, as recorded actions or karmas you make them to as-is their role
in limiting one's awareness according to one's karma, obeying to the MAIN ENTITY
you inform them on the meaning and purpose of worshiping that main God Entity, and
once this is done the level is COMPLETED! As a consequence of completing that level,
you understand definitively that this reality universe is a record of events, and that
this is the BIGGEST HIDDEN DATA, all events are pre determined, until the end of the
[the following is only understandable by a high level thetan, and is only optional
Of course you come to realize that this universe is a time mock up comprised
between the Static and the Static creating Self consciousness as the time in
between nothing and nothing, you cognite on the identicallity of nothing with itself to
be the nature of THE SELF, the nature of this permanent illusion, as you can expand to
the whole of it in time you see it to be a mocked up static motionless space, containing
all events, you of course assume that external time position to be at the very end of
the mock up, and realize that this reality is a Static personal manifestation...A self
Manifestation, the problem of causality is therefore solved for ever as YOU find out TO

BE both the cause and consequence of your own understanding! [8th DYNAMIC]

One should ask what credit s/he is willing to give to the Entities for being OT !