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Concept Edition Scia Engineer

This version of the software attracts engineers starting in modelling structures made of steel, concrete or other materials. Flat or curved plates and beam members (straight or curved)
constitute the 3D model built using gridlines, construction templates, imported drawings or direct input. In this edition the productivity toolbox with active reporting and drawing gallery
shows the full power of the object based design software.
The starter edition covers static (linear and geometric nonlinear) analysis with automatic finite element generation.
1D and 2D members are checked against one integrated building code (Eurocode or another) for steel as well as concrete. Unity checks with stresses and buckling effects,
optimisation of sections (hot-rolled, built-up, thin-walled, cold formed, ) are present for steel. The wind and snow generator is included. The design of reinforcement (longitudinal
and lateral) for beams and columns or plates and walls in concrete is to the latest code, including crack control and punching shear. Practical reinforcement (bars, stirrups, meshes) is
added to check deflections; it results in impressive 3D views of the entire model. For daily work the Concept Edition of Scia Engineer is the best choice. It is design software whose
quality will support engineers in convincing construction owners and authorities.

Professional Edition Scia Engineer

It is the version for an experienced design engineer. It adds to the concept edition more modelling facilities: arbitrary cross-sections (shape, materials), real parametric modelling of
every input entity (geometry, loading, ...).
This version has a BIM Workgroup toolbox, enabling exchanging models with other software (architectural, structural) by member recognition, Structure2Analysis conversion, and
others. Loading generators for live loads, mobile loads on beams and plates are integrated. The Finite Element Analysis covers all nonlinearities (pressure only surfaces, nonlinear
springs and gaps), stability analysis and dynamics (eigenfrequencies, eigenmodes, damping, seismic loads, time dependant loading).
The design part is enhanced with fire resistance checks for steel (incl. resistance and temperature-time checks) and concrete sections. Steel connections with endplates, bolts,
stiffeners and welds are designed for a variety of geometries (rigid frame, pinned column-girder, bolted diagonals, beam-beam), and stored in a user expert library. General
arrangement drawings and detail drawings of connections accompany the impressive 3D visualisation in the engineering report. For concrete design the code dependant
deformations are calculated. The Round-Trip interface to a 3D RC modelling CAD software, and the concrete templates result in an integrated modelling-analysis-design software for
any type of structure.

Expert Edition Scia Engineer

The expert edition extends the professional edition and will interest the most demanding users. A few excerpts: clash detection of models, advanced mobile loads and train loads,
construction stages (deformations of phases being added). The expert gets a world of design power for pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete with time-dependant analysis
(creep, ageing, relaxation, losses), tendon modelling and section checks.
Other complex structural design work is enabled for cables (incl. pre-stressing) and membranes (tension only), and for soil-structure interaction (considering stresses in the subsoil).
Critical buckling modes take account of nonlinearities (tension only, pressure, non-linear springs).

Additional Modules
A set of additional modules complements the capabilities of the Editions. Available are modules for the design and code-checking of aluminium structures, composite structures,
hollow-core panels, pipeline systems, steel masts, etc.

Overview of what's included in the Scia Engineer Editions





Modeller for straight and curved beams and columns (esa.00)

Modeller for flat and curved plates and shells (esa.01, esa.02, esa.04)

Productivity toolbox with active document (esa.06)

Input of general cross-sections (esa.07)

Parametric modelling (esa.11)

BIM and Workgroup toolbox (esa.26)

ETABS Interface (esa.29)

Tekla interface (esa.22)

Open Design Tool Box (esa.33)

Clash check detection collision check (esa.25)

Bridge Design EC (esa.32)

Load generators




Wind and snow generator (esas.05.xx)

Plane load generator (esas.29)

3D Wind load generator (esas.46.xx)



Mobile load (esas.02, esas.35)

Advanced mobile load (esas.03, esas.36)

Train load (esas.04)





Linear static analysis in 2D (esas.00)

Linear static analysis in 3D (esas.01)

Non-linear static analysis tension only members, pressure only supports (esas.07, esas.08)

Geometrical non-linear analysis (esas.10, esas.11)

Advanced non-linear static analysis springs and gaps for beams, pressure only slabs (esas.09, esas.44)

Stability analysis (esas.13, esas.14)

Dynamics natural frequencies and modes, harmonic and seismic load (esas.21, esas.22, esas.23, esas.24)

Soil interaction (esas.06)

Cables (esas.12)

Non-linear stability analysis for members (esas.34)

Membrane elements (esas.37)

Friction springs (esas.42)

Linear construction stages (esas.27, esas.38)

Non-linear construction stages for frames (esas.28)

Calculation of pre-stressed structures, incl. Time Dependent Analysis (esas.20, esas.40)

Plastic analysis for surface members (esas.47)

Steel designer




Steel code check - incl. Optimisation of cross-sections (esasd.01.xx)

Fire resistance check (esasd.05.xx)

Plastic analysis of steel structures (esas.15)

Steel connection modeller (esa.18)

Steel connection checks (esasd.02, esasd.03, esasd.06, esasd.07, esasd.08

Steel Cold-formed sections (esasd.15.xx)



Steel overview drawings (esadt.01)

Detailed connections drawings (esadt.02)

Steel detailer


Concrete designer




RC beams and columns design and check (esacd.01.xx)

RC plates and walls design and check (esacd.02.xx)

Punching sheer check for plates (esacd.03.xx)

Code depended deformations (esas.18, esas.19)

Input of practical reinforcement for beams and columns (esacdt.01)

Input of practical reinforcement for plates and walls (esacdt.03)

Fire resistance check for RC beams (esacd.07.xx)

Input of strand patterns for prefab structures (esa.17)

Input of post-tensioned tendons (esa.20)

Prestress check (esacd.04.xx)

Additional modules




Link to Revit Structures (esa.21)

Timber (esatd.01.01)
Aluminium (esaad.01.01)
Composite steel-concrete beams (esascd.01.xx)
Composite steel-concrete columns (esascd.02.xx)
Hollow-core slabs (esacd.06.01)
High-voltage power masts (esa.16, esasd.10.03)
Water accumulation (esas.30)


Pad foundations (esafd.02.01)