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11= jyuu ichi

12= jyuu ni
13= jyuu san
20= ni jyuu
21= ni jyuu ni
22= ni jyuu ni
23= ni jyuu san
52= go jyuu ni
78= nana jyuu hachi

100= (hyaku)

101= huaku ichi

102= hyaku ni
111= hyaku jyuu ichi
124= hyaku ni jyuu yon
227= ni hyaku ni jyuu nana
300= san byaku(not "san hyaku")
303= san byaku san

377= san byaku nana jyuu nana

300 has irregular reading.
421= yon hyaku ni jyuu ichi
567=go hyaku roku jyuu nana
600= roppyaku(not "roku hyaku")
601= roppyaku ichi
692= roppyaku kyuu jyuu ni
600 has irregular reading.
741=nana hyaku yon jyuu ichi
800= happyaku(not "hachi hyaku")
801= happyaku ichi
852=happyaku go jyuu ni
800 has irregular reading.
963= kyuu hyaku roku jyuu san

1000= (sen)

1101= sen hyaku ichi

2587= ni sen go hyaku hachi jyuu nana
3333= san zen san byaku san jyuu san
3000 has irregular reading.
5269= go sen ni hyaku roku jyuu kyuu

10000= (man)

12345= ichi man ni sen san byaku yon jyuu go

We should use "ichi" before "man"
112345= jyuu ichi man ni sen san byaku yon jyuu go
12345678 = sen ni hyaku san jyuu yon man go sen roppyaku nana jyuu hachi
99999999 = kyuu sen kyuu hyaku kyuu jyuu kyuu man kyuu sen kyuu hyaku kyuu jyuu kyuu

Good morning
Nice to meet you
Long time no see
Thank you for taking care of me
We use this very often, but it has very wide meaning

Thank you (informal)

Thank you (formal)
Thank you (formal)
I'm sorry (informal)
I'm sorry (informal)
I'm so sorry (formal)
Good bye (informal)
Good bye (formal)
Excuse me

A happy new year

I wish you all the best for this year
Merry X'mas
Happy Halloween
Happy birthday
Wish you a good year
A greeting that appreciates the pains somebody has taken(no English)

Welcome back

I'm home
Bon voyage
See you
Let's eat
Bon appetite
I'm Done