In order to walk; all we had to do was to coherently use our feet
and march forward,
In order to write; all we had to do was to hoist the pen; and then
nimbly rub its
nib against bonded paper,
In order to sleep; all we had to do was shut our eyes; thereby
obfuscating ourselves completely from bright light,
In order to talk; all we had to do was open our mouth; then
articulately reverberate our tongue in hollow chambers of
darkness prevailing,
In order to smile; all we had to do was stretch out luscious lips
as far as possible; alongwith a trifle empathy in our eyes,
In order to swim; all we had to do was voraciously move our
hand and feet; master the art of holistically floating on the
In order to eat; all we had to do was place appetizing morsels of
sundry in our mouth; then masticate the same with sharp
incisors of our teeth,
In order to breathe; all we had to do was inhale gallons of
unadulterated air; inundating the palpable jacket of our lungs
with revitalizing fervor,
In order to punch; all we had to do was clench our fists into a
compact ball; then thrust them with tumultuous power towards
the wall,
In order to dance; all we had to do was rhythmically sway our
bodies; to vibrant
tunes of pulsating music,
In order to scratch; all we had to do was use our finger nails
painstakingly peeling off intricate arenas of our skin,

In order to sing; all we had to do was partially open our mouths;
mesmerizing tunes to permeate the atmosphere,
In order to paint; all we had to do was use the brush vivaciously
upon the
naked body of white canvas,
In order to bathe; all we had to do was to completely submerge
our silhouette in colossal pools of gurgling stream water;
sprinkling the same with gay abundance on our scalps,
In order to dig; all we had to do was extricate earth with a
shovel; pummel the ground incessantly till we achieved the
conducive depth,
In order to remember; all we had to do was intensely flex the
tendrils of our
brain; have loads of conviction in our ability to perceive,
In order to bend; all we had to do was to stoop down on the
floor; kneel with
our chins adhering to the bare surface,
In order to sneeze; all we had to do was hold pungent pepper
close to our nostrils; then wait for the inevitable aftermath to
In order to pray; all we had to do was to perceive all the
benevolence existing; visualize the most simplest yet the most
enamoring forms of life; worship the most stupendous form of
the omnipresent Creator,
And in order to live; all we had to do was philanthropically
execute our duties towards the society; incarcerate in our hearts
forever the person of our dreams; the person who could love us
immortally for decades immemorial.

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