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Put brakes on the sky; if it rains indefatigably; inundating

innocent patches of land with ominous waves of flood water,
Put brakes on the volcano; if it fulminates incessantly out of the
earth's belly; gruesomely charring every visible entity in vicinity
to inconspicuous bits of ash,
Put brakes on the car; if it escalates beyond the point of no
control; ricochets uncontrollably towards the precariously poised
and hideously gleaming mountain rail,
Put brakes on the couple; if they indiscriminately break laws of
nature by delivering a boundless battalion of children;
invidiously harbor the treacherous virtues of
poverty and despicable unemployment,
Put brakes on the ominously swirling whirlpool; if it becomes
lethal for survival; insidiously gobbling innocuous children of
God; in its vindictive rage,
Put brakes on the heat; if it mercilessly scorches blissful
territories of green grass; torments impeccable traces of life for
droplets of indispensable water,
Put brakes on the mind; if it proves self destructive; heinously
strangulates the divinely melody of existence with its myriad of
abysmally baseless forms,
Put brakes on the mouth; if it starts to blabber incoherent
cacophony; wails for spurious sympathy; when infact the world
was rapidly fading outside,
Put brakes on the lion; if it metamorphoses into a man-eater;
relentlessly planning to assassinate blessed civilization; in the
barbaric fury of its satanically glaring jaws,
Put brakes on the ocean of lies; if it starts to become an
overwhelming pain in the conscience; proves as a deplorable
barricade in every aspect of life,

Put brakes on the tears; if they kept oozing tirelessly all night;
with the mind about to shatter and wholesomely decimate in
hysterical agony,
Put brakes on laughter; if it augments infectiously by the
unleashing second; portrays a diabolically wretched sight; as
someone was being cremated to the grave,
Put brakes on the fingers; if they rise for achieving savage things
in life; show an unprecedented obsession to grab God's
molecules by the throat,
Put brakes on the superfluous repertoire of rituals; if they start
to prove as an acrimonious thorn in the path of unfathomably
ardent passion,
Put brakes on the diminutively obnoxious mosquito; if it tries to
suck heavenly streams of scarlet blood; hovers menacingly
around the eardrum; in order to
placate its parasitic gluttony,
Put brakes on the criminals; if their appallingly wicked ideas
make life hell for; true masses of philanthropically benevolent
Put brakes on the alarm clock; if it blew its cacophonic sounds
beyond the ceiling; awoke man from the dormitories of
enchanting fantasy and blissful sleep,
Put brakes on the devastating earthquake; if it engendered
colossal buildings to crumble like a box of matchsticks;
indiscriminately pulverizing a township
of robust humans into threadbare strands of bone and raw brutal
Put brakes on breath; if Man started to feel that he was an entity
greater than Omnipresent God; started to deliberately violate
the universal religion of humanity,
But it is my humble plea to you O! Almighty Lord; to refrain from
putting brakes on love; for although I might be oblivious to
infinite things on this unsurpassable planet; but I do know that
its immortally sacrosanct essence was the only thing that existed

in your land; had lived since centuries unprecedented in your

mesmerizing paradise called sky.

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