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Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

Teacher Candidate
Date/Time of Scheduled
Name/Address of School
Age/Grade level
Cooperating Teacher

Karen Donato

Name of Lesson
domain(s) addressed
Brief description of the

Pollen Party!
Fine motor, mathematics, one to one correspondence, memory, social emotional

This lesson is:

Objective(s) of the
Connections to

Old 3s/young 4s
Classroom Number

In groups of two, one child will roll a die and count the numbers, while the other
child will use a clothespin to transfer pompoms from a cardboard honey comb to
a paper flower. The second child will count the pompoms in the flower and as a
team both children will make sure the two numbers match, then switch jobs.

A continuation of a previous lesson/activity

This lesson will continue our lesson about team work in a hive while
strengthening their math and fine motor skills.
10 minutes at center time
The children will work as a team and help each other problem solve to get the
correct number of pollen to the flower
Approaches to learning team work, problem solving as a team
Physical development and health fine motor development
Social and emotional development working in a team and helping others
Communication, language, literacy communicating to their peers how many
pollen are needed
Cognition and knowledge of the world bees working in teams, pollenation

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

Language Objectives

Children will be using their expressive language, wither verbally, sign, or writing

(Include any worksheets or
sources of evidence for
childrens learning you will
use during the activity)
Technology inclusion (if
Procedures (step by

Cardboard honeycomb, paper flower, clothespin, pompoms, dice, number


I will read a book about a beehive and how bees work in teams to solve problems
and give examples.
I will sit in the circle with the students so that all can see me and demonstrate,
using a student from the class as the die roller and ask the class to count along
with me.
Working with partners
Closure (sharing/reflection, next steps)
After the activity and centers, we will reconvene in circle and have students
share about how they liked the activity, and what it felt like to work as a team

Method of assessing
understanding of
(Be sure to include any

The children will be
learning about numbers
1-6 including one to one
correspondence, number
recognition. I will guage

Assessment of Student
Learning I will sit with the
students during the activity
and observe and track
if/what numbers are
miscounted and will look for

Assessment of
Childrens Language
Through observations I
will listen and watch
interactions between

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

tools, rubrics/checklists
and/or worksheets you will
use for assessment(s)

Plans for differentiated


Follow up/Extension
Any additional
information that would
be helpful for the
observer to know

where they are though

patterns later in the day.
observations during the
week leading up the
activity and create
partners based on
Supporting children
Supporting English Language Learners
with identified delays
All students will be involved through the use of
or disabilities
picture cards and sign language,
For children is hearing, or
verbal delays, number
cards will be available for
the children to use and
show peers instead of
counting on the die. For
children with physical
disabilities, I will have
larger pompoms and
grabbers available, or
have the children push
instead of grab/pinch.
This activity will be repeated for a total of 3 times during the week during center
time. It will also be included in the family newsletter.

Learning Activity Plan for PreK-Grade 2

Observer feedback on the lesson plan, including commendations and recommendations for improving aspects
of the learning activity