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Write about:

1. What's the meaning of your full name? What your parents expected by
giving you that name?
2. Besides studying at PENS, what are you doing?
3. What job would you like to do when you finish studying at PENS?
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb, my full name is Muhammad Andyk Maulana.
You can called me, Andyk. I was born at Pasuruan, on 13 May 1996. Now,
iam 20 years old. Err, when I asked about the meaning of my name to the
parents, they said "I dont know the meaning of the whole, essentially like
that." While curious about the meaning of my name, I start to find out, and
managed to guess the answer when I reach senior high school (SMA). Thats
mean Muhammad means describe the figure of the Prophet Muhammad
SAW who was so noble that it becomes a role model because of his behavior.
The figure of the gentle, but also firm in his day. Maulana own means as a
leader / caliph / lord leads to the Prophet Muhammad. But for now, I have not
yet know about the meaning of 'Andyk'. Whether it's the name passed down
from Javanese culture, or others. So if I summarize, the purpose of my
parents gave a name like that or what my parent expected to me, so Andyk
could at least follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, for
example: the character, attitude, character, leadership, spirit of mutual
cooperation and so on.
Other activities outside of class hours, I have a busy life at PKM, TA
(Final Project), tutor (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), and also the
organization BASMAS (Charity Society) in UKKI. So to meet that target, the
first: to be able to time management, the second: to be able to maintain
focus on running the different activities, and the last had to keep consistent
and spirit.
For me, Mine is my family. I dedicated myself to Pasuruan by moving to
Surabaya 2 years ago because I wanted to prove that everybody could be
anything they want as long as they dared to pursue it. I brought the name of
Pasuruan every time I won competitions (Olimpiade sains nasional, Program
Kreativitas Mahasiswa). People got to know where Pasuruan was.
Altough, I slowly adaptability quality, but I am trusty person. Everybody
trust me and I also trust them. I am self-dependent in my working area.I like
to know about new innovative ideas and technology. My strength is to do
each and every with my level best and to complete it in given time. My
weakness is that I am bit emotional and saying no is difficult for me until it's
not going to affect my job. This is also the reason why I really want to pursue
a higher education abroad. I want to be a representative of my country,

Indonesia, that brings a great successful future so people will know about
Indonesia and In my main idea, Better Late Than Never, yaa!!! At present
my goal, i want to be scientist to improves my communication skills,
imagination and knowledge.